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Cynthia Mason

0 · 343 views · located in Terra Nova

a character in “Terra Nova: Unbroken Road”, as played by dmboogie


Cynthia Mason
A g e : 30
P r o f e s s i o n / C l a s s : Knight
P r o f i l e :
Cynthia is on first glance an incredibly stern and cold woman. This holds true on the second and third glances, as well. She has devoted her entire life to the enforcement of justice, and rarely lets other, more personal concerns affect her judgement. However, she warms up considerably to those who have earned the right to call her a friend; and though she single-mindedly seeks out evil, her first instinct is to try and talk to wrong-doers, to persuade them away from their evil ways.
F e a t s:
Horseback Riding/Combat, Heavy Armor Use, Diplomacy, Hammer Proficiency
A r s e n a l:
Blessed Hammer, Full Plate Armor, Satchel, Horse
A r c h i v e:
Cynthia was born to a humble peasant family, and would have been content to live in peace and tend to her farm if three bandits hadn't attacked, killing her parents and severely wounding her little brother. After tracking down these bandits to their lair and singlehandedly slaying them with the trusty hammer she used for farm work, Cynthia discovered a taste for justice, and set off on a journey to right wrongs, protect the weak, and be an all-around good person.

So begins...

Cynthia Mason's Story


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Sacred - Pub
It was a typical evening at the Bleu Crab Taverne in the port city of La Fleuroux. A rowdy, boisterous crowd of sailors, pirates, travelors, and some shady characters at dark corners were drinking and having a merry time.