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Terragena- War Clouds Brewing


(alright, the rp is open. I may be fixing up a few things, but the bulk of the information is up. so go ahead and make your characters.)

Our story begins in the world of Terragena, a land in which mana is plentiful, mana is energy that sustains life and gives magical abilities to those who are strong enough to command it. In Terragena just about every living being can use magic, but few can control it masterfully. But before I go into that group let me talk a little of Terragena’s past.


Terragena was once a barren wasteland, that wouldn’t sustain life. It is said that the gods of Terragena brought life to the planet and with it the abundant mana supply. There were always a variety of races living on Terragena, there were the humans. The humans were very plentiful and they ruled over the lands because they had the most numbers and they acted as a police force, separating all arguments better the races. Then there were the Felinus, a group of humanoid felines that were great warriors and hunters. They mostly kept to themselves, but they did do a lot of trading with other races keeping the supply of food steady for everyone. Then there were the Caninus, a group of humanoid canines. They were also hunters like the Felinus, this brought tension between the two races over hunting grounds.

Also there were the Dwarves, a short race, they stood out easily in a crowd. Well that’s if you can see them, the Dwarves were great blacksmiths, miners, and made the best traders. Dwarves ran the market place, they pretty much set the prices and this brought tension over prices. There were also the Elves who pretty much stuck to the forests, but they were well acquainted with nature this made them the best healers. They were well sought after when someone was sick. But because of there neutrality and shyness they rarely went to help. This brought tension between the races more so than anything else.

Lastly the Reptilis, a group of humanoid lizards, they made great traders seeing as the skin they would shed could be used to make strong armor. The Reptilis were hated by most because of their cold blooded nature and their rude attitudes towards travelers in there lands. Reptilis were known to kill travelers if they broke the rules of their lands without a fair trial. But there were two groups of Reptilis that stayed out of it all. The dragons and the Basilisks, both of these Reptilis were rarely seen because they stayed high in the mountains to avoid any conflict.

The races of Terragena tried to remain kind towards one another, but the kindness only lasted for so long. When humans began mixing with the other races thoughts of war began to be on everyone’s mind, the old peace keepers had become hated and then soon war broke out, all of the races taking their anger out on each other, but mostly out on the humans. The human population dwindled and they were driven from there lands, they were then taken over by the Caninus, Felinus, and Reptilis. The Dwarves remained in there home lands in the mountains and the Elves stayed in the forests. But the Humans were driven out to the “badlands” which were known to be filled with desert and creatures no man would dare face. For hundreds of years there was peace, the humans had built desert cities and resorts where gambling, drinking and just about anything you could imagine was legal. The “Beast-men” the new human slang term for the beast like races, had small wars between each other over land, but nothing serious. That was until a black Dragon Reptilis, by the name of Alucard. Began to gain power among his brethren, the other dragons wanted nothing to do with Alucard’s foolishness but the rest of the Reptilis except for the basilisks joined him. Alucard began attacking the Caninus and Felinus cities, he wanted to rule all of Terragena. For over thirty years, Alucard’s war raged. He was close to conquering all of the Caninus and Felinus lands, but then something happened a young human girl, about in her early twenties appeared on the battlefield, behind her she had an army of dragon and basilisk Reptilus humans, dwarves and even the once neutral elves all ready to do battle. This girl had magical power so strong that she wiped out a large number of Alucard’s forces by herself. This girl’s name was Alicia, it is said that she was an Angel sent by the gods to stop Alucard’s war.

After Alucard was defeated, he was put on trial and executed. A majority of his men were exiled into the “badlands” never to be seen again. On that day Alicia created a group known as the Guardians, it was the sole job of the Guardians to stop a second war from happening. The guardians became a guild that only allowed those who had mastered their magical powers. The guardians were quite effective, they were so fearsome that people even thought twice about stealing from one another. Years passed and everything went back to normal, the tales of the guardians became bedtime stories for young children and the whereabouts of the guardians became a mystery to most. Now that all is quiet, life now goes on, but nothing ever stays quiet for long…

Things you need to know

Alright, so seeing as you stuck around through that “brief” history, I am just going to give you a little bit of info you need to know if you want to join this rp.

Technology: the technology is quite advanced thanks to magic. There aren’t robots or anything, but there are weapons that run off mana like swords, bows and guns. There are airships which most people use to travel. The cities are advanced with large skyscrapers and vehicles that don’t even need to touch the ground.

Races: Humans- They still live near the “badlands,” humans now have the highest population again. In the human lands just about anything is legal, the humans have hatred towards half-breed “beast-men.” they have no problem with Elf and Dwarf half breeds, its just that the “beast-men” treat the humans unkindly so they see the children of “beast-men” as their enemy.


Felinus: They live in cities like the humans used to live in, they have a capital city where the king and queen lives. As you know they are humanoid felines, they are like werecats, they stand on two legs most of the time and they are furry, they have the face of whatever animal they are and they have fur just like that animal. Full breeds are called Alphas and Half breeds are called Betas. Betas look human except for their cat like ears, their feline tail, and their feline teeth. It is said that when a Beta has mastered their magical power they can transform into whatever animal they are mixed with,(ex. A Lion Felinus Beta can change into a lion) it is said that this will make the Beta stronger than an Alpha, but since no one has seen a Beta that can transform in years it is unconfirmed.


Caninus: They live in cities and have their own kingdom, they have a city where their king and queen lives. Alphas look a lot like werewolves, but more civilized. Betas just have the ears, tail and teeth. Betas can transform only when they have mastered their magical powers. Which is hard for anyone to do, it usually takes years to do.


Reptilus: They really don’t have much of a kingdom and their cities are fairly small. Alphas look like lizard men, while Betas have scaly skin, fangs and a tail. The only Betas that are different are Dragon Betas, they have wings, scaled skin, fangs and a tail. Dragon Betas can fly, but it tires them out easily. (Dragon Betas that can transform, change into a smaller dragon then what normal dragons look like.) (Snake Betas are larger, all of them are like anaconda sized when they transform.)Dragons have strong magical powers and their scaly skin is harder than any other Reptilus making them fearsome opponents. The Basilisk Reptilus also have strong magical powers and they have the ability to hypnotize those that look at them in the eyes.


Elves: They live in the forest and have forest cities, elders rule over the cities and they live a very clam life style. Most elves don’t venture into the cities, but some do and that is how Half elves are born, half elves look just like full elves, but they have markings on their backs which full elves don’t have. They have more magical power and control than humans and full Elves.


Dwarves: they live in cities built in the mountains, they venture out and trade often, you will usually see a Dwarf in every city, they own just about all the shops, except in the human cities, which humans run it all except the blacksmith shops. Dwarves always have the best blacksmith shops. Half Dwarves look just like humans, but they have more strength than a full dwarf and a Human. But they have a hard time with magic.


Mastering magic- When someone masters their magic, they can use it in anyway they wish. They can control the elements, they can increase their strength, they are only limited by their own imagination. But to get to this level takes a lot of work, it doesn’t just happen over night. Magic is hard to command and only those who work hard will master it. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be controlled by someone who hasn’t mastered it, magic can be used in so many ways that it can be commanded with ease even without having it be mastered. An archer can use it to enhance their arrows, a warrior can use it to power their weapon, an assassin can use it to enhance their speed. One is only limited by their own imagination. Magic can be used in anyway possible, all you have to do is think it.

Magical exhaustion/ mana sickness- there is mana everywhere, but there is only so much. The more powerful your magic is the faster you exhaust the mana around you. When all the mana is gone, your magic can not be used. But there is more, the more you use magic the more strain you put on your body. This can exhaust you and make you an easy target for an enemy. Mana sickness is when a person builds up to much mana from not using it, this happens more often then one would think. A person constantly draws in mana, without even known it. So you have to let it out so it doesn’t build up, if you build up to much mana you can become so sick that you die. This is one of the benefits of not being able to use mana, mana sickness isn’t possible for those who cant use mana, because they don’t draw it in.

Classification- not everyone in Terragena can use magic, but a lot of people can. So I’m just putting a few classifications of how people can use their skills, but these aren’t the only ones. If you want to come up with one, just tell me and I will add it no problem. Just make sure its not overpowered. Also you can use your character how ever you wish, this is just the basics of how they work if you want to expand how they use their powers go right ahead.

Warrior- they use close/mid range weapons and they are the defense and offense of a team. They charge into battle and try to defeat their enemy with their power. A warrior with magic can use the magic to empower their weapon, empower their body or even use it to fight with multiple weapons at once. A warrior without magic doesn’t need to worry about mana exhaustion and so they can fight with all their might without holding back.
Chance of mana exhaustion: low, but if the battle draws out it could be possible

Archer/ranger- They use long range weapons, archers and rangers with magic use mana with each attack, they can enhance their arrows or bullets with mana empowering them and making them more powerful. If they run out of bullets or arrows they can use magic to create them. But this uses up even more mana. Archers or rangers without magic only have to worry about running out of bullets.
Chance of Mana exhaustion: Medium, a drawn out battle can cause mana exhaustion easily

Thief/assassin-They use close range weapons thieves or assassins don’t really use magic much except to enhance their attacks. Some do use it to perform spells like mages, but its rare to see them use it with enough control to be effective. A thief or assassin without magic is almost the same as one without.
Chance of Mana exhaustion: Very low/medium- is only used to enhance attacks the chance is low, but if spells are used the chance increases greatly.

Mage- They use mid range weapons, those who only use mana. They have the highest chance of mana exhaustion, but they are the most deadly. Mages can sue mana anyway they see fit as long as they have control over it. They don’t need to speak words to do their magic, but it is said that speaking words helps control the mana.
Chance of Mana exhaustion: High

Card Master- they use cards as weapons, which can be used in a variety of ways. A card master has to use mana. The reason being is that the cards they used a magical, they can use the cards to absorb their enemies attack and then use it on them, by forcing mana into the card. The cards can be thrown, but only do damage if the card master enhances them with magic. A Card master can also act as a summoner if they trap animals into their cards, its rare to see those kind of card masters, but they are around. Card masters like mages have a high chance of Mana exhaustion because all their attacks use mana.
Chance of Mana exhaustion: High

Healer: their weapons vary depending on what they want to use. a healer can be a magic one or a normal one, normal healers are less effective on the battlefield, but they are still useful, a magic healer can heal from afar, while a normal healer has to go to the injured person or they have to come to them. Magic healers can also act like mages, using spells to assist their allies.
Chance of mana exhaustion: medium/high, if they only heal they should be able to use their magic for a while. When they have to fight things get complicated.

Fighter: Their weapons are their own hands, they can use magic through any part of their body, making every piece of them a weapon. Non magical Fighters are just as deadly as magical ones. they are quick on their feet and can easily defeat their enemies when they get up close. their weakness are long range opponents, but fighters do their best to make up for that with their speed.
Chance of Mana exhaustion- low/medium, depending on how the fighter uses their mana they can either last through even the most drawn out battles or they can deplete their mana at an average rate.



(these are only a few cities, if you want to make your own just let me know and I can add it to the list.)

Felinus Cities

Westerbarrow- The capitol city, it is the most advanced city in the Felinus kingdom, tall skyscrapers tower over everything. The city runs off of trading, it is located near a large lake, where fish is abundant.

Westerpond- a city located across the lake from Westerbarrow, this is where all the fishermen live, who catch the fish and send them to Westerbarrow. This city is small and has no need to be advanced. It is more like a village then a city.

Linbush- a small farming village, they produce the most food out of any Felinus farm village. It is also home to Woodbridge.

Woodbridge- this is not a city, but a large metal bridge that connects the Caninus city of Woodmeadow and the Felinus city of Linbush. The bridge is massive, it takes a good number of hours to cross by walking and that’s without stopping.

Caninus Cities

Woodmeadow: this is a trade city, it is also a place for weary travelers. In this city all are welcome if they have the money.

Bymarsh: a forest where many creatures live, it is said that those who venture through Bymarsh may never return. Bymarsh has underground ruins beneath it, some people say that if you can find your way through the maze like ruins you may find a treasure a legendary sky pirate hid long ago.

Stronghedge- the fortress city, this is the Caninus capitol city. Only the wealthy Caninus leave behind the large walls. The middle class and the poor live around the wall, the city is on an incline and at the top of the incline is the castle of the king.

Elf cities

Lightcrest forest- this forest is both in Caninus territory and Elven territory, this forest is dense and travelers can get lost easily. The ancient Elven language is needed to gain access to the city hidden behind the thick vines and large trees. If you can manage to get through you can enter Wintershade Haven.

Wintershade Haven- The city in the trees, this is the city of the elders. The sacred tree of life is here. It is the elves pride and joy the elves have used wood and leaves from the trees in Lightcrest forest to build what look like tree houses in the trees around the sacred tree. Only the elders are allowed to live within the sacred tree.

Hollowmont- The exit from Wintershade Haven to Dorbank the Dwarf mountain city, this is a long tunnel created purely out of vines and rocks, symbolizing the connection between the dwarves and the elves. When you exit Hollowmont you will be directly at the giant metal doors of Dorbank.

Dwarf cities

Dorbank- Dorbank is the only Dwarf city, mostly because Dwarves go to other cities to trade and they don’t really have a need for cities, but Dorbank is also so massive that it has space for every dwarf and even half the human population. Dorbank is separated into four districts north, south, east, and west. The North being the wealthy district, the south being the working class district, the east being the traders district and the west being the militaries district.

Reptilus cities-

Icemeadow- the exit from Dorbank, it is an icy mountain where the dragon and basilisk Reptilus live. This is a small city because the dragon population is dwindling because of the dragon hunters who hunt dragons to use their skin to make the drug, Wyvern wing- this drug is a hallucinogen that is very addictive. The city is broken into two the dragons at the top of the mountain and the basilisk at the bottom to be closer to Belbeach where it is warmer.

Belbeach- A desert beach, this city is seen as a resort. A majority of the Reptilus population lives here. They have beach homes and here it feels like summer year round, but the nights do get cold.

Silverlake- the lake that separates Belbeach and Wildepond, the human city.

Humans Cities

Wildepond- a beach city that is a get away for everyone, this beach is where everyone comes to relax and have fun. This is a place where everyone is welcome, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes it.

Springhaven- The unlawful city, here everything is legal. Sky pirates run this city and if you have money you can do anything you want. This city is famous for it gambling.

Lorcrest- a city just for humans, this is where a majority of the humans live and go back to after spending some time in Wildepond or Springhaven. Here every human lives the same there is no poor or upper-class, everyone gets to eat and everyone looks out for one another.

The Trident- Remus' airship, this is his pride and joy. He cleans it everyday and checks it for scratches. He can sometimes be found talking to it like it was a living person. If even a scratch was to appear on the Trident, Remus would lose it.


(more will be added later on)

Roles: These are just a few roles that are needed for the rp, if you don't want to play one of them you don't have to. But these roles are needed and they will end up being npcs.

Felinus prince-
Prince's future bride-
Prince's guards-
Sky pirate crew-

Character sheet

Theme song:


No godmoding, i know you can get into the moment and things just flow. but try not to go overboard when fighting, keep it at least somewhat realistic.

Have fun, this rp is something that is supposed to be fun, don't over work yourself trying to make the "best' post. but that doesn't mean you should give your lowest quality writing here. I expect at least 200 words if not more, i will give you as much detail as i possibly can to help you with your posts.

try your best to post at least once every other day, don't join and then not post. if you are in multiple rp I can understand getting the feeling of being over worked, so all i ask is that you post at least once every other day. (i can understand having an emergency or work that you need to do, so just let me know if something comes up and you can't post.)

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Character Portrait: Zahara Xandar
Zahara Xandar

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Character Portrait: Zahara Xandar
Zahara Xandar

"Putting the Repilus aside, the Caninus are far by the most difficult to live with and are nothing but a headache... Rafiki is the only exception."

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Character Portrait: Zahara Xandar
Zahara Xandar

"Putting the Repilus aside, the Caninus are far by the most difficult to live with and are nothing but a headache... Rafiki is the only exception."

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