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Zahara Xandar

"Putting the Repilus aside, the Caninus are far by the most difficult to live with and are nothing but a headache... Rafiki is the only exception."

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a character in “Terragena- War Clouds Brewing”, as played by Ravelin


Zahara Xandar


Age: 35


Race: Felinus- Alpha Leopard

Appearance/description:Zahara is a spotted leopard that stands at 6'8" and was a slim but built figure. She has ice water blue eyes with flakes of ember in them. On her arms, she has a pair of the same tattoos on them. Most days, she'll wear clothes like these but they are mainly a forest green with some dark red like her jewelry.


Weapon: Zahara's primary is a sword that she wears on her back that she uses in actual combat, in other words in a face-to-face fight.

Her secondary weopons are a pair of hidden blade gautlets. Zahara uses these when she has a chance to sneak behind her enemy and strike.

She prefers to uses the guatlets over her sword because she can be more easily since she has the feedom of movement and does have to worry about leaving an opening for her opponent. She could use her feline traits like she superior climbing ability and jump from a building or tree to attack her opponent/prey, but since it turns out that she's in actual combat far more often than her prefered method of fighting outside of hunting that sword is her primary.

Zahara uses her mana mainly to increase the power of her legs. With her legs enhanced with mana, she could jump higher to small building rooftops and tree branches with ease and she could run much faster to catch up to a target/prey or swiftly attack them when they have their guard down. Again, she channals her mana to her legs when she's facing actual combat where her opponent is well aware of her and she's forced to use her sword.

When she has to use her sword, Zahara will go mana free if her sword doesn't threat to break on her. If she fears that her opponent will crack or shatter her sword, she will use mana to re-enforce it.

City: Thronecrest
Thronecrest is located on the round pan-handle of the country which is opposite direction of WesterBarrow. While WesterBarrow is more of a south-west, Thronecrest is in the north-east direction. Since the dwarf city, Dorbank, is only one short sea travel away, Thronecrest does a bit of trading with the mini humans. In return of the weapons, armor, and tolls the Felinus trade off animal skins, horns, tusks, antlers, and meat along with some of their cloths that they make their clothes out of. When the Felinus get the new shipment, officals from WesterBarrow come to make sure that the rest of their cities gets a fair share of the dwarf made weapons and armor. It wasn't always like that. A decade ago, a group of Felinus thought they should keep the best of the trade for themselves and soon after they had a idea to overthrow their king and queen.

Long story short, they failed and now officals from the capital city come with when a new shipment comes.

Aside from the city's trading, Thronecrest is a medium size city that isn't too big nor too small. With thick forest on the two sides of the city, meaning plenty of game to hunt. Every now and again, a elf or two would get curious of the world outside of their forests and would ship over to Thronecrest since it is closest city to them besides Dorbank.

Personality:Zahara is a very impatient person, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly enough. She is a very strict person, often criticizing the bad behavior and habits of her foster son, Rafiki, Felinus Betas, and a few Alphas, causing most of them to apologize, fearing that they might invoke her wrath.

Zahara always says that other than the Reptilus, the Caninus was the race that she just couldn't stand. Rafiki is the only exception to her pet peeve of Caninus. Zahara never had a "bad" or "mind scaring" experince that involved someone that was a Caninus. The only life changing event that centered around a Caninus was when she met her foster son. It just comes to that Zahara thinking that they are one of the most annoying races on the planet. Unlike a Felinus, a Caninus couldn't stand being alone for a hunt or anything and have to be with at least one person at all times. Not to mention they are loud and messy. In short, Zahara's dislike of Caninus just comes from a lot of small things that hardly ever bother anyone else but her.

So it going without saying that her and Remus had more than a few arguements and fights when he let his Caninus lover aboard the Trident, but never anything more than a few bruises and a broken bone or two. Remus's lover was actually a real good sport about it all and really didn't hold any grudges against her. Sure she would purposely annoy Zahara to the break of insanity because she dislocated Remus's jaw while he creaked a few of her ribs. Those were just little pay-backs that could have been a lot worst if Remus's lover actually wanted to.

However, she has a great sense of fairness, even when it comes to Caninus, and pride. Despite being a very strict person, she seems to have a clumsy side to her, like is she fell into a pit hole and then carried on as if nothing had happened. With her strictness, she also has a bit of a cruel streak and threats someone on the crew for doing something stupid, being an idiot, or being lazy. One of her favorites is that she'll tie them with a rope and push them off the airship and let them dangle for who knows how long.

Rafiki, usually after his foster mother just criticized or lectured him, would describes her as "strong, mean and scary". Other times Rafiki would say, when someone doubts that Zahara has a heart of a mother in her, that Zahara's "cool, warm and always there for me. I couldn't imagine anyone else being my mother".

History: Zahara was borned and raised in Thronecrest and was trained to hunt, skin, and trade. It took years for her to master the art of blending in your surroundings and striking when her prey least expects it, but it grew into a boring routine in her teenage years. It wouldhave be more enjoyable for her if those dwarves would ask for different skins and meats, but they just had to have their deer, wild boar, and snakes. Maybe even run a bounty hunter's job once and a while would have been decent. But it was day in and day out of the same old routine and hunting and killing the same prey.

But that changed when she turned sixteen and Remus flew in with his new and first airship looking for a crew. At first, she had no interest of joining a crew that she had to take orders from a human. She went to her usual bar and was minding her own business went a Reptilus was drunk out of his ass and mistook her for his brother, that apparently stoled his wife, his small company of three were no more sober that the idiotic leader. Let's just say that the other people in the bar quickly made their exit while a teenager tried to take on four grown lizard men on her own. She was doing..... Decent for the circumstances but she couldn't keep track of all of them and one sneak up behind her and was about to swing a thick iron pipe at her head. That was until Remus stepped in and joined the fight. In the end, the bar keeper escape the bar to get some city officals that put the end of the fight. Zahara was just going to thank him and shrug the whole thing off. Remus had other plans. He somehow convinced her that she had no choice but to join his crew since he "saved her ass". when she never once asked for help in the bar. To cut a long argument and fight short, she joined his crew.

When the crew increased in number, not all of them were dragged on the airship, Remus decided that they should be Sky Pirates. That caused a few to 'jump ship' but others like Zahara, she grew to like her new life, stayed. After Trident turned into a all sky pirate crew, they landed in a small Caninus town that was outside of the Bymarsh. By this time, Remus already brought his Caninus lover aboard several months before they landed. Remus's female said she had to see her aunt or something, the reason they landed there in the first place. As the crew either stayed on the airship or got friendly with the locals, Zahara was curious about all the rumors of the Bymarsh were real or some more Caninus foolishness. So she wondered in there and came upon a small group of strange looking Caninus as they placed a three year old child next to a tree.

They looked like they were abandoning the pup. Zahara questioned them, she's a LOT of things but stone cold heartless wasn't one of them. If any of the rumors about the forest were true, that pup wouldn't live through the night. They answered that the pup was too small for him to be any use to the tribe. Then they dissappear with mist that suddenly formed..... Anyway, she was going back to the town and get out that freaky forest before she got forever lost in it. Zahara began to walk passed the pup and got to eight feet away from him before she turned back. Big mistake on her part, once those helpless puupy eyes lock onto hers. No matter how much she found the Caninus race a everlasting annoyance, she couldn't leave a young pup there.

Naturally, the whole crew rose the brows in confusion and some dropped their jaws in surprise seeing Zahara carrying a Caninu Hyena pup. She quickly explained that the pup was abandoned and she was going to get rid of him soon as possible. She asked around the town, but not one was interested in taking on another pup. It was the last house in the town when the Caninus wolf agreed to adopted the hyena, but the minute she handed him over the pup cried his little lungs out. Zahara was doing good about ignoring the pup's cries as she walked away, but the Caninus was trying everything that she knew, she had two older pups in the house, in vain. Cursing the Caninus race, Zahara walked back to the house and the Caninus eagerly gave the hyena pup back to her.

In the end, the eighteen old Zahara decided to take care of Rafiki, she had to give a pup a name at some point, until she could drop him off to a family that he couldn't cry over her and brought him back on the airship where the shock and confusion of her fellow crewmates continued. She never was able to get rid of Raifiki and when he turned six, she gave up and was offically his foster mother. All the while, was and still a sky pirate on Remus's airship/

Theme song: Adam Lambert featuring Pink- What Do You Want From Me (I'm looking for a better song)

So begins...

Zahara Xandar's Story