the sleepy MC

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a character in “Tests for Dinny”, as played by Dinny


Appearance: Large black nose. Tiny eyes and overall size. White and brown spotted fur; large and cow-like.
Persona: Eager but easily bored. Wandering eyes and sometimes feet when another is talking. Falls asleep wherever and whenever.
Motto: "I'll wait tomorrow.."
Abilities: Can balance on stump of tail. Good hearing. Occasionally unmatchable speed.
Birth: Family is as large as they are poor. Born as part of the last batch of four generations totalling 38 other siblings in the [shallow human river; third gate].

Squirrel - best friends but the other doesn't think so.
New guy in town didn't care for neighbours but found one anyway.
Owl -
Dwarf - partly mentoring, partly bullied by.
Was the first to discover them in the [overturned bowl].

So begins...

Rabbit's Story