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TF2: Back to Work!

TF2: Back to Work!


Fired after the deaths of Blutarch and Redmond, the mercenaries had attempted to reintegrate into society. Called once again though to fight for Mann Co, they face a new challenge. RED and BLU working together. [WIP]

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(Some history has been edited to fit adjust to roleplay setting. Still a W.I.P. but feel free to reserve. Character sheet will be up soon, keep checking back!)

Once upon a time, three men named Redmond, Blutarch, and Gray Mann were born in 1822 as fraternal triplet sons of a wealthy Englishman, Zepheniah Mann. This man happened to be the owner of a successful arms manufacturing business, which pulled in great amounts of money and wealth. Gray, ahead of his time and already capable of fluent speech and a mind of vast intelligence, was kidnapped by an eagle within minutes of birth during the Great Eagle Scourge of 1822, and went missing for several years. Zepheniah withheld the knowledge from everyone around him that Gray even existed. Fast forwarding a few years, Redmond and Blutarch had become extremely competitive, attempting to vie for favor from their elderly father as to inherit the company after his death. In the 1860s, they convinced Zepheniah to purchase numerous pieces of land in the United States as assets for the company (under the belief that steam engines ran on gravel, and that the land was filled with it), but once they traveled there, they found the land to be barren dustbowls, with only the occasional gravel pit. Furthermore, the vigorous traveling caused Zepheniah to come down with numerous maladies, and he died soon thereafter. In his will, Zepheniah bequeathed his munitions company, Mann Co., to his aide and tracker, the Australian hunter Barnabas Hale. His estate went to his lovely maidservant, Elizabeth. As punishment for their reckless and short-sighted scheme, Zepheniah's will ordered that Redmond and Blutarch were to share the worthless land they had made him acquire. Soon thereafter Blutarch created his own company Builders League United (BLU) and hired nine mercenaries to take the land by force; Redmond followed suit with his own company, Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED), also hiring nine, almost identical, mercenaries to fight BLU’s hired men.

Their battles for the worthless land continued for forty years, with neither brother relenting. In a moment of realization, Blutarch knew that he was growing old, and that he would die soon, and hired an engineer, Radigan Conagher, to build him a life-extending machine, believing that by outlasting his brother, he would inherit the land by default and win. Conagher was later met by a mysterious woman that offered him extremely rare metal in exchange for building Redmond an identical machine. Both the men now were in possession of these life-extending machines, and in turn, also gifted their teams of mercenaries with machines that would bring them back to life if they were ever killed on the battlefield.

The endless battles between RED and BLU continued for over sixty years; and in 1968, both Redmond and Blutarch hired new mercenaries to fight for them. By that time, their battles were starting to be overseen by the Administrator, the granddaughter of Elizabeth, while the Australian Saxton Hale had become CEO of Mann Co, the company that provides all the weaponry for both sides of the conflict.

In 1972, Redmond and Blutarch were brought together through letters they believed were sent by the other; and both having cheated death for many years, they realize their folly and propose a truce to create a machine that will make one of them pregnant and produce an heir that will finally put a stop to this madness. However, the third brother-gone-missing Gray comes to the both of them and reveals himself as their long lost brother and arranger for this meeting. With his amazing smarts and reasoning skills, he tries to convince them that instead of fighting over worthless gravel, they should take over the technology-savvy Mann Co., which he believes should be theirs by birthright. Neither Blutarch or Redmond agrees, both being obsessed with gravel, and Gray kills them both in a fit of rage and impatience. After the death of both the leaders of BLU and RED, the eighteen mercenaries are out of a job, fired and sent back to their homelands. Of course, it’s a bit hard to fit back into society after four years of killing people mindlessly. Most are outcast, some are trying to avoid the law, others resort to living like animals in the wilderness to avoid all human contact, and some go insane, paranoid that a bullet could go right through their brain at any moment. The companies are both shut down, and since neither company had anything worthwhile, besides their polished piles of gravel, they’re both forgotten nearly instantly. The Mercenaries are left to live on their own, some at peace, others still craving battle.




Gray, determined to get back his father’s company by himself, has launched attacks on all Mann. Co bases around the world. The most important target being, of course, the one owned in Austrailia by Saxton Hale, the CEO. After getting news of the attacks on the other places of his company, Hale resorts to doing something that would have never been concieved of before. Hiring all the mercenaries, both RED and BLU, to work together to fight off Gray’s men and robot armies alike.

After recieving letters from Hale with the announcement of their rehiring, some of them are excited, some of them are infuriated. It’s not guarenteed that everyone will show up, however those that do all have different reasons for returning. Those who care enough about the fate of the company they once fought for will return to save Mann Co. Those who want once again to fight with their friends, and even once enemies will come too. And even a few with a more selfish idea of getting revenge on their old enemies might come as well. A flight to Austrailia is in order, where the two teams will meet up and, hopefully, work as one to fight.

After being gone for a few years, they certainly have changed quite a bit, but it’s all hopeful that they’ll find a way to put aside differences. Of course, how will a team of mere eighteen people, maybe even less, work against thousands of robots designed after themselves, other mercenaries, old feuds, and the harsh outback of Austrailia? We’ll just have to see.




Now, for the mercenaries, I will allow female versions of them. You may also slightly alter their personality, weapons, and background. I don’t expect you to stick fully to the role because I would like some creativity. As for images of the characters, TF2 cosplays would work perfectly. If that’s not possible, I will accept art and possibly even just FCs as the characters. Here are their general personalities and fighting style though. If you’d like to change anything, please ask me. Two of each will be allowed (one RED, and one BLU). In case of the Pyro, I will definitely allow them to actually be a human, and able to communicate with the mask off since ‘mphs’ obviously won’t be understood.

RED Scout: Reserved by Rabidness BLU Scout:
RED Soldier:BLU Soldier:
RED Pyro:BLU Pyro:
RED Sniper: Reserved by VestigialBLU Sniper:
RED Medic:BLU Medic:
RED Spy:BLU Spy:
RED Engineer:BLU Engineer:
RED Demoman:BLU Demoman:
RED Heavy:BLU Heavy:



“Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people."

Origin: U.S.A (Boston)

Listed as Offense for the team, the Scout carries a bat to whack skulls, a scattergun for close combat, and a pistol if aiming for further away targets. The fastest member on the team, the Scout isn‘t afraid to get up in your face. And then bash it with a bat. Confident, loud, quick-witted and a bit of a smartass, the Scout can get a bit annoying, but is overall a useful member to the team, ideal for grabbing attention and completing objectives. They are one of the weaker members, relying more on speed than strength, but that doesn‘t mean that they can‘t pull through. The Scout is not one for the wilderness, more of a city person, and might prove to have some difficulty in the landscape they‘re in, but would never show any ounce of fear. A Scout‘s worst enemy is often regarded to be the Heavy, due to the strength, and possibly even the Demoman if unaware.

“You’re like a car crash in slow motion. It’s like I’m watchin’ ya fly through a windshield.”


“If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!”

Origin: U.S.A. (Midwest)

Listed as Offense for the team, the Soldier is exactly what comes to mind when thinking of the stereotypical American. Patriotic, confident and definitely a person with a warrior‘s heart. Wherever the Soldier stands, eagles soar in the distance and the stench of freedom radiates from the premises. Though a bit of a loud-mouth, you can‘t deny that they have good intetions, even if they might be a bit more hostile towards the enemies than some of the other mercenaries. The Soldier carries a rocket launcher which is devastating in close combat and effective everywhere else, a shotgun, and shovel when out of ammunition for the other weapons. The Soldier is resourceful, having taught themself to wield their weapons, and has a seemingly neverending spirit in battle. The Soldier‘s worst enemies are often regarded to be other enemy Soldiers, and often Pyro‘s due to the fact that they can relay rockets back to who fired them.

“I am going to strangle you with your own frilly training bra!”


"Mmph mmmph mph-mph mmph mmmmph!"

Origin: Unknown

Listed as Offense for the team, the Pyro is a mumbling pyromaniac of indeterminate origin, who also appears to be quite possibly delusional, and insane. Carrying a homemade flamethrower, the Pyro is able to set enemies on fire in close range, possibly being one of the most deadly enemies when conducting ambushes, and excels at hit-and-run tactics. As well, the Pyro carries a shotgun and fire axe, though by far the most effective weapon is the flamethrower. The flamethrower can airblast, which is able to push projectiles and any thrown items back to their launcher. The flames are also useful for showing cloaked spies. Only two things are known for sure about the Pyro. They light things on fire, and isn‘t really one for talking. Some aren‘t even sure if this mercenary is human. The Pyro‘s worst enemies are possibly the Heavy and Soldier, if they can manage to get past airblasts that might push them back.

“Mmph mphna mprh.”


“Everything above your head’s goin’ to be a fine red mist!”

Origin: Austrailia

Listed as Support for the team, the Sniper carries a sniper rifle with him with laser sight, a kukri for close combat, and either an SMG or Jarate (look it up) for even more defence. A shot to the head with the rifle kills anyone instantly, and let it be known that the Sniper has the best aim out of any of the mercenaries. An honest person (sometimes too honest), they are invested in their work, extremely focused, and patient. The Sniper prefers to stay hidden, not one for close combat. Close to their family and deeply connected to the roots of their homeland, Austrailia, the Sniper was the one to organize a meeting place for everyone. It’s often regarded that the worst enemies are the Scout and Spy, both of whom often get an advantage on the Sniper due to their skills of quick movement, and going unseen.

“Professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.”


“Come over here, I promise I will heal you!”

Origin: Germany

Listed as Support for the team, the Medic is possibly one of the most valued members on the team. Carrying basic medical supplies, an advanced medi-gun used to heal anyone targeted, a surgical saw to defend, and manufactured syringe gun to launch needles into the flesh of any enemies, the medic is a 100% certified, well-trained doctor. Heh. Well, almost. Not exactly your average healer, the Medic considers healing and helping others as an unintended side effect for satisfying their own morbid curiosity. Humourous, sadistic, incompassionate, obsessive, and little bit insane, the Medic lacks all sorts of traits that would be neccessary for a doctor, but that doesn’t exactly mean that they’re unable to help. They’re knowledgable, and definitely capable of patching up a wound as long as they just get a tiny sample of blood. A bit withdrawn and awkward around people, the Medic doesn’t socialize exactly like the others do. A Medic‘s worst enemy is often regarded to be the Scout, and often the Sniper, holding little to no defense against good aim from an enemy.

“Oops, that was not medicine!”


“You got blood on my suit.”

Origin: France

Listed as Support for the team, the Spy relies on stealth and trickery to aid his team. A conessiuer of sharp clothing and even sharper knives, they’re quite sophistcated and definitely classy. The Spy carries a cloaking device that can render them invisible, or even fake death, leaving unaware enemies off-guard. As well, carries a revolver, and the neccessary sharp knife to, literally, stab people in the back, which instantly kills most enemies. The Spy can be useful to assassinate unaware people, but one of the best attributes is the fact that they have a very unique item that allows them to disguise as others. In this disguise, the Spy can go unnoticed by the enemy unless they get attacked. If they successfully make it back to their own team, they can relay any information they might have. As well, they can place ‘Sappers’ on machinery that can disable, and eventually destroy it. The Spy is a puzzle, an enigma, shrouded in riddles, lovingly sprinkled with intrigue, express mailed to Mystery, Alaska, and LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU! but it is too late. You're dead. For it is the Spy - globetrotting rogue, lady killer (metaphorically) and mankiller (for real). A spy‘s worst enemy is regarded to be the Pyro, who‘s flamethrower can rid of a disguise in a second.

“I never really was on your side.”


“I'm gonna beat you like a rented mule, boy.”

Origin: U.S.A. (Texas)

Listed as Defence for the team, the Engineer is a soft-spoken and simple person with an interest in all things mechanical. While not appearing like much of a fighter, the Engineer quite possibly might be the most well endowed of them all in terms of endurance and defense. The machines that are crafted by this genius are nothing to underestimate. Once the sentry gets sight of you in its proximity, you will be shot down before you can even think, ‘What is that?‘ Carrying a wrench to repair machines and bash heads, and generic yet capable weapons to defend, the Engineer definitely can hold their own in a fight. The Engineer is probably one of the smartest on the team, holding eleven earned Science PhDs, which give the abilty to build a variety of contraptions. Kind, lover of barbeques and music, but definitely harsh when needed, the Engineer is one of the most important parts of defense for any team. The Engineer‘s worst enemies are regarded to be the Spy, who can destroy sentries in seconds, and Demomen due to their ability to blow machinery to smitherines.

“Son, I’m gonna blow that dumb look right off your stupid face.”


“Oh, they’re goin’ to ‘ave to glue you back HELL!”

Origin: Scotland

Listed as Defence for the team, the Demoman is a demolitions expert that happens to be one of the more versatile members of the team. A master of explosives, the Demoman strategically can deal damage from close up, mid-range, or far away. Carrying a grenade launcher, and a stickybomb launcher that can stick to surfaces and be detonated with the flick of a switch, the Demoman can devestate entire groups of people to nothing but a pile of body parts. Even if you‘re able to get past the explosive ordinance, one would be surprised to find that the Demoman can sufficiently wield melee weapons as well. This team mate carries a mean temper, fiery words, and an appreciation for everything and anything that goes BOOM. Some say that the Demoman carries a slight addiction for alcohol, though of course, it doesn‘t all....The Demoman‘s worst enemies are often regarded to be Scouts, who can be quick enough to get close without even realizing, and Pyro‘s if they get close enough.

“They’re goin’ to find ya all dead in the alley with cats licking at ya!”


“Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe...maybe. But I have yet to meet one that can outsmart bullet!”

Origin: Soviet Union

Listed as Defence for the team, the Heavy is a towering bulk, boasting extreme endurance in terms of taking damage, amazing firepower and brute strength, thanks to the minigun. Though not one to get close, since they move about the speed of molasses, they carry a shotgun to blast the brains out of anyone that even attempts to get near. Like a hibernating bear, the Heavy appears to be a gentle giant at first. Also like a bear, confusing this sleep demeanor with gentleness will get you ripped from limb to limb. Though speaking simply and moving slowly, the Heavy is not entirely stupid, of course nothing compared to the likes of the Engineer, and generally wishes that most people would shut up before having to be forced to shut up. The Heavy is often seen paired with the medic, due to the fact that they can mow down entire teams together. Of course, the weight of the minigun brings the already slow speed down to a snail-pace, making the Heavy the target of almost everyone on the battlefield. The Heavy‘s worst enemies are the Sniper, who can kill the slow target in seconds, and the Spy who can easily backstab the Heavy if managing to get by.

“Ooh, run, run! I’m coming for you!”

Code: Select all
[center][img] choose at [/img][/center]

[font=garamond][color=#C40C0C IF RED #125296 IF BLUE][b] | Nickname(s) |[/b][/color]
Any names people have formulated for them? Names they give themself?

[color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Age |[/b][/color]
Above 18 please.

[color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Gender |[/b][/color]
Pretty self explanatory.

[color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Class |[/b][/color]
Again, obvious.

[left][img] Image of character here please [/i][/left]
[font=garamond][color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Personality |[/b][/color]
Try to follow at least vaguely what's been said about them. Though you can make them more complex if you'd like, in fact, I encourage it. Please, heh.

[color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Appearance |[/b][/color]
Be detailed, try to explain that lovely picture to the left in decent detail. Include kind of how it links to their personality. Hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, clothing choice (can vary but is usually team colours), body type, facial structure, etc.

[color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Weapons |[/b][/color]
If you don't know the game enough, just list their default weapons written in their descriptions on the front page. If you do want a different loudout, please tell me before doing this. ^^ 

[left][color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Likes|[/b][/left] [right][color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Dislikes |[/b][/color][/right][/font]
[left] + One Like [/left] [right] - One Dislike [/right]
[left] + One Like [/left] [right] - One Dislike [/right]
[left] + One Like [/left] [right] - One Dislike [/right]
[left] + One Like [/left] [right] - One Dislike [/right]
[left] + One Like [/left] [right] - One Dislike [/right]


[font=garamond][color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| How Did they Become a Mercenary? |[/b][/color]

How did they get hired in the first place? What was their occupation before? (If any)

[color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| History |[/b][/color]

Can be brief or long, whatever you'd like, just explain their upbringing, and reason for coming back to the job.

[color=#RED OR BLUE NUMBER HERE][b]| Other |[/b][/color]

Anything else you'd like to include here. [/font]

Toggle Rules

1. You don’t have to know the game, but if you’re not familiar, I ask that you read ALL of this please.
2. No respawning for the mercs. They’re not in their usual environment.

3. No arguing in OOC please. And remember, just become someone insults your character, does not mean that they’re insulting you as a person.

4. Please reserve in OOC. I would prefer that so I can mark down what characters people would like. And when reserving, please say if you’re making male or female, since I know some people like to make the mercs female versions!

5. Please name your favourite class to play as when reserving. If you don’t have a favourite class or don’t play the game, then just name your favourite character from any show/movie/game/etc.

6. Reservations will last for about 2 days. You can ask for an extention, whatever. I just want at least a form started after some time, even if it’s not done.

7. Remember, you can alter characters, including their background. If you want to do something major though (change their default weapons, for example) please ask me in OOC or message me.

8. If you have any questions, message me please.

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Character Portrait: Mary Carter
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Character Portrait: Mary Carter
Mary Carter

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Re: TF2: Back to Work!

Need Vestigial's character here! Hey, are you getting in RED Sniper soon, Vestigial? Because I would be willing to take on more than one role if needed. Also, you can edit your characters by going to the "My Roleplays" by hovering over the "Roleplay" button at the top, then clicking "My Characters" after you click on the "My Roleplays" button. It should be easy to edit the character from there. Anyway, getting him in soon?

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Wonderful, she's accepted. I'll be getting mine in today as well, hopefully the other person who showed interest before as well will be joining, haha.

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I shall tweak her a bit, then. Thanks, I will add some more details of the drunken party.

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Oh, thanks.
Off to post on random topics I go, haha.

Anyways, I would love some more information on how exactly she became a Mercenary, but other than that, she's great!

I'll have my Sniper up hopefully tonight, may be tomorrow afternoon though. Feel free to invite any friends to this roleplay, I'll be posting a board to attract more people later and messaging some as well, haha.

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Submitted her! Hope she is approved. I think you need to make 10 posts to PM, Vestiigal.

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Alright, awesome!

Thanks both.

@Lloyd- I have changed some things so they work better for roleplaying. For example, that money thing. In this case, not every spot is going to be taken up. To have a reason for that, I've made it so that they have to be convinced to help, so that shows that not all of them are going to attend.

It is a WIP so I definitely will be explaining a bit more of MvM, probably when I put up the character form.

Re: TF2: Back to Work!

May I reserve a female RED scout? I have not played the game, but I love the idea of both the roleplay and the game. Except I'm not so into MMO FPS. my favorite character is Soap from the Call of Duty Modern Warfare series.

Re: TF2: Back to Work!

Ooh, a Team Fortress 2 Roleplay. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, not many play it on this site, but you've done a beautiful job with the introduction. I'd certainly love to join, possibly as a Medic or Engie, but I'm still deciding. Maybe I'll play some MVM first.

Also, I'm assuming it's possible to use the non-standard weapons, which classes might switch to with different matches, such as a Medic changing mediguns or a Soldier with his launcher or secondary. I could imagine an Engie wanting to use the Frontier Justice on one match, but decide that a Rescue Ranger is better. And speaking of which, I suppose the updates will be taken into account later on in the RP. Say, by the time the Robots attack Bigrock, they'll have introduced the Mecha-Engies, but the Engineer will have recieved the Rescue Ranger to combat Sentry Busters. And then later on, when they attack the Medic's hometown Rottenburg, the Medic will have finally made his breakthrough that gives him the ability to revive teammates and create projectile shields. That will certainly be important without Respawn, but of course, the Deus-Ex Machina can't work at the start, as there needs to be a clear threat of dying, aint that right? And the Engie has to realize the exact fear of which is a Sentry Buster.

And also, Power-Up Canteens.I assume nobody's going to have them at the start, but maybe later, Mann Co. might supply them. And Upgrades, I'm assuming overtime, every class is going to be upgrading their weapons.

Oh, and come to think of it, weren't the robots powered by money? Isn't that the reason the Mercs were interested in the job? I think it's important to mention exactly what kind of roles each class has on MVM, like how the Scout is mainly in charge of charging in and grabbing the battle spoils, while a Spy can Sap robots or a Sniper can blow robots up with an explosive headshot.

... I'm gunna go play some MVM now.

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