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TF2: Speeding Bullets

TF2: Speeding Bullets


Well, RED and BLU need to work together now. Just don't kill each other!

751 readers have visited TF2: Speeding Bullets since Rabidness created it.

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Gray Mann, seeking to take control of Reliable Excavation and Demolition and Builder's League United, sent two tear-stained letters to each of his brothers in secret, hoping to get them to meet with each other. Redmond and Blutarch rented the Alamo, and apparently transported it to New Mexico for their meeting, guarded by a group of Engineers under Redmond's employ. Blutarch proposed the idea of a truce, and foolishly suggests the idea of a pregnancy machine, stating that they can use it on one of them to produce an heir, ignorant of the absurdity of the plan. Blutarch states that because of the pointless fighting all of their life, the Mann Family Line would die out. Redmond agreed, and the two shook hands, each thanking each other for "sending" the tear-stained letter to the other.

After the two shake, Gray enters the Alamo, having killed Redmond's Engineers, leaving the three alone. He introduces himself to the two as Gray Mann, their brother, and explains that he sent the letters. Unfortunately, the two appear to be suffering some sort of cognitive disorder, and Blutarch and Redmond apparently forget who Gray is just seconds after he introduces himself. It is noted that Gray appears to be wearing some sort of mechanical device on his spine, possibly of his construction. Gray begins to recount the tale of the brothers' birth, and explains how he was taken by an eagle shortly after he spoke with their father. He explains how he was raised by the eagle as one of its own, and how he later killed it and her children to feed himself.

He goes on to explain how, unlike how Redmond and Blutarch had their empires handed to them, he had to build his own out of scratch. Gray tells Redmond and Blutarch that he watched for a hundred and fifty years as they both wasted their father's fortune over an "asinine war, over worthless pits of gravel." He asks them to consider their true birthright, and tells them that it's "the only thing in this hell-blasted landscape actually worth fighting over" which appears to be Mann Co. Redmond dismisses his claims, stating that gravel powers the world's steam engines, showing how uninformed about the world he actually is. Gray grows tired of his responses, and kills both Redmond and Blutarch by slitting their throats.

Three days later, Gray makes his move against Mann Co., sending a massive robot army to attack all of the company's facilities. Saxton Hale is too busy wrestling a Yeti to deal with the crisis himself, so he sends a video message to the remaining RED or BLU mercenaries informing them that with Redmond and Blutarch dead, the Gravel War has finally ended and they no longer have jobs. He then immediately re-hires the team(s) to defend Mann Co. against the robots.

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RED Medic: RESERVED BY- Lloyd999

RED Demoman/Woman: AVAILABLE
BLU Demoman/Woman: AVALIBLE








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Character Portrait: Miss Pauling


Character Portrait: Miss Pauling
Miss Pauling

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Character Portrait: Miss Pauling
Miss Pauling

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Character Portrait: Miss Pauling
Miss Pauling

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Most recent OOC posts in TF2: Speeding Bullets

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

@CupUp Removed you from the list. Nothing to be sorry about.

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

I'm gonna have to back out. I'm extremely sorry.

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

Reserved! Well, I got two (Not including myself) people interested! Yay!

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

Well, I think I'll reserve a role as the Red Medic. The Medic's truly a heartless lunatic at heart and his eccentric nature makes him all the more interesting. Maybe I'll reserve Blu Engineer afterward, especially considering I main Engineer anyway.

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

Yeah, I haven't found time to play it in between roleplaying and starting high school. I've heard it's fun, but honestly, I suck at FPS. So usually, I sit back and search YouTube for videos about it.

Those are some good suggestions. I especially like the upgrade suggestions, with the realism. There will be canteens. I will have a money system implemented into the RP soon(ish), probably as an OOC post that will be updated with the game.

I have watched a few videos made using SFM, plus the majority of the official videos. Those are another reason I want to play TF2. In the roleplay, I will be playing Ms. Pauling.

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

Ah, you don't play TF2? I mean, its free to play and all, fun as hell too. Although, I'm wondering if anybody truly plays it because they like the storyline. I mean, that's the reason I play most video games, but TF2 I only play cuz its actually fun.

Yeah, Medics can revive fallen players. Players will drop these big packs which will display holograms which the Medic can place his heal beam on to magically revive a person with full health. Its probably best and most accurately illustrated in the TF2 promotional video "The Sound of Medicine" (which is on youtube) which also illustrates the projectile shield. Either way, I think that's all fair enough. The idea that all players begin with stock weapons in the beginning? On one hand, I think that's fair as characters slowly progress and get more experienced at defending against the robots and gain more money and can spend them on new weapons just as they would spend them on upgrades, thus allowing a wide range of weapon loadouts to be explored by the players, especially if you, the GM, decide to turn this weapon buying system into something similar to the random drop system, where when a player decides to buy a weapon (however expensive you decide that will be, maybe somewhere between $1000-$3000) you choose a weapon at random that they receive.

On the other hand, allowing players to use whatever weapons they please also has its own spirit to it that resembles how MVM was played. Back when it was released, everybody was new to the gamemode and no real metas had been established, so everybody would be trying out all kinds of different loadouts and strategies and trying to establish metas. The Engineer would be using the Frontier Justice as had difficulty being able to save his sentries from the Sentry Busters, Soldiers would try out all kinds of launchers and buffs, Pyros wouldn't have learned to airblast enemies into pits so they would use the Phlogistinator or Backburner, Spies and Snipers would have difficulty fighting and Medics were a luxury as opposed to a requirement. It was just something new at the time and the players would be trying out their old strategies on the gamemode and develop new ones as they discovered weaknesses and explored possibilities with other weapons.

Though, I will admit this is still fully possible with the system I spoke of above, so if you decide to start everybody with stock, then that's perfectly fine. I personally like the idea of the random item buying system, and thus a very strict money system should be implemented into the roleplay. Every wave should provide a maximum of a certain amount of money and everybody gains the same amount of money regardless of who collects it. The exact quantities and type of robots that appear in each wave should also be clearly defined at the beginning of each wave, along with the maximum amount of money to be collected. Upgrades should have the same costs as they ordinarily would in the game (and for simplicity's sake, lets give Medic the updated Overheal and Heal Mastery upgrades he gets in Two Cities as upgrading the different aspects of healing and overhealing separately was just way to tedious) and upgrades should probably be preserved between events. Perhaps upgrades should have some sort of realism to them, such as Reload Speed upgrades might had some sort of autoloading device onto the guns or Regeneration and Resistance upgrades should perhaps inject a class with some sort of special serum, and so on. One question I have is if Power Canteens will be available. I'd imagine uber canteens would be consumed and make a player shortly invunerable, while crit canteens supplies directly to a weapon, along with clip/ammo refill canteens. Building upgrade canteens probably send a signal to placed buildings that somehow automatically upgrades them while teleport to spawn upgrades probably work similarly to the Eureka Effect. Of course, with how the Medic can share power-ups with other classes with an upgrade, the canteen probably supplies directly to the healing supply.

I think one thing I'll suggest to you, who doesn't play the game, is to certainly watch a lot of videos. As you probably know, there are plenty of promotional TF2 videos, 10 centering around the classes as the Meet the Team videos and about four (I believe) other promotional ones, two based on MVM. Yet, with the release of Source Filmmaker, there's all kinds of fanmade TF2 videos out there, many of which with what looks like impressive or at the very least decent animation skill (SFM tends to make even lazier works look professional, although it still requires a lot of skill to animate with it) and many of which are great for giving a visualization of TF2.

Also, on an unrelated note, I'm assuming you'll be playing Miss Pauling? She's definitely an essential character.

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

@CutUp, reserved!

@Lloyd999, I remember you! I tried to join the roleplay, but no one else did. I mean, other than the GM.

Anyway, I'll have everyone start with the basic default starter weapons, and later on, get new weapons. It'll be assumed that Hale sold the weapons the mercs used to own. And it will progress with updates, except with updated guns. Also, I haven't played any TF2, but I love a lot of aspects of the game itself. And since I have internet, I can easily search up statistics and updates for guns. Sorry for my limited knowledge, I just love the story and wanted to make a roleplay out of it. Also, I wouldn't be including the weapons that aren't updates for MvM.

The reason the 9(well, 18 including the other team) mercs can't respawn, is because I didn't want some NPR (Non Playable Robot) killing a character over, and over, and over again. It gets really annoying quickly with all roleplays I've seen that have an un-die system. So really, it's partly because I don't want people to get annoyed and leave the RP. And I wanted to force people to work together even though the characters seem to hate each other. That is why they can't respawn. Later in the game it may be changed, because I think there was a respawning update thingy for Medic in MvM.

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

A hat-based roleplay?! OMFGHATSYAY!

Hmm, there was a roleplay like this that I saw before and I regret not creating a character, but unfortunately, it didn't gain so much interest. If this one does, perhaps I'll join in as well. Demoman, Engineer and Medic roles are certainly ones I'm interested in, but I really wouldn't mind playing anything else, be it Pyro, Soldier or whatever.

So, I'm assuming almost all weapons are available. I think if this is going to be an MVM based roleplay, we should keep everything in theme with the MVM updates. That means that in the beginning, we'll have MVM as it was when it was first released, then later on when we introduce Bigrock, we'll also introduce the Engineer's new Rescue Ranger, the Demo's Loose Cannon, the Medic's Vaccinator and the Mecha Engineer. Some time after that, of course, would be Two Cities, where we'd introduce Rottenburg and Mannhattan. At the same time, of course, the new Medic features (along with the Soldier upgrade) would be introduced, such as the projectile shield and revival feature. I think that's fair, considering that wont be until much later on in the roleplay.

Also, keeping in line with this idea, it'd make sense if the weapons from Love and War aren't included as available weapons, just to make the idea of this progression more clear. I think, however, that any weapons that have been updated since MVM's release (such as the Housekeeping and Smismas updates, e.g. Loose Cannon, Short Circuit, etc.) should retain those updates in this roleplay, as those updates are kind of like retcons.

Well, its your roleplay anyway, so you make the decisions. I'm just saying that these would be most logical. I'd like to see an MVM roleplay up and running successfully.

By the way, if these two teams have spent a bunch of time killing each other and there's no respawn, then, what's the deal? I mean, I suppose if there are many combatants, then these particular mercenaries on opposite sides probably haven't met each other before, if they haven't killed each other already.

Re: TF2: Speeding Bullets

Yo! Got my eye on the RED Scout. OMFGHATSYAY

TF2: Speeding Bullets

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