Dark vs False Light, the TFR need assistance, will you be the answer to their dark call, and end the stalemate?

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In the past, this story began at the Adam and Eve era, where the first Reaper was born, a pegasus, to counter the power of a corrupt god of control known only as Epalidon, who wished to destroy the world to make way for his own super-earth, the creator of the reaper, known only as Ultraine, fought the corrupt god for generations, causing the reaper to see all figments of our past, all the wars, all the diseases, everything known and unknown to humanity. As a result of all this knowledge, they almost went insane, so Ultraine wiped her memory, fast forward to present day, and the reaper has remembered everything and continued the fight, finally raising an army of her own with the help of an anthro bunny, a male human creator, and a human female with ever-changing limbs, they eventually found an empty world, and developed it as their own, naming it Earth 13-81, and at this point, The Frightful Reapers, (TFR) was established to defend The Edge from the force known only as E.N.E.M.Y Corp.

Although, years after the development of TFR, the 4 allies plotted on an attack against Enemy inside the Drightengalen castle. E.N.E.M.Y Corp, however, had plans of their own, while the 4 leaders plotted, Enemy struck, and in the process claimed half of the world, it was at this point Ultraine realized what was going on and warned the leaders, which in term pushed the fight to a stalemate, one team has each half, and have never been able to claim the advantage as each side's method of attack develops to counter the other, but the tides of the war have been known to change slightly depending on how many worlds were under which side's control.

Present day, the war is still going on, and TFR calls for new allies to join in the fight to defend The Edge with a dark touch, for this light they face is a fake, the real light standing by the darkness as they work to save the balance the universe truly needs!

The main story of this timeline has come from multiple side stories based on each of the leaders, slowly establishing what is at stake as all that is being threatened by E.N.E.M.Y is revealed, homes, families, everything will be lost if they win, but the darkness isn't going to go down without a fight, will you join it?

Toggle Rules

1) Do not be OP (OverPowered), you are not invisible, you can die, you can't successfully heal everybody, and you don't have unlimited energy and stamina, know your character's limits.

2) Do not magically learn things when they're needed at the moment, an example being: "I̕͏͟e̴̴̡b̸́͝҉̵̵f̨͘͝ơ̕͢e͏̀͜҉͡b̴̢̨ needed to help his friends, or they were gonna bleed out, so quickly learns how to heal, then heals them." This isn't possible on the spot, learning usually takes time when it comes to spells. If you want a character to use a specific spell, add it onto their bio before the situation, this can seem more realistic, but adding them on the spot can also be shown as OP, which ties into rule 1.

3) Be realistic! You're not Deadpool with a fast healing factor, you'll have wounds to keep, and your character can't find out someone is in danger when they aren't in the same area.

4) Think about your character's past. Moments in ones past can change how they act over time, let it be hostile, or a kind person, or maybe both simultaneously, just be realistic.

5) Don't force the death of a character, you don't control other people's characters or their fates, as they are not you or your characters, make sure the RPer is okay with the death beforehand.

6) Have fun in this dark, corrupt warfare for the balance of reality as it is known now.

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