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Zekial Aldera

"Shh, don't waste your breath. Its already done."

0 · 171 views · located in C.L.O.U.D. Base

a character in “TH1RT3EN: C.L.O.U.D.”, as played by Eisenhorn


-Age: 21

-Gender: Male

-Role: No. 7 The Gunman

-Loyalty: Twin B

-Description: Zekial's glasses are purely for show, nothing more, while his expression changes little, no matter the situation. Under the black jacket is a brown leather holster under his left arm, contrasting the white dress shirt that he wears in general. A pair of nice black slacks and dress shoes give an almost gentlemanly look, despite his job being less than such.

-Height: 5'11"

-Weight: 168lbs

-Hair Color: Silver

-Eye Color: Yellow

-Personality: First impressions of Zekial mark him as one who keeps his head down whenever at all possible. Quiet and content to blend in with the background, this won't stop him from speaking when needed. People often find him tolerable and relatively easy to get along with, even if he is currently preparing to eliminate the target he was tasked to. He has managed to preserve many of the subtle actions average people have outside CLOUD, combined with his rather transparent way of dealing with people, made him ideal for infiltration as well as assassination.

Anger is non existent in Zekial, as is a fair number of emotions that would get in his way on duty. Off duty is another matter, but anger is the one that never appears. Annoyance, and anything approaching true anger and hate are there, but he never reaches there. This goes hand in hand with his preference of using wits and intelligence over his training with the .47 magnum. Anyone can shoot a person, but it takes a particularly cunning soul to cause someone to, in essence, assassinate themselves, saving him the trouble of cleaning up and vanishing.

Using his wits and intelligence as much as he does has left him with a lack of blind trust in anything or anyone. He always has back up plans and emergency escape routes for when something finally goes wrong. This paranoia and lack of trust in anything causes him to quietly question everything that happens, both how and why. He often acts as an outcast amongst the 13, keeping to himself in his room and training himself usually, often reading or pursuing whatever scholarly interest catches him at the moment.

-Quirks: Zekial has a need to keep his hands busy, constantly flipping a coin or otherwise toying with something. He has extreme paranoia issues at times, and is unusually reclusive as a result.

+Intelligence; "Our most dangerous weapon is our minds."
+Books; "They present rather fascinating ideas."
+Peace and Quiet; "Why some need so much noise and action is beyond me."
+Firearms; "An efficient means towards an end."
+Efficiency; "Why waste energy doing needless work?"

-Carelessness; "A waste of time and potential."
-Fools; "Don't get me started, please don't."
-Idleness; "Time better spent doing anything, really."
-Show Offs; "Yes, triple spins to take down one man, real impressive waste of time."
-Brute Force; "Really? That is nearly the same as hoping they miss a lot."

-Other: I read everything

-Relationships: (Will be edited as more are filled)
*Wolf -
*Stallion - "Much better at blending in and stealth than I am, she has my respect. Nice eyes, by the way."
*Tiger -
*Silent One -
*Samurai - "Easy comes, easy goes party man. Knows when to take things serious, good to know he sided with B."
*Twins - "A never liked me, a blind man could see that. B didn't need questions and reasoning to know something was wrong, this is why I follow."
*Gunman โ€“ "I rather approve of myself, thank you very much."
*Jackyl - "Facing her in combat will not be pleasant. Personal note; we all seem to have some sort of crazy/temper issue."
*Giant -
*Ranger - "Cold, efficient, and a man of few words. We may be on opposite sides, but I can still respect him as an assassin."
*Hunter -
*Reaper - "Appears to have a split personality, one innocent, other not so much. I can get along with her innocent side, try to keep distance with her murderous side. It might have some splash effect on her surroundings."
*Black Mamba โ€“ "Short temper, no consideration to what she says or does, and generally confusing to deal with. None of which I particularly care for or approve of. She gets her job done though, so I can live with it."

-Sample Post: The social gathering was in full swing, business men laughing and chatting up the girls who had one too many drinks, or had been paid enough to act it and humor the suits. Zekial hid a grimace, nodding courteously to a waitress as she passed by. He had opted to, rather than come in guns blazing as some of his comrades would prefer, cleaned up his suit and slipped in. Amazing what a good disguise, right attitude, and forged ID can do. The only thing that anyone there would have batted an eye at was his gun, a .47 Magnum revolver, custom fitted with a suppressor. He was quietly looking forward to get this done and over with, so he watched for the target.

Sure enough, like clockwork, the fat man came rolling by, literally. He was too fat to support his own weight, and needed a wheelchair to move at all. Yet he had a pair of girls hanging off his arms, in it for the money and nothing more. A little bank hack and bribery had arranged for them to have a quick break once the fat man was otherwise alone. He wasn't straightforward at times, but this saved him far more trouble in the long run. Like cleaning up more of a mess than necessary. Quietly walking along, tracking the fat man, he marked the room that he rolled in to mentally, then kept walking, ignoring the guard's glare.

As soon as he was around the corner, he was moving fast. He had five minutes, tops, before the girls would return to the fat man and 'entertain' him for the night. He hadn't bothered with using the name fat man had at all, he didn't deserve it. Swinging out on the ledge, he ignored the fact he was over twenty stories in the air. Edging over the right number of windows, he spotted his target and slid the window open. Fat man was too busy toying with his PDA to even notice the intrusion. It was the easiest thing in the world for Zekial, then, to draw and execute the fat man, before removing the wheelchair's breaks, letting him roll out the window. The fall took care of evidence, as it appeared as an accident, and he was gone, back out the window and moving through the party once he was back inside, making a beeline for the exit. Report mission success, and call it a night. Maybe catch up on some reading before he dozed off.

So begins...

Zekial Aldera's Story