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"I'm blind, not harmless."

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a character in “That's Not an Omelette”, as played by Cienpher



Sex: Intersex; goes by male pronouns

Medusa is so angry about his human! Terry is self-centered and inconsiderate and always talking about things the hatchling can't understand (either because Medusa himself is "too young" or, you know. Blind. Which Terry forgets frequently)… but, well, he's nice when he tries.

Physical Description of Dragon Form
Even for a hatchling, Medusa can seem a little intimidating. For one thing, with a smooth protruding forehead and large pick like fangs, it can be hard to see him as cute, like the other little ones. It has multiple earlike appendages fanning backwards from its head with strange ridges and holes. Notably, the dragon has no eyes, and it is very clearly blind.

Medusa has strange hooked claws that don't seem very attuned to fighting. That would be because they're not. Designed like shovels, they're designed for digging, which is something the hatchling excels at. No wings, he has instead strange membranes fanning out from his forelegs, rippling as it catches the air. Similarly, his long tail extends into a broad, flat tip which he slaps things with frequently. Apparently he can use the vibrations he senses through these membranes to identify objects and textures.

Physical Description of Child Form
The first thing people notice about Medusa is that his eyes have no pupils. Since a dragon's human form is simply another shape for the same essence, Medusa remains blind even as a toddler. However, he seems remarkably less intimidating as an androgynous little child. His skin tone is warm and earthy, befitting a dragon of his kind, and his dark hair is styled into dreadlocks. Due to his affinity with soil and sand, it isn't rare to see Medusa streaked with mud and come home with clothes dirtied. As he slowly develops his seismic sense, Medusa's developing a tendency to walk around barefoot.

When you're naturally blind and lacking any kind of perceptual sense the first few weeks of life, nature gives you a few tools to help you along. One of those tools, in Medusa's case, is a cautious, patient, and no-nonsense attitude. His line of dragons are born with a serious nature to prevent any mishaps that could come from foolhardy or foolish decisions. Unfortunately, with a carefree, busybody human like Terry, nature's blessing has been little more than a menace. Medusa finds his human absolutely insufferable

  • Digging - it's in his nature, he's good at it, and boy does the earth feel good!
  • Human Faces - he finds them fascinating, so he can't help but want to feel them and figure them out.
  • Smooth Things - apparently his kind think the smoother the forehead, the more desirable the mate; in light of this, they also tend to just like perfectly smooth objects.

  • Water - his kind are native to deserts and live underground; water isn't very kind to them.
  • Colors - they're something that his kind has absolutely no concept of and he feels left out.
  • Rushing - doing things in a hurry leads to mistakes, and mistakes can be dangerous.

  • The Ocean - Medusa can't even conceive of a place without air or solid ground and he doesn't want to.
  • Flying - he's only truly blind when he has nothing solid around him.

The line of dragons Medusa is from is native to the deserts of Africa, notably around Egypt. Archaeology buffs will note that Medusa, with four clawed limbs and a flat tipped tail, looks nothing like the dragons of Egyptian mythos, which resemble serpents. This is because the Egyptians rarely caught glimpses of these actual dragons, who dwelled deep underground. The entire species of dragons are blind, having no need for eyes in the darkness of the earth. They instead depend upon a seismic sense, constructing images of their surrounding and movements through vibrations caught by the membranes on their forelegs and tail. These dragons are intersex and reproduce in an unusual manner - the dragons lay an egg deep in the ground along with that of their mate's, and after thousands of years, the great heat and pressure will fuse the eggs into one.

How does it feel about the humans?
Other dragons?
Please update this as you go along!

Anything else?


So begins...

Medusa's Story


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It wasn't a lizard. Being from Montana, Terry had held his fair share of lizards, and they felt nothing like this. This was a dragon - or he assumed his was as well, since everyone else's looked pretty much like typical dragons while his looked a little weird - and it was amazing. Although it was smaller than his hand, it was incredibly dense, lying heavy across his palm. It gave a squeak when he ran his thumb along its spine. Oh, its skin was like sandpaper. Cool.

"Well, I hate to break it to you guys," Terry said, rocking himself off the sofa, "but I've officially nabbed the best one of the batch. Look, it looks like the alien from Alien." He grinned and held out his hatchling to the rest of the group to display its bizarre featureless head. It tottered as if confused on his palm, lashing its flat-tipped tail.

Uriel was taking charge of the situation as always, but Terry hadn't really been listening. The mention of lamb chops definitely got his attention. "Well since we didn't get our omelettes, lamb chops are good as anything - I'm starving. Here, Marilla, watch mine for me," Terry said, plopping his new noisy burden into his roommate's lap. He was oblivious to the hatchling's writhing outrage.

He headed into the kitchen and lamented the empty egg carton, the frying pan abandoned on the stove. What a sad, lonely sight. While Uriel looked around for a phone, Terry leaned over and stretched himself across the countertop. Pressing his cheek to the smooth stone, he gazed somberly upon the ingredients remaining. "We've got six actual eggs left but that's not enough for all of us," he sighed. Man, and he'd been looking forward to this omelette party for a week now. The one time he had time outside his training schedule, and no actual omelettes. Kicking open the trash compactor, with the sweep of an arm, he cleared the remains of broken dreams (egg shells, they were the dragon egg shells) off the counter and slammed the machine shut.

Well, now that that unfortunate reminder of nonexistent meals was taken care of, Terry gave a thumbs up to Uriel and headed to the windows to draw the curtains.

The setting changes from Room 503 to Earth


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"Uriel, I think it might depend on the dragon. I mean, all of these little guys look like they're from totally different species. It might just end up being a trial and error thing," Marilla offered, then turned her attention to the tiny feathered dragon which had somehow climbed its way up on her lap.

It had currently curled up into a tiny little ball of sorts, and apparently had been snoozing- up until Terry dropped his little hatchling on her lap as well. Then it backed up against Marilla's stomach, regarding the new arrival with a sort of hesitant curiosity before it bounded over, nudged the other with the tip of its snout, then quickly went back to its position against Marilla.

"It's Rilla, Terry! I don't know how many times I've said this, but I'll keep saying it until you get it into your head." She called out after him, then turned to watch the exchange on her lap. Her hatchling seemed more like a puppy than a dragon. It was sort of adorable.

All the while though also listening to Terry and Min's exchange, she raised an eyebrow, glancing over at the blonde, "Uh. Why'd you throw the eggshells out? Maybe they're supposed to eat them- certain animals have to eat their eggshells after they're born. I mean, it doesn't seem like it, since all these little guys just about ditched their eggshells, but you know, it could've been. Maybe we should all just wait a bit on doing anything hasty like that for a while."

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Ah, there it was again, his name said with too many vowels. Well, it was lucky that his parents hadn't named him Xavier or something. That would've just been awkward to say all drawn out like Min so often did. Terry was a much nicer name in Terry's opinion - less clumsy. No one's tongue had to trip over four syllables.

"Rilla, Rilla, right. Sorry," he said, with his version of an apologetic grin, full of sincere cheer and not quite as apologetic as one would hope. Having secured the windows, since he was already standing, Terry deftly leapt over low standing furniture and prone bodies to deal with the front door. "And I'm sure it'll be fine. They don't look like they'd get full off eggshells anyway. 'Sides, they came out of chicken eggs and we have six more of those."

Meanwhile, his grey-brown hatchling left in Marilla's care stood stock still, as if stunned by its contact with another creature. After a moment, it staggered forward uneasily on its feet. It was tentative, as if unsure of what to make of its new terrain and confused as to what it might meet up ahead. It stopped when it got to close to the other feathered hatchling, and cocking its head it cautiously twisted and brought forward its tail, waving it in front of him like a blind man with a cane.

As Terry locked the door and checked the handle twice, he tossed out to the group over his shoulder, "So, it's been a good long while already. Who's ready to play the naming game? Roi? Alex? Ned?"

To be honest, he was just fishing for ideas. Despite having grown up in a town where there were more animals than children, Terry hadn't been allowed any pets as a kid, and he hadn't named a thing before in his life. Alex had his love of comic books and Roisin had her writing. Ned, well, had a daughter, so clearly he'd done this sort of thing before. Maybe he could just… piggy back of their ideas. Sounded like a sound plan to him.

The setting changes from Room 503 to Earth


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"You named your dragon after a dancer?" She squinted at Ned, a bit confused, before turning her attention back to the two hatchlings on her lap.

Her little one seemed shocked, having been whacked in the snout with the other's tail. It peered at the other curiously, a bit cautious now that it had been injured, and waited a bit before it dashed forward and gently nudged it, dashing back at about the same speed.

"I dunno what I should name mine. I mean, there are a plentitude of names, right? I'd like to name it something cool. But not pretentious and all the names I can think of are borderline pretentious and gah, honestly Ned, how on Earth do parents manage with the naming thing?" She froze then said, "Oh god. You know what this means? We're all parents now! Parents to tiny dragons who will likely grow up to be massive and are probably intelligent. Oh god can you imagine how rough this is gonna be? Like, I'm sure some of us be fine but there are people among us, I will not name names, who probably will have a rough time like this. I wonder if they go through stages like humans, oh dear, can you imagine if they do? Teenage dragon angst? It'll be the worst. Or terrible two's? Can you imagine a baby dragon temper tantrum? Oh gosh, does this mean that when we meet up in the future and discuss our dragons progress like we no doubt will, it'll be as though we're parents upping the progress of our children? Oh this has so many implications."

Grinning, she beamed at her tiny feathered dragon, "I mean, it might not have all that, but man, this little guy is cute and there's no way I'm not keeping him. Her. I dunno. How do you tell its gender? Should I go for a gender neutral name?"


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Roi was in shock- but a good kind of shock. She was in disbelief that all her far-fetched, insane dreams had just hatched before her eyes. Literally.

"Uh. Food. They probably need to be fed. Dragons eat... sheep? Roisin, do you know any myths about baby dragons?" She'd heard Uriel throw out the question, and racked her brain. "Well, they seem to be following us around like little ducklings or some crap like that. Little scaly ducklings..." The white hatchling was sitting on the coffee table, and she tugged it away when it began sharpening its claws on the wood.

"Meat is probably a good plan, yeah... I'll check my sources as soon as we get this sorted out. I feel like somewhere it said that some hatchlings eat the eggs they were in for extra minerals and stuff, so better not-" Before finishing her sentence, Roi yelped. The little scaly duckling had tried to sharpen its claws on her legs. "You stop that, little one." The dragon looked at Roisin in disdain and scratched its talons down her legs one more time before leaping onto the couch and standing on her hind legs like a guard.

Getting up and walking over to the door, she shut it firmly and locked it. Knowing how aggressive her little hatchling had been to the table, Roi hoped that the wooden door could withstand the little dragon. Walking back over to the couch, she was startled by the trash compactor making weird crunches. She heard Rilla talking about animals eating their eggs, and knew she'd pointed that out earlier. "Well, there goes any hope of having them munch on eggshells. Door is locked and secure." Shaking her head and reclaiming her spot on the couch, she looked at the creamy dragon standing guard.

She looked at the little white dragon that had emerged from the first egg. "So you started this mess, little one..." She was staring into the proud hatchling's violet eyes when she was jerked back by the naming ceremonies. "So, it's been a good long while already. Who's ready to play the naming game? Roi? Alex? Ned?" She heard Terry say, and immediately looked back to the miffed white hatchling. "Well, aren't you just a little ball of sunshine." The dragon glared at her, and then jumped into her lap, curled up, and began purring much like a cat. Roi was surprised and nearly jumped back, but smiled softly when the purrs turned to snores.

Listening to the murmurs of name ideas floating around, Roisin tried to come up with a name for her new dragon. She'd decided that the hatchling was female, based on its mannerisms and oddly long eyelashes. It seemed right. Roi had so much experience naming characters and pets that she was trying to come up with an equally awesome name for the awesome mythical creature napping on her. "You're like a little sentinel... What about Sentenia? Does that sound right?" Deciding that Sentenia fit the girl hatchling still sleeping soundly, she watched as her friends and neighbors scrambled for names.

"Uma has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?" Roi nodded to Ned. Uma reminded her of something she'd watched recently, she couldn't put her finger on it however. She wanted to look it up on her phone, but Sentenia was laying on it, and Roi knew the rules. No waking up pets, ever. She didn't even want to know how cranky baby dragons would be if woken from a nap.

"I dunno man, I want something cool and prophetic, any ideas Roi?" She smiled at Alex's ultimate question, and watched the little hatchling swim around in the dirty bowl filled with water. "Well, I did have a shark once. I doubt your little hatchling would appreciate being named James Pond, though. In my defense, I was seven." She covered quickly before she could be teased. "Your little serpent dragon is pretty cute though. Any idea the gender?" Sentenia yawned and looked up lazily, blinking sleep from her now crystal-blue eyes. "That's a bit odd..." she murmured to herself.

Grabbing her phone before the white dragon settled down again, she looked up sea serpent myths. Checking her blog first to see if she'd posted anything on sea serpents, she sighed. No luck. Searching on the internet, she uncovered a picture guide to different kinds of sea dragons. "Hmm. Alex, I think your dragon is a Bakunawa. Says here that it's a dragon rumored to have swallowed the moon in ancient myth. Not much information here, though." Turning off her phone, she studied the little dragon. "What about Atlantic? Or Pacific? Sea names are pretty cool, like Carribean. If it's a guy, though, you might want to go a little manlier. Like, 'Sea Demon' or whatever."

Roi grinned helpfully and turned to her friends. She noticed Uriel working on food and picked up her white dragon baby. Sentenia yawned and rolled over in her arms. She eyeballed the hatchling's size and looked down at her hoodie pocket. Putting the baby dragon in the big pocket, she stood up carefully and maneuvered her way into the kitchen. "Need any help, Uriel? Milk is probably a good idea, but I'm not sure how well plastic or rubber'll stand against the fangs of these little ones." Roi glanced over at Rilla, who had her lap full with two hatchlings clambering around. Furrowing her brow, she glanced around. Of course. Terry didn't have his dragon, which must mean Rilla had both hers and Terry's. Sighing, she half-listened to Rilla's rant and leaned on the counter.

"Which one's yours, Rilla? The feathered one resembles more of a female, with body shape and all. I'm not so sure about feathered dragons. I'd assume they're all slender, but..." Roi stopped herself from starting a tangent. "Any name would be nice for yours. The other hatchling... Yeah, Terry was right. It kind of does look a bit alien." Watching it stumble around and lash the blue hatchling with a flat tail, Roi examined the thing from a distance. "It kind of looks like it can't see. Do you think it's eyeless? It could be, if it's a deep sea or a cave sort. They don't have much need for sight, since it's so dark..."

Trailing off, Roi smiled as her gaze swept the room. Sure, raising dragons would be a nightmare at times, but she couldn't wait.