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"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world."

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a character in “That's Not an Omelette”, as played by BurningDark





    The Sentry
    The Dreamer
Sex: Female

Roisin Ramos

Physical Description of Dragon Form

Nia is a white-scaled dragon with eyes that shift from red to purple to blue depending on her mood. She has small wings as a hatchling, but as she grows, they'll get very large and paler than currently. With multiple, black-clawed tiers on her wings, she can use them as a weapon- not only to gust air, but also to scratch. With the lack of a breath weapon, Nia has ridged, extra-strong claws to defend herself physically. Her scales are tougher and thicker than normal, due to her natural habitat- the colder northern region. Her ridged claws would naturally serve as a tool to dig into the ice better if she were to walk across icy ground. Her pale scales would blend in as well, and her wings are also thinly layered with feathery scales that provide extra warmth in her first couple weeks of hatching. She'll begin to shed little feathers once she reaches the age of a month. She also has semi-transparent webbing along her tail, off her elbows, and crowning her head. Some of the webbing is tougher, for decoration and fighting, and some is more pliant and soft, for swimming or digging through soft snow. Nia's natural scaly armor is very tough, and usually cold to the touch. Her scales are triangular in shape and very sharp along the edges, so when she sheds, be sure to watch your step! Her body type resembles that of the Western dragon idea.

Physical Description of Child Form
Nia's child form is an albino little girl with a pair of feathered dragon wings. She has long, wavy hair and crimson eyes with occasionally slitted pupils. A frail-looking frame with a doll-like face, Nia uses charm and cuteness to get her way as a human too.



Sentenia holds dominion over dreams. Getting her nicknames 'The Sentry' and 'The Dreamer' from her abilities to lucid dream, enter the dreams of others, and stand guard of time by seeing the future, Nia uses her main powers when she is asleep. She can lucid dream during visions of things to come, and always remembers a dream after waking. If she enters the dream of another, they will remember the dream as well. If Nia sees something in a dream, it can become an illusion. She loves taking herself to new places in her dreams, so that she can find a wider range of things to project- which often leads to her straying into others' dreams. When she then wakes, she is able to produce a mist that she can bend and solidify into objects. Without practice, Nia can accidentally form small mist chunks and leave them somewhere. Like rocks, these mist stones are completely solid and only disappear if someone touches them without Nia's intent. She likes making little dream jewels that she leaves in her sleeping area, which varies from Roi's bed to the window seat to Roi's laptop. Usually she sleeps on the computer while it's being used- because it's distracting someone from her, and that's not acceptable. She is able to project Dream Mist only when she is fully rested. However, the only way her magic could be used for combat would be intimidation illusions. She can only see the future when she sleeps, so knowing her opponent's next move isn't a worry- for the opponent, at least.



Nia is quite the character- if egotistical asshole is character. She's very self-centered and vain, but past her flaws is an affectionate, loyal dragon who just wants to be loved. She easily bonds with dragons and humans who give her attention, and will bring them small gifts like buttons and socks. Nia loves play-fighting, especially when she wins. However, if not given enough attention and playtime, she will start being annoying to get it. She has a superiority complex and thinks that people are entitled to give her what she wants. If you don't want her stealing your stuff, you better figure out where she hides it- cause she loves taking things that aren't hers and stashing them- like the dragon hoard legend. Instead of gold, though, Nia snatches car keys, pens, knives, towels, and shoes. More than likely, though, she'll gift them back to someone- probably not the original owner. She loves shiny stuff and if you give her something shiny, Nia will probably love you forever. However, she has separation issues and if her mother leaves, she'll get very mopey and disappear- under blankets, into cabinets, and on top of tables. Expect lots of sleeping- no, she's not dead, just very sad. Just give her a little love and she'll manage.

|☪| Being Right |☪|She has powers that allow her to see the future, and this often leads to her being right. She has quite high self-esteem because of this.|
|☪| Snow |☪|So pristine, cold, and fresh. Nia adores the fluffy white flakes that are so tingly and frozen because they remind her of an ancient habitat- the arctic.|
|☪| Herself |☪|With a huge ego and vain streak, Nia is quite full of herself. She believes that she and her magic are more refined than breath power and her siblings.|
|☪| Leadership |☪|Along with her ego and vanity, Nia has quite the superiority complex. She loves being in charge and others listening to her.|
|☪| Fighting |☪|Though she has no magic to help her physically, she loves a good brawl with humans and dragons alike- usually when they don't listen to her.|

|☪| Mud |☪|Dirty, nasty, and rotten things need to stay out of her personal space. After all, one can't maintain pure white, sparkling scales without care.|
|☪| Nightmares |☪|Though she deals in dreams, Nia is terribly frightened of nightmares and will leap into Roisin's bed if she has one.|
|☪| Pickles |☪|Green, lumpy, and just weird in general, Nia despises both the taste and appearance of the pickle. She also hates the smell and will try to leave if she smells one.|
|☪| Cars |☪|The gasoline is yucky, they're too bumpy, she can't sharpen her claws on the seats, and there are far too many buttons and lights. Cars are freaky.|
|☪| Being Ignored |☪|If she's not getting attention, nothing is. She'll go from sweetly nudging you to trying to maul your toes- and if you think that's funny, it's not.|

|☪| Fire |☪|Nearly being roasted into an omelette is fair grounds for a fear of fire. Add that to her dislike of heat, being an arctic dragon- just keep it away.|
|☪| Being Alone |☪|For all of her big words and powers, she may actually care for her siblings and human as more than slaves, and would hate to lose them.|
|☪| Shame |☪|Nia puts so much confidence in her abilities, that if she were ever wrong, she would cry from the shame- Similar to Roi's fear of embarrassment.|




Sentenia is a dragon with Arctic origins, as can clearly be seen in her snow-white scales and feathery wings. If you go deeper into her lineage, you may untangle the webbing of Inuit culture, where her powers may be traced back to the storytelling culture of the tribes. The shamans had magic to cast spells with their words, and the dances of the people illustrated scenes into the walls and the air- like dreams.

Large dragons with no wings, fur-tufted scales, and sensitive whiskers instead of sharp eyesight, the Arctic Dragons of old are very different from the evolved, stereotypical dragon of today. To hunt, the arctic dragon would use its whiskers to sense body heat from prey, allowing it to hunt successfully in the frozen, blizzard-ravaged environments. With a thick layer of fat and another of fur, the arctic dragon would be less nimble, so it used persistence hunting to follow its prey until the animal it hunted could go no longer and died of exhaustion. Though the snow serpents traveled in packs, many would break away during mating season to mate into another pack. Because of this behavior, many packs varied greatly within their members' appearances- a survival instinct between allied or neutral packs so that the members would not be mistaken for enemy dragons.

In combat, many Arctic Dragons used either their ridged claws (the feeling of being clawed has been described as 'multiple barbed blades pulling out') or their freezing breath. The breath weapon that they used was a stream of air, cold enough to freeze any body moisture into solid, thick ice. A strategy many used was to roll their opponent in snow, and when the particles melted, to freeze their foe's body. When mages finally ventured into the frozen wastelands where these dragons lived, they studied them for many years after quite a few fatal attempts to train them. Many of the snow serpents evolved with the changing environment, and slowly developed wings and thicker scales as the arctic began to grow warmer. Some, instead of adapting to the sky, lived in the frozen seas and became sea serpents. The sky-dwelling arctic dragons migrated south, into warmer climates, retaining their light coloring, but many losing signature breath weapons for more common ones such as fire and poison.

-[Excerpt from an Inuit Age Scroll on Arctic Dragons, Edited by Draconic Studies majors.]

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Anything else?

So begins...

Sentenia's Story


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"No way you are real."

That's what Alex had said exactly two seconds after he saw six little beaks peck their way out of what appeared to be dragon eggs. That's what he thought as the turquoise little creature stared at him, white eyes begging to be loved or perhaps fed. He honestly wasn't sure but the noises seemed rather whiny.

However, let's dial back an hour or two because the origin of a story is just as important as its end.

Uriel, Alexander's psuedo-sibling invited him and Roisin Raisin to a block (floor?) party which really only consisted of four rooms as the complex itself was rather small. At the time he was supposed to go to pick-up basketball with his friends but Uriel being the mother she was, he couldn't disappoint her and decided that he ought to at least say "hi" even though he didn't know the others very well. Most were well above his age range and probably not athletic in any aspect. Still, he went and the first hour was tolerable.

They had chips, drinks, movies, and just about everything a generic party needed but one of them wanted eggs. He hadn't actually remembered who but he swears up and down it wasn't him. Well in the interest of saving cartons, someone pointed out that the half-carton of eggs would be more cost effective and it would have been if not for the fact that there were "mother fucking dragons!" inside. Really, the omelets sounded amazing and all but here they were with theses odd creatures.

"Scree?" the one presumably known as his dragon squeaked.

Ah yes right he couldn't retreat to his phone where things made sense.

"Okay well does anyone know how to take care of these things?"

The turquoise creature didn't so much crawl as slither away from the carton and towards him.



The setting changes from earth to Room 503


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"How the fuck do you mix up dragon eggs with chicken eggs? Seriously, somebody tell me how the hell that happened. There's got to be some difference between them and normal chicken eggs; I'm sure of it."

Marilla stared at the tiny little dragons, shocked. Dragons couldn't be real, though, obviously they were. They were real an tiny and crawling on her friend's kitchen floor because someone had tried to make omelettes out of them. In their defense, they'd thought they were chicken eggs, but still. This was awesome though. Seriously awesome. They were tiny adorable dragons. And- wait a moment. Fuck omelettes. They could have real live dragons. They could actually raise these little guys and take care of them and it'd be awesome.

"Wait! I think we've got one chicken," She pointed out, looking down at the tiny thing that had begun crawling over to her. "It's blue though..."

She reached down, lifting it up and holding in her hands gently, like one would with a cat or dog. She held it eye level, studying the little creature, but perhaps that wasn't the best decision as it decided to nip her hand gently. It wasn't painful as it seemed like the thing didn't have any teeth yet, but it was startling.

"False alarm. It's just a very feathered dragon. It's so cute! And tiny. Man, these dragons really are small. Anyone here know anything about real dragons? My knowledge is limited to fantasy novels and I don't think that's very helpful because I didn't even have a clue that these guys could have feathers."


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"Well, that's not an omelette."

That incredibly eloquent and intelligent sentence had come out of Roi's mouth only a few hours prior. She was still thinking that she probably could have said something slightly more intelligent, but honestly, she was a bit preoccupied to be thinking about her dumb outburst. She had a little dragon hatchling who was definitely not an omelette, and seemed quite a bit offended to be even considered as one. Roi had tried to hold the cute little white hatchling, but was immediately discouraged when the dragon bit her finger. She wasn't alone- everyone else who tried to pick up or cuddle their dragons met the same fate. Luckily, the hatchling didn't seem to have deadly fangs or anything yet.

After Roi got over her bitten finger and wounded pride and gathered the courage to accept the little white dragon who seemed to be following her around like a bird to its mother, she looked around at her friends.

After her dragon's egg had been cracked and nearly fried, the other hatchlings started to break their shells open. A little blue feathered dragon started crawling over to Rilla, and Roi smiled when she mistook the dragon for a chicken. Taking a good look at her white dragon, who was standing on its hind legs like a meerkat, Roi tried to figure out whether her hatchling was a boy or a girl.

Unsure of how to proceed, Roi just tried to remember what she knew about dragons from all of the fantasy she'd ever read, all the art she'd ever seen, and all the myths she'd heard- but none of them mentioned how to raise a dragon. What did they eat? How did they interact with others? There was so much she didn't know, but Roi at least knew she had to make the best of it.


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Ned was not paying attention to the commotion and was focusing on planning which elementary school Serena should go to. He didn't feel he fitted in with the crowd as he was much older then all of them. He felt more like a chaperone then a participant of this omelette party.

That's when he felt a scaly touch on his leg, it startled him and he saw it, a black lizard. It must be a lizard with wings. What else can it be? He then noticed that there were several of these critters around the room, that's when he heard Marilla say "How the fuck do you mix up dragon eggs with chicken eggs?".

These were...dragons...? That would explain the wings.

Ned steeled himself to pull on the wings to see if they are fake. If they are fake, they are not dragons, if they are real...he just found a member of a legendary species.
Ned tugged hard on the black lizard's wings, the thing bit him as if it was angry. The wings were real. They were dragons that he heard in story books.

That also means he can't just put them it in the wild. He has to deal with it somehow.
Ned was devastated that this fiasco had happened on the year that he has to work out the financial issues for Serena's admittance to elementary school.

"Fuckin' shit...why me...?'

The setting changes from room-503 to Earth


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Roi was in shock- but a good kind of shock. She was in disbelief that all her far-fetched, insane dreams had just hatched before her eyes. Literally.

"Uh. Food. They probably need to be fed. Dragons eat... sheep? Roisin, do you know any myths about baby dragons?" She'd heard Uriel throw out the question, and racked her brain. "Well, they seem to be following us around like little ducklings or some crap like that. Little scaly ducklings..." The white hatchling was sitting on the coffee table, and she tugged it away when it began sharpening its claws on the wood.

"Meat is probably a good plan, yeah... I'll check my sources as soon as we get this sorted out. I feel like somewhere it said that some hatchlings eat the eggs they were in for extra minerals and stuff, so better not-" Before finishing her sentence, Roi yelped. The little scaly duckling had tried to sharpen its claws on her legs. "You stop that, little one." The dragon looked at Roisin in disdain and scratched its talons down her legs one more time before leaping onto the couch and standing on her hind legs like a guard.

Getting up and walking over to the door, she shut it firmly and locked it. Knowing how aggressive her little hatchling had been to the table, Roi hoped that the wooden door could withstand the little dragon. Walking back over to the couch, she was startled by the trash compactor making weird crunches. She heard Rilla talking about animals eating their eggs, and knew she'd pointed that out earlier. "Well, there goes any hope of having them munch on eggshells. Door is locked and secure." Shaking her head and reclaiming her spot on the couch, she looked at the creamy dragon standing guard.

She looked at the little white dragon that had emerged from the first egg. "So you started this mess, little one..." She was staring into the proud hatchling's violet eyes when she was jerked back by the naming ceremonies. "So, it's been a good long while already. Who's ready to play the naming game? Roi? Alex? Ned?" She heard Terry say, and immediately looked back to the miffed white hatchling. "Well, aren't you just a little ball of sunshine." The dragon glared at her, and then jumped into her lap, curled up, and began purring much like a cat. Roi was surprised and nearly jumped back, but smiled softly when the purrs turned to snores.

Listening to the murmurs of name ideas floating around, Roisin tried to come up with a name for her new dragon. She'd decided that the hatchling was female, based on its mannerisms and oddly long eyelashes. It seemed right. Roi had so much experience naming characters and pets that she was trying to come up with an equally awesome name for the awesome mythical creature napping on her. "You're like a little sentinel... What about Sentenia? Does that sound right?" Deciding that Sentenia fit the girl hatchling still sleeping soundly, she watched as her friends and neighbors scrambled for names.

"Uma has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?" Roi nodded to Ned. Uma reminded her of something she'd watched recently, she couldn't put her finger on it however. She wanted to look it up on her phone, but Sentenia was laying on it, and Roi knew the rules. No waking up pets, ever. She didn't even want to know how cranky baby dragons would be if woken from a nap.

"I dunno man, I want something cool and prophetic, any ideas Roi?" She smiled at Alex's ultimate question, and watched the little hatchling swim around in the dirty bowl filled with water. "Well, I did have a shark once. I doubt your little hatchling would appreciate being named James Pond, though. In my defense, I was seven." She covered quickly before she could be teased. "Your little serpent dragon is pretty cute though. Any idea the gender?" Sentenia yawned and looked up lazily, blinking sleep from her now crystal-blue eyes. "That's a bit odd..." she murmured to herself.

Grabbing her phone before the white dragon settled down again, she looked up sea serpent myths. Checking her blog first to see if she'd posted anything on sea serpents, she sighed. No luck. Searching on the internet, she uncovered a picture guide to different kinds of sea dragons. "Hmm. Alex, I think your dragon is a Bakunawa. Says here that it's a dragon rumored to have swallowed the moon in ancient myth. Not much information here, though." Turning off her phone, she studied the little dragon. "What about Atlantic? Or Pacific? Sea names are pretty cool, like Carribean. If it's a guy, though, you might want to go a little manlier. Like, 'Sea Demon' or whatever."

Roi grinned helpfully and turned to her friends. She noticed Uriel working on food and picked up her white dragon baby. Sentenia yawned and rolled over in her arms. She eyeballed the hatchling's size and looked down at her hoodie pocket. Putting the baby dragon in the big pocket, she stood up carefully and maneuvered her way into the kitchen. "Need any help, Uriel? Milk is probably a good idea, but I'm not sure how well plastic or rubber'll stand against the fangs of these little ones." Roi glanced over at Rilla, who had her lap full with two hatchlings clambering around. Furrowing her brow, she glanced around. Of course. Terry didn't have his dragon, which must mean Rilla had both hers and Terry's. Sighing, she half-listened to Rilla's rant and leaned on the counter.

"Which one's yours, Rilla? The feathered one resembles more of a female, with body shape and all. I'm not so sure about feathered dragons. I'd assume they're all slender, but..." Roi stopped herself from starting a tangent. "Any name would be nice for yours. The other hatchling... Yeah, Terry was right. It kind of does look a bit alien." Watching it stumble around and lash the blue hatchling with a flat tail, Roi examined the thing from a distance. "It kind of looks like it can't see. Do you think it's eyeless? It could be, if it's a deep sea or a cave sort. They don't have much need for sight, since it's so dark..."

Trailing off, Roi smiled as her gaze swept the room. Sure, raising dragons would be a nightmare at times, but she couldn't wait.