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Takeshi 'Teddy' Ade

"The party starts when Teddy arrives!".

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a character in “That's what friends are for.”, as played by WhySoSerious?



Takeshi Ade, also referred to as Teddy or Tak.




Sexual preference:

Face claim:
Ken'ichi Matsuyama.


- Partying.
- Freedom.
- Joking around.
- Laughing.

- Feeling restricted.
- Rodents.
- Darkness.
- Misery or sadness.

None, as of yet.


Teddy is a very sarcastic boy. He enjoys having a laugh with his friends. He is rarely ever moody, angry or upset because he hates those feelings with a passion. If he is ever upset about something, it's probably worse than most people might think. He likes nothing more than to see his friends having a good time, being happy. He'd give up anything or anyone for them.


So begins...

Takeshi 'Teddy' Ade's Story


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Being the non-responsive man that he is, Lyfe said nothing when Kat told him of his rooming with Taki. He was completely indifferent. He wasn't fond of Teddy's hyperactive nature, but he learned to block it out and ignore the annoyances in life. Overall, he didn't mind sharing a room with Teddy. He gulped the last bit of his coffee with a long exhale that expressed his pleasure with the substance. He glanced up at Jordan when he walked it and announced the upcoming party. Noticing the uncertainty in Kat's voice, Lyfe remained silent. He wasn't a man of many words, preferring to remain in the background and live his life with as little drama as humanly possible. He stood up from his spot on the floor without a word and made his way into the kitchen with his empty cup in hand. He washed it, scrubbing it down until it was spotless then placed it where it belonged. He then walked with his hands in his pockets and his head down towards his new temporary room. He didn't plan to stay here all the time, but it was nice to have a place to escape to when his neighbors were being fucktards.

Lyfe stood in the doorway, examining the room with a look of disinterest. It was quaint and reasonable. He liked it, though he didn't look like he did. He entered the bedroom, pulling off his hoodie and throwing it on the bed closest to the window, claiming it as his. He took off the T-shirt that he was wearing underneath, leaving him in his white wife-beater. Lyfe took off his glasses, placing them on the small nightstand that resided between the two beds. He sat on the bed and rested his head in his hands. Lyfe rubbed his face then looked up from where he sat, seeing his reflection staring back at him in the full-length mirror that hung behind the door. He looked terrible. His eyes were still distant with dark rings framing them from his lack of sleep, his hair was facing different directions, and his skin was paler than usual.

He stood up and stared at his reflection blandly. He lifted up his shirt, revealing the taunt muscles underneath along with several burns on his chest and abs. He just stared at them, not feeling the remorse that he knew he should be feeling...they were just spots to him. He dug into his pocket, grabbing his lighter and flicking it until it blazed. His eyes flicked from the spots on his chest to the lighter in his hand before he flicked it again and placed the lighter back into his pocket. He touched one of the burn marks on his ribs and shook his head, pulling the wife-beater down and covering his scarred flesh.