The 10 Codes

The 10 Codes


You were born in a world where the rich become whatever they want and the poor stay human or even turn into animals. Will you try to stop it, or reinforce it?

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It is the year 2050 and a lot has changed since 2012. Now, we have no democracy. Instead, the President is chosen by the elite board of councilors (EBC). Once a President is elected,that person will stay president until they die. There is no more United States, or China, or Japan because of a semi-apocalypse. Now, all human life resides in the land of Ankamin, which is in the center of where Russia used to be. Oh yeah, the most important thing. When every child is born, they are branded with a code on their left wrist. What does this code mean for you? That depends. A code is required for every child, but they cost money. The more money your parents have, the better code they can get for you. What do these codes do? When you turn eighteen, you are required to go to the Central House, which is where the President and the EBC reside. They will take you down to the lab where codes are scanned. Each code means something different. Let's start at the bottom, shall we? If your parent were so poor they couldn't afford a code, they kill you right when you are born. If your parent get the lowest level code, then when you turn eighteen, they will turn you into an insect, like a ladybug or a grass hopper. If you have the second lowest lowest code, than they will turn you into a small animal (most likely a rodent), like an otter or a mouse and so on. Here is the full list of codes.

  • 1st Level Code- Insect
  • 2nd Level Code- Small Animal (Most Likely A Rodent)
  • 3rd Level Code- Burden Animal (Donkey, Horse, etc.)
  • 4th Level Code- Canine/Feline Animal (Wolf, Tiger, etc.)
  • 5th Level Code- Stay Human
  • 6th Level Code- Vampire/Werewolf (With Regular Cons)
  • 7th Level Code- Vampire/Werewolf (No Side Effects)
  • 8th Level Code- Shapeshifter (Animate Objects Only)
  • 9th Level Code- Shapeshifter (Animate and Inanimate)
  • 10th Level Code- Godlike

Where do you come in? Well, you're a teen in Ankamin, soon reaching your eighteenth birthday, the time to be turned into, well, whatever you turn into. Where do you stand within these codes? That's for your parents and their choices in life to decide. But what you do with that is YOUR choice. If you're on the low end, will you take it and wait for it to come? Or will you fight for not just your future, but your children's and grand-children's futures. If you're on the high end, are you just glad to be there, or do you want to fight for what YOU think is right? If you are born in to Ankamin, your life is your choice, just like here. What you do matters, so what will you do?

Toggle Rules

1) No changing codes during the rp unless told to by me
2) No killing off other players unless asked to by me
3) All teen characters must be 16-17

Spots Open:

Low Level (1-4) Teen #1- Open
Low Level Teen #2- Open
Low Level Teen #3- Open
Low Level Teen #4- Open
Low Level Teen #5- Open

5th Level Teen- Open

6-7 Level Teen- Open

8-9 Level Teen- Open

EBC Member- Open

Character Application

Code Level:
Job (If they have one):
Theme Song(Optional):

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Character Portrait: Saya Yeni


Character Portrait: Saya Yeni
Saya Yeni

Godlike.... So this is how it feels


Character Portrait: Saya Yeni
Saya Yeni

Godlike.... So this is how it feels

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Character Portrait: Saya Yeni
Saya Yeni

Godlike.... So this is how it feels

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