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Loup Natblida

"Ai laik Loup kom Azgeda."

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a character in “The 100 { Rehash }”, as played by xLevesquex


Loup Natblida
|| Loup "Nightblood" Natblida || 24 || January 1st || Heterosexual || Ice Nation || #8A0808 ||


  • The cold
  • His beautiful hair
  • Hunting
  • Running
  • Celebrating
  • Babies and children
  • Being naked
  • Fighting
  • Dancing
  • Babysitting
  • Unnecessary death
  • The 100
  • "How's the weather up there?"
  • Guns
  • Intense heat
  • Clothes
  • Cooking
  • Polis
  • Wastelanders
  • Being a Nightblood
  • Becoming the next commander
  • Being romantically involved with anyone
  • His hair falling out or being cut off
  • Mountain men and reapers
Height and Weight
6' 3" and 215lbs.
Everyday Appearance
On a normal day, Loup will have parts of his hair tied in traditional braids and leave the rest down or he'll tie his hair up in a high bun. His beard is normally very thick and he doesn't shave often, but will keep it somewhat trimmed. Loup doesn't like showing off his kill marks, but he also would rather wear as little clothes as possible, so he wears a loose t-shirt with no left shoulder. He cut it off but left the right shoulder to hold up the shirt and to hide his kill marks. He wears leather armor over the shirt, the shoulder pad covering the right side. He wears tight black pants and dark brown fur boots that reach mid calf. For accessories, he wears beads tied in with his braids, wear leather armor on his forearms and wears dark brown leather knee pads. For jewelry, he has many piercings in his ears that have different variations of piercings in them, he wears a few leather rings on his fingers, wears a tight dark brown leather choker around his neck and wears a few necklaces with variations of stones, animal teeth and beads on the necklaces. He wears grounder makeup as well, with black painted heavily around his eyes and a black line going down his forehead to the tip of his nose.

Romantic Interest
❤ Still loves his deceased wife, Carmen
|| Funny || Hyper || Protective || Obnoxious || Obedient || Tough || Brave || Hardworking || Generous || Humble || Irritable || Tense || Paternalistic ||
While Loup would rather show his fun personality all the time, he knows when to be serious and saves his fun, crazy attitude for celebrations or when he's around his friends. He definitely doesn't act "fun" in front of Skaikru. He always has tons of energy to burn so he either hunts, spars with someone or goes for runs through the woods. Loup is protective over many people, not just the super close people in his life. He's protective over innocent people, helpless people and of course, his loved ones. The only people he wouldn't protect without thought are his enemies, Mountain Men, most Wastelanders or hostile, suspicious people. Much like his name implies (wolf), Loup is very loud and obnoxious, he often makes his presence known whenever he walks into a room. He's horrible at sneak attacks or eavesdropping and is never asked to come along on stealth missions. Despite many events in his life that would lead him to want to rebel against the horrible system that the grounders have, Loup is an incredibly obedient man and has never once gone against his government. Even when he suspected that Polis had an involvement in the slaughter of his village, he still stayed obedient (he also had no proof). It is a known fact among all the grounders that know of Loup (and anyone who has eyes) know that he is a very tough man. His build obviously gives it away, he's ripped and he has a tough attitude as well, unless babies or children are around. He has great paternal instincts and loves children, making him a good babysitter and good potential dad. The tough grounder is also very brave and has put his safety after others on many occasions and he puts others before him in the sense that he is very giving and generous. Despite his appearance and the way he acts most of the time, it's clear that Loup is quite humble and is a great servant for the Commander and everyone else of "higher status". Loup does like to party and have fun, but when he really wants something or is ordered to do something, he works very hard for it. He trained his entire life for a title he may never get (one he also doesn't really want). Altough Loup really is a great guy, he has his moments. It's very easy to anger or annoy Loup if someone really wants to, he is very irritable and grouchy when provoked. Loup has a hard time being touched by anyone without tensing up and feeling awkward and only a few people can touch him without getting this reaction in return. He's also tense in most new social situations, but does adjust if nothing hostile happens and it's proven that he won't be attacked or danger won't come to anyone else around the area.

Loup's fate was decided for him the moment he was born. He was born a Nightblood, so he was immediately taken from his home and he hasn't ever met his family to this day. Loup was trained heavily by the previous commander before her death when he was a teenager. Before her death, she didn't allow him to do anything but train. He couldn't have friends with anyone but the other Nightbloods, he had to train every single day and could only have free time if it contributed in some way to society. She was very hard on him, but he had a lot of respect for her and considered her his mother. He does appreciate the freedom he now has with the new commander, but no one could replace the special place the old commander has in his heart. After she died, Loup experienced freedom for the first time and went a little crazy. He often partied with the other teenagers and got along with all of them very well, unlike the other Nightbloods who became loners because of the isolation they had their entire lives. He discovered he had a passion for hunting and dancing, which he never would've known if the Commander hadn't died. Her cause of death was kept a secret from everyone (including the Nightbloods) except for the leaders of the 12 clans and the "important people" in their society, which angered Loup greatly, but he was obedient enough not to act out because of this. Loup simply continued on with his life and his training to be potential commander. When Loup was seventeen, he met a girl named Carmen and they were in a relationship for two years before they got married. Things were going well and they relocated to a village near Polis so he could go to the city when he was needed. They were going to have a kids together and everything was going perfect, but one day, everything changed. Loup was not in the village because of necessary training he needed to complete in Polis and when he returned, the whole village had been slaughtered, including Carmen. He blamed himself for being unable to protect her and the village from their unfortunate end and the commander convinced him to move back to Polis. However, he didn't leave before finding Quinn on the outskirts of the town, in the forest. Loup asked the young boy, who was twelve at the time, how he survived and learned that his parents were aware of what was about to happen and they told him to go hide in time. Loup took him in and treated him as a sort of younger brother. He later discovered that they were wiped out by thieving Wastelanders but remained forever suspicious of how the government of Polis knew that information, that would've been impossible to know unless they saw what happened, payed Wastelanders to do the deed or simply lied. A Nightblood and close friend of his told him that he suspects that the government of Polis were responsible for what happened in order to scare Loup and others, for whatever reason. He told himself that day that he was dangerous and didn't deserve to ever love another woman again. It took him time to fully recover from his dark place that he fell in after Carmen died, but he's okay now. That doesn't mean he doesn't think about her every day. Loup and Quinn continued on with their lives in Polis until Loup was assigned to live in a decent sized town and train young hunters, which gave him the impression that he wouldn't be chosen as Commander. It is still very likely that he be called back to be Commander, he just likes to tell himself that he would likely not be chosen if it came down to it. He still lives in that town today with Quinn and is loved and respected by the citizens and trains most if not all of the younger folk of that town (including Quinn).
~His nicknames are Wolf (his name means wolf in French and because he's hairy), Nightblood and Natblida (this is an informal way to address him and can be taken as rude if said in a certain tone).
~He doesn't actually know any French, since it's very rarely spoken.
~After his wife Carmen died, he gave himself a kill mark on his back because he blamed himself so harshly for her death.
~Loup has 53 kill marks on his right shoulder and on his upper right breast.
~Loup has many little scars on his body here and there from training or just clumsy occurrences throughout his life.


So begins...

Loup Natblida's Story


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OOC: since there hasn't been much progression, I'm gonna go ahead and post all my characters reactions to the drop ship landing. :)
Echo Eva Lee Image
As Echo watched bodies being piled in to the drop ship, she heard a small voice next to her and wasn't sure if it was directed at her or someone else. So, she looked over and realized that it was Heather Torrez. Not someone she knew particularly well, but she had seen her around before. Thus, she decided to spark up a conversation but not before letting the girl finish. However, the chancellor started speaking on the screen and she thought she should listen instead. The chancellor started explaining the situation to all the scared and excited kids.

Basically, the kids were being sent to the ground to see if it's safe. The fact that they were sending down juvenile kids confused and scared her to no end, she felt like they were being sent down to earth to die, but why? Although it's against the law, if they wanted to just get rid of people, they could just kill all of them without all the trouble of sending the kids to earth. So, maybe there really is something on the ground? She wasn't sure. It was mentioned that the wristbands were there to make sure that the kids were still alive, as the band tracked pulse and other things. The chancellor then went on to say that all of the kids were specifically hand chosen because of their talents and where they come from. Echo wasn't sure if she believed that part.

The final thing the chancellor talked about was supplies. He said that they will shoot down extra supplies to earth when needed but to go inside Mount Weather for good supplies. The supplies in Mount Weather was meant to last years and years and it was inhabited. The chancellor said that even if there were people in there before, they'd likely be dead by then. Echo sighed and chewed on her lip, blocking out the chancellor saying his goodbyes and whatnot. She realized that there was a big chance that people would die down there and she wasn't prepared to deal with anymore death in her life.

Pushing back all these emotions, she looked over at Heather again and noticed she was trying to get out of the cuff they put on her.
H-Heather Torrez, right?
She asked with a slight nervous tone in her voice as she painfully watched the girl fiddle with the wristband.
Hi, if you don't recognize me, I'm Echo Lee. I used to see you sneaking around past curfew, but you were pretty young then, so I wouldn't be surprised if you don't recognize me.
Echo added with a friendly smile.
Oh and if you weren't listening, that band is so they can make sure we're still alive and safe... So you might want to keep that on.
She suggested, not losing her friendly tone.

A few minutes later, she felt the ship start to rumble and a loud noise was emitting from the engine of the ship.
Oh god, oh god...
Echo muttered and looked around at all the faces of the kids. Some of the kids who were previously excited were now expressing the same nervousness that Echo was feeling. In a matter of seconds, there was a huge, rough drop and her head smacked back roughly on the wall behind her, giving her an instant headache.
The teenager cursed and bit her lip painfully as her body continued to get swung around.

Echo held her head in her hand and when the parachute was released, the exact same thing happened and her head swung back into the wall on the exact same spot on her head. The ride down was much less rough and she assumed they were now on earth, but couldn't tell as her thinking was foggy. Tears escaped her eyes and she sniffled. She really was trying not to cry, but the impact hurt like hell. The drop ship landed and immediately, everyone was unbuckling themselves and gathering around the front door. She slowly unbuckled herself and got up, waiting to head towards the door with Heather. There was a lot of yelling and commotion at the door, which didn't quite help her head situation.
That was a really rough ride, I hope nothing on the ship got damaged...
She said while wiping away her stubborn tears.

Loup Natblida Image
Kick harder! There's no way you're going to knock anyone back with that weak kick. Try again!
Loup shouted in Trigedasleng to all his students and exhaled heavily once they went back to sparring. He wondered where his dear friend and brother (not by blood) had been. The younger man was at almost every single practice, even if he had a busy day. Perhaps he forgot? Loup rubbed his temples and quite honestly, didn't want to deal with his students, since most of them were clearly goofing off.

Class is over for today. If you come in tomorrow as hyper as you were today, try to direct that hyper energy towards beating your opponent and not towards wasting my time, alright?
He said with a snarky tone in his voice and everyone gulped and nodded in response.
He muttered before turning around and grabbing his his weapons, tucking them in various compartments and other places on his body. Loup didn't know why, but he had a horrible feeling in his gut and felt as if something bad was going to happen. He thought that something bad had happened to Quinn and decided to go out in the forest looking for the boy, without checking their house first.

After a while on his walk through the forest, he heard a waterfall nearby, telling him that he had gone in the wrong direction. However, he decided to advance it as Quinn could've very well gone to wash himself off. When Loup stepped out from behind the trees, his eyes widened at the sight and he blinked a few times before composing himself. There was a beautiful, unique looking woman sitting nude underneath the falling water. He hadn't seen the pale woman around before so he assumed she lived in the other village nearby, but didn't jump to any conclusions. Although Loup was normally fine with nudity, he found himself blushing and hid behind a tree, refusing to look at her. I feel so creepy. He thought as he regained his breath.

Loup wanted to ask the woman if she'd seen a tall blond kid anywhere, but didn't want to be a creep and leer at her while she bathed in the nude. So, he waited. He wasn't sure why he waited and for how long, but he waited. When she suddenly began singing, he couldn't help but peek from the other side of the tree. She switched from singing to laughing and he smiled softly, feeling a bit less afraid. He felt more comfortable watching her swim around for the next few minutes, as her body wasn't exposed to him. He hid behind the tree again when she stated changing and simply sat there.

As he sat there behind the tree, he heard a low rumbling noise that sounded like it came from far away. He slowly stood up and furrowed his brows, wondering what the hell that noise was. However, he was snapped out of it when the pale lady walked past the tree he was standing by and his heart sank down to his ass. He held his breath and hoped she hadn't seen him at the corner of her eye, although she probably had. He wasn't sneaky in the slightest and was a very tall man. All of a sudden, there was a loud booming noise and something was falling from the sky; he wasn't thinking about his strange little crush at this point and he was staring up into the sky at the unknown object soaring down.
My god...
He mumbled to himself. Suddenly, the potential danger of his village came to mind and he bolted past the woman and towards where the object was falling.

After running through the forest for a while, he finally arrived at where the strange object had landed and walked right up to it, inspecting the sides. He didn't know what the hell was going on and didn't know what or who would come out, so he figured that he might as well get a glimpse of what he's dealing with. After a little bit, nothing happened but he did find what appeared to be the front door or gate, so he planted himself in front of it. Not directly, as it would crush him when it opened if he did, but he stood a few feet away. He unsheathed his large sword and kept one arm on his thigh, where a knife was strapped. Loup was prepared for whatever events may happen.

André Bellerose Image
While André sat in his spot and waited for the ship to drop from space, he heard a feminine voice beside him. He wasn't even paying attention to anyone around him and instead thought of what his brother and he would do once they got to the ground. André really wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone until he actually got a good look of the voice that spoke to him. She wasn't the best he's ever seen, but she was pretty. And not to mention, her body was nice too. He'd scanned all of her silently in a time period of about ten seconds and grinned.
Hey, cutie. I'm André.
He held out his hand to her, expecting her to shake it.

What'd a sweet thing like you do to get yourself caught up in this situation?
André was of course implying how she managed to get locked up, but he figured she knew what he meant anyways. At this point, the televisions and speakers had been turned on, but he didn't care for what the chancellor had to say at all, so he just continued to pay attention to McKaine. He decided that he would sleep with this girl, at some point or another. A few minutes after the chancellor had stopped talking about pointless bullshit, the ship started to rumble and growl. His seat started vibrating and the lights dimmed a bit in the ship.
Damn loud in here, huh?!
André shouted over the noise to the girl beside him and all of a sudden there was a huge drop and his body slammed back against the wall.

André wasn't hurt, just surprised. There was a lot of shaking and pressure and he couldn't help but wonder if that meant there was something wrong with the ship. He gulped and looked all around at the rest of the teens who's bodies were being shaken around as well. He noticed that some of the teens had actually hurt a shoulder or some other body parts and considered himself lucky to have not been hurt in any way. André was quietly wondering if Adrian or McKaine had been injured as well. The second huge "bump" occurred when the parachute was released, except André was prepared this time and had his back pressed hard up against the wall so the impact wasn't as bad as before.

After a few more minutes of falling down, there was the final landing and most kids got out of their seats immediately including André. He unbuckled himself as quickly as he could and pulled himself out of his seat, brushing off his coat. The teenage boy couldn't contain the excitement of seeing his brother again for the first time in forever, but of course he wouldn't tell him that. He picked up his heavy bag from underneath the seat and was about to go, but found himself frozen in place. Although André was excited to see Adrian again, he was the reason they hadn't seen each other in so long. It was his choice to stop visiting him and it was his choice to be an asshole. André gripped his back pack straps with sweaty palms and watched as the other kids made their way to the front gate. All of a sudden, a familiar voice was heard.


Adrian Bellerose Image
Adrian sat patiently in his seat and tapped his fingers on his knees. Most people were interacting with each other, but Adrian decided to just stay quiet. Well, it was less of a decision and more his shy side blocking him from interacting with anyone. So, the teen was left alone with his thoughts. At this point, he just decided to accept that they were going to Earth. To be quite honest, it was a genius plan on the council's part. Get rid of useless oxygen by sending juveniles to their death. These kids weren't going to go anywhere in life anyways, they'd either work as a lowly janitor for the rest of their lives or get floated when they're of age. Including himself.

All of a sudden, the chancellor's voice boomed through the speakers and his face was on the television. Adrian humored the man (though the chancellor would never know) and listened to what he had to say. There was an explanation of what was happening, there were safety precautions and survival information. The chancellor was really trying to give these kids false hope, making Adrian sigh loudly. Why not just tell the truth and get it over with? We're not gonna die any faster. He pessimistically thought to himself, as he normally would. While he was caught up in his pessimistic thoughts, Adrian hadn't noticed how much time had passed by and didn't even notice the deafening sounds of the ship getting ready to drop into space; he wasn't expecting the impact that would occur with this drop.

Adrian's head was whipped forward in a sudden movement, causing him to pull something at the back of his neck painfully.
He cursed in French, trying to keep his neck still throughout the movement of the ship. Every time his head swung even a the slightest bit, it felt like someone was trying to twist his head right off his neck. He was thankfully expecting another huge wave to hit the ship when the parachutes were released and although it did swing his head around, he managed to keep it more still than if he weren't expecting it. Wouldn't be surprised if someone died on this ride down... I wonder if something's wrong with the ship? Maybe it's meant to kill us so the council can explain our "accident". Adrian pondered this until landing, to which he slowly but surely unbuckled himself.

Adrian tried keeping his neck straight and stiff while he stood up, but managed to feel the pain of it anyways.
Screw this...
He grumbled as he walked like a robot towards the ladder and made his way down to the first floor. When he finally got to the bottom and looked around, his eyes landed on someone. Someone who looked exactly like him. His twin.
He asked, wide eyed and ecstatic, yet sad that they'd soon both be dead from radiation poisoning.


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Sparis watched the doors open, and looked on, fully expecting soldiers of the mountain. He swung his blade towards the first who exited, but stopped just short of a killstroke.

"Another step and I won't be so kind." Sparis spoke with authority. His biggest question was, where did they come from? Those from the mountain couldn't have their skin open in the radiation. However, the followers didn't feel pain like regular humans.

He slid his blade to her arm, and sliced. He smiled when she reacted negatively.

"Good. Now, if you want to keep your fucking heads, you'll tell me where you came from."

Their response was exactly what he was afraid of. They had no knowledge of this world, or what existed within it. They would all be dead within a week, if the reapers didn't get them first. Or the woods clan, this was technically an act of war on the clan. Not that the sky people had much of a say.

As much as he didn't trust any of them, or, quite frankly, care if they lived, their bodies would bring predators. and questions he didn't want to be involved in answering. He'd say the night, just to make sure they survived, give them enough knowledge for the strong to survive. Maybe not though. Maybe he should slaughter them where they stand. They were meaningless. However, they were unarmed, and clearly had no understanding of how to defend themselves. He couldn't, not in good conscious.

He finally lowered his blade, motioning for the blue-haired girl to follow him.

He whispered to her.

"Most of your' people here will die tonight. There's no way around that. But some can survive. Find weapons, put them in capable hands. Build yourselves a camp. I have some food I can give, but only enough to feed for a night. You will have to learn the ways of the ground."

Sparis walked away from the sky people calmly, confident they wouldn't follow. He ran, once out of eyesight, getting the panther, mounting it to his shoulders, and bringing it back. Conveniently, their drop ship fell just a short walk from his camp. This might prove to be convenient if the reapers show up tonight.

"Here, find a way to divide it amongst yourselves."

He smiled at the bule haired girl, hoping to bring thoughts of peace. He didn't want to end up killing the only sky people they would ever see.