Thomas Fisher

District 4

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a character in “The 100th Annual Hunger Games”, as played by DyslexicAngel713


Thomas Fisher


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Laugh all you want, but I'll kick your ass. Just wait.
Age: 17
Personality: He's the go to guy when you need something fixed. Tommy isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and he likes to help people out. Often times, Tommy plays the knight in shining armor to any damsel in distress. He is studious, gets straight A's, and loves to help his father out on the docks and on the boat that they built together. As an only child, Thomas is a bit spoiled and usually gets what he wants, but he does work hard for most things. Thomas can create most anything he needs; nets, hooks, fishing rods...anything except a blade, That's the only thing he never leard how to make.

Good traits: His sense of humor is one of his best traits. He's good with jokes and can make almost anyone laugh. Also, his work ethic is exceptional. Tommy loves to do things with his own hands.

Bad Traits: Thomas is spoiled, that and he has a tendency to be a playboy.
Fears: Letting someone die in the games to save him

Dreams: To win in the Hunger Games, or die trying.

Background: Thomas was born on a hot August evening 17 years before the 100th Hunger Games. Being an only child to a poorer fishing family, his father didn't waste any time in training him for the games. He was lucky for 5 years not to be called, though his name was in the drawings more than 10 times when he was 12, 15 at 13, 22 at 14, 27 at 15, 29 at 16, and by the time he was 17, his name was in the drawing 38 times. Growing up, he learned how to steal, to build fires, shelters, and how to make hooks and fishing rods. His father also taught him to fight, and fight hard. He can climb trees, ride all sorts of wild animals, and he knows what berries and wild plants are eatible, and what are not. When Thomas turned 17, he knew he was going to be chosen...either that or he was going to volunteer. He wanted the chance to prove himself, even if that meat death.

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Thomas Fisher's Story