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Sasha Cohen


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a character in “The 25th Hunger Games: The Quarter Quell”, as played by LittleRedDucky


Sasha Cohen


Basic Info

Name: Sasha Cohen (i.e. Glitter)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 19th of May
District: One
Weapon of choice: Bow and Arrows
Token: A beautiful but simple foot jewel from home, blessed by her family she hopes it will give her swift feet that will leave her the last person standing. [link]

The Reaping
There was a particular lust this year for the Games as all in District One knew it was a Quarter Quell. All those in District One took great pride in volunteering themselves as tributes for the games, it was a great honour to represent and compete for their district. Glitter prepared herself alongside her sisters. Glitter was one of four siblings, Allura was 20, Glamour was 18, she was 17 and Raptur was 15.

Allura no longer had a chance to compete in the games but she still enjoyed helping them get ready. They all wore the same dresses every year, Glitter’s dress was a pale blue, red polka dot. Her shoes were black and white striped and so was a bow in her hair. By the time they were finished, they were beautiful. Allura looked at them all with a pained expression, it was the same expression their mother wore every single year since they breeched the age of 14. Allura told them that she now understood, once you could no longer compete in the games, you grew scared of them because all you could do is watch. They reassured her and their parents that if chosen they would make the family proud and win.

Before they attended the Reaping Glitter's mother pulled her aside and told her this: "You are the strongest child out of all your sisters now that Allura is no longer of age. If Glamour or Raptur get selected you volenteer. Do you understand me Glitter. You will volenteer no matter what..."
  • Loves Jewels
  • Stars
  • Family
  • Looking Glamorous
  • Baths
  • Sweet perfumes
  • Smiles
  • Strength in both Heart, Body and Soul.

  • Savages
  • Cowards
  • Mistakes
  • Dishonour
  • Feeling Fear
  • Animals

2 or 3 please!

2 or 3 please!

Glitter isn’t quite like most in District One. Some people in her age range spend far too much time skipping around in their finery, flashing wealth and beauty with the illusion they’re almost a citizen of the capitol. Others spend too much time fantasizing about the glory of the games and the riches that will follow victory. Both are too sure of themselves. Past victories due to being in a career district has made them all stupid and arrogant.

Glitter isn’t the career type. Why work with the strongest? Why aid them in getting further? Glitter was born alone and she intends to die alone. If she’s selected for the games she’ll kill someone with her pinky finger if it gets her home. She’s well aware that her chances alone make her more vulnerable and likely to lose but knowing that’s the case she’s determined to make herself as memorable as possible. Glitter intends to be the most lethal player ever to enter the Hunger Games.

No one could ever call a Cohen weak. Despite the family being made up of females apart from the father the Cohen's are an elite bunch. Glitter is no exception, despite being named after sparkly dust there is nothing pretty about Glitter other than her name and appearance and both of those were just coincidental. She's a hard-hearted soul who doesn't give first chances let alone second! She only has a weak spot for duty, honour and family, those three things have been conditioned into her since she was a baby. Do your duty and honour your family. Being a girl Glitter has always done her best to make their parents proud so that they should never regret that they never had a son.
She's like any other girl ingeneral, she enjoys spending time with her sisters and friends and lives a fairly luxurious life in the District. Glitter doesn't have any male friends and it's not because she isn't interested in them. If she ever got selected for the games, she'd have a male counter-part and he would need to die for her to be victorious, friendship would make such an ordeal difficult.
Glitter understands that the Hunger Games are apart of honouring her family, she's confident, brutal and merciless on the surface, her attitude is only skin deep. Deep down underneath the surface, in the forbidden section of her heart she is anxious that one day she will be selected. She will have to stand in that arena and she will kill everyone. She's worried that it will change her. She's scared that honour and victory won't be enough.

The Cohen’s are a family for six, to begin with there was Daze Cohen and Gloss Cohen (Glitter’s parents.) They had four daughters; Allura (meaning: Alluring) who is 20 years of age, Glamour (meaning: Glamorous) who is 18 years of age, Glitter (meaning: Pretty dust) who is 17 years of age and Raptur (meaning: Rapturous) who is 15 years of age. Their names were carefully chosen as always, all citizens of District One had to have Glamorous names.

Despite being a wicked strong and healthy family with fair wealth the Cohen’s were concerned that they had four daughters. They had intended for their children to enter the Hunger Games but felt less confident now that all their children were dainty girls and not dirty, big boys. The girls grew up fully aware of their parents doubt, it was the very thing that turned them into the fiery, determined fighters that they are present day.

The Cohen’s lived in a modest house, District One was fairly beautiful, not as luxurious as the capitol but certainly levels above the other Districts therefore they lived a comfortable life. Despite it being frowned upon and “illegal” all four girls trained vigorously for the Hunger Games. Glitter trained particularly hard with her bow and arrows. The peacemakers turned a blind eye to all preparations. Glitter fought hard to become exceptional, she was ready to go at the age of 14 but realised as that year and two others passed that the likelihood of her being chosen was close to nil. No one in their blood-line had been selected for the Games…ever.
She made the mistake of taking it a little easy, she relaxed a little and accepted that she probably wouldn’t get to honour her family in the arena but could still make them proud. Relaxing is what made it such a shock when one of them was selected.

Raptur was selected. Glitter remembered her mothers instructions and volunteered, it caused outrage on Raptur’s behalf but Glitter stood her ground. She was the strongest supposedly. She could win. Volunteering was the hardest thing Glitter had ever done. Months of non-stop training didn’t even compare to the moment she raised her hand and volunteered to go into the arena. It was rude and untraditional to steal another’s chance to go into the arena but she had to do it. Her mother obviously knew something she didn't.


How often do you get online?: Nearly every night
How often can we expect you to be able to post?: At least once a week.
Password: Mockingjay pin

So begins...

Sasha Cohen's Story