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Forever Constance

"Since most of us are going to die anyways, let's at least have a little fun while we can, right?"

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a character in “The 25th Hunger Games”, as played by BelleOceane



Name: Forever Memory Constance
Nicknames: Eve, Mem, Memmi
Age: 17
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: February 29
District: 4

Weapon of choice: traps and snares.
Talent: general survival
Weaknesses: Vegetarian and is afraid of blood
Hobbies: Reading, singing, writing, flower arranging
Likes: flowers, animals, sunny days on a boat, swimming, the water, the beach, the colour pink
Dislikes: blood, fire, lightning, being alone, being pressure, murder
Fears: blood and gore, needles, death
Token: A letter her little sister, Always, wrote her before she left.

Personality: Forever is a very nice girl. She typically gets along with everyone and likes to be in a group. She is the cheery, bubbly girl who will do anything for a friend. She is concerned that this will get her killed and often wonders if there was a worse person they could pick. She will often be the first to talk to someone else, even when it’s a life or death situation. She doesn’t really believe in being loved and is actually afraid that she’ll fall in love and have to kill them. She will probably form a group. She’d like to be the leader if she can, but is happy to be a follower. Overall, her view is that there is no way she’ll ever be able to successfully win the Games, so she wants to have as much fun as she can before she dies.
History: She was the first born child. After that she had two little brothers and a sister who is now 10. She became very close to her sister, especially after one of her brothers drowned with her father in a boating accident. He other brother was disabled and used a little wooden wheelchair, she became like a second mother to her two siblings while her actual mother was working. When she was 10, she got a job as a fisherman and often designed new nets and traps for fish. She never earned any money from them, but her boss did. She never thought that people could be so horrible as to steal things like that. As a child, she became very mature from that situation. She soon stopped designing traps which eventually got her fired.
At the age of 12, she began to grow plants in a little greenhouse that her Aunt owned. This led to her becoming a vegetarian as she saw that it was possible in the fishing district. She loved flowers and plants and would often decorate her family’s small house with them. On her sister’s birthday, she decorated the house in all pink flowers. It was one of the things that she did for her sister just because she loved her. When her not eating meat became too expensive, she decided that she would only eat fish. That remains the one food she will eat, but only if she catches it herself. She believes she has the “nice” way of killing the fish. When she turned 14, she began to sing. She wasn’t bad at it at all and would sing to her sister often and also to her sister’s friends. Having no other form of entertainment at the small birthday and wedding and other parties, her neighbourhood often had her come to sing a little. She probably wasn’t the best, but she was still a source of entertainment.
On reaping day, she helped her sister get dressed to go stand with her mother as all the older kids who could have been chosen and then threw on her own little nautical dress and sun hat. She was standing cheerfully by her friends and whispering to them when her name was called. At first she really didn’t hear her name. She looked around, but nobody moved. “It’s you, Eve,” her friend whispered. Her head snapped up to stare at the woman from the capital who repeated her name. Her jaw dropped and then, after a moment, she fainted. No one volunteered for her; no one was willing to save her. After that, he sister came to see her and gave her a note: a song Always had written for her sister to sing.
Anything else?: She is likely going to be the one who cries when someone is hurt or during an interview.
Your reaction to being chosen for the Hunger Games: Expression, And immediately afterwards. She couldn’t believe it. Could they have picked anyone worse? After reviving from fainting, she just cried a little bit. Sometimes kids from this district were happy to go, but she was horrified. She remembers holding her sister and crying, singing to her one last time.

So begins...

Forever Constance's Story