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Tanager Rollo

I will not die in vain.

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a character in “The 25th Hunger Games”, as played by Korrye



Name: Tanager Rollo - named after the scarlet variety of bird that frequent his home area.
Nicknames: Tanner, or Tan.
Age: Eighteen
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: January 3rd
District: Seven - Lumber

Weapon of choice: Axe
Talent: General Survival

Weaknesses: Tanager is very at ease in the open but has a hard time being confined in tight or small spaces. He feels confined, as he was as a child. He can grow restless if he's kept indoors too long as well. He's also allergic to hays and certain grasses, breaking out into hives. He attracts mosquitoes, always has, and can get distracted easily. Also, as a child he broke his left wrist when he was caught under a tree. It healed but slowly and it's always been slightly weaker than his right. He also can't write though he can read, basically. He's dyslexic so he's never bothered trying to make his reading and writing any better than it is.

Hobbies: Everything outdoors comes to mind when it comes to Tanager's past times. He thoroughly enjoys climbing, whether it's the trees or cliffs or even a mountain of dirt. He enjoys hiking and laying in the sun dozing as well. Additionally he likes to swim in the lakes closest to home, or canoeing up and down the various rivers if the logs aren't been floated into the mills. Planting trees and gardening are also on top of his list. Collecting and growing herbs and spices makes for a much better meal.

  • Trees
  • Climbing (Rocks or Trees)
  • Sleeping
  • Nature
  • Gardening
  • Rainstorms
  • Open spaces
  • Songbirds
  • Whistling
  • Good food

  • Closed or tight spaces
  • Heat waves
  • Needles
  • Oatmeal/Porridge
  • Chainsaws or industrial mills
  • Bears
  • His mom's cooking
  • Silence
  • Reading
  • The Games/Capitol

Fears: Suffocating to death in a closed space, being buried alive or trapped somewhere until he starves to death, losing an arm or leg to one of the saw mills.

Token: A small wooden whistle that he inherited from his father.

Tanager is not bitter and yet not the happy go lucky guy. While he is charitable and has been taught to look out for others, he puts his family above all else and grudgingly looks out for his neighbors. While his father taught him to be compassionate, he felt abandoned by his own people when his uncle was violent and came down on them. He hated that he was the victim for so long, unaided and left to nearly to die. He knows hunger and as a result he takes little for granted. While times have been hard in the past, his family settled and regained its footing when he was fourteen. Despite not worrying about money for the past few years, he is still a saver at heart. Habit has him take only what he needs and he loathes wasting anything.

As has been said, he's a family oriented individual. He is incredibly loyal to those he trusts and those in that circle end up being a select few. He is outwardly protective and can be rowdy and violent when it comes to defending those he loves. He has a temper and can become angry and argumentative if tipped off. When he's not provoked, however, Tanager is a social guy. While he's initially guarded, he's not afraid to listen or be friendly with a stranger. If he's relaxed and not thinking he can be funny and almost reckless, pulling pranks or going out of his way to make people laugh. This side of him doesn't come out very often however as his mind is often per-occupied with work or some list of tasks he was asked to complete.

History: Tanager was the oldest child, born in the middle of a violently cold winter to Petal and Grey Rollo, loving parents and enduring members of District 7. His parents loved him though the timing of his birth was problematic given a shortage of food that winter. Though it was hard, the new parents made it through. Come Spring, Tanager was left to the care of the eldest daughter of the neighbor while his parents went to work. His father Grey worked long hours at the closest saw mill to their small shack of a house while his mother worked in a tree planting crew for several weeks on end. Shortly after he was born, Tanager's parents had twins, Valaria and Griffen, and later a stillborn son they named Phoenix. His parents were proud and honest people and Tanager grew up and emulated his father as best he could. Grey was truthful but knew when to hold his tongue to the peacekeepers. They avoided violence and did their best to help other families when accidents happened or when times got hard. Tanager was taught to share and take care of more than just the people in his family. He grew close to his neighbours. When the Capitol increased their quotas, they all doubled down to make sure no one was punished.

When he was ten however his father was killed in an accident at the mill. His mother would tell him in time that his father's shirt caught in one of the saws, dragging him into it and shredding his body. With his father dead, Tanager became man of the house but not before his mother brought his uncle into the family in order to make ends meet. At ten years old, and younger siblings eight, they were defenseless against him.

Red Rollo was Grey's younger brother, but a ruthless drunk nonetheless. Red was bitter, having lost a hand to the mill years before his brother's death. Unable to truly work, he swung an axe to the best of his ability on the logging crew. Red was horrible to Tanager and his siblings but Petal was never around to notice. He was only violent when Tanager's mother would leave for a period of weeks to plant trees on the district's clear cut areas. Petal would leave Red to care for the kids but his definition of child rearing differed greatly from hers.

Largely Red wasn't around and Tanager would care for his siblings, feeding them, ensuring they got to school and helping them as best but when Red was present, he was violent and often drunk off shift. If the kids stepped out of line, Red wouldn't hesitate to punch or hit them before locking them in Grey's old tool shed behind the house. At first it was a few hours but it turned to days as Tanager began to fight back against his Uncle, hating the brutality imposed on him and his siblings. He would not bend to Red in time, taking him for a bully. Threats however, kept all three children from saying anything to their mother as they wished no violence upon her - something he often claimed he would do if they breathed a word of the things he did.

Tanager was 13 when he was in the woods, starting to collect wood for money after school. A tree was felled and caught him, breaking his left arm. Tanager had been stupid enough to not pay attention to the calls from the loggers to watch out. When the cedar landed on him he was quick enough to save himself but a thick branch catch his hand, breaking several knuckles and his wrist. After his hand had been set and casted, his uncle tossed him in the shed for three days without food or water to 'smarten him up.' Petal returned home to find her son terrified and in pain. It was only then that she recognized the ugly side of Red, and cast him own. As fate would have it, Red picked a fight with the peacekeepers on a drunken stumble home from the bar. He went missing shortly after but all knew he had been killed.

As Tanager took the reins of the house, returning to work in logging, he continued to hate his uncle and became terrified of small closed spaces. The savage brutality of his uncle was nothing compared to the peace keepers. As he grew up he came to firmly hate violence, especially as his name began to be entered into the Hunger Games. With his Uncle out of the picture and only his mother earning income, Tanager was immediately taking Tessarae and adding his name into the vat of others. He was not alone in this as many of his neighbors came to as well. As he aged, Tanager put his name in more and more. As the years drew by he watched as face after face was claimed by the games. It was rare that he saw a friend on stage, only once was the person an individual he knew well. The reapings only made him grow bitter and it only got worse the year his siblings began to enter as well. They all began to take Tessarae and at fourteen, Tanager quit school and started working with the loggers.

While his left hand remained in tact it was not as strong as before. That said, he was still skilled with an axe and began to pull long hours on the waterfront hauling lumber and sending the trees downstream to the mills. It was a ruthless job but he grew into it, content to see his family circumstances become better. Fortunately his siblings stayed in school and his mother remained sane. She cherished her son and Tanager loved his family. The hard times seemed over.

With a somewhat steady income came some free time but not much. Tanager spent long hours at work only to have quotas shifted or hours cut at random. Despite this his mother increased her own time away from the family in order to ensure they were okay. With security came some leisure and it was with that time away from work and his siblings (who became self sufficient in most things) that he was able to branch out and come to know more people his own age. For the first time he was making friends and hanging out, climbing trees and re-acquainting himself with people he hadn't seen since he'd quit school. Life was almost sweet again - hard but good.

Then the reaping came on his eighteenth birthday and Griffen was called to the stage. His brother was sixteen and so shocked that he stumbled back. The boy behind him caught his shoulders before the peacekeepers began to part the crowd in order to collect him. Tanager moved to look beyond the crowds at his mother who was shrieking miserably, pushing through the crowds of parents to reach for her son though she was leagues away. Valaria was crying herself and a friend held her hand tightly. Without thinking he knew what he had to do. He had better chances than his scrawny little brother, a rather bookish boy who'd never held anything sharper than a butter-knife or killed a fly.

"I volunteer!" he shouted, raising his hand high in order to attract their attention. The woman on stage was so pleased. As they took him into the aisle and away from the sea of kids his age, Tanager looked back to see his twin siblings holding another another tightly and his mother looking up at him from the crowds, her lips sealed but the appreciation there. He had sacrificed himself and if he won then they would all be safe. That was the only guarantee he had in doing this and that's all he ever wanted.

Anything else?: Tanager has never had a girlfriend, though he's had more than a few crushes on some of the girls from seven. He's never been kissed and when a girl flirts with him, he's almost oblivious to it at first. That's not the say he doesn't want to have a romantic encounter, it's just never been his focus when so many other things needed to be done around home.

Your reaction to being chosen for the Hunger Games: Expression - My brother's name was called and all I could do was turn and look at my Mom. Volunteering after came without hesitation, I couldn't let my brother fall victim when he had so little chance of winning. I want to make my mother proud. Living in this house is going to be difficult. I can be a friendly guy but at the same time I can't stand to be cooped up for so long. It's going to be a restless nine months for me.

So begins...

Tanager Rollo's Story


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#, as written by Korrye

The seats were so soft. Tanager found himself seated on a plush velour bench so deep and cushioned that he sank into them. It was a world away from the hard cedar furniture that had adorned his family’s small house in seven. The smells weren’t something he liked but the feel of it was heaven to his body. He was sore from walking around so tense these past few days. His interview seemed to have gone well and his chariot costume was all most people talked about. He was one of at least three clusters of tributes that had been virtually paraded around in the nude for the joy of the crowds. Tanager wondered how well Mildred was fairing with the residual bronze body paint. He still had some in places he didn’t care to share. Stupid shit. Ugh. As if out of habit he scratched his head, half expecting yet another stray leaf or twig to fall into his hand.

He found himself dressed in a black denim dress shirt and suit jacket over grey jeans. The shirt felt too tight again but his stylist team had no other choice but to leave him with it while they fumbled to find him enough clothing in the right size for the duration of his stay in the house. They promised to deliver him a trunk of things later on and throughout the nine month stay. The last thing they wanted was for him to be unnoticeable. So far they were going a good job.

As Tanager reclined into his seat, his fingers lightly brushed over a newspaper in his lap. As he looked at the pictures plastered in vibrant color across the cover all he could think about was whether or not the tree that had produced the pulp to make such paper had come from his district. While he was comfortable he missed his mother and their simple life. To be surrounded by such luxury was nice but it was not the same as home. Things felt different and they smelt different as well. There was no industrial haze to the Capitol but the air did lack a certain freshness. As they rode away from the center of Panem he couldn’t help but miss seven. His dorky siblings were likely engrossed in books. As he looked at the images before him his eyes danced over the words, not even caring to try and read the stories that were almost beyond him entirely.

Front and center was a large image of the male tribute from two from his interview, and next to that was none other than Saffron. Himself and Mildred were pictured beside the tributes from four and eleven in their nearly nonexistent chariot costumes. From the way he stood pictured he may well have worn nothing. They seemed to like him well enough and that was good. Far better him than his younger brother Griffen. He wouldn’t have stood a chance he told himself again, content to be there in place of his sibling and yet all the while anxious. There were so many people to contend with, all individuals he would meet and get to know. They wouldn’t be as nameless as they were to him now in a matter of weeks, making this harder. The game masters would be the ones killing most of them given this twist, that he didn’t doubt. He had a hard time chopping down a young tree, let alone throwing an axe into the back of a human skull.

As he flipped the paper shut he caught a glance at his watch, pulling himself to stand. Tanager knew he was alone, having seen Mildred sneak out earlier and again barefoot. It had taken him awhile to place the girl from seven but now that she was tromping around without shoes, a wild excited grin on her face, he remembered her from one encounter as he headed out with the loggers on a clear cutting run by the river. Outside of a small residential area they’d seen her leaping from tree to tree without any shoes. He had to smirk at that but her smiles now had him slightly on edge, if anything awkward around her. Fact was he found himself floundering around a lot of the more excited and prepared individuals, or careers as most people called them. They were ready to kill others. The idea scared him shitless instead. Violence begets violence.

With a sigh he moved across the cabin to slide open the door, stepping into the hall and moving beyond the halls towards the feast. He found himself behind the blond from District 8, a rather dour looking girl in his opinion. She didn’t seem to notice him until the train took a sudden turn. Tanager shot his arm out to catch himself on the wall, immediately wincing at the sound of shredding fabric as his hand caught the door frame before him. Fortunately for the district 8 tribute she was still upright and the others behind her seemed relatively unphased as well. Straightening himself up, Tanager tugged at the collar of his shirt, catching sight of a few of his buttons rolling down the length of carpet back towards his quarters.


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#, as written by Korrye

The boy from seven was much taller than her and Ashe found herself caught between his arm and her own two feet when the train took a sharp turn and nearly had her slammed into the wall closest to her. As he braced himself, her own hands shot out for the wall, her knees bobbing together. She couldn’t help but hear the shrill tear of fabric when Tanager’s arms swooped out to catch the door frame. When they were both steady she smiled with an exhale of relief at him before ducking under his arm and passing through into the feast rail car.

What she saw before her had Ashe more nauseated than the motion of the train itself. The railcar was dominated by a lengthy table made of rich woods and gold ornate trim. The curtains were thick and heavy, lined with satin fabrics and heavy velvet. The smell of their meal was heavy in the air. She could tell the food was rich in flavor, a reality that had her stomach churning. After years of simple tasting bare bones meals, and at times extended periods without food at all, eating as well as she had been the past week had not hit her very well. She’d thrown up on the train twice after dinner, having not been able to help herself from nearly binging on the food available. In the city it had been almost a nightly occurrence with her stress. The past few days she’d simply had an upset stomach. With time it seemed that the quality of food wasn’t hitting her so hard. It was nice not to constantly feel hungry anymore. That said, the room was far beyond her comfort zone. It bled everything she wasn’t familiar with and as she took a seat closer to the far end – if anything to get a good look at everyone as they ate and to study them as they ate – Ashe could barely lean back into her chair.



Tanager could feel the tears in his shirt. The rips appeared to have occurred along the seams lining his shoulder blades. His shirt sleeves felt loose and he was irritated by that fact. He had no other clothes to replace what he had ripped and given his build and height, he wasn’t so sure that any of the other tributes had a shirt to spare that might fit him. As he shook his head and allowed the girl from eight to pass into the feast car, he couldn’t help but smirk at the idea of walking into the house and on camera shirtless. Wouldn’t his stylist and the sponsors go insane. And no body paint either. They would have a field day.

That said, Tanager knew it would be inappropriate and slightly awkward if he ripped the thing off entirely during dinner so he simply buttoned up the first few snaps on his jacket instead. Once finished, he stepped into the feast car. At once he was struck with the delicious smells emanating from their table. Several dishes were still covered but that didn’t prevent them from filling the air with a delectable scent. Tanager couldn’t help but lick his lips, feeling his stomach roll with hunger. He had been enjoying the fact that most of their dinners came with soft rolls of bread. It was loads better than anything their local baker or his mother could have ever conjured up. They lacked decent yeast in seven and as a result their breads were often thick and heavy.

Of out eagerness and perhaps his appetite, the district seven tribute settled himself closest to the largest bread basket. He wasn’t truly bothered by the décor. If anything he was pleased with how comfortable his chair was. As he settled himself before his plate, he reclined into his seat, closing his eyes and sighed with a slight smile.