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Tyke Delfino

"All I ever wanted was change. But this? I think this is too much."

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a character in “The 25th Hunger Games”, as played by Imagine That!



Name: Tyke Claudius Delfino
Nicknames: Ty
Age: Eighteen
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: Twenty-Fourth of October
District: Ten.

Weapon of choice: Spear and Sword
Talent: Animal Knowledge.
Weaknesses: I'm useless when it comes to weapon handling. Seriously, I'm so clumsy that I'd probably kill myself with it before I even aimed it at someone. I'm also not good at working in a team. It's everyone for themselves; I'm selfish.
Hobbies: Erm... does wooing count? No? Erm, I love hanging out with my friends, like any male does, and I also like to draw. Yeah, I know it's not really that common for a guy to sit outside on his own and sketch the petunias growing, but I do.
Likes: Art, the clouds, women who actually decided that they will talk to me and not walk away because I only look about twelve, wearing my leather jacket, the moon, apples, being around other people, the colour black, horses specifically but any other animal, and sleeping in.
Dislikes: Working in the farm (I much prefers to work at the stables), seeing families walking hand in hand, a lot of physical contact, being on my own, beans, people touching my hair, bananas, public displays of affection, snowy days and being woken up.
Fears: I hate the idea of being alone for the rest of my life, and never finding happiness. I'm so fucked up mentally; I can't stand being touched for too long, and yet I crave affection.
Token: I didn't want to take anything in, to remind me of my home, but I soon realized that I had something on me all of the time that represented my District; a collection of three leather bracelets that I wear on my arm; one says Tyke, one says Dillane and the other Kitheraine.

Personality: I'm a strange individual, awkward to undesstand. try and compensate for the people that I've lost in my life, by gaining as many friends as possible. I'll try to flirt, charm, laugh or smile my way into someone's friendship group, and there I'll stay. I like surrounding myself with people. I also like to flirt, probably a bit more than someone should; but when you look about twelve, you have to use what you have, right? Then again, it's rare my advances work, so... Even though I like to surround myself with friends, I hate being touched for too long. I don't mind a quick hug, or a kiss on the cheek, or a pat on the shoulder, but anything more than that, I can't stand. Maybe it's because I don't like people getting too close to me, in case I get hurt again. I can't stand being by myself, it allows me time to think - and with me, that isn't a good thing. When I'm left alone to thing, it saddens me. I start to think about why people keep leaving me alone, and bad thoughts come into my head.

I don't feel good enough for anyone; I've been told so many times that I'm not good enough - I'm not good enough at work, I'm not good enough to get adopted, I'm not good enough with the younger children at the orphanage; it's fucked up my mind. There's probably no going back from it now - I'm screw and I'm going to have to deal with that. I don't let anyone too close to me, or invite them too close into my heart. It's rare that I'll show anyone the boy underneath the smiles and the bravado. I'm just broken inside. Like I'm going to want to show that to people who want to kill me!

History: For the most part of my life, I have been an orphan. I know that I did have parents at one point, everyone does, but mine decided not to keep me. With the small size of District Ten, someone has to know who my parents are, but so far, no-one's told me. I grew up in the orphanage on the edge of the district. It was probably worse than growing up in a home with a poor family, but who am I to make comparisons? We had the bare minimum, as we had no-one to work for us, to bring in any money. We just had the small amount a month that came from the "government", and that had to keep the orphanage alive and well, as well as keeping the twelve children happy, and paying the wages of the carers. Little to say, we didn't have as much as we should have.

I made two best friends in the Orphanage; we were a trio that couldn't be separated. It was me, Dillane and Kit, a trio of friends that wouldn't change. Or, so I thought. It lasted for five years, our friendship. The three of us were best friends up until they were both adopted, and I was left alone here. In District Ten, it's rare for a couple to have enough money to adopt a child, so it was torture to know that it was my two best friends that had been taken. Why not any other child in the orphanage? Why the two that I had been friends with? Not only had I now been abandoned by my parents, I had also been left by my friends. Was there anyone that wasn't going to leave me in life? Would I have a stable life at any point? Ever? The only thing that I had left of them was the bracelets that we were all given when we first entered the home, and that was it. I tried to stay in contact with them after they had gone; when I was able to get out of the home, I tried to go and see them in their new homes, but they didn't have time for me any more. Dillane was more concerned about his school work now, and Kit was busy with her new family, playing the dutiful daughter. Whilst I, was alone.

As soon as I turned twelve, I got a job working in the stables closest to the orphanage. It was my only relief, spending time with the horses. I like the horses; they're loyal, and won't leave you. My job was probably the most stable part of my life. Haha, get it? "Stable?" Yeah, anyway. Every day for the last six years, my life has been the same. Wake up, go to work, come back to the orphanage, draw, eat and sleep. That's it. Two years ago however, it got too much for me. I couldn't take it any more. The extensive time alone hadn't done me any favours, and I was soon beginning to believe that everyone left me for a reason; because I wasn't good enough, or something. Soon, I began having dreams, where two people, my parents, and Kit and Dillane, and other foster parents who chose them over me all shouted at me, telling me that I wasn't good enough, and that I would never be good enough. After a month of this dream reoccurring every night, I became an insomniac. I didn't sleep for more than an hour a night, and when I went to work, I was too tired to do anything. I was petrified of falling asleep, and it was killing me. So, I decided to do the only thing that I saw could have saved me; and I tried to slit my own wrists.

Obviously, it didn't work because I'm still here and going into the Hunger Games; The head of the Orphanage found me sprawled out in my room, and the doctors were able to revive me and replace the blood that I had lost. Bummer, huh? I couldn't even do that right. So, that brings us to here. I can't believe I was reaped on my last year being in the picking. It's the worst luck. Although, even though I don't have the suicidal thoughts any more, maybe it'll be a good thing that I don't come out of that arena? At least I can't disappoint anyone any more.

Anything else?: I love riding horses, if you hadn't realized this. I also have a scar on my arm where I tried to cut my wrists and take my own life. I was in a bad place, and I didn't want to live any more. Finally, I sell my drawings if I can, to try and get some money for myself.
Your reaction to being chosen for the Hunger Games: Expression. I literally just shook my head in disbelief. I actually had to be shove onto the stage by one of the peace-keepers, because I wouldn't move. I'm the wrong person to go into the Games. I'm not of a very stable mind, to be fair. This whole house thing... I suppose it could be fun. It means I won't have to be on my own for the next few months, at least.

So begins...

Tyke Delfino's Story


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ImageThe Capitol train, filled with the twenty-four tributes from the twelve districts of Panem was flying at light speed towards the House that had been built especially for them. The rail-way line had again, only been created for the soul purpose of transporting the tributes to their new home; the last long journey that all but one of them were going to have. The train was built for the rich and the powerful, the stunning décor marvelling that of royal palaces and temples, but the atmosphere inside the cabins was entirely contrasting. The shuttle was eerily silent, as the tributes were getting themselves ready for their second main meal together. The first time that they had all met had been after the reaping, in the Capitol. This would now be the second time that all of them would be together in one room, free to talk about, and do, anything.

Saffron Lockhearst

Chug-a-chug-a, chug-a-chug-a, chug-a-chug-a.

The long haired brunette girl stared out of the window, the sound of the train flying along the tracks being the only audible noise from her room She was watching the large skyscrapers with tall domes and windows brightly lit up flash past – a whirlwind of electric lights. Saffron Lockhearst had never seen anything so beautiful, nor anything move so fast. Yes, she had been on the train before on her way from District Twelve, but there had been no lights, and the train had been powered by steam, not electricity. Her long, manicured finger nails dug into the wood panelling on the side of the train as her eyes danced, trying to trace the lines that the lights made before they disappeared, however futilely. The lights were too fast, and soon, the girl was pouting to herself. She wanted catch the lights and keep them in a ball forever, like the firefly Wyatt had once caught. It was so beautiful, yet, he wasn’t able to keep it forever.

Saffy moved away from the window when she realized that she had to start getting ready for the feast, and soon, she was humming a soft tune as she peeled off her travelling clothes, put them in the hamper in the side of the room, and then jumped into the shower. Warm showers were a rarity in District Twelve – most of the people didn’t even know what warm water felt like on their bare skin, so to be able to have different temperatures, powers and strange smelling shampoos and soaps around her was one of the brunette girl’s favourite things about the Capitol. Soon, she was stepping out of the shower smelling like strawberries and cream, drying her hair and applying a minimal amount of make-up. Her prep team had showed her how to use this thing called “mascara” and she liked the way it made her eyelashes longer. She also liked the thing called “lip-gloss” – it was shiny, glittery, and it made her lips stand out from the rest of her outfit. Then, she walked over to the wardrobe in her cabin, pulling out the outfit that her stylists had prepared for. She had asked to get ready and dressed on her own tonight, purely for her own privacy. It felt like ages since she had had any “alone” time. The girl had decided on a pretty striped dress with a pair of flat gladiator sandals, seeing as she didn’t feel all that comfortable walking in heels yet, with a few small bangles on her wrist, and her signature feather earring in her left ear.

Once she was certain she looked ready, Saffron left her room, the door of her cabin clicking behind her as she closed it. With only a few steps, she was standing outside Zyker’s cabin, and she tenderly knocked at the door. Even this small action caused little butterflies arise in her stomach, thinking about seeing him.

“Zy? Are you ready yet? I'm starving!”

Tyke Delfino

Tyke Delfino had been sitting in a lounge-like room on the train for what had seemed like hours now. Unlike the females, and the vain males on the train, the boy didn’t really care for his appearance tonight. He had thrown on a pair of black pants and a white t-shirt, with his signature leather jacket thrown over the top. He looked fair enough, and that was all right with him. Instead of staying in his room and primping himself with his prep team, Ty had decided to explore the train a little. His little adventure had taken him around the train, visiting the kitchen, where the food for their feast tonight had smelt delicious, the corridors of the cabins, the dining room itself, and then he had found this room.

Upon finding it, Ty had declared it to be the most beautiful room in the entire locomotive. The décor in here was different from the rest, the rich reds and browns of the rest of the train being replaced by bright blues and golds. Something about this room caught his attention, and soon, the boy was running back to his own cabin, grabbing his art supplies, and bringing them back. He had set up his sketch pencils and sketch pad on the table nearest the corner of the room, giving him a wide view of the design and layout. He began sketching it, his pencil taking swift strokes down the paper, his finger expertly smudging the lines to blend in together. Sketching for the boy was very therapeutic, and once he was in that zone, no-one could break him out of it.

Soon, hours had passed, and Tyke hadn’t even noticed. The finished drawing in front of him should have signified how long he had been sitting there, but it was the smells coming from the kitchen that had informed him of the time. However, instead of rushing to go and clean up his hands, and hide his work, the brunette boy took a few more minutes to check over his newest masterpiece, adding in any missing lines, and correcting any of the mistakes that he had made. Someone would call them when dinner was served, or at least, he hoped they would; but for now, he was just going to sit here and draw.


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#, as written by Caille
Mildred Tarzia

Mildred had been boarded onto the train with all the other tributes, while waiting for the train the small blonde had been bouncing and giggling a bit all the while fiddling with her hair. She was all bubbly and absolutely excited for the whole experience of going to the house and meeting the people and having fun for the first nine months before they were thrown into the games for their doom! Of course Mildred knew what the games were all about, she wasn't as naive as she seemed to be and a lot of people seemed to lack the ability knowledge that. Millie was looking on the positive part of things but for a good reason, she was taught to do that if something terrible happen, Mildred had her plans but being all bubbly and happy just made her seem like a weak person to save off to kill last, an easy kill right? Well Mildred was fairly sneaky and quiet on her feet and not many people knew that. Mildred wasn't a quitter, she was there for the whole run and nothing would stop her from that.

Honestly, waiting and dying to get on that train was a must for Mildred because as soon as she boarded that train and got on and took her seat going, "Onwards!" in her captain voice, she had taken her shoes off and then her socks, her darn stylists made her wear shoes, no one wore shoes. Well certainly not Mildred, you couldn't give her all the food in Panem to wear shoes, her feet had to breathe and that was simple. Mildred walked to her room where she took her shoes. She loved her cabin and honestly it screamed home to her in a sense, there were odd touches of green and brown in there and the pictures hung up gave it a district seven feel. Plus there was carpet in here and carpet was the next best thing to having grass and an earthy feel to it. She noticed she had something laid out for her. It was something nice and simple in all honesty. Mildred got into her the colourful polka doted dress. It wasn't too bright and noticeable but it worked. She had a thin white belt that defined her waist line. She soon kept to her bare feet but her stylist would make her wear flats or something she was sure of it. Mildred brushed her hair and then she smiled at herself in the mirror.

After being changed Mildred decided to head out of her cabin and explore the whole train, she needed to know what it looked like, every room and every detail of it so she could store it in her collection of memories. She soon found the kitchen, dinning room, living room, and bathroom. They were all small areas but it was the train and it was taking them to the house so all was great. Now Mildred looked at the rows of cabins for the train. Most of them were empty so far from Mildred opening a few of them and poking her head inside to see what everyone's room looked like, she was almost positive no one would like it though. After checking a majority of them and having them empty she came across one of them that was occupied! Or so she had thought.

Peering in the room and looking around her eyes landed on a boy or so she thought she had seen a boy but she had been wrong and her face had fell. After checking all of the cabins and looking around inside them all she decided that they were all incredibly nice and it made her anxious to see the rooms at the house. Millie started to walk back the the lounge and when she did this time there was someone in it! A boy! He seemed to be doing something and Mildred tilted her head a bit. A boy from district ten she was thinking, she was almost positive that's where he was from. He seemed to be drawing of sorts and Mildred's head tilted again and then she smiled. "My apologies for prying." She said bowing. "I just find things on here fascinating, same with the people." She said beaming him a smile. "I hope it's quite alright if you have a bit of company" Millie said and after a short pause she walked in and took a better look of the lounge. His name was Tyke! That was his name! Tyke, it was a lovely name. Millie only took three additional steps into the lounge so she wasn't too close to him and her eyes skirted around. "The lounge seems really nice, and comforting." Mildred said softly.

(I shall add in Malila soon.. Wanted to post this before something happened to it!)


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Aristata looked out at the fields of rolling greens, yellows, and browns, speeding by as the train ran along the tracks. A tear fell down her face as she remembered the wide open fields of vegetables, fruit trees, and other plants that grew in the orchards and many vast acres of land throughout her home district. How much she missed District 11 with it's starving children and women lining up at the mayors, peacekeepers, and other wealthy people's doorsteps. They all in the an old situation that Aristata had been in just before the Reaping. She was selling her body and working hard at night in the fields to support her many siblings. Her family was her number one priority.

Another two tears fell down her face as she left the window and her glimpse of home. She went over the closet and pressed the button and selected an outfit that her stylist Blighter had picked out for her to wear to the dinner tonight. She waited only a mere two seconds before her dress came to her fingertips. Blighter had choosen a golden dress with the top breasts covered in sparkling gold glitter and sparkles that made her skin have a glowing aspect to it. Aristata slipped the dress on, over her head, and went over to the body length mirror right next to the closet. She stared at herself and admired how evenly tanned her skin was and yet it made all of her skin glow. Being from District 11 might mean that you are poor and hunger, but District 11er's sure have a god's skin and body to make up for it. Aristata didn't want to think of herself as better or prettier than everyone else on the train, but she thought that her body was so well trimmed and curved and perfect. She didn't have many self esteem issues that related to her feeling like she was the ugliest thing on earth but rather, well now, she wouldn't be good enough to win the Hunger Games. Aristata gave a tiny smile at her reflection and fell in love with her dress immediately. It showed off her breasts and especially her legs in a flattering and sexy way. She twirled around and did a little slow dance with herself in front of the mirror. She looked up at her face and saw that her stylists had come in a made her put heavy, yet not too much to make her look like a goth or hooker. They made the purpley, blue, green, and black eye shadow create different dimensions of colors and reflections, depending on the angle that someone looked at her. She smiled at how they made the shadow come out and made her eyelashes look fuller, thicker, and sexy.

'If only people would look at me long enough to notice I'm in the room.' She thought to herself and walked out of the room. "Oops!" She said and ran back inside. She skipped to the closet and slipped on the 3 and a half inches of gold high heeled shoes onto her feet. She ran back out to the hallway and walked to the food car. She walked in and saw the array of food. Her stomach growled and she walked over to the appetizing table of all kinds of meats. She stared at the Roast Beef stew with potatoes, celery, carrots, and other kinds of vegetables. She decided to walk around the dining car waiting for the other tributes to come as she analyzed the food by looking at it closely and seeing how she could or would have made some of the dishes at home with her ingredients and pay.

(And in case anyone wanted to see it here's her dress. ;P )


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#, as written by Attie

The Train Ride to 'Home'

As I sit here, and I think about how everyone in this place must feel - the tensions rising, the fear, the submission, the lust, and even hatred from some... We are twenty-four souls being placed in to fish bowl without a promise for food. It's basically like we've been told it's coming, and we all gather in a pack, optimism winning us over until we find out one day that... Food isn't coming. Then your mind wanders off in the distance, and it comes to the conclusion that everyone around you is coming to: you're going to have to kill them, to survive.

Is that my coping mechanism this time? Thinking about it as survivalism to cope with the idea that I may actually have to kill someone? That's really what I'm going for? Fucking. Stupid. Shit. But it makes sense, I mean, I hadn't anticipated being reaped. No one does. And I hadn't thought about it much other than mourning the others who went off to their doom. Honestly, I didn't give a second thought until it was Kaylianna's turn.

Kaylianna... I miss you. Is this how you felt when it was your time? Did you ever get a second to meet the people you were destined to end lives next to? I wonder if you'd meant to kill your two victims. It all looked so mistaken, so accidental. Before then, all I had known was the gentle fawn that you always were - always would be - to me, but in the Games, you were completely different. Your attitude, your looks - though now I can lend over most of that blame to your stylist now that I realize what a huge part they are in appearances of the tributes.

It's like this whole thing was planned. You, Kaylianna, were the spark inside of me that ignited as soon as you were killed and I realized at that instance... You'd become a memory. And this whole year that's gone by, I should have been tending to the fire, letting it shine and making a difference to light up this world.

I've let you down, but I promise to make it up to you. I won't let them take me without a fight.

Not without a good memory.


Marvelos hadn't been a writer originally. Sure, he'd written a few diaries because memories were a big deal to him. Did anyone gather that yet? But still, with diaries, he wasn't a huge fan of the pencil and paper, and creating something of an art. Really, his passion was to get his feelings out on paper, because it was easier to unleash them on something that wouldn't spin them into it's own problems and hurt you. He could just open the wound, spill the blood, and apply a bandage as necessary. She was always going to be a tough subject for him, even if they weren't in true love. It was the idea, the theory behind it all. He'd never know what she was to him. They weren't permitted that time to find out.

Despite his mood, Marvel let out a smile. He'd chosen to chill out in the lounging area next to the dining car, his feet propped up on the coffee table as he sat back, his journal laying flat on his stomach, hand over it, and another leaning back behind his head to catch it from hiding the back of the couch. He appeared to be completely relaxed and at ease. He let his gaze scan the area before he'd realized he completely forgot that Tyke was here the whole time, drawing or something. It was Mildred that had brought him out to Marvel, her smile and the way the atmosphere in the room just brightened up with her presence.

This was the kind of girl that needed to be around... All day, every day.

Marvel nodded to her, waving with his free hand with a, "Hey there," and then a respective nod to Tyke, though he didn't want to interrupt the artist at his 'desk'. It wouldn't be too much longer that the car would be filled, and that didn't bother Marvel, but he wasn't sure what he expected out of the other tributes when they would enter through and find the dining car. He let out a laugh to himself at the thought of that one.. Cloud, meeting up with Stiletto at the same end of the table. Sharing elbow room. He laughed again, and that's when he noticed the slight pain in his lower stomach. Signal! Warning! Nature's calling!

With that, he folded his journal under his arm and winked at the others entering through, kindly waiting for each one to pass him and allow entry in the opposite direction. He hadn't quite figured out the way this outline of this machine worked, but he knew somewhere, hopefully some place very near, would provide him the necessary... well, you know. When a man's got to go, it's a timer waiting to go off.

I should really just go to my room. That's the only way I know for certain - But he couldn't remember where it was. Annoyed, he started banging through doors, trying to see if they'd open. His strength was present as he grew more and more frustrated with the idea of not finding an applicable location. Out the window is starting to sound fascinating, but I wonder how that would look at this speed? It would definitely come back at me.

Finally, he slammed hard enough in to one door that he heard a few startled noises and shuffling of bodies - like one being flung from next to the door he'd just barged in. Had he smashed a nose? Run over a toe? He regretted it, but he was worried about the cameras thinking he was attacking someone - and he'd be damned if it was for the world to see. He slipped inside, slammed the door shut with a lock and then turned around to meet his current dilemma in the face.

"I am -SO- sorry, I swear, and this is going to sound like a dick move, but if I don't... Well, I've got to piss like a race horse, so if you guys don't mind having this discussion until after I'm done, that'd be great. Two seconds."
He blurted out, wincing at his choice of words before he noted the two were undoubtedly two of the males he'd been staring at during the interview. Both attractive, both definitely on different sides of the world as far as personalities... Both undeniably out for each other before he intruded.

I'm a c*** block. Fantastic.


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Saffron leaned on the wall outside Zyker's room, waiting for the handsome boy that she had fallen for over and over again to come out. She felt a small smile appear on her face as she thought about Zyker; how she always smiled when he there, how her skin tingled whenever he touched her, and just how happy he made her when he around around. She smiled softly at the bouncing red-head running through the corridor in a pink towel. However, the brunette girl was quickly snapped out of her little reverie of Zyker when a loud bang interrupted her thoughts. Her head snapped up from his resting position on the wall, and she followed the sound to see the girl from District Five leaving her room. Loudly. What was her name again? Oh yeah, Solara.

Saffy didn't like Solara - she hit on Zyker quite a lot, and she made her feel extremely uncomfortable. She crossed her arms across her chest as the stunning brunette girl made her way towards her, her hips swaying as she walked. There's just no need for that, is there? She's such an-- Before she could finished her thoughts however, the girl was speaking to her, shouting down the corridor of cabins, again jolting her out of her own little dream. She bit her lip as she registered what Solara was saying, turning her eyes to the floor instead of looking at her. She decided not to answer, to ignore the snide comments, keeping her eyes downcast to the floor.

Ignoring the bump on her shoulder as well, Saffron's face contorted into a wince at the second comment from Solara. Okay, that one had hurt a little. She bit down on her bottom lip softly, to keep herself from saying something that she would regret later on. "I have a feeling that Zyker wouldn't lower himself to the standards of you." She muttered underneath her breath, once Solara had turned the corner and was out of earshot. A relaxed sigh escaped her lips once she realized that she was alone again, and she rested against the wall. But, as soon as she had positioned herself comfortable, her best friend emerged from the room, enveloping her in his arms in a warm embrace. Her mouth hung open in shock as she took in his handsome appearance, and she just stared at him as he placed a loving kiss on her forehead.

Saffron's skin tingled where his lips had once been, but she continued to be lead by him, his arm around her waist keeping her moving. Suddenly, she stopped, turning towards him, pointing her finger at him accusingly. "Zyker Obediah Linsty. What the hell happened to your hair?" She asked him, her other hand resting on her hip. She also wanted to ask him about the whole Solara incident, but that would come after the whole hair thing.


Tyke had been sitting in that lounge like room for what seemed like hours now, with that Marvel boy from District Five... he believed anyway. Neither of them had acknowledged each other, and surprisingly, it was quite comfortable like that. He didn't feel like the male was going to stab him in the back and kill him at any time, which was good, and he also didn't feel any need to spark up a conversation with him to keep the atmosphere comfortable. It was nice. However, soon their uncomfortable silence was broken by the introduction of another body in the room - that of the pretty petite girl from District Seven. Mildred, was her name. Yes, he remembered her from the interviews and from their first meeting. She really was quite pretty, and her bubbly aura lit up the room as she entered. It was a refreshing change from the silence.

Then, Marvel got up and walked away, leaving the two of them alone. He nodded back curly to the male, a farewell gesture to the comfortable and quiet silence, and turned back to Mildred, welcoming the upbeat and chatty girl. He didn't feel extremely flirtatious right now; he never really did after he had been sketching, but he knew that when he was in the mood, some of his attention would be directed specifically at this girl. So, for now, he would be friendly, and sweet, a large smile on his face as he spoke. Hopefully, he could spark up some sort of relationship with her now.

"I don't mind." His voice was soft, quiet as it always was after he had been drawing, and he gestured to the many seats throughout the room. "Please, make yourself comfortable." A crooked smile flittered across his face as he offered her a place to sit. He followed her gaze around the room, nodding as he again took in the details of the cabin that he had been sketching. "It is quite nice, isn't it?" He nodded in reply, before looking back down at his sketch book. He then lifted it up to show the girl, hoping that she would like his handiwork. "What do you think? Does it capture the beauty of the room?"


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#, as written by Caille

Upon entering the room Millie had noticed Marvel and she was jumping up and down inside her mind. Marvel had been one of the people Mildred took interest in and she became all smiley about the subject. Soon enough though, Marvel left and it had just been her and Tyke which was absolutely fine with Mildred. Her hands brushed down her dress several times just so they were doing something and not nothing because when they dangled it felt weird and they felt useless, Mildred couldn't stand that feeling and so soon enough she'd play with her own fingers, twisting them together, locking them together or basically just twiddling her thumbs. Millie wasn't too sure what to do but as her arms dangled a bit she moved them back and forth just messing around and it brought a smile to her face oddly enough.

Soon enough Mildred noticed the smile on his face and hers mirrored, the mirror games was something that often happened by accident with Millie where her facial expression would try and be a replica of who ever she was facing but it wasn't her fault, sometimes it was funny when people were grumpy and Mildred had to try on the look sometimes but with Tyke she already had a smile on her face by the time he had one on, so it was more like he had been the mirror to her. Which made her feel absolutely giddy inside. When he spoke, it was soft and quiet.

When he didn't mind that meant the world to Mildred because nothing put her down more than when someone hadn't liked her presence, she liked to keep people happy and hated to see upset people, the next thing that he had told her was to make herself comfortable, usually Mildred would ask where it'd best be where she were to sit because a lot of people often preferred her to be across the room or something but he told her to make herself comfortable which put a big bright smile on the blonde's face.

She looked over at him again when he agreed with her about her comments about the room and that deserved a small smile, he was nice for the most part, he wasn't exactly like a lot of people back in district seven where they neglected her but that's why Mildred loved to climb trees. Soon enough she had her eyes on the seat she wanted and then he showed her his drawing. She walked up closer and looked at it with a serious expression on her face as she tiled her head from side to side to capture other angles to get a better look at him. After a few minutes she smiled, "I think it's beautiful. You seem rather skilled, Tyke." She said with a sweet smile aimed in his direction and then she walked over to the chair nearby and she carefully sat down in it. "Do you reckon there will be any trees where we're headed?" She asked biting her lips. "I like trees." She said softly and quietly.



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