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The 25th Hunger Games



a part of The 25th Hunger Games, by Imagine That!.


Imagine That! holds sovereignty over Panem, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Panem is a part of The 25th Hunger Games.

24 Characters Here

Keeth Diggett [8] "Um. Hi."
Reutruse Ferran Haervic [6] "Might as well try to keep some semblance of honor, a valiant death is a tolerable fate..."
Saffron Lockhearst [6] "I will fight for District Twelve. And I will fight for my family."
Tyke Delfino [6] "All I ever wanted was change. But this? I think this is too much."
Mildred Tarzia [5] "Did anyone else get lost? Because I did..."
Zyker Lintsy [5] "Why should I be happy when I am being faced with death?"
Marvelos Strong [5] How many lives with so much potential will be thrown away?
Magna Aerosta [4] ::ON HOLD:: If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy I could have won.
Yossarian Caulfield [3] "You know, I'm starting to think I put my name in all those times for a reason. I could get used to living here."
Solara Brinx [3] "Nine more months of guaranteed life? I'll take that."

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Zyker Lintsy

Zyker found it hard to keep focus on what situation was at hand with the beauty in front of him. It seemed like the kiss on the forehead and the arm placement were ritual for the two, so when the space came between him the questionable look appeared on his face. "Zyker Obediah Linsty. What the hell happened to your hair?" With a smirk washing across his face, he found himself shaking his head before licking his lips. A habit that he had picked up a few months ago when the games were getting closer. With the memories of before the games coming forward, he found himself zoning out.

He found himself in his home before it was destroyed by the storm that came through District Twelve. Zyker had been helping his mother cook with the few goods they were lucky enough to get for that week. His father was promised a promotion in the next several months, so the Lintsy's were celebrating the good news even if the raise wouldn't come into effect until much later. His mother had asked Zyker to invite Saffron over, but he had refused because he didn't want to complicate their relationship. Now he wished he had spent as much time with the girl that was still standing with her hand on her hip.

With the reality of the present smacking him in the face, Zyker grabbed Saffron's hand, pulling it off her hips. "You know you like it.." He said as he brought her back into his arms for another hug. The seriousness of the haircut came to mind as he pulled her back a small distance. "What can I say? I'm game ready." He tried to seem happy with the phrase that had come from his lips, but all it did was make the air more dense. Any mention of the game made him want to yell at the top of his lungs until he passed out just to escape reality for a few moments. With a small piece in front of her face, Zyker found himself removing the strand from the fellow twelve's face.

It seemed his hand had lingered to long as a dash of color seemed to fill Saffron's face, making him feel as though his hand made the situation awkward for the two. He put on another smile before, tucking his hand into his pocket. "You look beautiful, Saffy." He wanted to pull his hand out of his pocket, but he knew he'd touch her again. He always wanted to touch her. The idea seemed very off for him because he'd never wanted to be close to anybody, but his family. Saffron was family, but much much more. He wanted to wrap her up and escape from the hell they were walking into. He felt the ripping in his chest as his mind constantly played out Saffron's death. He would have to die first because he knew that Saffron would be able to continue on without him. He was a different story. He loved the girl standing in front of him, but he'd never let her know because then she would be in the same predicament.

"Ready to go?" He said as he slide his lose hand into her's, letting his thumb massage the back on her's. He looked down at the two hands before letting go. He started walking towards the dining hall, hoping she would follow. He needed to stop the thoughts that seemed to work in and out of her brain. He didn't want her to see the fear in his eyes because he knew that she'd know every one of them as her own. Their deaths. Being alone in the end. Never seeing their family again. Never seeing twelve again. He smirked at the thought of twelve because that wasn't actually so bad to go without. With the smirk on his face, he turned back towards Saffron. "Come, dear."