Rowan Mortey

Just because im small does not mean I can not win.

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a character in “The 30th Annual Hunger Games!”, originally authored by airedeiagrace, as played by GoldenRayne


Rowan Mortey


Age: 12
Gender: Female
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 72lbs
Sexuality: straight
Description of appearance: Rowan is small for her age, coming to four feet, six inches and weighs 72 pounds. She has dirty, blonde hair that goes down to her middle of her back that is she usually has in a single braid or in two braids. She has deep blue eyes with long eye lashes. She may be small but she is tough and it shows. She usually wears dresses that are down to her legs and sorta raggy looking and usually does not wear shoes.


District: 5
Preferred Weapon/talent: Weapon: spear. Talent: hiding.

Personality: Rowan is a very sweet, quiet girl. She is more of a lover then a fighter. Always one to go out of her way to help others and if she isn't able to she would try to find someone else to help. She is not really a girly girl as her Mother would prefer, she is most likely be found climbing trees, hiding in most places people would think is impossible. She makes friends easily but she likes to have only a couple close friends then a huge group. Her family is big and she is one of the middle kids, so she doesn't get that much attention except from her older sister Reina.

Rowan is confident and tries to hold herself strong. She doesn't like people to think that just because she is small she can be pushed around. She will stick up for her family and for herself. She looks up to her older sister Reina, and wants to some day be like her. But after her sisters death things change about her, she became more reserved and more focused on getting herself stronger and ready for if she was chosen as a tribute

History: Rowan was born to a big family. Already having 6 siblings older then her, then after she was born they had 6 others, a total of 13 siblings. Her mother stayed at home while her father worked as a maintenance worker in one of the plants. Her family was always hard on money, so her older siblings also work in different jobs trying to help out the family as much as they could. Even putting their names in more then once for the Games.

When Rowan was 8 her older sister Reina was chosen as one of the Tributes for the Games. That year was all hard for them, they watched the Games on television, hoping Reina would make it through. Reina was Rowan's favorite sibling, she was one of the strongest of the family and always seemed to pay attention to Rowan more then she would to the other siblings. Reina taught Rowan how to climb trees, hide in places that where small. One day her parents where looking for Rowan and they could not find her, they looked everywhere, and the only one that found her was Reina. Reina did not make it through the games, it was down to the last three and Reina was injured from a previous attack and one of the surviving tributes took that as an advantage and took her out. Rowan took it the hardest, she ran from the home and hid away for three days, when she finally came out of hiding she was more reserved then before. Hardly talking to others and more focused.

From when she was 8 she focused more on making herself stronger, helping her family, and learning more about camoflauging and hiding. She also had one of her older brothers teach her to use a spear, so she could know how to use at least one weapon. Then the year she turned 12 came along, she felt ready for the reaping, her parents and siblings where all scared though. Of all her siblings 5 of them could be chosen as a tribute. The reaping day came, Rowan stood there with the other kids her age, they all looked nervous and scared but for her she felt ready. Then her name was called and she took the walk, thinking of Reina, she was going to try her hardest to win.

-her family
-climbing high things

-thinking of her sisters death
-big crowds of people she doesnt know
-being looked down because shes small
-anyone that picks on her because of being small

Code: Mocking Jay


So begins...

Rowan Mortey's Story


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Rowan woke up to the sounds of her siblings running around the house. Stretching her arms, she saw some of her siblings awake and some of them are still sleeping. Getting up she goes into the kitchen seeing her mother trying to feed the younger ones "Morning Mama". Her mother turned and smiled to Rowan "Morning hun, I laid a dress on my bed for you for the reaping. Make sure you get something to eat this morning and wash up."Rowan nodded and grabbed a bowl of pourage that one of her older sisters made just the other day, sitting down at the table she ate it. She couldn't believe it was finally that year, the year she might be sent away to her death.

After she finished her food, putting her dish in the sink, she went to her mothers room and looked at the five outfits on the bed. It will be 5 of them this year that could become a tribute, four of her siblings plus her, she was the youngest one this year and she was scared. She started thinking about her sister Reina, her sister would want her to be strong and not show the fear. Rowan grabbed the smallest dress there and went to the place that heald the small tub. Hanging the dress she looked in the tub seeing one of her brothers already filled it she smiled glad she didn't have to go and get the water.

After she got washed up and the got dressed. Looking down at the dress she finally noticed that this was Reina's dress, the one she wore at her first reaping. Rowan couldn't help it, tears started to fall down her cheeks. "Rowan are you okay?" she jumped and looked around seeing her older sister Ryka. "Yes...I just really miss Reina...and im scared" her sister frowned a little then hugged Rowan "We all miss her Row, but we need to stay strong for her, and you most likely won't be chosen, me and your older brothers signed up for a lot of the tesseraes, we are more likely then to get chosen then you are." Rowan hugged her sister, Ryka's words helped calm her just a little, but she was worried for her sister and brothers scared they will be chosen. "I love you Ry" she let her sister go "I love you too Row, now go on I got to get ready now"

Rowan left her sister to get dressed and went back to her room she shared with some of her other siblings. She opened her small trunk and grabbed a small bell. Reina gave her this bell when she was younger and she wanted to take it with her to the reaping. She sat on her bed for awhile lost in her mind, when she heard her Mother yell that it was time to go.

Rowan walked with her family till they had to split apart, her brothers went on one side and Ryka and her on another. They signed in and after that Ryka gave her one last hug before she went with the other girls her age. She took in a breath and let it out slowly waiting for what was to come next.