Caiana Mironi

a sarcastic loving fey princess

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a character in “the 5 kingdoms of sayimoya”, originally authored by CalleighElizabeth, as played by saphiresyphira


Caiana (KY-AH-NAH) has long flowing brown hair with blond highlights
She is tanned and strong with a small birthmark on her left wrist that looks like a small blue swirl.
She is about 5'5'' and 110 pounds.
She has strong facial feature and is considered a striking beauty.
Her amber eyes turn a dark deep brown almost black when she is angry.
She usually wears her hair down because she loves the feel of it down her back.


Cai has a strong and striking spirt.
She is very open and honest to everyone she meets.
She is a kind princess and a very skilled leader.
She is loving and gentle when she isn't angry.
She is sarcastic and manipulative when she needs to be.
Overall Caiana is a very strong leader and a kind-hearted fairy princess.


The only thing Caiana has is a small gold dagger her brother gave to her.
Obviously, she has her earth powers and everything.
she can heal wounds and make things not alive come to life.


Caiana was born in the Kingdom of sora on August the 17th.
She has an older sister and her parents.
Growing up Caiana and her sister were very close to each other.
She was always getting herself into trouble when she would run around the castle making things blow all over.
It wasn't until she was 10 years old that she found she not only could control air but also was able to heal wounds and make things not alive become alive.

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Caiana Mironi's Story