she is the middle sister of the sariphien kingdom, she hates how people are telling her what to do, who to marry, where will that lead her?!

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a character in “the 5 kingdoms of sayimoya”, as played by saphiresyphira


she has LONG, DARK brown hair, blue eyes, and is 5"5". her ears are pierced, and has tan skin. most would call her petite but she says she is average. she has been known to be called beatiful because she look like a goddes of night. she looks elegant and agile. she has long arms and legs. she may look weak but she's actually strong. she has a medium nose. she has a tattoo on the small of her back that is a full moon with two clouds in front of it.( no ones knows but if they did she would be grounded for life.) she is 16 1/2. her birthday is in 2 weeks. she also has a 6 point star birthmark on the left side of her neck underneath the back of her ear. she has no clue what it means but she is gonna find out.


she is nice,funny and a little rebellious. she LOVES animals,kids and elders. she is a geek and romance freak. she LOVES to read. she is kind sarcastic and doesn't trust people easily. she tends to lie and get people in trouble when they tag along with her. she doesn't mean to but she can't help a good adventure. she hates heights! short tempered and a little keep to herself.Very stubborn. she won't take no for an answer which means she get hurt AND in trouble.


she has a trusty sword named midnight in her room. she can use a bow and arrows. her 2 extra powers are she can talk to animals and she can feel other peoples emotions. plus she has control over water. she is the only person except for her great-grandma who can heal with the water.


she is the princess and middle child of the the king and queen who rule seriphien kingdom.
she has one brother and 2 sisters. she happens to get into trouble A LOT.
she may look beautiful and and a little keep to her self but if you have to fight her nick name is shinigomi (goddess of death or bringer, japenese)

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looking out her window. singing a lulliby her mother sang to her when she was little:" i am one, you are three, i am one and you are three. come see the light, the world has come and gone, it has goneee, now the iner-light has seen the way. truth be told tonight i have seen you're ways. sigh" the ball is coming soon i better be ready for it.