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Johny Arc

"I ain't ever going to be prepared to die!"

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a character in “The 55th Annual Hunger games”, as played by PBJayRich


Character Skeleton

Full Name: Johny "John" Arc
Age: 18
Gender: Male
District: 11
Weapon: Bow & arrow and daggers


- Food
- Open Places
- Climbing
- Crowds
- Certain People
- Cold Weather
- Climbing
- Bow & arrow/daggers
- Hand to hand combat
- Swimming
- Stealth
- Sun
- Being Killed
- Dying
- Any form of death
Personality[b/]: Johny is more of the warm at times, cold at other times kind of guy. Does he like killing things? No! Not at all! But, will he kill if he is forced to? Yes, of course. He has a warm heart yet cold mind it seems. His mind would tell him to kill everything with no mercy, but his heart would say not to even kill a fly. He would help whoever he can. He rather himself be hurt than someone he cares for, but he wont stand down. He stand up and fight for what he believes is right.

[b]Theme Song
: Like Toy Soldiers - Eminem

History: Johny had a sad childhood. His mother died when he turned 5. Two years later, when he turned 7, his father was killed from trying to steal some of the harvest food to bring home and feed Johny and his very old grandmother. Johny lived a pretty calm life after that until he turned 12 and survived his first reaping without getting pulled. He survived another 5 years without getting pulled for the games. Now, he has to go to these dumb games and try his best to survive without needing to do much killing.

Looks; Brownish green eyes that are oval shaped. Very short shaved rough hair. Dark soft brown tan skin. A look in his eye's that make people want to talk to him. A smile that makes the sun shine. And a strong lean yet muscular build.


So begins...

Johny Arc's Story


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Johny watched as the lady called the female tribute, Kayla, up to stage. He only talked to the girl once before, when the girls mother died. He knew that she was the only one taking care of her little sister and he felt bad for her. He was too busy thinking about what he's going to do if he get's called for the male tribute to pay any attention to the video that they show every year. He heard Kayla get called for the female tribute, and now it's time for the boy's.

The lady walked up to the opposite bowl full of names. She reached in the bowl and grabbed the first little slip of paper with a name on it right off the top. She walked back up to the mic and said "The male tribute for District 11 is...". She would have done what she did when she was announcing the female tribute, but she only paused, looked at the crowd, then looked back at the name. "Johny Arc!" The lady said with a lot of excitement.

Instead of freezing in place like most tributes would do, Johny stated walking to the stage as soon as she said Johny as the first name. The lady smiled at Johny as he walked up the steps of the stage and stood to her right as Kayla stood to her left. "Thank you for coming up Johny!" The lady said into the mic. "Anything you want to say to the crowd?" She added.

Johny looked at the lady, then looked at Kayla, then looked to the crowd. He walked up to the mic. He stood there a moment then made eye contact with everyone in the crowd. He then shot his fist up into the air and held it at a slight angle forward. Less than half a minute later, everyone in the crowd did the same. No one was smiling, no one was cheering, no one was even crying. Everyone had a brave face and a stiff upper lip. It was silent, a strong silence that gave everyone courage.

"District 11, I give you your tributes! Tributes, please shake hands!" The lady said with excitement yet slightly uneasy. Johny and Kayla shook hands. That's it, they only shook hands and gave a nod to each other.