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Kayla Eemmez

"Great, I didn't think I have to kill anyone anytime soon."

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a character in “The 55th Annual Hunger games”, as played by PBJayRich


Character Skeleton

Full Name: Kayla Eemmez
Age: 17
Gender: Female
District: 11
Weapon: A dagger and sword


- People
- Flowers
- Peace
- Mean People
- Fighting
- People who fight and kill
- Can through a knife at someone and will never miss
- Stealth
- Know what Plants that heal people and what plants hurt them
- Family
- Hand to hand combat
- open places
- Being killed
- Not being able to say goodbye
- People bigger and stronger than her
Personality[b/]: Kayla is very warm and welcoming. She thinks that if she was ever chosen to go to the hunger games that she'd probably be the first to go. She doesn't think she can win. She always tries to make everyone happy. If she could, she would find a way everyone could win and she would make sure no one dies and they get to go home to their families.

[b]Theme Song
: Autobiography by Nicki Minaj

History: ( Did they have a happy childhood? Maybe a relative died? 1-3 Paragraph(s) Please) Kayla had a pretty happy childhood. Her mother sheltered her from all the bad in the world until she turned 7 years old. That's when she first finally watched and understood the hunger games. When she turned 10, her mother had an other child. Kayla's mother got really sick after her baby sister was born. When her sister turned 6, and Kayla turned 16, there mother died. Since then, Kayla's been taking care of her little sister by herself. Now, Kayla's 17 and her sister is only 7 and she had to leave to participate in these stupid games. That's why Kayla has to try to win the games. So she can get back to her little sister.

Looks; Brown rounded oval eyes. Dark brown hair that is soft & smooth to the touch. Has dark brown skin that is very soft. Her smile makes everyone happy and her frown makes everyone feel sympathy for her.


So begins...

Kayla Eemmez's Story


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Kayla walked in the large crowd with her little sister and an old lady that offered to watch her for Kayla. Her sister is only 7 so her name wont be in the drawing for the games. "Miss, if my name gets drawn for the games can you please watch Asia for me?" Kayla asked as she got ready to leave their sides and go stand with her age group. "Yes, child, of course! Let's go now, hun. Your sister has to go with the others now." The old lady said with a smile. Then, Kayla went to go stand with her age group.

A very... weird looking lady stepped up to the mic. "Welcome one an all of District 11 to the reaping for the 55th annual Hunger Games!" She said with excitement and gave a few claps. The crowd was silent. The lady's smile faded a bit and she swallowed. "Tough crowd...Anyways! Ladies first!" The lady added after a moment. Kayla swore the lady looked right at her. She reached in the big bowl. Instead of reaching in deep, she took one right off the top. The lady walked back to the mic and looked at the card with the name, looked at the crowd, then looked back at the name, then back at the crowd. She was teasing them as much as she can. "Read the name already!" Someone in the crowd said. It was surely an 18 year old.

The crowd laughed until the lady at the mic started to laugh, then the crowd went dead silent. "Okay then. The female tribute for District 11 for the 55th annual Hunger games is..." The lady paused, looked up, and made eye contact with everyone in the crowd it seemed like. Then, she went back to reading the name. "Kayla Eemmez!" Everything around seemed to freeze. All Kayla could hear was her sister, starting to cry. "Kayla? Please, come up to the mic." The lady said, snapping Kayla out of it.

The crowd was silent as Kayla started to walk up to the stage. Everyone looked shocked and sad. "Thank you for coming up to the stage Kayla." The lady said as she put her hand out to shake hands with Kayla. Kayla just looked at the lady's hand and crossed her arms. The lady withdrew her arm awkwardly then asked "Anything you want to say?"

Kayla looked at the crowd. She nodded and walked to the mic. "I don't care what you say. There's no way I'm playing your sick, messed up, little game!" She said with a lot of attitude and anger. Now, I just got to keep that promise. She thought.


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Johny watched as the lady called the female tribute, Kayla, up to stage. He only talked to the girl once before, when the girls mother died. He knew that she was the only one taking care of her little sister and he felt bad for her. He was too busy thinking about what he's going to do if he get's called for the male tribute to pay any attention to the video that they show every year. He heard Kayla get called for the female tribute, and now it's time for the boy's.

The lady walked up to the opposite bowl full of names. She reached in the bowl and grabbed the first little slip of paper with a name on it right off the top. She walked back up to the mic and said "The male tribute for District 11 is...". She would have done what she did when she was announcing the female tribute, but she only paused, looked at the crowd, then looked back at the name. "Johny Arc!" The lady said with a lot of excitement.

Instead of freezing in place like most tributes would do, Johny stated walking to the stage as soon as she said Johny as the first name. The lady smiled at Johny as he walked up the steps of the stage and stood to her right as Kayla stood to her left. "Thank you for coming up Johny!" The lady said into the mic. "Anything you want to say to the crowd?" She added.

Johny looked at the lady, then looked at Kayla, then looked to the crowd. He walked up to the mic. He stood there a moment then made eye contact with everyone in the crowd. He then shot his fist up into the air and held it at a slight angle forward. Less than half a minute later, everyone in the crowd did the same. No one was smiling, no one was cheering, no one was even crying. Everyone had a brave face and a stiff upper lip. It was silent, a strong silence that gave everyone courage.

"District 11, I give you your tributes! Tributes, please shake hands!" The lady said with excitement yet slightly uneasy. Johny and Kayla shook hands. That's it, they only shook hands and gave a nod to each other.