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Opal Haze

0 · 189 views · located in Panem

a character in “The 60th Annual Hunger Games!”, as played by Wanderer


❖ Opal Latvia Haze ❖
"I can't disappoint my family or my District.. I just can't do that. This is about honour, after all."

❖ Opal stands at five feet four inches tall while maintaining an even one-hundred and twenty pounds soaking wet. She has a nice ivory skin tone with hair that flows down to her mid-back in chocolate brown waves. With her elegantly arched eyebrows, clear skin and immaculate nails, most make the assumption that she hasn't had to endure any sort of hard labour in her life. Her eyes are distinctly grey and she also has perfectly straight white teeth, two features that she is rather proud of. ❖



Physical Description
[Ah, I did this beside the picture..]

District 1

❖ Who I Am ❖

Opal is the type of young woman who has always kept herself distant from others, mainly due to the possibility of being reaped or coerced into volunteering by her family. This was so as to avoid having someone care for her and wish for a future together only to have such plans end abruptly in her death, or his, and then the remaining individual becoming heartbroken. This wouldn't be fair, in her eyes.

She is the type to fight for what she believes in with everything she has, everything she is. Opal will protect those she cares about in whichever ways are possible, even if it meant volunteering or dying for them. Kind isn't a word that most would use to describe Opal as she can be rather cold and harsh. She doesn't care nor build up a trust for others very easily so if she saves you in the arena.. you should know it's only due to an interest in your abilities and it would only ever happen once. Opal is confident in her abilities and up to challenging the others but doesn't relish the idea of actually killing them.

Being physically agile and fast is something she takes pride in. Opal is also skilled with a knife and isn't too bad at strategy either.

Likes Dislikes
Her District ✔ Idiots ✘
Family ✔ The Hunger Games ✘
Running ✔ Pink ✘
Blue ✔ Singing ✘
Living ✔ Killing ✘

❖ My Past ❖

Opal grew up with a hair stylist mother and a father who regularly worked with many different jewels. She was named for the gemstone of the month she was born in, a gem her father also happened to adore. Opal grew up rather happily although her mother and father often pushed her in all that she did, including preparation for the Hunger Games. They wanted her to enter and win.

Her parents had told her before the Reaping that she'd best make them proud so when the Reaping began, and just after a thirteen year old girl had been chosen, Opal stepped forward to volunteer. She knew it would make her family happy, especially should she win, due to the honour the Games brought to the victor. So, without second thoughts, Opal had volunteered herself and taken her place before the eyes of all of Panem as District One's female tribute.


So begins...

Opal Haze's Story