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Sable Blackburn

"You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life."

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a character in “The 65th Annual Hunger Games”, as played by ~*~ Divergent ~*~


Sable Dayton Blackburn


{“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself.” –Harvey Fierstein}

- The Basics -


Full Name: “My full name is Sable Dayton Blackburn.”

Nickname: (If applicable) “My friends just call me Sable, but my mother calls me Belle.”

Age: “I am currently age 16, but I will be 17 in November.”

District: “I am from District 8…” *Turns to dad* “Shouldn’t she know that?”

Gender: “Are you joking? I am a girl.”

Sexuality: “Straight, not that I have anything against gays.”

Preferred Weapon: “I prefer to use a crossbow as I was trained by my father, but I could probably learn how to use a sword.”

Physical Appearance: “I have light-blonde hair that just pass my shoulder blades. It has natural loose curls that are not too numerous, but fall delicately. As you can probably tell, I love my hair! My eyes are a greyish-blue color and my skin is extremely pale. I have a smooth jaw line that, I think, is angled just right and high-cheekbones, which I hate. My eyelashes are extremely long and I am currently 5’ 3”, an average height for district 8 girls.”

Personality: “I find myself to be a very helpful and considerate. I always try not to be selfish and I like to help others when I can. That’s one reason why I think this is going to be hard for me, killing people I mean. I, nor no one, have the right to take someone’s life. Just like no one has the right to steal someone’s car or family. I love to read and write and back home I used to read to the little kids at school. They always laughed and smiled at all the right parts and they used to think it was my birthday every day. But now that’s over I guess and I can’t imagine what they’re thinking right now at this very moment. I don’t want to think about it, but I would feel bad if I didn’t and I feel worse if I did. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you.

I also used to help out the neighbors with their clothes. I lived next to an old couple and I used to hem their clothes when they got holes or tears in the cheap fabric. I also made my own clothes sometimes with my sheep’s wool and things like that. I made warm socks and sweaters for the kids so that they wouldn’t be cold in the winter—I’m sorry. I’ve been blabbering about my past this whole time. What was the question again?”

- Life in District 8 -

| Helping others | Making clothes | Reading | Writing |
| Being Outside | Practicing with a crossbow | Animals | The scent of pine | Cats |
| Books | Kids | Giving to others | Breezy, sunny days |


| Hurting others | Being told what to do | Rain | Selfish people |
| Stuck-up, spoiled people | Wearing wet jeans | The scents of lavender and baby powder | Gossip | Lying |
| Heartless people | Cold places | The color red | Savages |

Brief History: “I already mentioned most of this before, but let me elaborate this time. I am an only child, though I wasn’t supposed to be. My mother got pregnant after me, but lost the baby after a bad fall on the farm. I was 3 then and didn’t really understand the dangers or that I wasn’t going to have a little brother or sister. My dad tried to explain why my mom locked herself in her room that day and never came out, but I couldn’t fathom it and I kept asking for her. I understood it when they put it in black and white terms for me, that the kid had died and he wouldn’t be coming back. I was probably 6 or 7 by then, still wishing for my lost sibling. Of course, by then my mother had gotten over it and wished for me to, too, so that she could forget about it. But no mother ever forgets a lost child.

We own a farm and that’s where my father works all day: in the fields. He plows them, turns the soil, plants the crops like cotton and wheat, and waters them regularly. My mom has worked in a local clothing factory ever since I can remember. When I was 12, my mother had a terrible “accident” and she died. The government tried to cover it up, but my father and I didn’t want that to happen. Nobody does, after all. That was about the time that my father taught me how to use a crossbow. He thought it would be a good way to channel my anger, aim for the trees and apples in the orchard. It did help a little and now I know how to defend myself a little better. After he saw what had happened to his wife, he also taught me self-defense moves and how to kill someone with my bare hands, where the most sensitive pressure points are, and where I could break the most bones and cause the most damage. He always told me I was a natural and I always believed him. I hope he was right though.”

So begins...

Sable Blackburn's Story