Alexis Rose

"Wait. So, why are we doing this again? *sigh* "It's so troublesome..."

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a character in “The 7 Deadly Sins”, as played by Anzura



Name: Alexis Rose (AKA: Alex or Lexi)
Age: 326, appears 19
Gender: Female (Sloth)
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 124 lbs
Skin Tone: Very light and fair skin tone, though she isn't pale.
Appearance: Long black hair that falls to the center of her back, big grey-green eyes, heart shaped lips/smile. She's thin in an attractive way and has a nice but modest shape. Normal attire consists of a spaghetti strap tank and either low rise jeans or shorts.

Personality: She's quick witted, smart, and capable of being good at whatever she does, but finds it troublesome to put much effort into anything. She's a calm and layed back person who enjoys watching and listening rather than participating. She usually tries to stay out of conflict and drama because she doesn't see the point of it, but somehow ends up in the middle of it occasionally. She can sometimes be easy to annoy, and she sometimes likes to annoy others. Despite her finding most things troublesome, she does what needs to be done or what she thinks is necessary, no more, no less... unless she wants to or unless someone drags or pulls her along (figuratively and/or literally). She's usually blunt and straightforward, not liking to beat around the bush, and , rather, likes getting to the main point of things. She'll sometimes put forth more effort for the people she likes.

^ Relaxing/Sleeping
^ Observing
^ Cats
^ Her Friends (sometimes)
^ Sweet Things
^ Music

v Working/Physical Activities
v Being forced to do things (especially when not given a reason)
v Too much noise
v Idiots (though they can sometimes be entertaining)
v Having to kill ("It's too troublesome. I don't like doing the cleanup...")
v Bitter Things

# Being Alone Forever
# Being Buried Alive
# Dogs
# Water (like pools and lakes... it was too troublesome for her to learn to swim, so she didn't)
# Falling From High Places
# Getting Lost in a Crowd

Watching and listening. Those two things have been at the forefront of her life since her birth 326 years ago. Always watching the world, listening to its whispers, and calculating where it will go and what she can expect to unfold. She was always closed off from the humans of her own accord, and held herself apart from the other sins, simply because she felt it too troublesome to even try and relate to anyone besides herself. Because of this she was always alone, only doing what was necessary in her life, the most important to her being watching, listening, and waiting. However, that changed when she encountered her male counterpart. It peaked her interest and curiosity that there was someone like herself, another Sloth, so she ended up forming her first relationship with another being with him. After that, little by little she formed relationships with the other sins, whether positive or negative. After experiencing relationship, she's not keen on being alone again. Still, most of what she does is listen, watch, and wait for things to unfold.

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