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Ruby Crowe

"I'm going to win. Simple as that."

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a character in “The 70th Annual Hunger Games”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Ruby Topaz Crowe


"I'm not going to run away, I'll be standing my ground and fighting. Unless I don't have a weapon. Then I'll run for my life."

The Basics

District: District One - Luxury
Full Name: Ruby Topaz Crowe, which was seemingly named after her ginger hair color, and was a typical name for a District One child.
Age: Eighteen
Birthdate: July 2
Gender: Female

Height: 5'3
Weight: 102lbs

Personality Ruby is.. a bit of a handful, to be honest. With her sarcastic and snarky attitude, it's hard to believe that anyone would put up with her. But apparently, that's not the case, as she does actually have a few friends, actually, she would probably be considered quite popular. Though most likely, that's just because everyone knows that she will be the next tribute in the Hunger Games. Ever since the age of three, Ruby has been (illegally) training for the Hunger Games, to volunteer at eighteen. This training only worsens her cocky attitude. As far as she is concerned, she will win the Hunger Games, no questions asked.

Ruby's vocabulary consists of four things; Bragging, cussing, sarcasm and comebacks. She is also extremely stubborn. Once she thinks something is the right thing to do, there is no backing her out of it, and she will never admit defeat or being wrong. She also is quite rebellious, in the sense that she won't listen to authority, unless it's from the Capitol or her father. Her teachers always called her the nightmare child behind her backs, but to her face or her parents faces wouldn't dream of it. Ruby's father was a large man with a small temper, and was someone everyone knew, too. He was both feared and admired.

Color: Red, probably. Though she has never been a fan of her red hair, as it could draw attention in the Games. Or possibly blue.
Food: Deer.
Drink: Water is really the only drink she has ever had. Apart from milk. But she certainly prefers water.
Hobby: Training.

History Ruby Topaz Crowe, an only child to Jasper and Jade Crowe. From the time she was born - even before she was born - everyone knew she was going to participate in the Hunger Games, her father's wishes, of course. Everyone remembered when Jasper was going to compete in the Hunger Games himself.

Jasper, Ruby's father, was a twin to Jett. Both the brothers started practicing and training at a young age, but Jasper was always the faster, the stronger and overall the best child. The star prodigy. The time finally came when both the boys were eighteen, and the reaping came around. The plan was simple, and everyone knew it - Jasper would volunteer. But before he could speak, someone yelled from the crowd, "I volunteer!" It was Jett. Jasper was furious, as he would not be able to compete next year, for being too old. Jett died in the Hunger Games, and Jasper never forgave him.

So Jasper decided that his daughter, Ruby, would compete in the Hunger Games, and live the dream that Jasper had so badly wanted. And so, at the age of three, Ruby was learning how to shoot on target, climb trees, start fires and run fast. And much like her father, she was seemingly a child prodigy. Though of course, with the ability to kill someone at will, comes a horrible attitude. Not that Jasper or Ruby cared. She was going to win the Hunger Games, bring fame and fortune to the District, and then everyone would have to love her.

The only person against this idea was Ruby's mother, Jade. She didn't want her daughter being thrown into a random arena, but it obviously wasn't her decision, as both Ruby and Jasper made clear from the beginning. The years of training had only intensified Ruby's lust for winning the Games, and no one was going to stop her.

Code: The Boy With The Bread.

Preferred weapon/ Skills: Ruby would like to think that she is handy with every type of weapon out there, and so would be comfortable with anything, but the truth is that she is terrible with a slingshot. Not the biggest concern, but it annoys her deeply to think she is bad at something. She has also learned she is best in things that don't involve aim, and her best chance would be with a whip, or a sword. But she prefers whip. So, to sum up this whole paragraph in just one word; Whip.

- The Hunger Games. It was always what she grew up watching, and enjoyed watching it, and what she trained for her whole life. If - when - she wins, she's not sure what she'll do anymore.
- Bragging. She loves to let others know of her great accomplishments, and will gladly ramble on to anyone who will listen, and won't shut up once you get her started.
- Running. Probably her favorite sport, Ruby loves the feeling of the wind through her hair, and the thrill - whether it be because she is chasing someone, or running away.
- Deer. Her favorite meat, and food, by far, Ruby just loves the taste of the animal. She doesn't get it very often, though.
- Water. As strange as it seems. She is aware that most people wouldn't put it on their list of likes, but she knows better than to underestimate it's importance.

- Teachers. Who the fuck gave them the right to boss around students, with seemingly no reason? Why can't she talk to others? She has a voice box, and she is going to fucking use it!
- Dresses. She just feels so helpless in them. Of course, if it came down to it, she would much rather show off her underwear and kill someone than die herself.
- Twigs. Uch. Why can't they just stay on the trees?! All they do is make lots of noise when you stand on them, same as leaves. Though they help hear prey.
- Slingshots. Just, no. Using a bow and arrow is hard enough, and she almost always cuts her cheek, but whenever she tries using a slingshot, she just hits herself in the face.
- Jewellery. Which is quite ironic, coming from a District One girl named Ruby. And of course, she likes to look her best. But jewellery is just a pain.

Other: She volunteered. Also, her token is a charm. Not a charm bracelet, just a single charm. It's the letter R, and she sort of uses it as a key chain instead, and clips it onto a belt or such.

Writing Sample: Ruby pulled back the arrow, staring directly in the middle of the bulls eye. The ten year old let go, determined to get it this time. The arrow whizzed through the air and hit the tree, just above the target. Ruby dropped the bow onto the ground and sighed. She felt like crying. It was a warm summer evening, around seven o'clock, and Ruby had been trying to hit the target all day, and hadn't even gotten it once.

"For fucks sake, Ruby!" her father growled. Ruby cowered slightly under his angry glare. "Can't you do anything ri-" he was interrupted by the sound of Ruby's mother ringing out from the house. "Dinner's ready!" Her father shot her an icy glare, before storming off. Ruby walked over timidly to the target, where she unplucked the arrow from the tree.She carefully picked up her bow, and hid them in the usual place. Even though the Peacekeepers knew they had them, if they actually saw the weapons, they would have no choice but to punish the family. With a last glance to make sure the bow was hidden, Ruby shot off, stomach growling and covered in sweat.

So begins...

Ruby Crowe's Story


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Ruby Crowe

Ruby lined up with the rest of the eighteen year old females from her District. A casual smirk was plastered across her face, hiding her terrified demeanor underneath. This was the day she had been waiting for her whole life. Then why was she so scared?

The short film played, but Ruby was too busy daydreaming to concentrate. Think of the glory, she told herself. There was no way someone could beat her. She was Ruby Crowe, the girl who had been training her whole life, daughter of Jasper Crowe. If - No, when she won, she would be a hero. She would be rich, loved. She would be able to eat deer her whole life.

Someone tapped her shoulder, a timid eighteen year old with mouse brown hair. Ruby blinked twice, remembering where she was. The girl was motioning towards the stage, where the escort, a bald man with a dark beard and a pot-belly was asking for volunteers for the female tributes.

"I-" Ruby coughed as her voice choked up. She waved her arms in the air. This was going live to all of Panem. "I volunteer as tribute!" A silence fell over the crowd as Ruby made her way to the stage, escorted by Peacekeepers. She took her place just as the fourteen year old scurried off the stage. Applause could be heard from the citizens, whilst Ruby felt like puking.

"What's your name, dear?"
The sound of the man's croaky voice reminded Ruby to look a bit more confident. She didn't know if she looked scared or not, but she chaned her expression to something between a smile and a smirk. "Hmm? Oh. Ruby Crowe."

"District One, give it up for your female tribute, Miss Ruby Crowe!" the escort, Bern yelled out. The crowd gave out an enthusiastic cheer, and Ruby waved at them, a sly smile on her face. The male tribute was called, though Ruby didn't hear his name. She had met eye contact with her father, who looked slightly proud. Ruby welled with pride.

The tributes shook hands, before being escorted off stage. She suddenly realized what was happening. She was going off to The Hunger Games. And she was going to win.