The 75th Annual Hunger Games

The 75th Annual Hunger Games


All you have to do... Is survive...

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Based off of the book 'The Hunger Games', this RP is set a year later at the 75th annual Hunger Games. (Disregarding the rest of the trilogy!)
Only 5 districts participate this year, again a male and female from each.
If you havent read the book, well, you're kinda screwed x)

Oh, one last thing, the RP will start as all the contestants are being put into the Hunger Games, so you're already in the 'arena', on your platform. Please don't start your RP at the Capitol's tribute selection, on the train, etc.


District Partner:
Appearance (Picture or written, no anime):
History (Optional):
Weapon / Item:
Crush (Can fill out once games begin, or now):

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Re: [OOC] The 75th Annual Hunger Games

I just happened to come across this forum just now, and I would like to Volunteer to Hunger Games.

However, I have few problems/ questions first:
1) I've just read the first book of the trilogy (3 times, but still...), just like Wafflini: is it ok? I could read the rest fast if I really have to...
Also: I've read the book only in finnish (which happens to be my native language), so you'll might have to remind me of some terms you use here.

2) I'm having a longer travel on the next week, so I can't really say if I'm going to even able to post here then (if the game even starts by then).
I'm also having some important tests coming up during the spring, which can affect my activity here (but I'd be able to post at lest that minimum of 2 times per week).

3) This is first time I'm ever participating roleplaying via internet: is there something I should know?
However, I have played roleplays before (in finnish, thought), and even gamemastered few!

There's also another reason I should be let to play:
I don't have really any expectations for my character, so I can play anything You want: for excemble, those careers seem to be least wanted charactes (althought they are likely to win...), and I would be happy to play as one!
I don't really care if my character wins or not, and I can even be killed at the very beginnign: let the dice decide.

I post my character if you want me to play.

(I've already posted this comment once, but I can't see it for some reason: lag, maybe? anyway, sorry if I'm spamming)

Also: one idea:
I think there should be less than 10 players in one game, so things could work little smoother.
But then there should be multible games going on, so everyone could play.

Just an idea: like I said, I've never roleplayed like this.

The Finnish Roleplayer

Re: [OOC] The 75th Annual Hunger Games

I only read the first one, will i be alright doing the roleplay with only that knowledge?

[OOC] The 75th Annual Hunger Games

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