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Lara Barkely

District 6 Female Tribute

0 · 282 views · located in Liberty Province

a character in “The 76th Annual Hunger Games”, as played by Grumpy-Converse


Lara Rosa Barkely



District Six - Transportation

Lara is a frail and all around petite girl, standing at 5'2. She has a slim, yet slightly curvy figure, and weighs approximately 120lbs. She has very dark hair that looks brown in the sunlight, that hangs in loose waves around her shoulders. Her eyes woul probably be describd as something of a washed out green, and her eyelashes are very dark. She has full, pink lips.

Any defining physical characteristics:
Well...she does have a scar, a tiny one, almost imvisible and usually covered by her side-fringe, though there was no heroic story behind that. She was out walking one day when a branch from a low-hanging tree smacked her forehead, leaving her with a small cut. Being only a small eleven year old at the time, she of course picked at it, not thinking of the consequences. She thinks of it as a mark of her childhood.

And she also has her District token, a small, plain silver ring she wears around her index finger on her right hand. It was her grandmothers wedding ring, when she was still alive. She died of starvation before Lara was born, but everything she has heard of her has always been positive.

Lara is a nice person - well, at least she tries to be. Her loud-mouth can sometimes get her in trouble, and she has a unique look on life. She tries to think of at least three different ways to look at a situation - the positive, the negative and the unbelievable. She can sometimes come off as cold and rather indifferent around strangers, just because of her shy personality. Well, around people she dosn't know. Around friends she talks alot, and loves to share her views and ideas. She gets embarrassed easily - and hates to be embarrassed. She probaly trusts a bit too easily - at least for her liking, as she knows this could be her downfall in the Games.

Lara was born on December 5th to Anita and Sylvester Barkely. She had an older sister at the time, Thalia, who was only three years older than her. She lived in a small house in a Residential street, and four years after her arrival came the twins, Bobby and Alex, two bouncing baby boys. They had always struggled with food, but had managed, mostly from her mothers hand-made jewellery stall.

Her home life was very struggling, to say the least. The soon found out that the youngest of the twins, Alex, was dyslexic. With most of the attention on him, the little food, and her parents constantly fighting, her life was a mess, her only joy when she was at work or at school with her friends - particularily her best friends Iza and Stuart. Infact, her best friend Iza had a small crush on Leo Jackson, though she didn't really know him well, it was one of those petty crushes that people sometimes get, even if they had only talked to the person once or twice. But she found out it wasn't only her that felt her life as a living hell, when she was fifteen and her brother, Bobby, eleven, she found out that from a scarily young age - only eight years old - the boy started cutting himself. She made him stop immeditael, of course, but was slightly frightened of what must be upsetting him so much that he would cut himself so young.

She herself has used a knife, not on herself though. It was at a very difficult part of her life, as almsot all the money was gone, and no one else could afford to give them charity. She was sitting in her room crying on her bed when her mother came in and in a hushed voice told her that it was time for dinner. She leapt up and grabbed the kitchen kife still in her mothers frail hand and attemptedto stab her, for no obvious reason - even after the incident, Lara couldn't think of what could have brought her to do such a thing. She did not kill her mother, but scarred her hand, her father then came up and took the knife from her. As soon as he did, she knelt on the floor and burst into tears. This was the only sign that she might be slightly insane, and the family have never spoken of it again.She is afraid she will trun into that pyschopathic killing machine in the Games.

Special abilities:
She's quite fast, partly from the races she did with her siblings when she was younger, but mostly from her petite build, that helps carry her. She has used a knife before, though never to kill another living creature, though she did harm someone. It was only for a second though, and ouldn't give her much expertise. She knows how to start a fire - though she has never actually put these skills to the test, and for that reason she is assuming it would take her hours on end to make one. She can identify any type of steering wheel - or wheel of any sort that is. She also knows many different knots, though the names she can't remember.

So begins...

Lara Barkely's Story


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District 6

The speaker on stage had a strange face, is was sunken in, and he looked distant. He looked like the two tributes from the 75th Hunger Games, both of which were morphlings. The drug they used had been banned from all districts, but people that wanted it bad enough could still get their hands on it. He gave the speech, occasionally rambling on about something else, then when nudged by a peacekeeper, would continue on with the speech. He reached into the girls bowl and pulled out Lara Barkely, she made it to the stage without anyone saying anything or without incident. As the speaker made his way to the boys bowl however, he pulled out the name;

"Sam Jackson."

A small, 12 year old boy started for the stage, but an older boy, that looked a lot like the young one stepped forward, gently pushing the smaller boy back. "I volunteer," he said. There was a sigh of relief from the crowd as the original tribute stepped back into his place in the crowd. As the older one made it to the stage they asked his name.

"Leo Jackson."

As had happened with the 74th Hunger Games, a sibling had taken the place of another. Without another word, they were taken away.


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Leo felt the bottom drop out of his stomach as his littlest brother, Sam was chosen from the reaping bowl.
Leo's normally congenial expression melted into a stony mask of locked emotion as Sam began to make his way up to the stage in front of the Justice Building.
Leo took a step out of line, intending to go after his brother, in that movement he caught his father's eye and, in a moment Leo saw the fear and distress in him and in his mother's demeanor beside him.
His mind was made up.
As he moved the peacekeepers in the center isle of the capitol corral began to move towards him with the obvious intention of restraining him. But with three long purposeful strides he reached his brother, touching him gently on the shoulder and then quickly sliding his body in front of him.
Taking a shaky deep breath he turned his face from his brothers shocked expression, "I Volunteer!" he shouted up to the strange sunken faced man on the stage.
He turned back to his brother, he could see tears brimming in the little boys eyes "why?" was all he managed to get out before the waterfall of tears and hiccups began.
"I couldn't let you go" said Leo simply, his voice strangled with sorrow and anger.
"Come on boy," came the gruff voice of the nearest peacekeeper, " Go find mom and dad Sam!" Leo shouted as the peacekeepers formed a wall between them.
"Leo!" Sam cried out as they lost each other in the sea of peacekeepers, he heard the panic and despair in the child's voice.
There was nothing he could do, he might as well have signed his own execution papers.
The world went glassy and hollow as he was lead by rough gloved hands towards the stage.
Unceremoniously they shoved him up the first step and he nearly lost his footing.
"What's your name son?" came the raspy voice of the morphing infused man as he reached the top of the steps.
"Leo Jackson" he said, no emotion traveling in his voice at all.
The sound of the presenters voice began to echo and seemed very distant as he felt himself compress in on himself all he could think as he was lead into the justice building was what have I done?.
The waiting room inside the justice building was luxurious, but it was all lost on Leo as he sat with his head in his hands waiting for his family, Sam and Austin, his middle brother, burst through the door, startling Leo.
They stopped just a few inches before him; they had obviously been crying and it seemed, tears were still leaking slowly from the corners of Sam's eyes.
Without a moment more hesitation they flung their arms around Leo in unison.
Leo heard the floorboards creak as his parents slid through the heavy doors and behind them he heard the peacekeeper say something about 5 minutes.
He stood, his brothers removing their arms as he rose, "Foolish boy!" mother said, pain thick in her voice.
He moved into her outstretched arms, "I-I couldn't let them take hi-im" he said his voice breaking as the emotions he had been struggling to control overwhelmed him.
"I know, I know" she said in a low soothing voice, shushing his violent hysterics.
She pulled him close wrapping him in her strong safe presence guiding them over to the couch to sit, "You are my strong courageous boy, you'll be okay" she said "you'll be okay" she said again more of a whisper this time unable to hold back the emotion that she was feeling any more.
A minute passed as she held him tightly rocking together slowly back and forth.
Father cleared his throat gently and mother finally released him, Leo rose from the couch on shaky legs.
"I'll be stronger dad, I-I promise I'll be stronger" he said, still having trouble controlling his voice
"I know you will son" he said Leo's eyes swam as his father moved to embrace him " Take this ring, and you carry our whole family with you," he pressed the small cold silver ring into his hand as he wrapped his arms around Leo "Take this ring and come back to us, come back to us a victor" he said, fire burning in his fathers eyes
"Show them that district six should be known for something other than morphlings!".
Leo opened his palm and examined the ring in his hand, it was an elegant thing, the silver shining in the light, the candles from the chandelier above them twinkling in the reflection on its surface, "I-" he said, his voice breaking "don't" his father said putting an end to the conversation. "Sam, Austin you'll take care of mom for me won't you? keep the house clean and don't do anything I wouldn't do" he said the barest hint of a smile forming in the corners of his mouth.
"Times up" Came the voice of a peacekeeper through the door and without a further word they were lead out and the heavy door was shut on his future.
He thought back to the girl on the stage with him and he began to wonder how she had fared through this whole ordeal.

The setting changes from District 6 to Liberty Province

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"Lara Barkely."

What? No, no, it wasn't possible. It wasn't right. Her head spun as she made her way to the stage. She could see her sister from where she stood, amongst the eighteen year olds, two years older than her, but still not volunteering. Lara couldn't say she blamed her.

She only noticed that the boy had been reaped when she heard someone shout out, "I volunteer!" Her head snapped up as she scanned the crowd, looking for the source of the voice. There. She recognised the boy immediately as Leo Jackson. He was a year older than her, but they had spoken once or twice, on occasion. But she knew him mostly from her friend Iza. She didn't even know the boy and was convinced she was in love with him! She then saw the boy next to him, struggling to get through the Peacekeeprs. Obviously Leo's brother, though she didn't remember his name. Something beginning with S, anyway.

She was surprised she hadn't broken down and started crying. She had always imagined this experience more traumatic, but she didn't feel upset at all, really. She was probably just numb. She faintly heard the escort say something, before being taken from the stage by the Peacekeepers.

Her family came into her first, her mother first giving her a silver ring. "It was your grandmothers," she explained, as she slid it on her finger. Lara gave her a wak smile in response. Her brothers ran over to her, giving her a massive hug. "I love you!" Alex stuttered out, while Lara wrapped her arm around him, and pickd up Bobby in her other arm. Usually they hated when they were babied, saying that twelve year olds were to old to be picked up, but they didn't complain. Not today.

Her sister hung back towards the door, her cheeks a rosy pink in colour as she wrung her hands nervously. Lara almost laughed at Thalia. She recognised exactly what the girl was feeling. Guilt. And all because she didn't risk her life to save mine, she thought. She's being ridiculous. Lara put her brothers down on the ground and ran to her sister, giving her a bear hug and hidung her face in her shoulder. Thalia patted her back, but Lara could feel the tears falling on her back. "It's not your job to protect me," Lara whispered in her ear. Thalia seemed startled, but none the less was more relaxed afterwards.

Her father was about to give her a hug when her mother fell down on th floor in tears. "Oh, Anita, you are being ridiculous," he turned to her and said in a calm but firm voice. She gave her a hug and helped her to her feet. Why is she crying? Lara thought, almost angry. I'm the one about to be sentenced for my death. And all because of my ancestors petty crimes. Her father turned to her yet again, preparing to give her her hug, when the Peacekeepers came in and escorted the family away. Or tried to. The only reason Bobby left the room was because her mother picked him up.

She sat down for a moment, wondering if she would get anymore visitors. Soon her friends Stuart and Iza came through the doors, Iza immediately giving the girl a hug, but Stuart hanging back for fear of looking 'uncool.' Lara rolled her eyes as the first tears she had shed all day fell from her eyes. "Come here, Dopey," she teased as he grinned and walked over. The three just stood there, hugging for a minute, not sure what to say. When they finally broke apart, it was Iza who spoke first. "Win," she said, her voice demanding. Lara gave a forced laugh through her tears. "You know I can't. But I will try. What's the pointt in going down without a fight?" Iza gave her a small smile, just as the Peacekeepers came in. "Don't let Alex or Bobby take any tesserae!" Lara screamed just as the doors closed.

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Jemi leaned foward in her seat as she turned on the televison. It was the moment so many were waiting for. How had they done? Who was worth sponsoring? It was nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. Desperately, Jemi hoped that JiYong and Hadrian had done well. If they wanted her father's support, it was crucial they perform well. Then the moment was there.

"Now the moment you've all been waiting for.." An anouncer smiled widely, showing off pearls for teeth. Ridiculous. Her hair was a swirl of fiery colors.. yellow, orange, red.. and pink. The sight was ghastly. Jemi wished she'd just get on with it.

"District 1 tributes, JiYong Ashton Kwon scored an excellent score of 11." Anouncer Lily smiled and winked. "Hadrian Allardyce, scored 10 points from our dear judges." Jemi let out the breath she was holding. Good. They were good.

"District 2 tributes, Ian Smith achieved 9 points and Mallory Foster scored 11 points!" Lily patted her hair and glanced down at her note cards. "District 3's Logun Bell has 4 points and Thalia Cronin has been awarded 6 points."

Jemi was surprised that Thalia had managed to score at all. She was such a young, tiny thing. Apparently there was more than what met the eye. she pondered this for a moment and turned back to the screen just in time for...

"Seraphina Hayes from District 4 has achieved 7 points." Jemi nodded and was about to watch some more when her father came up the stairs.

"Yes, Daddy?" Jemi raised and eyebrow and muted the sound for a moment.

"Did you see JiYong's score?" he asked rowdily and Jemi nodded. "Phenomenal!" Then he lumbered out as his friends called to him. She rolled her eyes and switched on the sound. She had missed a couple of the districts.

"District 6's male tribute Leo Jackson scored 9 points and the female tribute, Lara Barkely, was deemed 5 points."

Then Jemi got up to stretch a little. She had been so tense before, still was actually. Then next few districts scores were pretty low and Jemi felt really bad for them. It didn't really matter if they were just waiting to show their strengths in the arena. The sponsers made most of their judgements on the training scores. Poor kids...

"District 11 tribute, Tommy Wong, has scored 10 points and the female tribute scored a 3." Lily the anouncer flashed her pearls at the camera and cleared her throat.
"Now for the last district, but not the least, male tribute Ryan Duncan scored 4 points while Evelyn Wynter managed to get 8 points!" Lily threw up all the notecards and stood, clapping enthusiastically. "There you have it folks, those are the training scores for the 76th Hunger Games. Stay tuned... and may the odds be ever in your favor."

That was that. Jemi put her head down on a pillow and tried not to think about the ones who had scored under five. The odds weren't in their favor, now was it?

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"Welcome to the Liberty Province! Let the Games begin!"
Lara burst forward, immediately approaching the seemingly endless abyss, but not before grabbing a pack of food and a match box. She shook the box to make sure it had contents - she had heard of a Games where there had been empty backpacks - and satisified with the fact that it contained matches continued on her way.

She reached the edge of the abyss, skidding to a halt. She cursed unde her breath. No supplies were left in the abyss - or at least any where she was. A girl she recognised from District Seven - what was her name....something Wen, anyway - ran over to the abyss, probably hoping to find the same thing Lara was - supplies. She quickly leaped away from the edge, and pushed the unfortunate girl into the dark abyss below. Her screams seemed to echo in Lara's mind.

Lara stared at the abyss for a second, stunned. Then she noticed a rather burly man running at her from the corner of her eye. Without wasting a second, she picked up the food pack and match box which she had placed beside her and ran towards the foreboding forest.

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Day 1

The time had run out and every tribute had burst off of their spot as quickly as they could, many ran to the center, others away from the cornucopia. Within the first twenty minutes of the day six were killed. All of Districts 5 and 10, and the male from 3, and female from 9. That meant that only eighteen were left. The odds were bad that many would wake up in the morning. Only two of the tributes had sleeping bags, few had water, and there was no way of knowing who would risk making a fire to keep warm. So far, there were no alliances, so there would no way for anyone to watch out for one another while they slept. When the girl Mallory had run away with her backpack, the boy named Ian had reached out and grabbed at her, tearing her backpack, but she had gotten away. Her things had stayed in her backpack for a while but it caught on a branch and tore open slightly more, letting a sleeping bag, gloves, and a light jacket to tumble out at different distances [at least 100 yards apart], but the girl had either not noticed, or not cared enough to pick them up as she went. They lay on the ground for anyone to get, but it would be hard for them to know they were there unless they had seen them fall out because of the snow beginning to cover them.

The sky was getting darker as it got later, and the cold was getting ever colder. The snow hadn't let up, and on the contrary it had gotten stronger. There was at least 2 feet of snow everywhere you looked, and the dead trees didn't provide any shelter from the falling snow. The clouds in the sky didn't part to allow any of the moons light to come through, so it was almost pitch black, save for a few stars that poked through and provided minimal amounts of light. It would be difficult to get any amount of warmth throughout the night time.

The ground was hard and cold, and the dead trees did not seem sturdy enough for any of the tributes to climb, but any that traveled far enough from the cornucopia would find some relief from the troubles they faced as it was. But it was a long journey, and most of them didn't have enough water to travel that far, so they would have to wait until they found a water source.


The District 8 female tribute Lia Brin had traveled as far as she could, many miles into the woods, trying to get as far away from the cornucopia as she could, but had begun to get too tired and dehydrated. She thought for a moment, then bent down, cupping her hands into the snow then put snow in her mouth. She was instantly gratified to have the melted snow in her mouth, and as she continued to drink her vision dimmed, and she began to shake. It was poisonous to intake it, and she just realized it. Her eyes watered as she began to cry, and then began to tremble with fear. It took mere minutes for her to take her last breath, her last thought was that of her family and her district. Another tribute, District 7's male tribute Edwin Green, mere feet away from her watched from a distance and had done the same before he had seen her die and closed his eyes as he accepted his death.


The night was finally here, and each tribute was in their own place.

There was complete silence, then the anthem played. Then;

One cannon shot...

All together sixteen tributes left. Who would be the next?

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Lara stared as the District 8 girl fell to the ground. She had been hiding in the trees, and held snow in her hands, just inches from her face. She immediately dropped the snow, just as another thomp sounded in the trees. She could just make out the sihouette of the District Seven boy. Then, the cannon shots. Lara countd them as they shot, eight in total. Then the anthem played, and the images showed in the sky. She didn't see the District Seven girl up there. Maybe she had somehow climbed out of the hole? Or she hadn't seen it...?

She turned away from where the hovercraft was picking up the dead bodies. She nibbled at a cracker from her food pack, then put it away. It was just making her thirstier. She turned around and used her nimbleleg to speed away. It was getting dark, and who knew what lay in store tomorrow?

When she was happy where she had chosen, she climed into a sturdy looking tree, as high as she could. Being dead, it didn't conceal her that much,but it was better than being on the ground.

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The first thing he needed to do was find shelter and disguise himself so that he would be less visible in the stark black of this arena.
With his quaking hands before him, Leo made his way through the forest slowly, the bitterness of the wind and the cold had not diminished, and with no legitimate jacket to speak of his body temperature was dropping rapidly. The thick clouds in the darkened sky allowed no light through and made forward progress difficult, heavily falling snow also hindered free movement as the snow continued to pile up as he walked.

Figuring it would be best to find out what was in his bag sooner rather than later he stopped beneath one of the thicker branched dead trees and, placing the warm-ish sleeping bag which he had been clutching to himself to hold in his warmth, on the snow before him.
Pulling the pack off of his shoulders, He unzipped it, gingerly in the darkness Leo began to pull out the items within his bag. On the top was something soft and large, struggling to make out what it was that he was holding he lifted the object completely from the bag holding it up before him, and then suddenly it struck him he was holding a jacket, a warm heavily insulated jacket!
With a sigh of relief he unzipped the jacket and pulled it around his shivering form. Continuing on he removed two small daggers, careful not to touch the sharp blades, immediately he hooked them into his belt loops, there were a few other assorted things most of which would be extremely vital to his survival. finding a pair of gloves at and an empty water bottle at the bottom of the bag he quickly scooped some of the snow around him into the bottle and capped it off.
Before putting on the gloves he unzipped the jacket slightly and slipped the cold water bottle in, hoping that body heat would melt it and give him some water. Rolling up the sleeping bag tightly he stowed it in the now considerably lighter backpack along with the neatly coiled rope from the abyss.
Feeling warmer and slightly less tired Leo pressed on hoping that maybe in this frigid wilderness he would find an ally, perhaps even his district partner Lara. As he continued forward he began to warm up, sensation returning to his fingers and his breath becoming less labored.

And then he stumbled into a less snowy track, his eyes widened as he realized that these were distinctly human footprints. Looking back the way that he had come he realized just how easy it would be for another tribute to have been following him, less hindered by the snow. Silently cursing his stupidity he turned into the tracks and picked up his pace to a slow jog, not so much as to cause a sweat but enough to get his blood flowing and out distance his pursuers if there were any. Hopefully dumb luck had led him to Lara's tracks and he was trailing her now.

Just as abruptly as he had come upon it the trail of footprints ended, terminating at the base of a tree, Shit! he thought to himself. Now what? He looked up into the tree, hoping beyond all hope that whoever was up there was unarmed and willing to become allies. Pulling a dagger from his hip he positioned himself behind a neighboring tree and called out,
"Hello?" in a voice only barely above a whisper. The moaning of the wind through the dead trees masking his voice to anyone who wasn't in his immediate vicinity.

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Lara looked up as someone whispered, "Hello?" She was about to quietly slip aay, when someone screamed. "Ah, shit!" Lara hissed as she tumbled from the branch in surprise. She landed on her back, and gave out a small groan. Seeing the boy at the base of the tree, and the girl that had just sprinted off, she quickly jumped to her feet. Then she noticed the footprints. God, she was stupid. At least the snow seemed to be already covering them up.

She turned to the boy, and noticed the dagger in his hand. Why hadn't he just killed her wihout saying hello? It would have made much more sense.

Lara just stood there, not sure what to do. She felt like she couldn't move her feet, even though it was probably the smartest thing to do. She gave the boy a weak smile, and managed to take a small step backwards. Well, her feet were working again. Would he just throw the dagger if she ran now? She slipped amatch out of the box. She wasn't really sure what she would do, but ifhe did try try hurt her, she would want some form of a weapon.