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Thalia Cronin

District 3 Female Tribute

0 · 596 views · located in Liberty Province

a character in “The 76th Annual Hunger Games”, as played by crybloodredtears


Name: Thalia Cronin

Nickname: Lia

Age: 13 years old

Gender: Female

District: 3 (Technology)

Appearance: Lia has cropped blond hair with light brown streaks, light skin, and blue-green eyes. She stands just under five feet tall, being four foot eleven inches, and weighs eighty-nine pounds soaking wet. She's still a developing young teenager but, even now, her body is lithe and slender. Lia

Any Defining Physical Characteristics: There is a large crescent shaped scar on her left elbow as well as a long, thin scar that runs down the side of both her right pinky finger and her right ring finger. The last two meet up at her wrist.

Short Bio: Lia is an intelligent young girl and often quite cheerful. She's constantly trying to to cheer someone up and in a chatty mood. Speaking of chatting, she absolutely adores talking. Whether it's an actual conversation or telling stories; she's quite open about herself and her life in District 3. Lia is one of those kids who grows on you and seems to require protection but, don't be fooled, she's actually quite a strong little girl; both physically and mentally.

History: Lia lives with her mother, father and maternal grandmother. She is an only child and rather close to her grandmother. In fact, her grandmother has given her lessons that she doesn't learn at school about the technology District 3 designs. She usually attends school to learn about manufacturing and maintaining the technology her District is famous for and, not only does she enjoy school but, she's very good at what she's learned.

Special Abilities: Lia has an uncanny ability of being able to evade and hide from others for long periods of time; in which her small stature aids her.

So begins...

Thalia Cronin's Story


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District 3

District 3's atmosphere was slightly different from the first two. The crowd was not as happy or eager for the Hunger Games. Most were indifferent about the whole thing. The speaker was a nervous little man, small in height and in confidence. No one was sure how he was chosen to be the speaker, but they weren't about to raise this question to anyone. The man monotonously gave the speech given at District 1 and 2, making it sound as though nothing truly significant had happened in the past to begin with. He slowly walked to the females bowl, pulling out the name and walked to the microphone before reading it, he cleared his throat and quietly read the name;

"Thalia Cronin."

The crowd was silent, anger on their face as the small, young girl silently and slowly made her way to the stage. A man yelled something nasty at the speaker about her being too young and was taken away by the peacekeepers immediately, the girl barely giving him a glance - not wanting to see who it was or if she knew him. Anything bad said about the reaping or the Games were deemed punishable, as per the new law that was made by the new president. The then called out a boys name [NPC Logan Bell], and they were both escorted away, their District standing in silence as they walked away.

The setting changes from District 3 to Liberty Province

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"Hadrian Allardyce!"

Upon hearing her name being called, the slim teenager stepped forward to loud clapping and cheers. She walked confidently up the center aisle to the stage with the beginning of a smile pulling at her lips. She walked at a good pace, not too fast nor too slow, as she gracefully made her way up the stairs to stand to the left of the speaker of her District. She tilted her head to watch as he moved to the other bowl, containing the name of the male Tribute; Hadrian's counterpart as well as one of her twenty-three opponents. She watched as he moved back to the microphone and parted his lips to speak, the paper with a single name on it in his hands.

"JiYong Ashton Kwon!"

The male that stepped forward appeared to be Hadrian's own age. He seemed rather indifferent to being chosen as the male tribute, Hadrian noted as he made his way to the stage. Hadrian kept her gaze forward and JiYong quickly disappeared from her line of sight as he took his place on stage.

The speaker announced them as the District 1 tributes and congratulated them as the crowd went wild, howling and cheering with excitement. Hadrian took one last look at the people in her District, flashing a small smile toward them, before turning and allowing herself to be taken away. This was the time she would have to say goodbye to family and close friends before the tributes left for the Capitol and, eventually, the Hunger Games.

Hadrian soon found herself in a room that reminded her of her mother's parlour, the decorative room where Hadrian and her mother would have long chats together over a cup of tea. She smiled at this fond memory as she stepped lightly over to a comfortable looking high-backed chair where she sat down, inhaling deeply as she prepared to see her family. Mere minutes later, the tall frame of her father stepped through the door, quickly followed by her mother who held Hadrian's young brother in her arms. Thus began a chorus of "We're so proud of you's" and "Do your best". Her parents didn't seem to care that their daughter would most likely get killed and this bothered Hadrian, though she hid it well. She exchanged embraces with her family, kissing her brother's forehead lightly, before it was announced that they had to leave.

" Make us proud," was the last thing Hadrian heard her father say before the large doors closed behind them. Letting out a breath, the seventeen year old mumbled to herself, " I'll try my best to make you proud, Papa."

Thalia stood completely still, much like the rest of the people in District 3, as she waited for the man on the stage to announce the female tribute. The anxious butterflies in her stomach kept fluttering about, seemingly becoming worse as the wait grew longer. The man walked over to the bowl and withdrew the name that would change her life forever. Her own.

"Thalia Cronin."

The thirteen year old couldn't move for a minute, her eyes wide in shock as her worst fear came true. She had been chosen as a tribute. Everyone was dead silent as the girl slowly stepped forward, her footsteps hesitant at first before her steps became more natural. Thalia made no sound as she walked and took her place on the stage. A man yelled something nasty at the speaker about her being too young and was taken away by the peacekeepers immediately, the girl barely giving him a glance - not wanting to see who it was or if she knew him.

She never heard the male tribute's name being called as the only thought going through her mind was, " I'm going to die." She was quickly escorted to a room where Thalia had to say a quick farewell to her mother, father and grandmother. The words exchanged were very heartfelt and tears were shed by all but, in the end, the little girl from District 3 was left alone. Alone to face her fate.

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Hadrian sighed as she found her way to the Training Center, not overly excited to 'learn' most of the things she had already learned back in District 1. She quickly decided to learn more about edible plants because there was a chance she may not get real food for a while. The slender teen spent an hour at that station before moving on to another; climbing. She spent an hour at each of the stations she didn't think she excelled in so she'd have the experience to aid her in the area. One after another, they continued. She saved archery, knives, and hand-to-hand combat for last but didn't do her absolute best in the training.

Finally, pleased with her day, Hadrian decided to leave off there and returned to the floor she was designated to for her District; 1.


When it came time for the judging by the Gamemakers, the pale teenage girl from District 1 was chosen to enter first. The order of performance went in order of District which pleased her as she stepped into the large area, wearing the standard training outfit all Tributes had to wear. With the exception of her District number on the arm, all wore identical outfits.. Usually.

Hadrian was showing her skills with her knife, hitting the target with deadly precision every time. Lucky for the mannequin that it wasn't alive. She kept her expression calm as she did so, hiding her annoyance when she was finally dismissed.

The small blonde girl had trained to the extent that she felt just that much more confident in her earlier thoughts on her entry into the Games. She hadn't done so well with any of the weapons, they were all so heavy and bulky to her. Knives were more easily managed for her but she still hated the thought of having to kill another person.

I'm going to be killed, she thought as she went over the ropes course once more. The fire-making course was next, followed by the climbing one. Sure, she was fast and small but she wasn't the best climber and, now, she realized that quickly as she fell again. Giving up on that Thalia moved on to the edible plants station, finding this one a bit easier than the others. Maybe she could outlive the others by hiding and surviving on plants. It wasn't likely but it gave her a small hope of having a shot at surviving the Games.


Before long, the time to show the Gamemakers her skills had come. Thalia stepped into the room feeling more nervous than she had been the day of the Reaping. I can do this, the young girl thought as she walked further into the room and looked to those who would be scoring her. She showed them her speed as she ran the course known as the Gauntlet but, when she thought herself finished, was told to do the ropes course in addition to the Gauntlet. She took a deep breath and obeyed them, her sweaty hands slipping slightly just as she finished. She felt relieved as they dismissed her but wasn't looking forward to finding out her score.

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Evie walked into the training room, hands behind her back as she scanned the room. There wasn't much she was good at, and she knew that she didn't have a lot of time to learn. The first place she went to was the camouflage, she was awful at that. She spent enough time to get the hang of it, then moved on to knots, edible plants, knives, and other useful things. She decided not to show off her skill until the judges, she was already behind the curve of everyone else and didn't want to give them any idea of her skill. There was a small girl training on different things, and Evie kept an eye on her, she thought her name was Thalia but wasn't sure, and she had remembered that the small girl Rue had flown under the radar in the 74th Hunger Games, Evie refused to let that happen. As to if she'd be able to kill the girl, she had no idea.

There was another girl too, her name was Hadrian, Evie had remembered that. She was a Career, and was sure to form a pact with the other Careers. She would have to keep an eye on her as well.

The strange thing was was that the boy that was chosen from her district as well, followed her around the whole time. It gave her a very bad feeling.


The time had come for her to show her true talent. It was hard to just sit there while all of the other tributes took their time with the judges. She knew they'd be bored by the time that they got to her. That was fine with her as well, the less they cared, the more she could go unnoticed. Her talent was cliche to District 12 and she knew that, but she was good with other things not just bow and arrow. That though, she'd keep to herself. Once her turn was up she gracefully walked into the room, aware that only a couple of the eyes were on her, the others were preoccupied with each other or with the food. It was typical, but as she'd said, that was fine with her.

She played around with some of the small knives, throwing them the way that she had been taught earlier, tied several knots, and a couple of other small things. Then she picked up a bow and shot the arrow at the target, hitting the center exactly. She did this several times, hitting the last arrow she shot on the end. It was nothing spectacular and she knew that, but there was nothing she could do about it. She was an anything but spectacular girl to them, but once she got into the arena she'd show them spectacular.

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Jemi leaned foward in her seat as she turned on the televison. It was the moment so many were waiting for. How had they done? Who was worth sponsoring? It was nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. Desperately, Jemi hoped that JiYong and Hadrian had done well. If they wanted her father's support, it was crucial they perform well. Then the moment was there.

"Now the moment you've all been waiting for.." An anouncer smiled widely, showing off pearls for teeth. Ridiculous. Her hair was a swirl of fiery colors.. yellow, orange, red.. and pink. The sight was ghastly. Jemi wished she'd just get on with it.

"District 1 tributes, JiYong Ashton Kwon scored an excellent score of 11." Anouncer Lily smiled and winked. "Hadrian Allardyce, scored 10 points from our dear judges." Jemi let out the breath she was holding. Good. They were good.

"District 2 tributes, Ian Smith achieved 9 points and Mallory Foster scored 11 points!" Lily patted her hair and glanced down at her note cards. "District 3's Logun Bell has 4 points and Thalia Cronin has been awarded 6 points."

Jemi was surprised that Thalia had managed to score at all. She was such a young, tiny thing. Apparently there was more than what met the eye. she pondered this for a moment and turned back to the screen just in time for...

"Seraphina Hayes from District 4 has achieved 7 points." Jemi nodded and was about to watch some more when her father came up the stairs.

"Yes, Daddy?" Jemi raised and eyebrow and muted the sound for a moment.

"Did you see JiYong's score?" he asked rowdily and Jemi nodded. "Phenomenal!" Then he lumbered out as his friends called to him. She rolled her eyes and switched on the sound. She had missed a couple of the districts.

"District 6's male tribute Leo Jackson scored 9 points and the female tribute, Lara Barkely, was deemed 5 points."

Then Jemi got up to stretch a little. She had been so tense before, still was actually. Then next few districts scores were pretty low and Jemi felt really bad for them. It didn't really matter if they were just waiting to show their strengths in the arena. The sponsers made most of their judgements on the training scores. Poor kids...

"District 11 tribute, Tommy Wong, has scored 10 points and the female tribute scored a 3." Lily the anouncer flashed her pearls at the camera and cleared her throat.
"Now for the last district, but not the least, male tribute Ryan Duncan scored 4 points while Evelyn Wynter managed to get 8 points!" Lily threw up all the notecards and stood, clapping enthusiastically. "There you have it folks, those are the training scores for the 76th Hunger Games. Stay tuned... and may the odds be ever in your favor."

That was that. Jemi put her head down on a pillow and tried not to think about the ones who had scored under five. The odds weren't in their favor, now was it?

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Serafina acted fast. Launching off her square, she headed straight for the the nearest mountain; grabbing along the way a dark red backpack dangling from a rope, a sleeping bag and a small medical kit. She heard someone snarl behind her, she had taken some good supplies. She saw an arrow being shot at her, but she reacted quickly. Serafina got down low on the ground and began to crawl quickly through the snow. She did her best to ignore the screams as tributes were killed or injured. She finally reached the mountain and darted behind it. Blood stained the pure white ice and a few bodies lay on the ground. Serafina glanced away. She could not dwell on the misfortune of others. Still, she hoped that the little girl from district 3 had gotten away safely. She was too young to die. She had also gotten an OK score, and may make a good ally if times got tough. Serafina shook her head. What was she thinking? An ally? She had always been a lone wolf, friends were never an option. She started to make her way away from the cornucopia. She wondered what was in her pack, but it was too risky to open it yet. Footsteps. Someone was following her. She turned. No, she must have been imagining it. But she was still unsure. Serafina sat down for a moment to rest. She decided to venture a little further before dark. She ran to the next closest mountain, it was not far. She then dug a hole, which unless you were looking down at her, would be safe from the other tributes. She curled up in her sleeping bag with her pack close to her. She could still not shake off the feeling someone was watching her, though she knew it was probably just the gamemakers, watching them, day and night. Serafina did not know what she was going to do next, where she was going next, or who she should be wary of. All she knew was she could stay awake no longer. She heard the anthem play faintly, and the cannon shots for the dead tributes. She did not hear the exact number, though she could say it was at least a few of them. And then she fell asleep.

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"Hadrian Allardyce, scored 10 points from our dear judges."

She was pleased to hear her score was so high as, being a Career, it would be expected of Hadrian back in her District. She hoped her's and the male's were scores that impressed their District as she forced a smile to her face, glancing back at the television screen with only half her mind on listening to the other's scores. The one's with really low one's, 5's or lower, would most likely perish in the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. It happened every year.


As Hadrian rose into the arena to stand on her platform she had to blink several times to allow her eyes to adjust, just in time to be able to survey her surroundings. Then, suddenly;

"Welcome to Liberty Province! Let the games begin!"

She was off her platform instantly, aiming to get one of the backpacks before someone else did. A small body ran into her and she, being taught from an early age to fight, lashed out with her foot to force the person away. Her eyes shifted for a moment as she saw the tiny blonde girl from District 10 fall to the ground, crying out in pain as she grasped her side. Probably broken a few ribs, Hadrian thought as she turned back and dodged a punch by the male from District 9.

Hadrian managed to reach the backpack, her hands immediately slipping through the straps to pull it onto her back as the little girl from District 10 reached her, her small eyes scared as she tried to wrestle the item from the much taller, and stronger, teenager. Without a second thought, Hadrian reached out to tightly grab the girls head in her hands and gave a sudden twist, effectively breaking the neck of the young child. Syla, her brain drew up from its memory of the scores. She dropped the body of the girl to the ground before glancing to the people fighting around her.

She felt a sharp pain on her left shoulder and turned, ducking another hard blow by the male from District 7. The Career quickly punched him in the stomach to wind him before sprinting away, her eyes on the District 2 female. " Career time," she mumbled to herself as she quickly thought of the alliance that Districts 1,2 and 4 always came up with. What was her name again, Hadrian couldn't remember as her eyes glanced around the area; taking in the blood covered snow on the ground as she moved.

" District 2!" She called as she came closer, her light brown eyebrows raised. " Allies?" She hoped the girl would agree and, maybe, would tell Hadrian her name.

"... Thalia Cronin has been awarded 6 points."

Thalia frowned, her eyes growing troubled at this as she kept her gaze on the scores. It wasn't high or the lowest but.. it definitely wasn't the best. Now, her thoughts went to the arena..


"Welcome to Liberty Province! Let the games begin!"

She was standing on the small circular plate that stood in a ring with all the others but, instead of heading for the bloodbath, the young girl decided she'd rather die of the cold or lack of food and water than be beaten to death at someone's hands. Thalia jerked back and turned to the woods, sprinting like her life depended on it as she raced toward the sparse trees and the mountains that lie behind them. She'd find a way to survive as long as she could but she didn't see surviving as a long-term thing for herself.

The blonde girl found a few trees that were close together and created a small space that could shelter someone small from the elements, at least for a short period. She quickly crawled inside the small space, her teeth chattering as she leaned against a tree and wrapped her arms around her legs. She'd stay here for a short time before she would return to the Cornucopia, she planned. Surely there would be something leftover for her, hopefully.

Cannon shots rang out and Thalia tried to count them to focus on something other than the cold that seeped into her body. She'd always wondered how a Tribute felt when they were a survivor of the initial bloodbath and she felt herself grow horrified but relieved. Afraid because it meant she was still a contender to fight to death.. Relieved because she had escaped with her life, for now.

But Thalia wondered if there'd be a chance of allying with someone as she silently crawled out from the trees and into the snow outside. It was darker and as good a time as any to return to the Cornucopia and search for something to keep herself alive. A jacket, a blanket, even matches. Warmth would be great but food and water would be better as she licked her already cracking lips, the moisture in her throat had dried up too which left it dry and feeling parched.

The small girl blended in as she darted from shadow to shadow, only her pale hair seeming odd in the blackness.

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Day 1

The time had run out and every tribute had burst off of their spot as quickly as they could, many ran to the center, others away from the cornucopia. Within the first twenty minutes of the day six were killed. All of Districts 5 and 10, and the male from 3, and female from 9. That meant that only eighteen were left. The odds were bad that many would wake up in the morning. Only two of the tributes had sleeping bags, few had water, and there was no way of knowing who would risk making a fire to keep warm. So far, there were no alliances, so there would no way for anyone to watch out for one another while they slept. When the girl Mallory had run away with her backpack, the boy named Ian had reached out and grabbed at her, tearing her backpack, but she had gotten away. Her things had stayed in her backpack for a while but it caught on a branch and tore open slightly more, letting a sleeping bag, gloves, and a light jacket to tumble out at different distances [at least 100 yards apart], but the girl had either not noticed, or not cared enough to pick them up as she went. They lay on the ground for anyone to get, but it would be hard for them to know they were there unless they had seen them fall out because of the snow beginning to cover them.

The sky was getting darker as it got later, and the cold was getting ever colder. The snow hadn't let up, and on the contrary it had gotten stronger. There was at least 2 feet of snow everywhere you looked, and the dead trees didn't provide any shelter from the falling snow. The clouds in the sky didn't part to allow any of the moons light to come through, so it was almost pitch black, save for a few stars that poked through and provided minimal amounts of light. It would be difficult to get any amount of warmth throughout the night time.

The ground was hard and cold, and the dead trees did not seem sturdy enough for any of the tributes to climb, but any that traveled far enough from the cornucopia would find some relief from the troubles they faced as it was. But it was a long journey, and most of them didn't have enough water to travel that far, so they would have to wait until they found a water source.


The District 8 female tribute Lia Brin had traveled as far as she could, many miles into the woods, trying to get as far away from the cornucopia as she could, but had begun to get too tired and dehydrated. She thought for a moment, then bent down, cupping her hands into the snow then put snow in her mouth. She was instantly gratified to have the melted snow in her mouth, and as she continued to drink her vision dimmed, and she began to shake. It was poisonous to intake it, and she just realized it. Her eyes watered as she began to cry, and then began to tremble with fear. It took mere minutes for her to take her last breath, her last thought was that of her family and her district. Another tribute, District 7's male tribute Edwin Green, mere feet away from her watched from a distance and had done the same before he had seen her die and closed his eyes as he accepted his death.


The night was finally here, and each tribute was in their own place.

There was complete silence, then the anthem played. Then;

One cannon shot...

All together sixteen tributes left. Who would be the next?