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Ava Heavensbee

"C'mon, get a muttation in there or something."

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a character in “The 89th Hunger Games”, as played by arrowinmahknee


Name: Ava Heavensbee
Age: 27
Member of: The Capitol
If your from the Capitol what profession are you?:
Head Gamemaker
RP sample:

So begins...

Ava Heavensbee's Story


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Ava sat in her office, bored. The reaping day was about to start but for some reason, she wasn't excited. She knew her job would start soon but she just couldn't think straight. She took another sip of wine and scanned the room. Most of the other Game Makers cheerfully glugged down alcohol and joked around but she noticed a few newbies felt the same way she did. Personally, she enjoyed the job, happy to be head Game Maker, (finally) but something wan't right. Oh well. She chugged down the wine and asked for some beer. After she was thoroughly drunk, she let the jokes wash over and around her and eventually joined in the fun. She was still chill and business-like while she was drunk and it gave off a kind of eerie feeling to know that she was still not completely relaxed. Like she ever had been, anyway.