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Esther Kitstone

Blind District 3 female, 13 years old.

0 · 859 views · located in Panem

a character in “The 89th Hunger Games”, as played by arrowinmahknee



Image sometimes referred to as Essie.

Esther is 13

Esther lives/lived in District 3

Esther is a tribute. Her and her siblings have an agreement to not volunteer for each other.

Esther's most dazzling feature is her milky white eyes.
She has beautiful brown hair and a cute button nose. Esther's hair is very often sticking up slightly from working with so many electronics, but she doesn't notice unless someone points it out. She's about 4'7 and weighs about 83 pounds, but she doesn't know her exact weight and height because she's never had a scale or measuring tape.

Esther is what you would call 'a feisty one,' yet she can be very shy with not being able to see. Being of District Three she has actually come to like electronics, kind of like an outlet. She is an electronic genius but gets teased for being a nerd, blind, and a blind nerd.
Esther comes from a family of Five children. She is the second youngest. She has no parents.
Mark: 18 yrs old
Lucy: 17
Lance: 15
Esther: 13
Sherry: 12

Esther LOVES electronics and likes the fact that people think she's vulnerable for being blind, so she has the element of surprise on her side.

Esther hates being teased for her eyes and getting bullied.

Esther fears the Capitol and the reaping, among other things like tripping and falling down a deep pit and not being able to notice it until she splatted in the bottom.
None that she knows of besides electronics.
Preferred weapon
Doesn't have one; never needed to use one.

Sorry it's so choppy, haven't been writing very well lately. :(

So begins...

Esther Kitstone's Story


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(Done -kind of- just need to have Com's side of the story so I know his reaction to being drawn and whether or not he was drawn or volunteered or what)

Images Esther stepped forward in line she gripped Mark's hand reliably. He squeezed her hand and looked into her eyes. She trusted him, even though she might have taken care of the family better than her older brother had. Her family constisted of five children and no parents, yet they acted as though their father was still alive and so only the siblings knew the truth. This is the only way they prevented from being sent to the Capitol in the orphan-train and most likely being separated. Mark took the father's place and Esther had to hack into the Capitol's computers and changed it so Mark was dead and switched Mark and her father's DNA samplings, meaning Mark could not be drawn or volunteer for the reaping. I am the third eldest. My brother, Mark, is the oldest, then comes Lucy, Me, Lance and Sherry. We've come to an agreement that if any of us get picked that we do not volunteer. Otherwise, we'd probably have a chain of volunteers. It's just better this way. Anyway, as the peacekeeper grabs my hand and pricks it, I squeeze Mark's hand harder and then let go. The peacekeeper tells me to put my finger in a box on the paper with my name on it but I miss it by an inch and get a splinter from the table. The peace keeper asks for my other hand, pricks it, and guides it down to the paper. I think he has sympathy for me, but who knows?

"Yes Esther?"
"Tell Lucy and Lance and Sherry to remember the rule."
"Esther, there's no possible way any of us could be pi-"
"Mark, do you KNOW how many times we've applied for tesserae?!?!? Of course there's a chance!"
"Look, Esther. Calm dow-"
"Like I can look." I roll my eyes and hug tighter to him. Though we often fight in words, all of our siblings have a strong bond. Sherry walks up to me. She's just turned twelve and this is her first reaping that she's actually legible for. She's dressed in Lucy's first reaping dress, that a few years ago was mine. All of our reaping clothes are passed down and the new ones are either bought in our version of the Hob or are taken down from the box in the closet of Mom and Dad's stuff. Most of it, anyway. Our little cluster of children is herded to the two areas, small kids and bigger kids. I go in with the smaller kids because I'm, well, smaller. The announcer for our district, Dandy Drake, steps up to the podium. He's known as the cruelest representative-guy there is.

"Happy Hunger Games!" says the announcer. "And may the odds be ever in your favor! My, what an honor it is to be here!" He walks to the glass ball full of names. "Let's change it up this year. Let's have men first, eh?" He reaches in and pulls out a small slip of paper. "This year's male tribute," He says, opening up the slip, "Com Exburna!" Com gets pushed forward by a classmate. He looks startled and glances around, like he wasn't just chosen to get killed by some other kids. As he starts to walk forward he chuckles a bit.... then he starts to laugh. He seems like a maniac, walking up there, his glasses about to fall off with the force of laughter. Then this guy, Morris, sticks his foot out. Com trips and falls flat on his face, and the whole crowd erupts with laughter. He walks by me and I try to seem strong, but then Lance points out that he's holding his nose like it's bleeding.
"Isn't he teased for being.... a moron or something?"
Lance seems tense, but he replies that he does. Then Sherry explains how he looks.
"Any volunteers?" says Dandy Drake. No one steps up. "Well, then." He reaches into the female ball and pulls out another small paper, identical to the last and creased in the middle. Drake opens it up. "This year's female tribute is... Esther Kitstone." He repeats it. "Esther Kitstone?" I let go of Sherry and Lance's sweaty hands and my little clump of siblings, separated in two according to age, unitedly step protectively forward but are bound by their word. I trip on my way up the stairs to the stage and Dandy steps forward. "Are you Esther?"
"Yes." I answer timidly, the tears already rolling down my cheeks. I let them. They make me seem weak, giving me a larger advantage. Dandy grabs me by the hand and helps me up. Why is everyone being so nice to me today? Was the drawing of my name... arranged? Did I do something wrong? Drake makes Com and I shake hands. Com is a tall fellow, not much older then I, yet about as scrawny. At school he's often teased for being nerdy, lie I. We shake hands and he squeezes it a bit to reassure me of something. I squeeze back. Drake turns to face the audience.
"Seems as if we have a blind contestant this year, as well as a half-blind one! Wonder how this will turn out? Anywho, Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"