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Zach Corrie

District 10 Male Tribute

0 · 224 views · located in Panem

a character in “The 89th Hunger Games”, as played by HypeR



Name: Zachary Corrie

Age: 17

Member of: District 10

If your from the Capitol what profession are you?:


Appearance: Zach is your average farm boy. He's 5 foot 10 inches and has a lean muscular build. He has brown copper eyes and light brown hair with the shadow of light brown facial hair growing in on his chin, cheeks, and upper lip. He always seems to have dirt and dust on him from working with the live stock all day. He usually wears the basics which is jeans, a pair of good old working boots, and two layers of shirts.

Personality: Zach is more on the silent side of things. He loves living things, but would never admit it to a soul. Though he may be the strong silent type, he'll do anything he has to do to help out his family. He needs to think hard and long about what he's going to do before he goes and just does something unless someone he cares about is in danger. Then he'll act on impulse and take care of it. On a last note, Zach has a small cursing problem when he gets upset and tends to overuse the curse word of "fuck".

History: Some would say the bringing of Zach into the lives of his parents was planned, but in all sight, it was an accident. Zachary was not planned to be born. His parents didn't want children in fear that they'd have to see them go off to the games. Sadly, they ended up having three children in all. There was Zach, Henry, and Hazel. Zach was the oldest son, Henry was the youngest son and middle child, and Hazel was the youngest child and only girl. Growing up in District 10 was hard. Not as hard as if they were in District 11 or 12, but not as easy as in District 9 or 8. Zach did most of the work; tending to the cows, chickens, and horses; taking the pigs and eggs to market; and everything else done in livestock. He even worked at a puppy mill for a while as a youngster until Mr. O'Ryllie; the owner of the puppy mill; died and all the puppies were either let out to the wild, slaughtered, or cut up and called foul (baby horse) meat and sold at market. Zach's life went on like this until he turned 17 and was chosen as the male tribute of District 10.

RP sample: (Just to let you know, I write in a way like it's the character telling the story and it's in the way they speak. Zach here has an Irish-country accent so it will be written like such to some extent)

The day before the choosing of the tribute for the famous Hunger Games, I was at the market. The market is a crummy place to be before the games. Everyone always shouting and yelling for their kids to stop messing with the pups for sale. Everyone either buying cake to celebrate that their kids are either too young or too old to be picked and that they wont be picked themselves. It's sad really. Our family doesn't do such a horrid thing like that. No, we mourn for the poor souls who were picked to go. If you ask me, it's a sick thing to do. To celebrate the next year you'll have your skin while someone from your own district, a neighbor, a friend, a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter, all of those is off to die and kill. Then, when they do make it through, if they do, it only saves their family for a year. You have to know that they must go mad from the quilt of killing all those kids that were around them. And, let me tell you, it's breaks me heart when I see a child picked for a tribute, whether it's from me own district or not.
"Hey, brother, how'd you like to buy yourself a cake to celebrate?" Some old man with a grey mustache and white bakers cap with a matching apron ask me as I walk along, carrying one of the piglets I came to sell on me shoulder. "Celebrate what, may I ask?" I ask, a bit confused. Surely it can't be what I think it is. "To celebrate that you and your family may not get picked tomorrow, son." It is. "Now, listen here! I ain't gonna celebrate the picking of my own kind and many others to be killed! I don't give a fuck if I'm picked! I just ain't gonna celebrate the senseless slaughter of kids in those bloody sick games!" I yell at the old man and walk away. Now, I have to agree I might have been a little hard on the old man, but it was fucking sick of him to ask me to buy a fucking cake to celebrate the fucking bloody slaughter of kids.
After I sold the piglets and got dinner, I went home and ate with the family. "Ze-ach, what's going to happen if you're picked for the games?" Hazel asked me with her hazel eyes wide as she looked at me. "I'll tell ya' what your brothers gonna do, darlin'. He's gonna kill all them cranka's and come home without a scratch on his body!" Dad told Hazel. I just shook my head. "No, dad, I'm not gonna do that. I don't kill." I said, looking my dad right in the eye. "What-do-ya' mean don't kill? You just gonna let yourself die? What are you?! Fucking mad?!" Dad said, obviously over reacting if you ask me. His face was red and his vanes were popping out in shade of blue and purple against his half tanned half sunburned appearance. "No, dad, I'm human. I'm not gonna die, but I'm not gonna live either! I'm gonna help all the kids I can and I'll protect them until I die!" At that, my dad went crazy and was yelling and cursing to the heavens. Mom had me, Henry, and Hazel go to the bed room (we only had a three room house and that's including the kitchen and sitting room so we only had one bed room we all shared) and we stayed there all night.
The next day was the choosing day. The whole family dressed in black like we was heading to a funeral. We got there and me, Henry and Hazel was suppurated into our age groups. Hazel and Henry went up in front and I was at the back. The speaker and capitalist were in front of the huge crowd talking, but I didn't hear a word they said. I was too busy thinking what I actually would do if I was picked. To make my life ironic, I ended up being picked and had to go up. I didn't even walk up to the stand, more like I was pushed by everyone else to go you. I didn't even say a word, just looked around the crowd and looked every last person in the eye. They all knew me and I knew all of them. They knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to help every youngster I could in the games. Whether they're from my district or not.

Please complete reading the introduction if you haven't already!!! I'm sorry if it's long and the pictures take forever to scroll through, but I'd really appreciate it if everyone knew the rules, it will really make this so much easier.
Thanks, ~arrow

So begins...

Zach Corrie's Story