Don Levine

"I'm not the bad guy..."

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a character in “The A-Team: Lost In NYC”, as played by DumbDora


Hello, my name is: Donald Peter Levine
But you call call me: Don
My role in this story is: Other One
I'm only: Twenty-seven
I was born in: Toronto, Canada
And on the: October 23rd

If you can't get it from my picture, I'm: Inked, but not entirely as colorful in my attire as I may appear at times. Sure I like the luxury of expensive clothes, but I'd rather be comfortable than stuffy in a suit. Got my hair short, and that's how I usually wear it, otherwise, I look like your regular guy. I'm 5'11, not too tall, I'm not large, but I'm cut, and I am stronger than I appear. The other details aren't really appropriate for me to share, may offend the ladies, if you know what I mean. ;)

People say that I'm: Tough to crack. I hardly ever share my feelings, that's usually not something I'm up to doing unless it's something extremely close, which means no one. I'm not quiet at all, though, outgoing, charming, and a bit cocky, I admit, but that's what the broads usually go for. I'm not a bad guy, per se, just misunderstood. Sure I help people, but I tend to help myself the most in the process. Years ago, I wouldn't have imagined ever doing this in my life, but each day it feels more and more like a routine; this con life. Quiet about my feelings, but hardly about everything else. At times, the mention of my penis comes up in conversation, don't ask me how this happens, most of the time I'm not the initiator. ;)

I absolutely love: Pretty girls, sports cars, jazz, large amount of loot, being left alone, soccer, parties, fancy parties, dressing up, sex.

But I can't stand: Clingy girls, douchebags, sweaty people, getting caught, lazy people, the original ring tone of phones, cops, large dogs, having to work too hard, my parents.

Oh, and I'm petrified of: Going to prison, and being beaten to death.
If I could, I'd love to be: Owner of a business, I've always wanted to open up a car repair shop of my own.
But in reality, I work here: I work at a local car repair shop, but I'm also a Con artist, criminal in other words.

Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but: I sleep with all the women that I con, including A-team member one. And by doing so, I rob them senseless. Not even my "family" knows this.

My life so far? Well...: I was born to a poor couple who've just moved out of their own parents' homes. It was too early for both of them to have a family since they had low-paying jobs and couldn't really raise a family. It's not that I don't acknowledge their effort, and their suffering, but I somehow knew that they'd crack one day with all this pressure. My dad eventually lost his job and began drinking, leaving me and my mother to fend for ourselves. He'd come home late at nights, start shouting and hit my mother more than a few times. I was too young and too helpless to butt in, not to mention I began fearing the man. But I soon lost respect for my mother when it was obvious that she wasn't going to leave him or get help for them. And when I was eight, that's when the abuse for me began.

It was one of those few nights that I actually showed my face when my father returned, and all previous times he'd just ignored me or shouted at me. But this time, he raised his hand and struck me. My mother had been chocking on her tears, but she didn't comfort me when he fell asleep. It lasted throughout my entire childhood until I ran away when I was fifteen. At that point in my life, I hated them both, my father for abusing me and my mother for letting it happen. And for almost a decade, I lived on my own, working three jobs at once so I could pay for my own shelter. It wasn't until I began conning young women out of their money did my life begin to turn around. And with that, I had also decided to take people like me into my home. Finally, I had friends, real friends.

I've always seeked companionship, but no one was stable enough to stay with me, they were all drifters with their own stories and their own lives. Until I began showing authority over people I took in, they had all left. But this leadership aspect of me is only driven by the fact that they'll stay if I show authority. I won't be alone anymore. It feels good to help, don't see me as a bad guy.

I know I may not be the most influential individual, but I can't stand people falling apart, the weakness isn't a desirable trait, and I don't know what had gotten into me to try and fix these people. Lua was my first project, I know I shouldn't call her that since I did have feelings for her, but a relationship never works in that atmosphere. She was broken and I was trying to fix her, in the end, I lose the motivation because I become so exhausted... I tried my best, she seemed to be doing fine, so I left her. But my habits and my increasing need to fix and mold hadn't left me. Before too long, Olivia was my next project... I have strong feelings for Livvy, almost equal to the same ones I felt for Lua in the beginning of our relationship. I'm scared that I'll get exhausted with Livvy like I did with Lua, and history will repeat.

So begins...

Don Levine's Story