Cheri Cable

Mm, perhaps I can *cough* convince *cough* you to let me out, hmm?

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a character in “The Abandoned”, as played by DulceMori


Name: Cheri Cable
New name: Lust
Age: 19
Profession: Stripper
Personality: Sasha is untrusting and easily angered, with a fiery temperament. She is sweet when calm, but that's rare. Tends not to stick to things until they are done; disorganized. Extremely intuitive about animals, and concerned for their feelings, but not so about humans. Logical, original, creative thinker; amazingly intelligent. Highly values knowledge, competence and logic. Individualistic, having no interest in leading or following others. Quickly and accurately understands a situation, and logically acts upon the it. Rebels against authority, which often gets her in trouble, but she refuses to change.
Description: Image
Cheri is a beautiful girl with long brown hair and large eyes
Attire: Studded bra and underwear underneath a thin overcoat. Black leather collar and silver anklet.
History: Cheri got fed up with her parents almost four years ago, running away to live with her friend Mishel. Unable to afford school, she became a stripper, and once she got used to her work, she began to enjoy it more and more. She had a good life until last year, when Mishel was killed in a car accident. Cheri was forced to live alone, and turned to sex for comfort. She was a little bit of a slut for a while, but got a boyfriend and stuck with him almost seven months ago. Just last month she broke up with him, as he wasn't comfortable with her being a stripper, and she hated that he didnt trust her. The last thing she remembered before waking up in the hospital was falling asleep at her house after, erm, getting back together with a previous hookup
Skills: Can manipulate people to get what she wants, high self-esteem so is not affected by others' negativity toward her, delagatory and a natural leader
Likes: Fire, boys, art, dancing, people paying attention to her
Dislikes: Water, confined spaces, being in crowds
Phobias: Heights, darkness, cages / small spaces
Other: A bit of a masochist; also, once she decides she likes a guy, she will pursue him endlessly.

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