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Jane Branson

0 · 361 views · located in Pemberley Abbey

a character in “The Abbey”, as played by Rene


❖ Jane Branson ❖
Times are changing. It is time we change, too.


❖ Description ❖

Who are you?
Eldest Branson daughter



Physical Description
Jane possesses the quality of being extremely mature for her age. Tall like her father, she stands higher than the average girl, but is still shorter compared to the average boy. Because of these features, Jane can be exceptionally clumsy, dropping and tripping over everything in sight, though still always having the ability to regain composure.

Although she is very thin and frail, she was naturally born with a muscular build throughout her lanky arms and legs. She has a very pale complexion, pink rosy cheeks, shell-pink lips, and pale lavender eyelids, resembling the presence of a delicate young lady rather than the tomboyish girl she is set out to be.

Her eyes are large and widely spaced, revealing the mysterious deep, brown color inside of them that draws in the gaze of an onlooker. Her nose is thin and her cheekbones are prominent, making her lips a bit too full for her slim jawline. As for her eyebrows, they are darker than her hair and are straighter than they are arched, curving beneath her heart-shaped forehead. Jane also has gently waving, chestnut-colored hair. It is usually straight, curling at the ends by a cause of traits from her mother.

❖ Who I Am ❖

Jane has always been a reclusive, quiet, insecure, but kind-hearted, compassionate person towards others. Having the absence of a mother in her life, Jane developed into a very mature person, especially for her age. She mostly prefers to spend her free time reading, especially classics, and sketching near the trees surrounding the outside of Pemberley.

Jane prefers to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself; therefore, she absolutely hates when someone tries to understand or comprehend her. Ironically, she demonstrates a good acting ability in hiding her feelings. She is also incredibly stubborn, which causes her to have a strong determination for certain things. She has a sarcastic sense of humor, especially when she becomes angry. Jane is also surprisingly brave and outgoing because of early incidents as a child, which helps her with the ability to block painful thoughts and memories out of her mind.

She also demonstrates the attribute of being witty and smart. Because of being bold and headstrong, she usually speaks her mind which can cause the upbringing of trouble. Jane is very strategic in everyday life, planning what she should do and what she should say. She is very close to her father, which reveals numerous passionate traits throughout her personality. But with the force of marriage he is bringing into the estate, Jane is rather skeptical of his decisions. She feels very strongly about her beliefs and will, causing her stick up for others along with herself if needed. Her past hardships have molded her into a bit of a rebellious girl, resulting in speculation from others of who she is and what she stands for.

Likes Dislikes
Sketching✔ Death {Springing back to her mother}✘
Walks✔ WW1✘
Pemberley Abbey✔ Her 'set' life✘
Dancing {Balls and events}✔ Absent-minded people✘
Reading/Writing✔ Corsets {Fashion}✘


❖ My Past ❖

Jane had always been the outspoken one. She was different from the rest of the girls her age; she was the girl who was always quick to come up with something more interesting to do. Everyone suspected the cause of her impudence was from her mother, who always chose to do something outside of the strict lines of British society.

She grew up a happy, carefree child. Her mother influenced her to do the things she wanted, rather than what someone else implied for her to do. Life was simple. She and her parents were very close, resulting in a joyous childhood. Everyday activities consisted of playing outside of the abbey with her younger sisters, visiting the nearby village, and simply observing her mother paint next to the glistening lake near the abbey.

But sickness began to fill the estate.

Struck with a rare illness, her mother lived day to day by resting in her bed throughout her family's lives. Her condition was worsening, and a shadow of death hung over Pemberley. Jane spent minutes, hours, even days holding her mother's hand, feeling her skin growing colder and colder. Finally, the life of Helen Branson had dwindled away.

Jane was mortified. Her innocence had been stolen from her. Soon, everyone went into mourning. Her father struggled to utter a word the days after his beloved wife had died. Life was never the same. Jane became a sullen, depressed child who now kept to herself.

But, as expected, life proceeded as it should. The girls grew, new faces visited, but a deep hole was left untended in their hearts. Jane continued to learn new things and find activities to do to occupy her thoughts, including sketching on the outskirts of the estate. She became a proper young lady, who inside was screaming. She defied everyone and everything inside of her head, but nevertheless, she was a doll who was controlled by the system of society. Jane Branson was ready for something new.


So begins...

Jane Branson's Story


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#, as written by Rene

❖ Jane Branson {Of Pemberley} ❖

Jane Branson felt the wind caress the edges of her pale face. She closed her eyes, breathing in the scent of spring and the peacefulness it forever carried with it. Jane often preferred staying outside, rather than to be locked inside of Pemberley with all of its chaotic cleaning and ideal atonement. Outside, it was calm, much like a dream to Jane; it brought the freedom that she envied for, and outside, she grasped it.

Jane's gaze met the book that rested on top of her lap. Reading carried her into a whole new world. It was a world full of romance, adventure, and despair. She often wondered why she enjoyed reading so much. Perhaps it was the imagination of a new life or a certain destiny. Her eyes ran up and down the pages, carefully tracing each word so that it would stay within her mind. Jane often went back to her stories in times of utter boredom so that she could escape the strict system of society. But was it society that struck her so badly? Was it the continuous day-to-day routines that never ceased to exist? Jane would never know.

She let out a small sigh and looked up to the familiar view. Magnificent trees lined the sight that stood before her. They loomed over the ground and produced a thick, dark shade. It was simply astonishing to Jane; it was almost like a wondrous painting.

"Lady Jane!"

Jane bit her lip as she listened to the shrill cry of one of the servants. She yearned not to turn around. She wished to stay still, forever watching the rise and fall of the sun, always thinking contently to herself. But that was not her fate, unfortunately.

Her fingernails dug into the thick spine of the book as she closed it, turning back around to see the tremendous view of Pemberley. She had to admit, it was a marvelous sight. It had largely spaced columns that supported the structure itself. They were detailed to perfection, just like her mother had wanted them. But alas, the interior of the estate held a dreary tone.

She stood up, putting her hand to her forehead to block away the sun shining down into her deep, brown eyes. She headed up the hill towards the servant that was waiting for her arrival. It was now time to revisit reality. Jane gave a slight nod to the maid as she entered the grounds of the estate.

Servants silently bowed their heads as Jane slowly walked through the beautiful, opened doors of Pemberley. She felt she did not deserve this gratitude, but she was a lady of wealth, and that is how they were treated according to everyone's perspective, except for Jane's. Elegance flooded the massive hallway she crept through. Glistening crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, exotic plants lined the walls, and expensive picture frames hung against the stenciled wallpaper.

Jane quickened her pace towards the spiraling staircase above her. She did not like to draw attention, but that is how everyone reacted in her presence.

"Lady Jane, would you like some help getting ready?" One of the maids spoke as she approached the staircase.

"No, that is quite alright." She turned towards the maid, lightly resting her hand on the rail of the stairs. "Thank you, though." She resumed her walk up the stairs, picking up the length of her dress.


Dinner was always a great spectacle. Her father was the type of man who enjoyed pleasing others. Jane was annoyed with him in these times. Culture was changing, and her father had not recognized it. He was too busy holding onto the dreadful, yet elegant past.

Jane fastened the back of the pearl necklace that hung across her chest. She looked into the mirror and observed a sullen, empty girl. Her hair was tightly pulled into a bun. Numerous pins stuck out from her hair, prodding outwardly with matching pearls to complete her look. She wore an teal evening gown that was a bit too tight for her liking, but it would have to do.

She heard a knock. "Lady Jane?"

Jane turned around in her chair. "Come in."

It was Lydia, one of the maids, fumbling her hands nervously as she entered. "Lord Branson says it's time for dinner." She looked up at Jane, giving no certain expression. Her red hair framed the edges of her face.

"Thank you, Lydia. I'll come down in a few minutes." She gave Lydia a slight nod, and Lydia exited the room with a questionable smile. Jane turned towards the mirror, closing her eyes with a frustrated sigh.


Jane walked down the hallway once more. As always, the staff of servants stood at attention to her. One by one she met their eyes and tried to give a caring glance. There stood Ursula, one of her favorite maids, and her petite, blonde self. Jane smiled in her presence. She turned to enter the gathering room.

She was greeted with her father's deep voice. "Jane, how nice it is to finally see you." He stood with his arm leaning against the fireplace mantle.

"I am sorry, Papa." she returned, "I have been-"

"Nevermind that," he interrupted, "I have some news I want to share with you and your sisters." His hand outstretched towards her younger sisters, who were now sitting down. Azrael seemed bored, as well as Rose.

"Very well, then." Jane tried to lighten the mood. "Let us eat."

With that, Thomas, one of the footmen, opened the doors to the dining room. She observed Thomas. He had always been rather blank. Many times she had tried to read his expressions, but nothing came out of it. He had been at Pemberley as long as she could remember. She recollected him riding his bicycle down to the estate every Sunday to deliver newspapers. That was when times were happy.

Walking forward, Jane gave a slight nod to Thomas.

Dinner was, of course, a huge situation. Lobster was prepared as well as fresh bread. Everyone sat down as their seats were scooted forward by the servants. Jane observed the detail of the ivory table cloth. She was sure it was more interesting than her father's announcement.

"Girls," he spoke, "I have mentioned the Bennet boys, have I not?"

Jane shook at the mention of the Bennets. She knew he wanted them to stay at Pemberley, perhaps to fall in love with one of her sisters, or herself. She defied this, though. She believed that love was true, not forced, as did her mother, but her mother was not here to argue with her father. That was Jane's duty, now. Something told her that they were probably arrogant, selfish men. Jane looked up at her father with widened eyes.

"Well," he began, "They are staying here for the summer."

Jane bit her lip. She wanted to yell, even scream at this statement. Her father knew how much she disliked this topic. He had tried to court her with someone before, but nothing ever worked. Jane was the epitome to stubbornness.

"When are they arriving?" Jane looked at her sisters with a worried expression.

"Tonight, actually," He took a sip of his wine. "After dinner."

Jane's heart skipped a beat. She couldn't stop the notion of speaking the words she thought. "What?"

Lord Branson narrowed her eyes towards her. The room had gone cold. "Jane," he started, " Do not act like this is a bad thing-"

"I am not." She concluded sternly. "But why couldn't you have given us time to prepare?"

"You would of tried to stop me." He looked at both of his daughters. "I have explained before that this is important for your future."

"But you are not in control of our future, Papa." Jane went on.

Her father pursed his lips. "That is not your place to say, Jane."

"Then who's place is it?" Jane felt her fists clenching on her lap.

"Jane Branson," He was beginning to turn red. "Stop this attitude immediately."

Jane slunk back in her chair. Her father looked sorry, sad even. They had once been close, but now, Jane disliked him more and more as the days went on.

"Girls, as you know, the Bennets live far off from Pemberley." He cleared his throat, "That is why they are arriving so late."

Jane heard her father mumbling in the background. She looked out of one of the grand windows, yearning to go outside and plunge herself into a story. But everything prevented her from doing that.

For a moment, she met eye contact with Thomas, who was now beginning to serve the evening meal. She felt pitied, as if someone felt sorry for her. She looked back towards the window, counting down the minutes before the arrival of the Bennet boys.


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Thomas Kent

Thomas was apart of the natural, bustling chaos of the abbey. He, and many of the staff members, strived to perfect each imperfection that clouded the estate. That was their job, of course.

Morning began as it should. The maids, footmen, and other members of the staff sat down silently in the downstairs dining room to eat breakfast. The room was simple. There stood a long, wooden table surrounded by chairs in the middle of the large walls that concealed the staff. Nothing was luxurious about a footman's life. Their duty was to serve the luxury. But Thomas could not complain. The Branson Family offered good pay, and it was hard to find it in troubling times that struck everyone's life, wealthy or poor.

Mr. Gibson was in charge of the staff. He was a plump old man, but stricter than anyone Thomas had ever known. He sat down at the end of the table, reading the newspaper while twitching his mustache. Ms. Thelma, head of the cooking staff, delivered delicious morning meals to each and everyone of the members. Thomas saw Gabriel, his younger sister, enter the room.

Thomas cherished Gabe to an extent that he could never explain. She was the only family he had left, and to her, he was very grateful. He gestured for her to sit down next to him. The staff always sat in their regular seats. It was some sort of 'secret' policy Mr. Gibson had come up with, and no one dared argue.

Thomas smiled at Gabriel. To Thomas, Gabe looked very much like his mother, and it pained him to think of her. Memories still haunted Thomas greatly, and he did everything in his power to forget them, although it was a struggling challenge.

The staff chatted amongst themselves. Thomas leaned towards Gabriel. "It seems like Mr. Gibson is a bit frustrated." He turned his gaze towards Mr. Gibson, who was now sweating. He pulled out his handkerchief and dabbed his forehead slightly, looking intently into the newspaper. Thomas produced a slight smile. It was always funny to see Mr. Gibson frantic, for everyone knew he overreacted to the tiniest situations.

"Mr. Gibson," Thomas spoke in his think, Irish-accent. "Is everything alright?"

Everyone looked at Mr. Gibson, who now looked up at everyone else. Thomas leaned back in his chair.

"No," Mr. Gibson replied, shaking his head. "No, it's not alright, lad'." His hands began to shake against the newspaper. "They say that war might be brewing." he paused, "This time, their serious, Thomas."

The staff went silent. Thomas looked at Gabriel, who seemed a bit worried. Thomas had discussed leaving to fight, perhaps to become a soldier in the British Army. But he knew it might of pained Gabe to hear this.

Thomas wanted to calm everyone down. "Well, at least it's not here yet, right?" The members looked at him, still frightened.

This time, Mr. Gibson wasn't overreacting.

The service bells started ringing, meaning that the Bransons were calling for assistance.

Thomas looked at Gabriel. "I'll see you at lunch then."

Everyone filed out. Thomas looked out of one of the lonesome windows, his heart aching.

Evening had come. Thomas had completed his everyday duties; he assisted Lord Branson, cleaned the new automobiles, monitored lunch, and even helped the maids sweep the floors. Thomas now proceeded to finish his break.

He often took walks along the outskirts of Pemberley during these breaks, and today was one of those days. Shoving his hands into his pockets, Thomas took a familiar path that he enjoyed walking down. The wind was more brisk today, making his hair shift in every direction.

Pemberley was truly a beautiful abbey to Thomas. He had always enjoyed working here, even through the family's ups and downs. He vaguely remembered Lady Branson. He knew that she was a kind, gentle spirit that the girls were attracted to immensely. But, terror reigned over the estate, and her death had a huge impact on the family. The abbey lost its other half that day, and ever since the abbey began to dwindle into utter despair.

Thomas looked at the willow trees he passed, remembering the feeling he had when he once rode to Pemberley to deliver papers. He always enjoyed coming; it was an escape from his natural life. But one day, things changed. He remembered seeing Jane run outside as he approached the grounds.

"Thomas!" She exclaimed. She was sobbing as if someone she had awoken from a terrible nightmare.

Naturally, Thomas embraced her, throwing his bicycle aside. They had become close friends from his weekly visits. They were only around the age of thirteen, but had a deep, caring passion for each other. He remembered the sun shining down on her tears, and her brown hair, whipping around her face. Although Thomas knew this incident was from a result of her mother's death later, he never knew why she pulled back so much after that day.

He walked forward once more, looking off in the distance. There, coincidentally, sat Jane beneath a willow tree, reading a book. He stared in awe. She was absolutely beautiful, Thomas could not deny. To Thomas, she seemed depressed throughout the abbey. He wished if only he could talk to her, but that was far out of his reach. Very far out.

Stunned by his feelings, Thomas quickly turned back around towards the abbey, his thoughts moving in every direction. What was he thinking?

Is was a slightly awkward moment in the dining room. Thomas began to deliver the trays of lobster to the Bransons. He circled the table, listening to the quarrel between Lady Jane and Lord Branson as he set the plates down carefully. For a moment, he met Jane's eyes and felt sorry for her. She looked off into a window, saddened by the argument. Thomas let out a small sigh, unnoticeable to anyone in the room. He carefully looked at Jane again, monitoring her mood. He truthfully agreed with Jane and her disagreement with Lord Branson, but that was not his place to say or think about.

Soon, the Bennets would arrive. He only wished for her to be happy.

John Bennet

John looked out of the car's window. It was strange for him to leave home, especially for a long while. He had already assumed Pemberley was going to be a boring, proper palace full of boring, proper people.

John turned towards Abram. "Well, I don't know what you think," he paused, "But I'm not looking forward to this."

John knew this was for marriage issues. His parents were old friends of Lord Branson, and they knew he obtained riches. Riches that could perhaps be added to our family if they proposed, which was never going to happen.

The car soon approached a halt. John looked out of the window, seeing the marvelous view of Pemberley. He opened the door, nodding to the driver to gather their things. He stood waiting for the reaction of his arrival. Soon, the staff, and the Branson Family, filed out in front of the car, all lined in a perfect row.

John observed the girls. They were all very simple, but beautiful. He put on a 'pleased' smile as Lord Branson approached him. He tried not to seem so enthusiastic, as he always did.


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Azrael was up much too early, but she hadn't really slept yet either. At four in the morning she was slipping on a pair of brown trousers, already wearing one of the manservant's button down shirts. He hadn't seemed to mind her asking to bother it, though he had seemed quite confused about it. Poor man, men, they would never understand people like her. Half the time she didn't even understand herself, so she really held no expectations of others being able too either. Of course she had tried to understand, at one time. The seemingly endless hours that she would stay awake, unable to even attempt to sleep, she would sit and try and figure herself out. Though she usually got distracted by something and never really got past the thoughts of her wishing that she could have been born a boy. It just seemed like life would be a lot easier for her, for everyone really.

After sitting around awhile more, she got up the courage to leave the house. Sneaking outside was easy enough, most the servants knew not to bother her anymore if they caught her doing this, because she had explained only too many times that she wasn't going far, and she would be back before anyone could notice. It sort of surprised her though, that when she got to the barn a horse was already ready for her. One of the younger stableboys came out from where he had been hiding in a stall, apparently not wanting to be caught tacking up a horse for the lady. Az offered a small smile and a playful wink, beckoning him out of the stall. "Thank you-", she paused. "Alex," he was quick to speak up, scrambling out of the stall and bowing before her. Another one of the stablehands quickly approached, pulling Alex aside and whispering something to him, no doubt it was about how Az didn't like being treated like royalty. During this time, she had a moment to actually look over the new boy. He couldn't be older than her, and he looked closer to fourteen or fifteen, rather than sixteen.

"I swear I won't make this mistake again, Azrael." The way he said her name made her smile, it was like he wasn't sure if he really was allowed to say it, and the way he tensed probably meant that he was expecting to get yelled at. "You may call me Az, if you'd like. How about you and I go and get one of the other horses ready, and we can ride together?"

A few hours later, both Alex and Az were returning the horses to their stalls, talking and laughing like they had been best friends for forever. Saying their goodbyes, Az quickly made her way back to the house.

:: Later that evening.

Father had beckoned her down from her room. She refused to budge from her spot in the middle of the hallway, where she currently was sitting on the floor. At first she had been happy to come with the servant, thinking that they were going to go do something or, well whatever. But when she began asking what exactly they were going to do, the woman had refused to tell her. So, she had sat down and refused to move. Apparently the servant had thought that if she told Az, then she would move, but that just made her all the more furious. Her father thought he could just tell her to come down and do this and that and that she would listen! Funny, daddy. Really.

Finally they had called one of the men to come and carry her down to the dinner table. Luckily, Lord Branson hadn't arrived yet, so he missed the whole thing. The bitter part of her wished he had been there, just so that she could fight with him. Almost every dinner, every moment they spent together was spent fighting. Because of the way she chose to dress, like a man. Or the way she refused to eat with the right spoon, who was to say what spoon as to be used for what? Or even how she really should not but that much salt on her food. Az missed the fight between her older sister and her father, because as soon as she had heard the news she had gotten up and left.

When they were told to go outside to meet the Bennet's, Az had still refused. Though when she saw her sister down there, she knew that she was being selfish, and should go down there. Sighing heavily, the girl pulled on a fresh pair of clothes- though still dressed like a man -and made her way outside. Of course, being the disrespectful daughter everyone expected her to be, she bounded towards the first Bennet to step out of the car. "Hello there! I'm Azrael, feel free to call me Az. I hear you'll be marrying one of us?" She batted her eyelashes at the man, hearing her father grumbling behind her. "That's darling, I've gotta let you in on a secret though," Az leaned very close, voice dropping to a whisper. "It won't be me."


Breakfast hadn't been pleasant that morning. As soon as she had heard news of a war, she immediately turned towards her brother, eyes wide and hands trembling as she reached for his hand under the table. "You can't go." She didn't even know if there really was a war to come, but no matter what, she wasn't going to let her brother leave. Not just her, but everyone. She couldn't think of a single person in the castle that didn't adore her brother.

Shaking her head to dismiss the thoughts, she continued up towards Lady Rose's room. After knocking a few times, the door came open a tad bit and she stumbled forward a few steps. "I-I... Lord Branson says it 'tis time for dinner, Mi'Lady." Bowing quickly, and clumsily, she retreated from the room and made her way down the steps. Her chores were already finished, but she always had to stay ready for any extra tasks.

It wasn't that she didn't like the Branson's, they were very kind people when they wanted to be. And they paid for her life, really. Without this job she would be living on the streets. But she still resented the fact that without them, she probably wouldn't be alive. Though she wished it could be true, she knew her brother couldn't have kept taking care of both of them. It would have taken his life sooner or later, either from the stress or just because he was overworking himself. The Branson household had sort of, taken them in, you could say. They cooked, cleaned, did whatever they wanted them to do, in return for the basic necessities required to live.

Retreated to the servant's quarters, she entered the room that she shared with her brother and picked up the book she had been reading the previous night. Hamlet, by Shakespeare. She had read the book at least ten times now, and could probably recite at least half the pages without looking, but there was nothing else for her to read.


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Rose Branson

Rose carefully poured water into each bright, healthy looking plant that sat in her windowsill. Her room got the most light, which was perfect for keeping small plants in. She would plant a small seed, then once it got large enough she would plant it outside in her garden. She loved to lay on the soft ottoman she had pressed up against her window and read with a cup of tea was the sun's gentle rays warmed her. On her seat was a rather old looking copy of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Is was stained, the spine partially undone, and over time if had formed slightly to her body from many nights when she had fallen asleep with it under her. She had read it so many times, and it was very common to see her curled up on her ottoman or in her garden reading it over again.

When she heard a knock to her door, she jumped lightly and gasped. Chuckling at herself softly, she quietly opened the door to see one of the maids nearly fall over. The poor girl seemed emmbarrassed. "I-I. . . Lord Branson says it 'tis time for dinner, m'lady." She quickly told her, before turning to hurry off. Smiling tenderly, she gently caught the girl's wrist. Rose softly opened the girl's hand, and placed a beautiful lavender rose in her palm. "It's my first lavender rose I have ever gotten. It had only been planted a few months ago, and it has already grown this beautiful flower. 'Tis growing rather crooked, but I believe it is going to be the grandest of them all. Don't ever be embarrassed for not being perfect- none of us are, Gabriel." Rose was known for being wise beyond her years, and very kind. Especially to their workers, despite being chided by her mother for standing up for them. With a kindhearted smile, she softly closed her door before she could try to give the rose back to her. Anyways, the maid was sure to know that Rose would find a way to make her keep it.

Rose changed out of what she was wearing, and into a strapless crimson dress. Although she was very compliment when it came to her parents demands, she would often have very quiet rebellions. For example- she picked her dress carefully. Red, for rebellion. None of the sisters were happy about this, although Rose never complained. Once, she had broken three fingers and didn't tell anyone for weeks because everyone was very busy getting ready for a big party and she didn't want to be a bother.
She pulled her blonde curls into a loose braid, leaving one curl out to frame her face. She placed a bright red rose in her hair, before leaving her room.

She quietly made her way downstairs, giving Az a wink and her parents a polite smile. She sat down silently, resting her folded hands in her lap and glancing up at her father when he said he had an announcement to make. No doubt about the Bennett boys. When Jane entered the room, slightly late, she silently pleaded with her father not to be upset. Thankfully, he wasn't.

"Girls," he spoke, "I have mentioned the Bennet boys, have I not?"
"Well," he began, "They are staying here for the summer."
Rose could practically see the tension coming from her sisters. Please, please. Not a fight. she braced herself, glancing over at her sister worriedly. "When are they arriving?" Jane asked with a worried expression. "Tonight, actually. After dinner." her father responded, making Rose want to hide her hands in her face. Yes, this definetly would not sit well with her sisters. As left, and she could feel Jane's anger rising already.

"What?" Her older sister stared, confirming Rose's fear. Something was about to start. Lord Branson narrowed his eyes towards her. The room had gone cold. "Jane," he started, " Do not act like this is a bad thing-"
"I am not." She concluded sternly. "But why couldn't you have given us time to prepare?"
"You would of tried to stop me." He looked at both of his daughters. "I have explained before that this is important for your future."
"But you are not in control of our future, Papa." Jane went on. Her father pursed his lips. "That is not your place to say, Jane."
"Then who's place is it?" Jane felt her fists clenching on her lap. "Jane Branson," He was beginning to turn red. "Stop this attitude immediately."

Rose tuned out, waiting for it to end. She hated it so much when her family fought. Closing her eyes, she turned her head away. Is this what their mother would have wanted? She didn't dare speak that out loud. She could not do that to her family.
When the dust had settled, Rose used her eyes but didn't make eye contact with her father. "I'll look to like, if looking liking move: But no more deep will I endart mine eye than your consent gives strength to make it fly."" She quoted Romeo and Juliet, hoping to appease her father. It she had to give up a little freedom to keep her family together, then so be it. She was very naive and submissive, and she was always expected to consent.

Later that night

Rose stood, waiting for the Bennetts to arrive. Usually being the friendliest of her sisters, she was often the first to greet guests. She stood out, with her scarlet dress and vibrant rose.
When they arrived, she gave them a genuine, kindhearted smile. Before her father could speak, Az approached the first male to get off. She was tempted to cringe as se got in his face.

She stepped in front of her father discreetly, although she was too short to protect her sister from getting a glare. She couldn't help but chuckle, slightly, offering the makes an apologetic smile. "Good evening." She cut in before her father could say anything to her sister. "Welcome to Pemberly Abbey. I am Rose Branson, and my sisters are fully capable of introducing themselves." With a bright, genuine smile she offered her hand to the brothers. She often ended up playing the peace maker, without their mother.


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Routinely, the day began bright and early with breakfast, served by and to the very same persons. Naturally, there was a hierarchy in terms of where one sat, explaining Ursula's current position at the far end of the table. Only a year had passed since she first stepped through the Branson doors, wide-eyed with wonder, lips gently parted in apprehension. She still had much to do to prove herself, and though Lord Branson may have had a brief fascination with her innocent appearance, she hardly considered herself a favourite. She dared not delude herself with the thought.

"Pass the bread please."

Slowly, Ursula dragged herself back to the present, a small smile adding to her dreamy expression. "Here you are." She was careful not to make a mess, learning from the all too recent embarrassment of spilling the molasses on the table. The other maid thanked her with a nod, her thin, taut lips barely curving in reaction to the young girl's sincerity. "I'm Ida, new here."

Thus, Ursula spent most of her breakfast meeting the new recruit, spending some time introducing the other maids in their vicinity to her, as well as swapping stories. Once in a while, the stoic Ida would break into a gentle expression, warming the young servant's heart. Immediately, she knew they would be the closest of friends, and already, her mind was wrought with sunny daydreams of their adventures together.

It was not until the sudden silence that Ursula paid any attention.

Before she could ask what she had missed, she caught a glimpse of Ida's dark expression, feeling herself growing heavier with each lingering second. Turning away, she laid eyes on Mr. Gibson, who appeared to be at the center of the situation. Then, another man spoke, but Ursula was unsure of his name as she was rather forgetful. She watched vaguely as he attempted to calm the staff down, not that she was aware of what they were even worried about, finding herself being distracted by his features. Droopy the stray she had found all those years ago. Off she went on a tangent as the others resumed their conversations, and though she was distant in thought, the tension of the room easily permeated her fantasies.

The day seemed busier than usual, what with the arrival of the guests. Being at the low end of the chain of command, Ursula knew very little of the night's events, but only that each inch of the mansion was to be in pristine condition. It was almost always in pristine condition, that was their everyday, thus she found it strange for the point to even be emphasized. Nonetheless, she went about the day as usual, speaking with her peers or whistling short tunes while she cleaned and cooked. However, the entire day seemed to drag on, for she eagerly awaited the evening's visitors. After all, they brought what little excitement into Ursula's confined life.

Finally, the dinner was ready to be served. Upon bringing the last few dishes into the dining hall, she found herself in the presence of the beloved Lord Branson. She beamed, trying contain her joy by dropping her gaze, but with little success.


She quickly placed the dish on to the tablecloth before walking over, eyes boring shallow holes into his chest.

"You have a stain on your dress. Make yourself presentable to the guests tonight."

Her heart sunk, but quickly recovered. She was being spoken to, that was enough. Besides, it had already been months since he's spoken to her, she shouldn't be so greedy.

"Apologies my lord. I'll go immediately."

However, before she did, a warm finger lifted her chin upward. Green eyes widened in surprise as she stared face to face with one man she dared not set her gaze on. Seeing her obvious reaction, he nearly chuckled, lips settling into a half-smile. "Off you go." He commanded, leaving a very stunned young girl behind.

Deep in her daydreams, before she knew it, it was time to stand for the dinner. Naturally she moved into place, eyes drifting across the faces along the other wall as she waited for the sisters to arrive. As Jane passed the maids, a kind smile as usual, Ursula was proud to catch her warm glance as well. However, the fuzzy sentiments she floated amidst soon grew dull once the conversation began. Wishing to prolong her own feelings of happiness, Ursula tuned out reflexively, her mind quick to avoid unpleasant situations.


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#, as written by Naught
Abram Bennet

"You and your brothers will be going to Pemberley, to stay with the Branson's for the summer." After hearing this he already knew there was no getting out of it and his parents made sure of that. They had cancelled his training lessons for the summer and it wasn't pleasant for him to hear that, and they stopped him from going to the library but, he still took a few books with him just in case. He didn't want to miss out on anything he needed to learn, and a little mystery book or two wouldn't hurt him.

It would be dark out whenever they had arrived, which really wasn't good for Abram.

Abram looked out the window he'd be training if it wasn't canceled for the summer if he'd refused to go but, instead he would be at the Branson Manor and he knew it was about marriage. Stuffing his head in a good book was all he could really do at the moment.

"I don't know what to think of this but, you got to give them a chance John." But, he really wasn't sure if he was actually one for marriage. He would breathe a breath of worry as the car had stopped in the front of the Branson Manor, there was no turning back now, he could decline but, he wasn't for sure how everyone would take it.

He really didn't enjoy place like these at all, he rather spend time with his books, or his trainer more than this but, he wasn't the type of person to judge a book by it's cover. Getting out of the car he then stood beside his brother smiling pleasantly at the girls and Lord Branson he'd stop smiling when the first Branson girl arching his eyebrow a little he looked over at her but, payed no mind to it. She had looked nice he guessed but, he didn't say a thing about it while gripping the book in his hand.

Smiling at the second Branson daughter that approached him and his brother. He took her hand with his free hand and bowed slightly before letting go of her hand for his brother to take it. He wasn't really good in talking in this situations but, he would introduce himself after everyone has introduced themselves so that he wouldn't continue to say the same thing over and over again to a different person.

He didn't think he'd be the one to marry a women that didn't want to marry him but, if that was what his parents had wanted, he'd do it just for them.


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#, as written by Rene

❖ Jane Branson {Of Pemberley} ❖

Jane stared intently into their eyes. She stepped forward calmly, trying to seem as pleased as possible, although a fire was fuming inside of her rebellious spirit.

"Hello," she began, "I'm Jane." She followed behind Rose, shaking the Bennet's hands.

Jane observed them. They were fine looking men, with a clean sense of style. They both had dark hair and stood in a straight posture, returning the handshake. The eldest brother looked a bit selfish, as if he wasn't impressed with Pemberly. She disliked arrogant people with a passion, indicating that they would most likely not get along. She certainly did not like this idea of a forced marriage, too, so that added to the fury inside of her- immensely.

Jane returned back to her family, meeting a glance with her father. He nodded in approval of her 'pleasing' behavior.

"It is a pleasure that you are now arriving." her father started, "I'll have the staff take everything to your rooms." He turned towards the staff, "Please offer our guests a tour if they would like."

Jane looked off to the side, beginning to grow tiresome of the event.

"Girls, you may return to your bedchambers. We will meet each other for breakfast in the morning." Her father met each of his daughter's eyes.

Jane began to enter Pemberly to finally go to bed. She glanced over her shoulder, watching her father talk to the Bennet boys, perhaps apologizing for Azrael's behavior.

For a moment, she met the eyes of the Bennet's.

She turned her head quickly, eager to go to sleep.


Meeting her room, Jane quickly undressed. She blew out the candle that glowed brightly next to her bed. She stared at the ceiling, frustrated with everything and everyone.


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John Bennet

"I don't know what to think of this but, you got to give them a chance John." Abram looked at John.

John sighed, trying to become positive.

"Hello there! I'm Azrael, feel free to call me Az. I hear you'll be marrying one of us?" She batted her eyelashes at John, hearing her father grumbling behind her. "That's darling, I've gotta let you in on a secret though," Az leaned very close, voice dropping to a whisper. "It won't be me."

John cocked his head, raising his eyebrows. A smirk emerged from his lips. "Is that so?" He leaned closer to the dark-haired girl, his tone slightly decreasing. "Well, Miss Azrael," He hesitated, but still kept his cocky attitude in tune. "I must admit that I find your behavior immature and amusing, yet very attractive." He looked down at her. "I am pleased to meet your acquaintance. My name is John, by the way." Taking Azrael's hand, he kissed it gently.

"How was that for a chance, Abram?" John thought to himself.

John thoroughly enjoyed messing with others. He knew that Azrael would highly disprove of this; therefore, causing her to be even more annoyed with his unsatisfying presence. He did find her to be a rebellious woman, which often did attract John along with her beauty. But, nevertheless, he had a feeling that problems would soon arise between the both of them. From that moment forward, John believed that Pemberley was a waste of his precious time. He had an strong urge to climb back into the car and leave as quickly as possible.

"Good evening." Another one of the girls cut in before Lord Branson could say anything to his daughter."Welcome to Pemberly Abbey. I am Rose Branson, and my sisters are fully capable of introducing themselves."

John couldn't help but smile. She was a bright, independent soul. Rose looked like the opposite of John, which was why he found it surprising to take to liking the girl. He was stunned by her presence, for she was an angel to him, bringing in marvel, while he was an empty human-being, who carried nothingness.

"I see," he spoke. He cracked a slight smile, not daring to lose eye-contact with her. "I'm John." He took her hand, shaking it gently. Rose smiled. Hopefully, he wished, it meant that she was satisfied with him. "Rose," He gave a small chuckle and shook his head with a smile now forming. "I must say that you are much kinder than your sister." He hoped that Rose found this amusing.

Turning back to her father, Rose walked towards him as the eldest sister approached John.

"Hello," she began, "I'm Jane."

Jane was a reserved girl to John. Her beauty also shocked him. He was drawn in by her deep, brown eyes. John knew that her mind was somewhere else, which saddened him. She looked depressed, as if she had already hated him. This was a common reaction when others were with John.

Jane extended her hand. He took it, trying to assimilate a smile to lighten the mood. "I'm John." He leaned closer to her ear to whisper. "I must admit that I am as stricken as you are." he paused, "I am sorry that you must go through this, Jane."

He was sure that Jane was surprised by his behavior. John just wanted to be honest for once. That was all.

"It is a pleasure that you are now arriving." Lord Branson started, "I'll have the staff take everything to your rooms." He turned towards the staff, "Please offer our guests a tour if they would like."

John would've liked to view the place where he was staying, but he was beginning to grow tired from the long journey.

"Girls, you may return to your bedchambers. We will meet each other for breakfast in the morning." Lord Branson assured his daughters with this news. He now began to walk towards John and Abram.

As he began chatting once more, John's eyes drifted away to take in the abbey. He saw Jane, now walking inside. For a moment, they made eye-contact. She then quickly disappeared.

Lord Branson now concluded his statement. "I'll have a footman take you to your bedchambers."

Lord Branson gestured for Thomas to make his way towards the boys. "This is Thomas," he began, "Thomas, this is John and Abram Bennet."

"Pleased to meet you." Thomas gave a slight bow.

"I will see you two in the morning," Lord Branson hesitated. "Goodnight, boys."

He walked towards Pemberley, shaking his head as the wind kicked up. Lord Branson must of disapproved of his daughter's first impressions.

Thomas Kent

Thomas led the two Bennets up the grand staircase of Pemberley, leading the way with a burning candle. He didn't know what to expect of them. John seemed a bit arrogant, but Abram was more open to the situation. Overall, he disliked the idea of a forced marriage, especially for the Branson daughters.

"Here you are, Sir Abram." Thomas opened an ivory door, nodding towards Abram to enter. It was one of the nicest bedchambers in the abbey, often used for guests. Everything had been polished by the maids earlier, and a fireplace was lit to heat the room. It was pure royalty.

Thomas spoke, "I will most likely be available for your service in the morning. If you need anything, you may ring the bell to call for me or any of the servants in the abbey." He smiled generously. "Goodnight, Sir."

Thomas closed the door and moved abruptly to the next room, opening the door for John. It was much like Abram's bedchamber, but with a different style, of course. Each room in the abbey was unique and different.

"The same thing applies to you, Sir John. I'll be available in the morning if anything is needed."

Turning to leave, Thomas gave a nod to John.

"Wait, Thomas," John was now admiring the room. "What do you think of the girls?"

"Well," Thomas paused, "That's not my place to say, Sir John-"

"Thomas, it's not like I'm asking you to give me a full report on them." John raised his eyebrows, looking at him. "I just need some information. I'm afraid I intimidate them." John smirked.

Thomas was skeptical. He paused, catching his breath. "Rose is a very kind girl. She is intelligent and smart. Azrael enjoys freedom, perhaps obtaining the will to be on her own. And Jane-" Thomas stopped.

"What about Jane?" John asked.

"I don't know, Sir John." Thomas really didn't know what to say. He was afraid he'd say too much.

"Thank you, Thomas. That will be all." John returned to the admiration of his room.

Thomas closed the door, quickly walking down to the Servant's Quarters. It had been a spontaneous day.

"Gabriel?" Thomas knocked to see if there was an answer.

He opened the door, revealing Hamlet slung across his sister's pillow. He smiled, quickly taking it and placing it on her bedside table. She was fast asleep.

Thomas retreated to his bed, still confused what to think. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath.

He'd think about it tomorrow.


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Azrael grinned, it always pleased her when others played along with her. He obviously seemed to think his comment would offend her though, make her throw a tantrum or something like it. The Prince would also be correct, but she wouldn't give him the pleasure of thinking that he had gotten to her. "I aim to please," was her reply, voice returning to normal for the moment. Though her next words were yet again a whisper, just before he pulled away from her. "I s'pose we'll have to find what, other things, you find attractive." Even though she was the youngest of her siblings, and probably the one that should be the most respectful and ladylike, she was certainly the worst of the three. And she didn't mind, either. Her freedom and her opinion was the only thing that mattered to her, and like John said, she liked acting immature. Making people laugh was, well, her specialty.

As he took her hand, she was tempted to snatch it away. Though seeing as he probably expected her to do this, she allowed him to place the gentle kiss upon her skin. When he happened to look up though, she caught his eye and winked before moving over to the other Bennet. This one she took pity on though, giving the usual it's such a pleasure to meet you, and all that. When she actually looked at him fully though, she realized that he didn't look as stuck up as the other brother did, not so cocky. That made her a bit less angry about them being here, perhaps she could pretend to like this one. Though she already felt that if any of the sisters were getting married, it was her two older sisters. No Prince would be interested in a young girl like her, even if younger tended to be better. Rose and Jane were the perfect ages, mature, yet still young and beautiful. Oh, yes, surprising right? Even Az is jealous of some things.

Jane had already left for her room, but Az lingered around until both of her sisters had gone in. Mostly she'd just hung out next to Thomas, asking the most random of questions and trying to see what he would say, if he would even talk to her at all. By now, most of the servants knew that all they really had to do was ignore her and she would go away. Finally she left, reluctantly leaving all the fun outside and heading up towards her room. Tomorrow, she knew these things by now, her father would likely take her aside and scream for a bit. Then he would settle on a punishment, that she also probably wouldn't go through with unless it consisted of cleaning the stables, but usually they revolved around her wearing girls clothes or acting proper. He would, no doubt, be upset that she was wearing mens clothing when she met the Bennet's, and she would, no doubt, not care.

Settling into her bed, she prepared for another night of restlessness.


Gabriel stared at the rose on her desk. She was unable to concentrate on her book because of it, so she settled on staring at the object and placing her book on her pillow beside her. Why did it bother her so much? Perhaps because Lady Rose had been so kind to her, but that wasn't fair of her. None of the Ladies were especially rude, from what she knew, they all tended to be quite down to earth and overall kind to the servants. But she hardly ever actually worked around them, all she knew was from second-hand sources. They usually had her working outside or cleaning up the Ladies rooms when they weren't present. This was because she wasn't the greatest at being around people she didn't know, and the head of staff had quickly discovered this after a very unpleasant meeting she had had with Lord Branson. Luckily, the Lord had forgiven her. The head of staff wasn't as pleasant though, and she spent the next day scrubbing the floors until her fingernails bled. Though it had been a very- well for the lack of a better word -mean, it had definitely got the point through to her. She wasn't allowed to mess up. That also happened to be the only time she lied to her brother, because she didn't want him to be disappointed in her.

Gabe was still staring at the rose- even though her thoughts had strayed far from it -when her eyes began to feel heavy. For awhile she tried to stay awake, wanting to wait until her brother returned before she slept, but she was unable too. The knock on the door did not wake her up, but the lamp being turned out did. Only barely though, her eyes fluttered open and she looked over at the form of her brother. "Night Tom, love you." After a few more minutes, she managed to slip back into slumber.


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#, as written by Rene

❖ Jane Branson {Of Pemberley} ❖

Jane stared into the scene withheld outside of her window. Servants were starting their duties by trimming the luscious, green grass, sumptuous hedges were being trimmed, and the sun was just starting to arise, creating a mixture of calm, soothing colors. The sight began to consume Jane with a sense of peace. She grinned modestly, swinging her legs over the edge of her bed to accomplish a stretch. She yawned while walking closer to the window. Resting her head on her hand, she sat on the ledge of the windowsill, taking in the glorious view. It had been a while since Jane had felt at peace, so it was relaxing to her, mentally and physically.

Her eyes gazed over the people standing along the edges of the grass. She squinted while trying to depict who was out and about, but the height of her bedchamber made it too challenging. They all looked like tiny bugs to Jane, scattering around the area.

Suddenly, there was a knock on her door. Jane's head whipped around, snapping back to her reality of the world. It was depressing to see Jane's mood change from joyous, to reserved in a single minute. Quite depressing.

"Lady Jane?" Jane could depict Lydia's shrill voice. Jane stood up, waiting for her arrival.

"You may come in, Lydia." Jane abruptly turned towards the curtains of the window, and pulled them together tightly.

Lydia entered, studying Jane. "Lady Jane, is everything alright?" She could see that Jane was disturbed.

"Yes," Jane looked down at her bare feet, biting the edge of her lip. "Yes, everything is fine, Lydia." Her eyes were carried upward, now gazing upon Lydia. "Now is there something you wanted to say?"

"Lord Branson says-"

"He says it's time for breakfast." Jane interrupted. She stared deeply into Lydia's eyes. She was beginning to hurt the poor girl, although not meaning to. "He always says the same thing." Jane looked away, feeling ashamed. "Thank you, Lydia."

Lydia gave a slight bow, and quickly exited the room.

Jane let out a sigh. She walked towards her wardrobe, preparing to dress.

"Everything is always the same."


Jane began her daily routine of walking to the dining room as usual. She felt as if she didn't have anyone to impress. She didn't know what to think anymore. She passed the same everyday things, and the same everyday people. Life was becoming boring now to Jane.

"Good morning, Rose," Jane spotted Rose next to the dining hall. She gave her a smile, now beginning to talk. "How did you-"

"Girls! Good morning!" Jane looked over her shoulder to see Lord Branson coming from upstairs. He seemed chipper, happy even, which was very odd to Jane.

"Good morning, Papa." Jane looked away, pretending her focus was now on a nearby pot of flowers. How intriguing.


Breakfast was quite awkward. Jane mostly spent her time picking at her food, too distraught to think about it. Her father exchanged a few words with the Bennets, trying to push the distance aside. It was strange for Jane to eat or converse with new people. For a while, it had only been the four of them and the servants. Jane tried to speak to Abram, although it was a challenge to come up with things to say.

"What do you enjoy doing, Abram?" Jane broke the silence which was unusual for her. Interested, she listened to his answer contently.