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The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring


We all love a superhero story! Their lives, their powers, their relationships... But, what about their children? Do we love the hell they're put through? Their lives? Well... let's find out...

777 readers have visited The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring since The*Lucky*Teacup created it.

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this roleplay is a revamp of it's original located here: though it is still originally created by me.




When you see these people, what are the first things you think of?

Brave? Heroic? Saving the day? Handsome? Kind? Caring?

Most people will think the obvious. People praise the heroes and their do-gooding manners. Their bold red capes and their colourful plastic masks. Their disguises, their powers, their personalities, all make us think that they will always be there to save the day. The good will always be triumphant. The heroes will save the day!

Well... Maybe it's time we closed the bedtime story book, and moved to the newspapers. Actually, beyond the newspapers. Beyond where no one has seen, and a place where the heroes have concealed by prancing around in the limelight.

Let's go here...


Or maybe here?


Hmm. Can you decide which is better? How does they compare to your everyday house? Is it clean? Hospitable?

No. Of course not. These places are like hell. They are hell. No one would want to live there. But are the people -No... Are the children there the one's that deserve to be in hell? It wouldn't surprise me if you said yes...

There are kids in there, being treated like worthless guinea pigs in a demented lab. They did nothing wrong. They've been grown up into this life of hell and scarring pain. And why? Because they're not normal. None of them are. They've all developed, or are in the middle of developing supernatural abilities. You heard me. From telekinetic mind powers, to superior strength, they're all here. And they all undergo tests and experiments of all types, whether it be a test of their knowledge, their senses or their powers. It's all here. And it's all extremely painful. Stored in cages, strapped down on hospital beds like mentally unstable monsters. But who are these children? Who are these children hidden from pure daylight? Who do they belong to?

Well, there's only one answer, and I shall sound like I'm repeating myself.


Their children, their family, their son's, their daughter's, neice's, nephew's, cousin's, their everything! Super-powered family members, locked away and hidden from society. Super-powered children are a nuiscence. How is any superhero meant to care for a child, who's powers which are developing gradually will only make mass destruction on their cities? Who could spare a moment to look after a child whilst their city is in peril? Who could face the humiliation of hearing their child has burnt down their school with a superpower mishap?

Most parents, let alone heroes, can't deal with those kind of problems. And so, they have to send them away. Keep them out of sight. Keep them in 'The Institution of Super-Abominations'. But they’re mere children? They need the tender love and care of any parent. But where are their mother’s and father’s? Who’s there to help them with their first steps? Who’s there to congratulate them when they achieve their goals?

No one was there. They're still not coming. Call as loud as they want. Scream their names! They still won’t hear.

They’ve forgotten about these children, mind kept on keeping the city away from anything different. Anything bizarre. Anything of theirs.

However... there's some people we seem to have forgotten about, whom may show some interest...


Villains have heard of these children. Hell, anyone in this business has heard of them. But, unlike the heroes, the villains support the children. Sure, they all have different reasons. Some see themselves pitifully in these children, having previous experiences of abandonment or such. Wheras others may see these children as a chance to start their own army of superpowered minions, a weapon to take out the heroes. But, in most cases, the villains will try to help these children, try to save them and take them under their wing.

This is the world these children have been brought into. The world that seems backwards to us, but forwards to them. Where the heroes are bad, and the villains are good...

Some of the kids that escape this place for 'Super-abominations' do make it to one town, and one town only.
And yes, that is the abandoned city shown above. It's a place for villains and super-powered children to hide. But it's also the place where crime is strong, police make regular visits, and where heroes are sent to try and find secret hideouts or the abominations, to shove them back into the institute.
This may sound hard enough, but there are also the 'heroes' that work for the institute, of 19 years old or above, that have been brainwashed into believing that these kids are hell raisers. Prisoners. And they deserve to be punished. And they are sent to bring back the abominations. Or kill them at least.

But, this is the story of our point of view. This is our story. This is the life we wish to run from but can never get away. There's never any getting away when superheroes are involved. We'll all die, we'll all want to die, and it's all their fault.

We don’t wish to cause chaos.
We want a chance.
We want to live like normal people. We want to take strolls in the park and sleep in cushiony beds. We want to be hugged by our families.
But we won’t be given that chance.

The public will still do it.
The Superheroes.
They'll be seen as the brave, the heroic, the one’s that ‘save the day’.

While we rot, alone and cold.
We become the abominations.
And this is what you made us to be.

But... we won’t always be that.
We’re sure...
You wait. These bars can’t hold us forever.
We'll all make it out one day.
One day soon...
Look out world.

Here we come.


Okay, so very very long plot line out of the way, here we go!

The Rolplay will start in 'The Institute of Super-Abominations' and we'll figure out a rescue or such.

The roleplay will probably lead to the kids breaking out and discovering new things.

And I'm hoping that the roleplay will eventually lead to the institute being exposed for what's happening or something like that.

Please let me know if you have ideas for something different! I'm not saying it'll nescissarily end there, but that shall be the main plot line I would think.

There are many different things we need. We need the kids, or 'Super-Abominations', the superheroes (None from actual movies/comics thank you...) The villains, the people who work for the institute, super's that have been brainswashed to capture the kids, and regular human beings if you so wish. The regular human beings could be criminals that live in Nailliv if you like? I don't know.
Super-abominations = 6-18
Brainwashed =19+
Anything else has to be 19+ :3

Here's the character skeleton!
Code: Select all
[size=200][color=COLOR THAT SEEMS APPROPRIATE]NAME HERE[/size][/color]
[right][img]JPEG OR GIF OF character[/img]











[b]Superpower: [/b]









[b]Their History:[/b]



[Anything else here]



List of characters:




'Institute for Super-Abominations' staff

Brain-washed super's



So, I'll update when things happen in the plot and make sure to check roleplay regularly! ^_^

Ongoing Plot:


Toggle Rules

  • No Godmodding
  • No Mary Sue's or Gary Sue's
  • Original character's please! Nothing from DCcomics or Marvel etc.
  • Swearing is allowed, just no 'pornographic material' please.
  • Please write a paragraph per post at least.
  • No limitations on amount of characters, but please be sensible with it.
  • Have fun! :D

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Character Portrait: Velocity / Velo
Velocity / Velo

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Character Portrait: Reggie Booker
Reggie Booker

I'll do what benefits me. No more, no less.

Character Portrait: Velocity / Velo
Velocity / Velo

What are you looking at? You little creep...

Character Portrait: Johnny "Shade" King
Johnny "Shade" King

"Know this... I AM the Void, I AM Hatred! Don't expect mercy from either!

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Character Portrait: Johnny "Shade" King
Johnny "Shade" King

"Know this... I AM the Void, I AM Hatred! Don't expect mercy from either!

Character Portrait: Reggie Booker
Reggie Booker

I'll do what benefits me. No more, no less.

Character Portrait: Velocity / Velo
Velocity / Velo

What are you looking at? You little creep...

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Nailliv by The*Lucky*Teacup

Nailliv, the town full of crime and your new home. Enjoy fighting of coppers and escaping the grasp of oncoming agony!


Nailliv, the town full of crime and your new home. Enjoy fighting of coppers and escaping the grasp of oncoming agony!

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Most recent OOC posts in The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

So how's the situation looking? I know its hardly been two days, but it seems like no one else is flocking to join. Have you considered making a Roleplayers Wanted notice or inviting anyone from the old incarnation of the RP? I have no doubt that this will be a very fun RP and I'd hate to see it not even gain much interest.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

I think I'll drop on this one. Can't really seem to find the spark that tickles my interest bones. Good luck with it, though! Hope you'll finish this role-play!

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

No, everything looks great! Welcome aboard ^-^
Well, I was aiming for about 4-6 characters before we started. We've got three, and it would be nice to see... two more? Two people have said they're thinking about joining, so I guess only time will tell. The RP was only just made yesterday, so it's still very very early days.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Do let me know if you feel like there is anything that needs to be fleshed out with my character sheet, I intentionally left some of it vague because I plan on having more of his story and personality be revealed as the roleplay goes. Speaking of which, when do you foresee us starting?

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Font color? Oh, you don't need to use a code. That's just for more nit-picky people. If you literally put in there 'red' 'blue' 'green' etc. it should do it :) You can take that out if you want and keep it black, it's entirely up to you.
I'm glad you found someone, and I'll look forward to seeing your character ^-^

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

That's understandable, it can be weird if some of the characters are, well, "animated."

The two powers I have in mind for this character is Darkness Manipulation(DM) & Hated Empowerment(HE), DM would give him the ability to control already existing darkness; giving it shape and physical form. HE would amplify this ability as well as his physical abilities, making him able to materialize and control darkness in brighter settings; though not as effectively as he would be able to in darker areas.

I expect both of these abilities to play a part in his appearance, though more as changes over time that start to separate him from others.
I don't care for physical beauty, so looks is definitely not something I'm looking for. More of an aged beyond his time appearance due to physical and mental trauma. Darker hair, pail skin, and withered form is mostly what I'm looking for.

*EDIT* I've found a suitable picture, all I have is one question left then I can begin my creation. How do I do this font color business? I'm not to adept at "code-stuff" on computers.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

You're the second person to ask that and I'm starting to consider allowing it.
For now, I'd still prefer it if you used a human face please. Sorry if this takes more of your time, but I would rather all the characters had the same format of face. What character type did you have in mind? Maybe I can help :)

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

I'm very much interested in joining, I already have a pretty fleshed out character idea. I have one question though, would it be possible to use a drawing instead of a picture of a real person? I don't mean one anime or manga related. Simply an artist rendering, I understand if not. It will just take me a while to find a suitable face for my character. My character is going to have a slightly different appearance due to his ability.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Okay, well I'd rather it was more Organization or something honestly. Or villainous family or something I don't know, some weird addams family reunion xD I would just rather if you ruled out the more fantasy realm/dimension/whatever. Sorry.

I would rather rule out magic based. However, this is a superhero rp. I mean, I've put a limitation of two superpowers, so you wouldn't exactly be able to make them a wizard/God/DemiGod or such. Sorry :/ I guess It's just not the kind of thing I pictured in this RP :/

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

I actually did mean that he'd be a villain. And 'other dimension' was just an umbrella term for some kind of fantasy-realm/organization that I haven't completely sorted out the location of or how to better fit in the setting yet. Might just stick it underground or something.

But just be clear though your not completely ruling *out a magic based character? Because your right I am drawing from the kind of stuff that shows up in comics like Thor and Wonder Woman.

[edit] had to make a quick typo fix.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

A question for the person who entered Chester~

For some reason it won't let me accept the character...? I don't know whether you pulled out, but we would love to have you here If you're still interested?

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Hmmm.... I'm not all that sure whether I'd feel right accepting a different dimension character, considering the focus is meant to be on super abominations. And I know with a plot like that, it is kinda still focussed on them... However, may I suggest making a villain looking for an 'heir' instead? One from this dimension? Sorry xD I take it you're kinda getting an idea from Thor or something?

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Saw the last incarnation of this one when it went up and I regretted not joining when I had the chance. I might be interested in joining in on this one this time but I'm not sure if my schedule will allow it since I'm already promised to another roleplay. Eh, I'll see if I can make time tomorrow when the other rp starts.

If I do end up joining, then I've had this idea for a dying sorcerer king from another dimension looking for an 'heir', as a way of playing off usual marvel/dc multiverse shenanigans.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Okey dokey.

And hey hey hey, give us hope lovely! I'm sure with enough commitment this place will stand it's grounds and have a chance.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

I think I'll have some ridiculous reasons for it. Give me two days. That should be enough time for me to consider about playing this one. Hopefully it doesn't die off like the rest.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

That's perfectly fine. :)

We had a villain in the original rp of this, and their role is to basically take in the kids and look after them (For purposes up to you). But before this, our villain basically took them in and I think his intentions was to use them to attack a town or something. Train them up to fight. But whatever comes to mind for you is fabulous ;)

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Alright, sure.

Also, for the villains part, they won't be doing much, right? Since the role-play will be focusing on the kids more than the villains themselves, I suppose the ones who play the villains will have a lesser screen time (Or text time) than the kids.

If I'm playing, I would take the villains role. I don't want to spoil the role-play by my constant random times of posting and not posting.

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Okay that's fine hun ^-^ Either way, It'd be nice to think that you're considering it. :

And as for the amount of people, not necessarily. To start with, even if we just have a few abomination kids in the RP, we'll be able to devise some form of plot. I'm hoping however that it'll be a constantly growing RP, so in time, maybe there will be more people. But for now, I think four to six characters (at least) would be enough. :)

Re: The Abominations -Heroes' Offspring

Ah, I see, I see.

You see, I was never fond of real life celebrities nor do I want to search for pictures of real people that does not really look like the character I want them to be. Besides, with anime, you can twist their looks anyway you want so that they look like how you want them to.

Anyhow, I'll consider joining. Don't put me on the pending list though, because the amount of people needed for this role-play would be scary.