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The Academy for Gifted Youth

The Academy for Gifted Youth


Welcome to Aisling, an enchanted realm where each individual is born with a unique and magical Gift. For around a century, this realm has been slowly crumbling due to a curse set on the land.

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Welcome to Aisling, an enchanted realm where each individual is born with a unique and magical Gift. For around a century, this realm has been slowly crumbling due to a curse set on the land. The curse has recently been growing stronger, and the creatures of the Night Oak Forest have been becoming more powerful. Now, the curse threatens to destroy Aisling once and for all. However, there is a hope for the future of the realm of the Gifted. This is the story of those who will save the realm.

Each Gift is unique to a person. No two living people possess the same gift, and none will wield it in precisely the same way. Gifts can affect the wielder in a variety of ways. While some Gifts are physical, some are abilities. Physical differences can also come along with certain Gifts. For example, a person with the Gift of flight would have wings. Multiple people may be alive that have wings, but none will have the exact same. Gifts are usually discovered between the ages of twelve and fourteen. Gifts are also considered to be a form of reincarnation by some, in that the previous wielder of a Gift was reborn as the current wielder.

The Academy
The Academy for Gifted Youth was founded by Silas Casper around a century ago. The Academy was created with the purpose of teaching the Gifted youth of Aisling how to control their Gifts, as well as a standard academic lessons. The Academy was created a year after the curse was set upon the realm. Almost all children in Aisling go to the Academy, though some parents prefer to homeschool their children. Children are traditionally sent to the Academy a year after they discover their Gift, though some may go later. The students are put into four dormitories, each named after one of the four Elementals, who used their powers to slow the curse when it was first put upon the realm: Ashe, Glacia, Terra, and Zephyr. The four dorms house both males and females. The students are assigned to dorms randomly, but are allowed to change dorms upon request.

The Curse
The curse upon Aisling was intended to set a scourge of dangerous creatures upon the land. They were supposed to come out at all times of the day and attack the Gifted people. People who are attacked often lose their Gifts completely and carry severe mental scars. However, the curse was mitigated by the Elementals. The creatures only reside in the Night Oak Forest, and are now named for the place. They also are only able to come out at night as well. Though the Elementals were unable to dispel the curse completely, they were able to make it safer for the realm until it became possible to do so. Each of the elementals created one of the Four Lone Towers, which are at the corners of the Academy grounds. Nobody has entered them since their creation.

The creatures are invisible to the eye, but not to the mind. They feed on doubt and fear. The creatures are able to steal the Gift of any person they attack, and use it as their own. In the end, the person attacked loses their Gift.

The Order of Birch
The Order of Birch serves as a form of government for when disputes need to be solved. When there is a dispute in the realm of Aisling that needs attention, those in the Order convenes at Castle Moss. The Order of Birch consists of many well respected individuals, some of whom gained their positions through work while others inherited their positions.

The Guardians of Aisling
The Guardians of Aisling protect the realm from threats. Currently, they guard the citizens from the Creatures of the Night Oak Forest. All members of the Guardians have Gifts that allow them to turn into animals. This allows them to move through the forest inconspicuously.

Important Historical Figures
Silas Casper - The founder and first headmaster of the Academy for Gifted Youth. He worked closely with the four elementals in his studies of Gifts, and was once a colleague with Wolfgang Gregory. He has some living relatives, though he died long ago.

Wolfgang Gregory - The man who put the curse upon Aisling. He believed in a class system for Aisling, wanting those with certain Gifts to be seen as above others. He studied Gifts with Silas Casper, but turned against Gifted society. He placed the curse upon the realm, and was imprisoned for life because of it. He still has relatives living, but they tend to keep to themselves and try not to publicize that they are related.

Ashe Norwood - The first fire elemental. Female. She was known for being a charitable and helpful person around her home village of Inis.

Glacia Stark - The first water elemental. Female. She was known for helping sailors on the ocean when storms occurred.

Terra Kobayashi - The first earth elemental. Female. She was known for creating an orphanage for young Gifted children called the Magnolia House.

Zephyr Wiess - The first air elemental. Male. He was known for being a scholar.

Character Name
Age - | Gender - | House - Ashe | Gift - Fire | FC - | OPEN

Character Name
Age - | Gender - | House - Glacia | Gift - Water | FC - | OPEN

Character Name
Age - 17 | Gender - Female | House - Terra | Gift - Earth | FC - | Reserved by Lvdwilt2000

Character Name
Age - | Gender - | House - Zephyr | Gift - Air | FC - | OPEN

Character Name
Age - | Gender - | House - Ashe | Gift - ??? | FC - | OPEN

Character Name
Age - | Gender - | House - Glacia | Gift - ??? | FC - | OPEN

Character Name
Age - | Gender - | House - Terra | Gift - ??? | FC - | OPEN

Katja Weiss
Age - 16 | Gender - Female | House - Zephyr | Gift - Empathy | FC - Elle Fanning| Reserved by Novella

- No god modding, please. Have good role play etiquette. Please keep to the posting order as well, which will be assigned as soon as all the character slots are filled.
- All teachers are NPCs. This is just to keep things from getting too complex. Teachers and staff may be controlled by anyone, and their names and such will be posted in the OOC once character slots are filled.
- In order to claim a spot, please post your face claim (realistic) and the Gift you would like your character to have. Though there are four elementals, there are also four in which you can choose your own Gift. For those, please post the house as well. Gift doubles are not allowed.
- There is no set character sheet. However, your character sheet should have the following: A picture of your character, their basic stats, personality, and their Gift. All characters are school aged. NPC profiles will appear in the OOC once they are finished.
-Please note that there is not a lot of modern tech in the realm of Aisling. No phones, TVs ect. However, if you character does not live in Aisling and lives in 'the real world' before going there, then they would know about these things.
- I have taken the liberty of changing a few things from the book series to suit the story of the RP. You do not have to have read the Fire and Ice book series to take part in this RP, though I recommend you do read it. It's an enjoyable series, and still on going.

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Re: The Academy for Gifted Youth

Hi there! Wow its been a while. I'd like to reserve a spot if thats ok!

I've not read the books or TV series either but I might check it out!

My FC would be Joana Groeblinghoff and her gift is Air.


Re: The Academy for Gifted Youth

That's ok! Don't worry about it, haha. Also! I forgot to mention that there isn't a lot of modern tech in Aisling. I'll put it in the page. Sorry...

Re: The Academy for Gifted Youth

I may have no internet I just found out because of moving. And I don't know when we will get it. I will try to get the character done today but just so you know.

Re: The Academy for Gifted Youth

Hey! Sorry for the delay, I was on an airplane... Anyways! Yep, you're reserved! And don't worry about not having read the series.

Re: The Academy for Gifted Youth


I would like to sign up for the rp and can try to get her done and submitted today.

I have never heard of this book series, read, watched or done anything with it but if you will have me

My FC would be Olivia Holt

Age -17 | Gender - F | House - Terra | Gift - Earth
I don't know what other gifts there are.

The Academy for Gifted Youth

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