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Season of Giving 2020

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Amaterasu Aiken

"Etto.... I'm confused" ^^'

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a character in “The Academy for the Supernatural”, as played by darkengel





Race: Royal Witch

Sexuality: Bisexual

Height: 5'5

Weight: 117 lbs

ImagePersonality:Personality wise, It’s not that hard to read through this child, she’s what a mother could describe as a perfect poster child just from her actions. From the day she learned to walk and talk, it’s clear the child didn’t possess a single bad bone in her. She’s kind, always polite to the elders and helpful when she sees someone in need of help.

Like the old lady that lived down the road or maybe a child who tripped and skin their knees. She’s not the sort to pick who to help even if some already abused her kindness. She didn’t have the heart to reject their pleas. Usually it ends up with her friends pulling her away. She’s soft hearted, a heart of gold who can’t stand seeing pain. It led to some thinking that she might be a push over. That’s where they’re wrong.

She carries herself with an air of confidence. From time to time she has her head in the clouds rather than listen to the world around. She’s generally a carefree child who takes people’s thoughts into consideration rather that speak for her own often times her friends has to make decisions for her.

*Has a high IQ level she barely uses

*Cute things
*Dressing up in cute clothes
*Working part time at a maid cafe back at her home town

*Acting serious
*Spicy meals
*Being alone
*Her friends getting hurt

Powers/Abilities:Amaterasu was born with a high concentration of magic inside her thanks to her lineage. True she lived most of her life as a regular mortal without knowing of her heritage. But the child is gifted with…

*Spellcraft, basic to intermediate charms and spells
*Soothing magic, she has the ability to calm people with her songs.
*Communicating with spirits
*Healing magic
*Basic curses (never dares uses it)

*Too forgiving
*A bit sickly
*Scared of ghost and basically EVERYTHING that goes bump in the night.

Romantic interest:None at the moment


History:For the first years of Amaterasu’s life she lived it as any regular mortal girl would. She played, she laughed, she had friends to care for and a loving mother who despite having to work most of the time still found the time to actually be with her only child. There was no flying broomsticks or wands flying about in their household.

She grew up as a bright and cheerful child unknowing about her family or anything about what lay dormant in her veins. Her mother never did want to tell the child about her blood, the woman wanted the girl to live a regular life with what society offered her. Go to college; get a job and maybe a family of her own like what every mother wished for their child.

Fifteen years ago… the memory laid crisp in the woman’s mind. She was a but a wandering young witch just graduating through an international course in Scotland when she met him, he was a nice fellow, long ebony hair and a soft boyish face that made her stop and look. Clumsy too, cant forget to add the fact that he tripped over her when they first met. Things progressed until the next thing he knew they were dating.

And then things happened after that till a few months later a seed began growing in her belly. As a witch she lived a hard life back at Japan true their family came from a line of nobles but that didn’t matter in a rural and isolated village in which she hailed from. She still remembered the stares of the locals who made rumors about them it burnt through the woman’s mind scarring her forever. When she confessed to her sweet heart… The man stood there in fear,

Maybe she should have waited but she had been prone into jumping into conclusions the woman took it the wrong way and ran. That was the last time she saw her sweetheart. If only faith would keep it that way. She decided to raise the child on her own, without help and away from magic world.
For seven years she succeeded until…

One day she saw her daughter playing with her dolls. She saw the young Amaterasu making one of her dolls move on their own, Either it was fear or shock that played a part her mother had slapped her daughter and the realizing what she did, quickly comforted the child. The young girl never remembered it happening but who’s to say?

The years passed nothing else happened. She got into middle school then the high school in which her mother works as the principal it was there she found her love for dancing. She along with her friends formed their group. Their group went into competitions even the famous ‘School Idol Search’ that’s where they got their fame.

She just didn’t know it was going to change her life forever…

One day she came home to see a man with ebony hair, the exact same facial structure she had begging in front of her mother and her mother being silent. Confused as she was, she asked her mother who their visitor was, her mom just said a friend.
There she caught the hurt look that came to the man’s eyes.

She thought that was the last time she would ever see the man who was called ‘Averil’

Day by day the man would show up on her school smiling and waving at her and her mother; day by day he would also visit their home with gifts of sweets and even small presents for her.

It took two months… Two hard months before she saw her mother finally warming up to the man and it was there she admitted that the man…was actually her father,

The news shouldn’t have shocked her, the signs were there but it still did. That day her father moved into their home, and it was that time as well he finally confessed his bloodline to his mother. Let’s just say the man was also shocked to know that the girl didn’t even know her blood.

It took weeks before the man convinced his girlfriend to even tell the child, but on one condition that he would slowly teach her without even telling her the truth. She thought the child wasn’t ready and feared the child’s reaction. And that’s what the man did, even taking the young girl to Scotland to meet the rest of the family. That’s where she met her older cousin Ebony. It was also there that she found out she was going to attend a new school.


Clubs/Teams they're a part of: TBA

Thoughts and relationships to other characters:
Ebony-- They're cousins albeit she looks up to the older woman as family.

So begins...

Amaterasu Aiken's Story

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#, as written by Xiiver
As they shook hands, Ebony's lips turned into a small smile. "Yes, it is nice to meet one of your own kind. Especially in a place like this. My cousin is here somewhere aswell. She's a witch aswell." She let go of her hand and let her arm fall to her side. 'That reminds me, I have to go see her later, It's been a while.' Delilah was right. Ebony hadn't really thought of it because she was used to being alone, even amongst her own kin back home and it was nice to know there was someone who reminded of home and also family.
"I'm sorry our President's introduction was so brief. If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to consult me now or later." Right. Ebony had hardly listened to the president so she didn't know if it was brief in general or she just made it so by not listening. Apparantly it was brief in general.
"So what year are you going into?"
Ebony shrugged. "Well, it's my second year since my parents didn't allow me to come here before last year so, I guess itwould be sophomore? Or does it have to do with age?" She didn't know about the schoolsystem when it came to who belongs where. She just did as she was told and attended the classes on her schedule.

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Katya picked up her speed as the other vampire did, feet dancing through the woods at a speed that pushed the limits of human capabilities. Katherine was much faster than Katya; it figured, though, since most people were. She nearly lost sight of the girl, but it wasn't long before they arrived in the clearing before a solid structure. Katya came to a stop and closed her eyes for a moment to catch her breath before standing up straighter— though, admittedly, not by much— to take in the sight before her.

At first, she wasn't completely sure what she was looking at. It was a small, squat structure not unlike a tiny house but infinitely more intricate. Despite its size, every inch of it was ornately decorated with flowing carvings of vines and and flowers. The tendrils snaked up from the ground as if the earth herself had built the structure from her very flesh and blood, intertwining themselves with the stone pillars that surrounded its base. A handful of steps led up to what she presumed to be the interior. Curiosity piqued for the second time that day, she took a step forward but found herself utterly repulsed by the thought of entering.

How odd. She stepped toward it again, only to feel that feeling of primal fear and nausea rear its head again. Katya stepped backwards this time and observed the structure from afar. Was it for religious use? The vines and the flowers gave it the feeling of an Arab masjid, but the panels of stained glass and the sheer intricacy of the building spoke otherwise. A synagogue, then? She knew close to nothing about religion— born into a family of vampires, she wasn't exactly able to join the townsfolk in going to church on Sundays, which had proved an odd challenge to surmount when she and her family had moved from New York to a small town in Kansas. She'd gotten the accent down flat, but their religious lifestyle was hard to escape. Luckily, the town's population of nine hundred was able to ignore the odd family— a luxury, from what she'd heard from the other vampiric families.

It wasn't long, however, before Katya caught sight of the cross over the doorway. Her stomach turned a bit at the sight of it. So it was a church. No wonder she felt sick on approaching it. Whatever the humans did to 'bless' their holy grounds, it worked to keep the vampires away. So what was up-to-no-good Katherine doing here?

Katya slipped up beside her and, with only the slightest trace of sarcasm woven into her words, whispered, "Odd. I didn't know you were one of them." By 'them,' she was referring to the religious, as she didn't know to which Katherine subscribed— for a vampire, any sort of religion was odd, as most grounds of worship allocated to the major denominations caused severe pain when entered by a vampire. The few religions she'd encountered were mostly Far Eastern or what the Europeans would have called 'pagan.' A vampire going to church was very... strange, seeing as they couldn't even set foot on consecrated ground.

Katya didn't say another word and instead continued on staring for a moment before lessening her slouch and moving to walk right up to the church's front door. She stuck to the shade, though, since the sunlight was beginning to burn— thankfully, she hadn't yet been forced to put on her uniform, so most of her skin was covered. She was sure it would be worse if she was wearing a tiny skirt and some pathetic excuse for a blazer.

With that, she started to sing again, this time just the tiniest bit too loudly. "Our lands abounds with flowers... hold them tightly in your hands; turn your heads up to the sky, and harmony we will find; underneath the watchful gaze of a sky so grand..."


"They sound like a... energetic duo." Ebony let another smile cross her lips, erasing from Delilah's mind the deadpan girl she'd been only moments ago. For someone who instantly put on a friendly face when she spoke to someone, meeting a girl who took a while to warm up to the conversation was almost refreshing. "I'm an only child, so I wouldn't really know what it's like to have siblings that get on your nerves. My cousin has always been close to me, but we haven't seen each other much, so we haven't had the time to get on each other's nerves."

And how lucky you are, thought Delilah, remembering with disdain her own summer vacation, I'm pretty sure all those boys can do is get on my nerves. She couldn't count the number of times she'd wished she was an only child. Luckily enough for her, though, the twins left her alone until they'd exhausted every other option. Luke and Casper were hardly a problem, save for the constant noise they created. Andy spent his time either tinkering with his computer or seducing women, so he was rarely home when he didn't need money, and Stephen, though doting, was intelligent enough to leave her alone.

What she wouldn't give for one of Luke's brownies, though. Or his cookies. Or practically anything he cooked. If there was one thing she respected about the dunce of a brother who hated her most, it was her cooking. And the fact that he could shut everyone else up. That way, she wouldn't have to shout over all of them when she wanted to make a point.

Ebony's voice cut through Delilah's thoughts, and she realized she'd spaced out a little. "So, are you in any clubs?"

"Choir and swimming," Delilah replied. She wasn't particularly good at either of them, but it never hurt to join a few clubs. "And sometimes I drop into the musi—"

“Ebbbbyyyy!!” something shouted out, latching itself onto Ebony's arm. An expression of incredulity drifted across Delilah's face, but she quickly regained composure, doing her best not to cringe or stare for too long. “It’s been so long!” There was a brief moment of silence before the girl added, “Etto… Was I disturbing something?... gomeneeee.”

Delilah sucked in a breath and became a diplomat once again. To speak her mind— to answer, 'yes, absolutely, now please go away and stop screaming—' would be rude, so Delilah only smiled and shook her head. "No, not at all. Nice to meet you," even though it was anything but nice to have her conversation butted-in-on by some loudmouthed girl who'd latched herself onto the person she was speaking to. Looking to Ebony, she asked, "Your cousin, I take it?" A smile curled one corner of her mouth. She extended her hand to whatever it was clinging to Ebony's arm. "Well, nice to meet you. I'm Delilah Elbaum."

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#, as written by Xiiver
Ebony was actually enjoying her conversation. This rarely happened so she was quite surprised. She watched Delilah with interest as she answered her question.
"Choir and swimming," Ebony nodded. She actually wished she could sing. Some had told her she had a pretty voice, yet they had never heard her sing. She thinks they were just sucking up and giving her meaningless compliments. She's not a strong swimmer either, she'd rather stay away from water altogether. Except for the rain, the rain would soothe her.
"And sometimes I drop into the musi—" Delilah was interrupted by a, to Ebony, familiar voice.
“Ebbbbyyyy!!” In a second, her cousin was latched to her arm with a wide smile on her face. “It’s been so long!”
Ebony was just about to answer but her cousin spoke again. “Etto… Was I disturbing something?... gomeneeee.”

Ebony's face softened as she gently stroked Ammy's head. "No, it's alright, Ammy. It's great to see you." She got free from Ammy's grip and hugged her before holding her arm out towards Delilah. "As she mentioned, this is Delilah. She is a witch aswell." She smiled apologetically towards Delilah.