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"Don't look at me like that-- you should know by now that I'm always up to something."

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Katya Holly Alderglenn's Story

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Delilah Rose Elbaum


Delilah bit the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming. What she would have screamed, she didn't know, but the simple fact that she was in the presence of the disgusting creatures was enough to make her want to stand up, open a window, and jump. Ending up bruised, bloodied, and with a few broken bones here and there seemed a far more inviting fate than being consumed by her own hatred.

Clutching the pile of notebooks to her knees as if she could hold in her emotions with a pile of paper, she sat in silence for the duration of the bus ride. Thankfully, it was short enough. Just like her skirt. Though she hadn't been sure it was possible just seconds ago, Delilah's frown deepened. The sun was shining right in her face, and she couldn't move an inch because another girl— a witch? She couldn't tell— had sat down next to her. So Delilah stayed put and fumed.

The bus lumbered to a halt once inside the school gates, and Delilah made her way to the front, desperate to just get out. She didn't particularly care how many toes she stepped on or how many sides she elbowed. She just wanted off. The vampires, the demons, the raw power— her own emotions, rife with a self-loathing dusted in a shade of jealousy she couldn't bring herself to acknowledge, were making her sick. Sucking in a few breaths of fresh air as quietly as possible, she closed her eyes and stood in the shadow of the bus for a few moments to collect herself. She couldn't show herself to the student body like this. She couldn't show herself to anyone like this. And while it wasn't technically required of her to make rounds introducing herself, she didn't like that Katherine bitch, and she wasn't giving her any leverage when funding was her responsibility.

Delilah huffed, paced, and slipped back into the crowd, where Katherine had already begun making opening announcements. She knew she was late, but it was unlikely anyone else did. She wasn't off to a bad start, per se, but... practically having a nervous breakdown to start off the year wasn't the most assuring of things.

She half-listened to what the president had to say, then set to greeting the students. I am so ousting Katherine in this year's elections, she thought to herself as she pasted a politician's grin on her face. Why, of all things, she was worrying about the end-of-year elections on the first day of school was beyond her, but it never hurt to be prepared.

Still grinning, she had already turned to the nearest student and extended her hand before realizing it was the girl she'd sat next to on the bus. "Oh," she let slip, almost losing her composure, "Nice to meet you. My name's Delilah Rose Elbaum, student council Treasurer. Lovely to meet you. And you are?" she asked, sizing the girl up.

Ugh. What she would give to not be here.

Katya Holly Elderglenn

Katya's respect for rules was all but nonexistent; with her headphones in, her own dress on, and her body splayed across one of the smaller seats towards the back of the bus, she was lost in her own world as though she wasn't being shipped off yet again to the prison of an academy she'd offloaded herself onto. She wanted freedom, not this pathetic excuse for an 'education.' What more did they want from her? She could read. She could write. She could do calculus, damn it. So why weren't they letting her go?

For the first time in her years at the Academy, Katya was was considering running away.

That consideration, however, had disappeared in a second's time as the sunlight caught her arms, sending what seemed like a thousand scintillating points of color spinning across the interior of the bus. It might have been a beautiful sight to behold had it not been shining right in her eyes.

Right, she realized, a hint of sarcasm pervading even the voice in her head. I'm a vampire, and I'd burn to a crisp if I didn't keep getting these hunks of metal refinished. Katya raised her arm and glared at the aforementioned hunks of metal, face its usual placid pool as she considered her options. She could take it off, try to make it as far as she could before the enchantments wore off. And then what? Hide in a hole?

But she was so sick of just wandering the grounds. She was bored, and her wanderlust was acting up again.

Using her fingernails, Katya pried open the back of her MP3 player and picked at its contents. She nearly fell off the seat when the bus came to a stop; though she saved herself just in time, the tiny piece of electronics wasn't so lucky, and it fell apart on the floor. Katya slipped her headphones around her neck just as they began to whine about the lack of a functioning source, and she shoved the pieces into her pocket to mess with later. The thing was surprisingly resilient, and it was likely only a flesh wound. That said, one more flesh would might have killed it— it was practically held together with duct tape.

Katya took her time in getting off the bus, and she didn't much pay attention to Katherine's speech, either. Who the Hell had elected her to the student council, anyway? Katya'd voted for that nerdy boy.

Annoyed, she huffed and slipped her now-silent headphones back on and played with her certainly-non-uniform dress. Well, she couldn't be bothered to give a damn.

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Delilah Rose Elbaum

"I'm Ebony," the girl replied, her face as deadpan as her voice. "Ebony Aiken." Delilah's smile flickered a little. Honestly? She'd had to get the expressionless one. Delilah was tempted to just walk away, but years of rigid self-control hadn't left her rude. Instead, she extended a hand with a pleasant expression dusted across her features.

"Nice to meet you, Ebony," Delilah said, her voice warm but not completely devoid of its natural sharpness. Delilah was naturally the type to project herself well, and now was no exception. Her voice was firm, with the type of timbre well-suited to making speeches and giving orders. "A witch, I take it? It's always good to meet someone of our own kind."

And Delilah certainly wasn't lying. While she didn't necessarily like the girl, she harbors no particular dislike for her, either. After all, she'd met her only seconds ago. First impressions were nothing, and she wasn't going to pass up the chance to meet someone she might like. Delilah never passed up any sort of chance.

"I'm sorry our President's introduction was so brief. If you need anything or have any questions, feel free to consult me now or later." She smiled a bit with this. "So what year are you going into?" While Delilah wasn't one hundred percent sure Ebony wasn't an immortal and thus free of the years system, it was a reasonable-enough question. "I'm going into my sophomore year. You?"

Katya Holly Elderglenn

Katya hummed a gentle song under her breath, still pretending to wear her headphones over her cropped hair. She'd ignored the student council president's last few words, and she had no idea where she was headed, but she decided that she badly needed something to do. Still quietly humming, she whirled around on her heels and walked in the general direction of the library. She knew the grounds by heart, but the place was so old, vast, and magic-filled she could still pretend she was lost sometimes.

If she had been human, her heart, perhaps, would have been pounding from the run, but Katya's feet as well as her dead, still heart were silent as they crossed the soft earth. Though the laces of her boots had long since come undone, she was quick enough on her feet. As she dropped off the path and onto the wild grounds, her tights and the skirt of her dress caught on brambles, and Katya had to pause to pull herself free. In all honesty, she was glad. The few minutes of running had tired her out. She huffed, then leaned back against a tree to catch her breath.

Katya played with the pile of broken electronics in her pockets as she stood. She'd slipped the cord down through a hole in her collar to let it run parallel to her body, hidden beneath her clothes but allowing for a jack connection inside her pocket. There was no jack port to plug the headphones into, but the piece of metal stuck out inside her pocket anyway. She played with it while she hummed her small song.

She was so absorbed by humming her song that she almost didn't notice the spirit hovering over the creek ahead. Immediately, Katya froze, mood suddenly spiked with a jolt of excitement at the sight of the smokelike creature hanging over the water. She didn't dare move. Her body had gone tense at the sight.

"...et prix dan six-quatre temps," Katya sang to herself, her French accent questionable but her notes impeccable, "Du belle mar..." She'd skipped about half the song, but Katya, now riveted to her ghost-watching, couldn't be bothered to care. It was arguable whether or not she'd care even if she wasn't staring at ghosts.

As soon as Katha approached it, however, it turned to her, shifted, and disappeared as though it had absorbed its own form. Katya sighed. That always happened. She was bored again, now, too.

Katya turned again and continued walking. She was approaching a rather empty area of the school, one left relatively underdeveloped even though the rest of the school had bloated and grown far across the grounds over the years. Katya rather enjoyed this area even if she wasn't supposed to be there. That said, she wasn't supposed to be anywhere but the entrance or the dormitories right now, so a forbidden area would have been something hard to avoid, regardless. She didn't care much about rules; so long as she wasn't causing anything bad to happen, what good were they, anyway? Things forbidden for no reason always drew rumors and carried secrets, and the whispers were hardly worth their actual contents. As far as she knew, anyway, Katya was the only one there.

...or was she? Katya caught a shock of auburn hair peeking through the growth. At first, Katya couldn't quite make out who it was, as the figure was far away, but soon enough she realized who it was: the president of the student council. Katherine. How odd. What was she doing? Wasn't she supposed to be helping the students or something of the sort?

Well, that's why Katya hadn't voted for her. But her inadequacy as a president hardly detracted from her overall intrigue. Curiosity piqued, Katya crept closer on vampire tiptoes to get a better look at what was going on. While she hasn't intended to be hidden, Katha was fully sheltered by cool shadows.

Hm. This might prove to be interesting! She did love watching people, especially if they were up to no good.

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When Katherine was almost to the place where the church was to be built she sensed another's prescence. It was one of her own kind. She turned and eyed the girl behind her. "You know it's very invasive to follow someone around and far from a smart idea to follow a person who can give you detention for having their privacy invaded." she stated to her. Right now despite popular belief of inadequacy as a president she was doing something to actually save much of the student body. WIth a church around meant much would be stored there. Things like holy water, vervain, wolfsbane, silver, iron, and several other things that could harm the student body. From the looks of it the church seemed to be an intimidation tactic.

"If you wish to come along I suggest you keep up." she stated. If they were both easily seen at any time then they'd be unable to know what was going on. Something seemed very off so far and so early in the year. Several royal-blooded species all in one place with a church that could harm them and the Supernatural council constantly roaming about. Something seemed very of to her and she'd figure it out soon enough but this girl who chose to follow her would get a sneak peak into a place that could harm the students that Katherine would bring down and having a student see it and possibly notify others of it and it would be much eaier to tear the place down before it had the chance ofbeing fully established.

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Katya Holly Elderglenn

Katya had only followed the redheaded girl with her eyes for a few moments before she turned to her and said, "You know, it's very evasive to follow someone around and far from a smart idea to follow a person who can give you detention for having their privacy invaded."

The statement left Katya confused in too many ways to count. Evasive? She was hardly avoiding commitment. Sure, she was lazily following the up-to-no-good, mischievous little president, but... she wasn't sure if that was the right word to describe anything at all about the situation. At least, that wasn't at what she'd use. Yawning, Katya just fiddled with her headphones and ignored the girl. Besides, whatever happened to rule of law? Fair trial before a jury? Katya's American pride was beginning to rear her head even though she knew the tenets of democracy had existed long before the Great State of Kansas. Though she'd hardly picked up a textbook in the last year simply because she was too lazy to even try to begin studying, Katya was far from stupid; easily, she recognized the woman's abuse of her own privileges as president of the student council.

Was student council really that absurdly powerful, anyway? Katya frowned. 'Detention for invading privacy' was something of an odd offense. Not that she cared about risking going to detention anyway. She didn't even know where the detention hall was despite having racked up a good number of them as a result of her rather prolonged absences. When she stopped to think about it, Katya realized she was getting away with a lot. Katya stopped thinking about it.

It wasn't a terribly hard task, anyway, considering that Katherine had spoken again. Katya struggled to hear her through her headphones, which she still hadn't bothered to take off as of yet.

"If you wish to come along, I suggest you keep up," she added.

Now, Katya had no idea what that was supposed to mean— the girl wasn't exactly going fast, and even Katya could handle such speeds— but, as always, she kept a straight face and let herself drift with the flow of events. She didn't speak a word, only approaching Katherine with her hands in the pockets of her dress and her eyes trained straight ahead on the woman. It was almost as though she hadn't heard her— in fact, that was practically what had happened. For all intents and purposes, the trespassing girl, notably lacking her school uniform, was just ignoring the class president.

What the Hell did a class president even do, anyway? Other than Public Relations stunts, that was. Katya just kept following her because frankly, she didn't care what she said so long as Katya sated her own curiosity.

OOC: ShadowedxLove: I swear from the bottom of my heart I don't hate you or your character! Don't take either of my characters' feelings personally— they're just cynical people XD I know it seems like I just hate Katherine, but Delilah has some serious vendettas out for the girl (she's ultra-competitive) along with her usual jealousy issues. And Katya doesn't listen to anyone. Ever. And realize that you have to read her posts in a half-sarcastic tone of voice— that's her inner voice, after all. So please don't take it personally! I still like your character, and I didn't mean to have them both being not-too-keen on her, but... hey, circumstances. You're fine <3

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Katherine sighed and turned from the girl. Katherine had something serious to work on. The last thing she needed was some girl coming along that doesn't care enough to seemingly anything. She needed to keep quiet so those around the are that are trying to build it or planning on how it will look won't here her. Either way last thing she needed was to have been followed and not know about it which was unlikely because of what she is. After a few moments she started using her inhuman speed and made it there pretty quickly. So far it had already a solid structure and things were being taken inside. From what she could tell it was vervain and wolfsbane being taken inside.

She was sure they already had holy water in there at some point. It was definitely and intimadation tactic. It was being create to keep all the supernaturals in order and keep them from defying the Supernatural council. If the Supernatural council creates a place where their weaknesses were in one place that could be at the council's dispoal at any time. It was a horrible idea and could go very wrong if the student body were brought to light about this and that was exactly what Katherne would make happed. Whther or not the girl with her told others about was no longer a concern because Katherine could easily get the word out and have many scared with a few who may do something about it and the supernatural council's plans ruined.

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Katya picked up her speed as the other vampire did, feet dancing through the woods at a speed that pushed the limits of human capabilities. Katherine was much faster than Katya; it figured, though, since most people were. She nearly lost sight of the girl, but it wasn't long before they arrived in the clearing before a solid structure. Katya came to a stop and closed her eyes for a moment to catch her breath before standing up straighter— though, admittedly, not by much— to take in the sight before her.

At first, she wasn't completely sure what she was looking at. It was a small, squat structure not unlike a tiny house but infinitely more intricate. Despite its size, every inch of it was ornately decorated with flowing carvings of vines and and flowers. The tendrils snaked up from the ground as if the earth herself had built the structure from her very flesh and blood, intertwining themselves with the stone pillars that surrounded its base. A handful of steps led up to what she presumed to be the interior. Curiosity piqued for the second time that day, she took a step forward but found herself utterly repulsed by the thought of entering.

How odd. She stepped toward it again, only to feel that feeling of primal fear and nausea rear its head again. Katya stepped backwards this time and observed the structure from afar. Was it for religious use? The vines and the flowers gave it the feeling of an Arab masjid, but the panels of stained glass and the sheer intricacy of the building spoke otherwise. A synagogue, then? She knew close to nothing about religion— born into a family of vampires, she wasn't exactly able to join the townsfolk in going to church on Sundays, which had proved an odd challenge to surmount when she and her family had moved from New York to a small town in Kansas. She'd gotten the accent down flat, but their religious lifestyle was hard to escape. Luckily, the town's population of nine hundred was able to ignore the odd family— a luxury, from what she'd heard from the other vampiric families.

It wasn't long, however, before Katya caught sight of the cross over the doorway. Her stomach turned a bit at the sight of it. So it was a church. No wonder she felt sick on approaching it. Whatever the humans did to 'bless' their holy grounds, it worked to keep the vampires away. So what was up-to-no-good Katherine doing here?

Katya slipped up beside her and, with only the slightest trace of sarcasm woven into her words, whispered, "Odd. I didn't know you were one of them." By 'them,' she was referring to the religious, as she didn't know to which Katherine subscribed— for a vampire, any sort of religion was odd, as most grounds of worship allocated to the major denominations caused severe pain when entered by a vampire. The few religions she'd encountered were mostly Far Eastern or what the Europeans would have called 'pagan.' A vampire going to church was very... strange, seeing as they couldn't even set foot on consecrated ground.

Katya didn't say another word and instead continued on staring for a moment before lessening her slouch and moving to walk right up to the church's front door. She stuck to the shade, though, since the sunlight was beginning to burn— thankfully, she hadn't yet been forced to put on her uniform, so most of her skin was covered. She was sure it would be worse if she was wearing a tiny skirt and some pathetic excuse for a blazer.

With that, she started to sing again, this time just the tiniest bit too loudly. "Our lands abounds with flowers... hold them tightly in your hands; turn your heads up to the sky, and harmony we will find; underneath the watchful gaze of a sky so grand..."


"They sound like a... energetic duo." Ebony let another smile cross her lips, erasing from Delilah's mind the deadpan girl she'd been only moments ago. For someone who instantly put on a friendly face when she spoke to someone, meeting a girl who took a while to warm up to the conversation was almost refreshing. "I'm an only child, so I wouldn't really know what it's like to have siblings that get on your nerves. My cousin has always been close to me, but we haven't seen each other much, so we haven't had the time to get on each other's nerves."

And how lucky you are, thought Delilah, remembering with disdain her own summer vacation, I'm pretty sure all those boys can do is get on my nerves. She couldn't count the number of times she'd wished she was an only child. Luckily enough for her, though, the twins left her alone until they'd exhausted every other option. Luke and Casper were hardly a problem, save for the constant noise they created. Andy spent his time either tinkering with his computer or seducing women, so he was rarely home when he didn't need money, and Stephen, though doting, was intelligent enough to leave her alone.

What she wouldn't give for one of Luke's brownies, though. Or his cookies. Or practically anything he cooked. If there was one thing she respected about the dunce of a brother who hated her most, it was her cooking. And the fact that he could shut everyone else up. That way, she wouldn't have to shout over all of them when she wanted to make a point.

Ebony's voice cut through Delilah's thoughts, and she realized she'd spaced out a little. "So, are you in any clubs?"

"Choir and swimming," Delilah replied. She wasn't particularly good at either of them, but it never hurt to join a few clubs. "And sometimes I drop into the musi—"

“Ebbbbyyyy!!” something shouted out, latching itself onto Ebony's arm. An expression of incredulity drifted across Delilah's face, but she quickly regained composure, doing her best not to cringe or stare for too long. “It’s been so long!” There was a brief moment of silence before the girl added, “Etto… Was I disturbing something?... gomeneeee.”

Delilah sucked in a breath and became a diplomat once again. To speak her mind— to answer, 'yes, absolutely, now please go away and stop screaming—' would be rude, so Delilah only smiled and shook her head. "No, not at all. Nice to meet you," even though it was anything but nice to have her conversation butted-in-on by some loudmouthed girl who'd latched herself onto the person she was speaking to. Looking to Ebony, she asked, "Your cousin, I take it?" A smile curled one corner of her mouth. She extended her hand to whatever it was clinging to Ebony's arm. "Well, nice to meet you. I'm Delilah Elbaum."

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Katherine was becoming annoyed with the girl. Didn't she know that the last thing either of them needed was to be sighted? She ignored her sarcasm as Katherine was far from religious. She sighed now ignoring her al together and began to stary from the girl. If she wanted to get caught by loudly singing in a church filled with things that could cause excrutiating pain to her so be it it wasn't of Katherine's concern. She headed elsewhere to find the priest whom she could tell by his scent wa a hybrid of sorts. A fae and a witch. Only as she got closer she came to figure out she actually knew this priest. 'Just great.' she thought.

Only as the sarcastic thought hit her it actually could be a good thing. Her mother was more demented than her and so picked up catholic religion and forced Katherine to become baptised and have her cmplete all her communions. It was pathetic in Katherine's opinon as one now Katherine was far from being innocent or a saint and Katherine would never wed certainly not in any church. The priest standing before her was the one to officiate her batism and communions. Once the priest eyed her it was surprisingly not a look of utter disgust but one of content. "It's been such a long time Katherine." he stated and steeped closer to her.

"Yes it has father and I must sk what made you want to bring about such a place here with many sinful students including those who are literally the spawn of satan." she asked him in her usual sweet facade. The look he gave her was expected as he knew she would ask that. "I wish to give the students a choice in their religion despite their species." he replied and Katherine could've actually laughed at his patheticism. His church back in the regular society was in need and so here in Supernatural academy she guessed he was offer a pretty hefty pay for bringing religion to the students here. His ignorance is what humored Katherine as she was sure he didn't know the church was a means of intimidation. It would be only a matter of time before she'd convince him to forget about a church here and trying to force religion on students who probably don't really care too much about it.

"Father I'm sorry but what you've been offered to do is not what is the truth." she stated and expected the look of surprise and questioning. "You see father this church is a means of intimidation by the supernatural council so that they can solidfy their control over the students. They have no interest in what you are trying to accompish." her words were honest and if her tone wasn't as kind as it sounded she would sound harsh, almost cruel in a way. I wasn't lie she care about that but the church could pose a problem to her and others if not rectified as soon as possible. The priest's expression of fury was aso expected and predictable of him and when he stormed off to the headmaster, presumably, she smirked and made her way back to the church. She didn't go inside she simply yelled out, "Hey girl whoever came with me I suggest you leave before the priest or nuns catch you." she stated lowly so no one else would hear except for the girl she came here with.

Katherine had begun walking back onto the normal campuse which was a good distance away from the church. SHe had business to attend to and she was sure now the church wouldn't be a problem anymore.