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Julian Stone

Just close your eyes and count to ten, this is as good as it will get.

0 · 262 views · located in Arizona desert

a character in “The Academy For The Unusually Gifted”, originally authored by Retrovertigo, as played by RolePlayGateway


Julian Stone


Black and tends to fall in his face.

Julian prefers dark colors, easier to care for and easier to blend in.




Gray Days
Old Books
Late Nights
The Weak-Willed

The Strong-Willed
Loud Thinkers
Being Startled
Being Questioned
Spicy Food
Large Animals
Early Mornings


Telepathy – The ability to mentally send or receive information. Telepathy covers a wide range of abilities and while Julian is young his power seems quite potent.

Pushing – Julian’s main use of his telepathy revolves around implanting memories thoughts, and emotions into others. It is an ability he uses with discretion as it takes a lot of effort and energy, Julian tends to target the weak-willed and meek with this ability.

Psychic Shield – Is just what it sounds like. Julian uses a shield of psychic energy to shield his or anyone else’s mind from psychic attack. Julian is proficient at shielding himself but when he gets into the multiples cracks begin to form in the shield which a practiced telepath would easily be able to take advantage of.

Julian is by and large a private person. This goes hand in hand with his telepathy, something he’s been living with for six years. His ability to ferret out others secrets keeps him from divulging his own. His true talents run toward manipulation and coercion, and he’s not afraid to use his gifts to push his agenda whatever it may be. Julian tends to be bored by most interaction having become quite jaded by the constant influx of other people’s thoughts and he gravitates towards those that he can control but also finds the challenge of the strong-willed intoxicating.

So begins...

Julian Stone's Story


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Cindy Mayes
"Have a lovely day, friend!"

Cindy tried eating the food with the best of her abilities, but she simply could not eat more. Cindy looked at Maya, as she politely put her fork onto the tray.

"Maya, thanks for the nice chat we had! I'm going to have to put my bird back into my room before it turns into furniture again. Let's chat again sometime!" Cindy grinned, as she left the table that she was sitting at, and moved to her dorm briskly, with Mattress-bird flying behind her. Mattress landed on her shoulder, and stayed there the whole way to the dorm.

When Cindy arrived at the dorm, she immediately noticed on the front of the door, there was another name on the door. "Julian Stone." She murmured outloud, immediately noticing it was a guys name. She didn't mind too much, as long as he wasn't a pervert, but she didn't know who he was, so he shrugged it off and went into the room before anyone noticed there was a mattress missing.

"I'll bring you back to life later. Please remember me." She said to the bird perched on her shoulder, as the bird moved onto the bed and turned back into a mattress.

"Now, who is this Julian guy...?" She pondered to herself. Hopefully she'll get to meet him soon.


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Rayne finished her soda, and threw away the can. Making her way down the hall, and outside in the front where now, It was pouring with her grey mood. She stood under the small overhang and lit up a Pyramid, looking out over the desert. She looked up onto the wall, a camera sat staring back at her, she made a face and flipped off the camera. It was a tad bit weird to have cameras in a school in the middle of no where. She dropped the cigarette, and listened to the sizzle of rain hitting fire. A bright streak of lighting lit up the sky and was followed by a rumble of thunder as she reentered the building.

She made her way down the hall and entered her room, grabbing a writing notebook and a pen. She exited out into the hallway locking the door behind her, and found a good spot in the hall to sit. She brushed the hair out of her face as she slid on headphones, and set it to a loud rock song. It sounded slightly inside the hallway, but she couldn't notice as she began to sketch a map of the school that she had seen so far.

She drew the lobby, adding little notes beside some pictures and put in points of interest, and marked the do not enter hallways as a point of interest, drawing question marks on each. She had seen a lot of detectives do this, and she had always wanted to be a detective, so why not try now?


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"It is now time for you to return to your rooms. Anyone caught out after hours will be severely punished, guards will be posted at the end of each hall." Head mistress Aggies voice boomed on the over head speakers throughout the halls and rooms. "Wake up call will be at 6:00 A.M Sharp for another meeting in the Cafeteria at 7:00AM Followed by breakfast at 8:00 A.M"
The announcement ended with a loud screech.
Rayne Fullhart

Rayne looked up from her sketching, and figured she might as well just go to her room. She walked along the halls and found her room 118A once again, she slid the door open and plopped on her bed cranking up her head phones, and began drawing on another piece of paper. This time it was a landscape of mountains met by a foaming ocean, with dark storm clouds on the horizon. She felt the picture was perfect for the situation. She couldn't figure out if she was the mountain standing strong and tall through the storm, or the ocean, a mix of turmoil, lost, and trapped forever. She shook her head, and unzipped her backpack, getting out her colored pencils. She began to shade the storm clouds dark blacks and purples, and the ocean various dark blues and whites.

The blaring sound hurt Venoms' ears, she covered her right ear as it rang from the loud screech. 'Bed? Now? Na. For a minute, I guess.' She thought and pretended to look for her room. But she already knew this place like the back of her hand, she had spent months studying the map of the school. '116A' The room door read, she entered and turned on the bathroom light, fixing her hair. She took a last look, satisfied and lightly sat on her bed, waiting for something to happen.