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The Academy of Domito Tenebrae

The Academy of Domito Tenebrae


Also known as the Academy of Mastering Darkness, this place was built because of what happened to Earth. Because of a new, unthinkable enemy we face, which turns our own children against us. But there is something very wrong about this place...

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What is the Darkness? It is not some mystic evil, nor is it some god. Honestly, its motives are rather human....

About twenty years ago, the modern world as we knew it found out that there is more to the world then what it thought. At first, it took the form of a mysterious infection, that infected certain people. The youngest reported cases were ten year olds, and the oldest 50 year olds. Soon after, these people...changed. Some in obvious ways, some in non-obvious ways. Some people were transformed into horrible creatures, that used stealth and speed as well as nightmarish powers to hunt down and devour their prey. Others were simply corrupted, becoming servants for this darkness, and gaining access to supernatural abilities.

The Darkness seemed bent on destroying all mankind. Destroying it, or corrupting it to serve at its slaves. When they finally found a way to interrogate the darkness itself inside one of the corrupted, they learned its goal. It was hungry, and greedy. It wanted everything in the world, and it wanted to feast upon humanity. Just a few humans a month. It wanted to control everyone and everything. And It wasn't going to let anyone get in its way. Also, it was kind of a prideful jackass. It took over all of Africa, and still is in open war with Europe and Asia. Its creatures are everywhere.

However, neither side expected this to happen. Certain ten year olds throughout the years displayed that they had the Darkness inside them, but are not corrupted. That they can control it, and control their powers. These are the people who are taken to the Academy, which is high up in a mountain on a remote island. They are each given a pendent with a specialized crystal that teaches them how to grow their powers, and helps them control them further so they do not accidentally lose control and fall into darkness.


Darkholders have very specific symptoms that indicate they are Darkholders. They will have nightmares, or sometimes even daydreams, about a "voice" telling its minions what to do. They will show increased signs of zeal and agression, even if they dont actually pick fights or attack anyone. They will begin displaying unusual levels of strength and speed for their age. Dark energy will flow around them, and creatures of Darkness will begin hunting them. For the Darkholders, the Academy can either be a refuge....or a prison.

But the Academy is not a total refuge. The Darkness knows the Darkholders are there, and it is constantly inhabited by the creatures of Darkness. But instead of killing them all, they leave them, as both a way for Darkholders to practice, and to teach them to stay aware. Because as they walk the halls, at any moment they could be attacked by the Darkness and its minions. A constant reminder to be vigilent. Because to be honest, the Academy is concerned with the safety of all humanity, and many people see the Darkholders a s a potential threat. Beings given great power by the Dakrness could be corrupted easily, in their eyes. The Churches of the world would see the Darkholders crusified or the equivlent to it. Governments want to use them as a weapon. But the Academy? It was created by a man who was assigned one mission: Protect Humanity from all signs of Darkness.

Occasionally, stupidents in the Cademy "disappear". Some are claimed to have been taken by Darkness, others killed by Darkness, and others "graduated". All that is known is that theyy are no longer there. But one of the new students, Jordon Miller, is starting to think the academy is hiding something. SOmething big. Something it doesn't want anyone to know about. Doors that are guarded and "restricted". protected even from them. Only "Classified" people allowed to enter or exit, and none of the Darkholders are even allowed to look at them. And then, there are the tests the Doctors do on them with no reason given.

Something is up at

There are several types of Darkholders. The types are...

Warpers: Those that can use Darkness to warp their surroundings, they are capable of altering inorganic matter that is not protected or close to another Darkholder. They can create holes in walls, dissolve metal, and create weapons from thin air.

Molecular Assembly
Molecular Disassembly.
Molecular Alteration

Assassins: Those able to use the Darkness to be agile and sneak around, Assassins are able to shift through space, move things through space, conceal themselves, and naturally lighten their footsteps. They are the most observant, but they can have difficulties fighting a large crowd. However, they can use their own shadows to attack people in a variety of ways even, to a limited effectiveness.

Shadow Rush
Shadow Attack

Controllers: Darkholders that prove to be more persuasive then most, they are the best at extracting information or going undercover. They can manipulate a person's emotions to a degree, sense what they feel and a weird blurry part of what they think. However, they can also manipulate the Darkness inside themselves, and summon Darkness creatures from the shadows to fight for them. However, they can only control very few of them at once, and if one dies while under their control, they get injured.

Emotion Manipulation
Mind Sense

Darklights: Darkholders that are more energy based then others. Darklights are capable of blasting a person or object with pure darkness that oddly enough seems to shine brightly, thus it is called Darklight. They are capable of removing darkness from a room with no light, and are capable of distorting light as well, creating illusions to fool their enemies, even those of Darkness. Additionally, they can see the creatures in the dark that even other Darkholders cannot.

Darklight Blast.
Shadow's Trick

Shadowshifters: Shadowshifters can use the power of darkness to temporarily alter themselves. They can become any number of dark creatures they have thought of, but once they have thought up a dark creature to turn into that is one of the only few they can. It is up to them when it is decided that an idea they thnk of becomes one of the creatures they can turn into, but even then there are limits. Bigger and more powerful transformations cost more energy and are harder to maintain. There have also been some reports of whispers for people who are in it for too long.

Further Enhanced Healing Rate.
Further Enhanced Strength.

Other notes about the Darkholders:
They all possess an unnaturally enhanced Strength, speed, and intelligence.
They never have a good nights sleep. Even if they cant remember their dreams.
Each Darkholder has weapons they are given which they infuse with their Dark Energies. These Weapons are their signature weapons, and they are made to train with them often. And thanks to the fact they are infused with their Dark energies, they can hold their own.
They all have accelerated healing rates. Broken arms will heal overnight. Cuts in a few hours. Scars caused by Dark energy, however, may stay or may heal.

The Academy does various things to make sure the Darkholders don't escape or run away. For one thing, none of the Darkholder's are allowed shoes. While a Darkholder is more endurant and can easily walk outside without shoes, The Academy believes this may help deter escape attempts as the mountain terrain is unusually rocky. The Academy looks like a very old, very big castle, because it was built in a very big, very old castle. There are numerous passageways and secret rooms. There are even several mines built into the mountain island that can be accessed from the Academy.

One good thing about the academy is no school uniforms.

The Academy has various rules it feels like it needs to state to the Darkholders.
1: No killing another human or Darkholder.
2: No Stealing from a human or Darkholder.
3: No assaulting a human. FIghts between Darkholders are allowed for "training reasons".
4: No escaping.
5: No contraband. Contraband is drugs, firearms, illegal communication devices (which means all communication devices. All mail is paper only, screened and read by the academy, and then reworded appropriately to prevent encoded messages).
6: No being late to or missing any classes.
7: DO not inflect any long term injuries onto a Darkholder.
8: No major vandalizing of school property unless it couldn't have been avoided.

Suggested (but not required) Character Sheet:

Code: Select all



[b]How many years have you been here?:[/b]  SOme people come here later because it goes unnoticed or is kept secret, but for most its Age minus 10.

[b]Description:[/b]  (Pic or words fine.  Prefer real pics but Anime is accepted).

[b]Signature Weapon:[/b]

[b]Darkholder Type:[/b]

[b]What Charm is your Crystal on?:[/b]  (Bracelet, Necklace, Pendent, on a string around your neck?)


[b]History:[/b] (Two paragraphs minimum.  Five sentences each minimum.  Must be full sentences)



Name: Jordon Miller

Nicknames: JM, Jord, Jor, Jormil, Assassin

Age: 11

How many years have you been here?: Has been here for a few months. Kept his powers a secret as long as possible due to the fact his father died fighting the Darkness.

Description: Image

Signature Weapon: Throwing Knives/Daggers (Same weapon, but he uses multiple names for them. He both throws them and slashes with them, as well)

Darkholder Type: Assassin

What Charm is your Crystal on?: Its attached to a small metal chain he wears around his neck, with his father's dog tags next to them.

Skills: Throwing, Climbing, Hacking, and sneaking.

History: Jordon was born to a Henry and Elizabeth Miller. An only child, he was also alone as his father was in the military and died fighting the darkness. His mother tought him to hate the dark, but never fear it, for it could be defeated. This was to help comfort him over the loss of a father he never knew. And to let him know she was there if he needed him.

When his powers began to develop, at first he feared them. He feared becoming the thing his father died fighting. But soon later, he remembered what his mother told him. To never fear the dark. SO instead, he spent his time when he wasnt at school or with friends mastering his powers, and keeping them secret out of fear. Eventually someone cought on though, and some men in suits driving black vans showed up to take him to the academy.

Since arriving there, he is sure something is up. Something about the academy seems off, and there are too many unanswered questions. If they are supposed to be training to fight the darkness, why is it's minions allowed to roam the Academy and the grounds instead of being purged of it all completely? That is not to say he doesn't understand some of the reasoning. He could hear the Darkness try to tempt him, try to convince him to help it. But he wouldn't listen. It killed his father. He wouldn't help it, no matter what.

Other: He writes to his mother every week, and his mother and all his friends write back.


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No killing other people's characters without approval.

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(After a college related delay, we are officially starting!)

Jordon Miller looked at his dog tags as he walked through the halls, the cold floor beneath his feet. He had to stay on edge. For some reason, their rooms were located on a far side of the school, and the path between them and anything else was unguarded. That meant minions of darkness could attack at any moment. So he had to be ready.

His weapons were out, and he was about halfway there, when he heard a noise behind him. He turned around, and but the edge of his dagger to the throat of another student. "Woah! Friendly! Friendly!"

Jordon looked annoyed. "Don't fucking sneak up on me then. What the hell were you thinking?"

"I was thinking if I stayed silent, I might not attract anything nearby. Hence why I didn't just announce I was there?"

Jordon let him go and pushed him away. It was a good point, but he was still annoyed. "Well, don't announce loudly then. But if that is the case, then lets move. Its not often I can make this whole trip..." he started, before he heard something. Being an Assassin, his senses were more attuned. And the other kid knew that.

A swarm of Darkravens flew in and around them. Eyes and ears of the Darkness, but had no real attack unless in a swarm. Which they were.

They swarmed right at them, tearing at their clothes and skin. Jordon shadowshifted himself and the other kid out of it, but the swarm only turned as if it was one and continued to fly right at them. Jordon took control of his own shadow, and fired several "shadowblasts" at them to thin their numbers. The other kid fired a Darklight blast at them and burned some others. After the combined attacks, the swarm dispersed, flying in all different directions. "Fucking hell. C'mon, lets go before more come".

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Blake strided through the hall, into an alley and sighed. He missed the old days when he could do anything and be with people he liked.

He didn't miss his father though.

Blake stumbled on a random girl and they both fell on the floor. He grabbed her hand and helped her up. "I'm sorry about that." he quickly walked away into another hall. The one that leaded to the dorms. He heard some commotion and peeked around the corner as that was enough contact for the day. He saw two guys fighting off a few Darkravens, but the young boy seemed to deal with them.

"A Shadowshifter?..." he mumbled and walked towards them with his hands in his pockets.

"Nice skills." he stopped and looked at them, waiting an answer.

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Blake jumped ang catched a Darkraven, shoving it inside his shoulder-bag and looking back at them like nothing happened.
(Sorry i forgot that and i dont wanna click the edit button...soo...far...away........)

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Jacob quietly walked through the halls with his hands in his pocket. His whip was strapped to his belt like it normally was when he was out of his room. He was thinking about the family that gave him up, without a fight. Sometimes he hoped that they would write to him, but over the amount of time he's spent at the school, he's pretty much gave up that hope. Another thing that weighed on him all the time, was his wishful thinking that his older brother wouldn't care if he was possessed by the darkness, and that he'd still love him.
As Jacob turned the corner to head to his room, he saw some younger kids fighting some minions. He leaned up against the wall and watched them. He didn't normally get involved in other students' fights with the beasts, but he would if it meant helping them. Jacob waited for a few moments and quietly walked by the spot where the fight had just occurred.

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Character Portrait: Jordon Miller
Jordon Miller

"There is something very wrong here. This place might have been built of the right reasons, but something is up".


Character Portrait: Jordon Miller
Jordon Miller

"There is something very wrong here. This place might have been built of the right reasons, but something is up".

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Character Portrait: Jordon Miller
Jordon Miller

"There is something very wrong here. This place might have been built of the right reasons, but something is up".

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