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Helena White

Was I late? I don't know... either way please excuse me I am sure I need to be somewhere

0 · 356 views · located in Academy Grounds

a character in “The Academy of Wonderland”, as played by Polka



Helena The White Rabbit
Eye Color:
Hair Color/Length:
Blonde- medium length
Small chess piece on arch of her back.
The White Rabbit
The Chess Club
Mental Disorder:
Helena is always on time. To everything. Some people often think she is in two places at once as she is never ever Late!
Romantic Interest:
Cleaning rooms in a hotel


Dominant Emotion:

She is flighty, sweet, but extremely controlling. Though the White Queen is the official leader of the Chess Club, she is the one who keeps things running smoothly. She has been diagnosed with extreme OCD, and goes completely ballistic when things don’t go exactly the way she plans.

Helena does not often talk to people she does not know instead she prefers to get on with what she is doing. However, if she is in Chess club she will talk to anyone (mainly to boss them around). Part of Helena's condition means her personality is quite withdrawn, she is far to busy making sure everything is going right to really let her true self show.

Academically, Helena excels in most things. She tends to like to take control of the entire class by answering every question possible. This often leads others to mark her as a swot but as long as Helena feels she is doing the right thing she does not care what others think.

Helena can be very domineering when it comes to chess club because all she wants to do is impress Audrey and make sure she has everything she needs.As a result of this Helena is often over tired and constantly complains that everything is running late even though she is always perfectly on time.

Special Skills/Abilities/Powers:
x Time Keeping

x Reading
x Travis
x Carrots
x Beautiful Singers
x People Smaller than herself

x Getting things done
x Exceptional in exams
x Cleaning
x Can almost always hide and go unnoticed
x Writing

x Foxes
x Tomato
x Messy People
x Loud noises
x Back Stabbers

x Chews really loudly and had terible table manners
x Very controlling which gets into a lot of trouble
x Does not stand up for herself

x Dirt
x Being told she has done something wrong
x Being late
x Big dogs

x Writing Stories
x Chess
x Reading
x Growing Vegetables
x Surfing the Internet


Typical Attire:
x long Beige cardi that can be worn as a dress. Black leggins and brown combat boots.

x An old copy of 'Alice in Wonderland'
x An old broken pocket watch

Helena's parents were never the most loving of people. She was born as a convenience so her parents could keep their own families happy. This was mainly because Helena's Grnadmother had always wanted a Grandchild and neither of her parents could say no.

Once she was born her Mother took little interest leaving her father to do most of the caring. Her Father had no idea what he was doing, he was a businessman not a Nanny. This led him to become slightly OCD as the stress of looking after a baby gave him small habits that he could not shake. Helena's favourite was how he always had to let the alarm chime five times before switching it off.

Helena was six when she began developing the same habits as her father. Her Mother did not like this and applies for her child to be put into special care in the form of a school for 'weirdo's' , well that as her name for it anyway.

Helena passed the exams when she was 11 or so. Up until that point her mother had tried to suppress her OCD by shouting at Helena when it kicked in. This is what made Helena violently angry when things do not go her way.

It was in the school that Helena met Audrey. She was just wonderful and Helena idolized her the minute they met. Audrey began depending on Helena as much as Helena depended on her and this created a strong friendship. A safe haven for each girl.

It was not long before the bullying started in the school. Meg Tharamel who calls herself the Queens makes Helena fell particularly uncomfortable.

So begins...

Helena White's Story