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The Accident

The Accident


One on One with Alapassi :3

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You and I have been dating for almost two years now, we were planning to move in together, maybe even get married. We have been best friends since we were both oddball freshman in high school. You have been a Hunter almost your entire life, it runs in your blood. Your life has been adding up to your destiny, to slay and kill any demonic force [ie: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Fae, Elven, etc]; and since we've been dating I've been always under the suspicion that you were cheating on me due to your late hour shifts on patrol.
One night, on October seventeenth at midnight, I got too close and followed you out one night and you were against vampires, one of them happened to scratch me quite badly, and when you brought me home and tried to take care of me, we argued… Bad…

[Date: October 18, 2013, 2 Am:
Place: Your House]
“Tell me what just happened!” I cry out of pure frustration, wincing as you wrap my arm in gauze.
“I can’t, just forget about it!” You snap right back, your grip tightening down on my arm.
“Fine!” I shout right back, growling with fury, “If you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong then we are THROUGH!”
Your eyes fall, hand clenched on the door with white knuckles, “I can’t…Tell you…”
My anger rages further and I snarl in discontent, “Then I can’t be with you.”
Turning away, I hear you whimper a little and my speed picks up to a swift run, fiddling my keys to unlock my car. The rain was heavy, and I launch myself into my car and pull out of the driveway…

[Date: Oct 19, 2013:
Early the next morning]
You step into your kitchen, the light beams onto the dusty counter and you flick on the tv as you make your coffee.
“…In local news, young adult Adrian Freeman passed away in a violent car crash early this morning, but the body was not found. Police are investigating further to see the cause of the death.”

With a shaking hand, you click off the tv, sweat forming along your brow…

[3 Months Later is where we will start this.]

It is now three months since I have had my car accident, and you have been doing what you can to get over everything and move on with your life, but something in the back of your mind sticks from the news ”The body was not found.”
One night, while on patrol, we meet, but things about me are much, much different. You notice my eye color has changed, I look famished, as if I have not eaten for days.
But your job as a hunter, would be to kill me before I can harm any humans… Will you stick to your job as a Hunter, and avoid getting in trouble with the Order? Or will your heart give into what we once shared?

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“Hey, my name is Aaron… so…could I, buy you a drink?” A young man slung over Adrian’s shoulder, a smug smile implanted on his face, the smell of alcohol wafting in his breath. Adrian’s nose shrinks a bit and she turns her head away from him and then back.
Why the hell not?
“Sure.” She states, raising her eyebrows and shifting a little from one foot to the other. It’s not like it mattered anyway…
She smiles a bit, her eyes twinkling and filtering into a dark iris color, going unnoticed in the dark, vibrant florescent light. The man stumbles over to the bar, still clinging to Adrian’s shoulders, more for support by this point.
“Two drinks… Uh..” He turns to her blankly, “What do you want?”
Adrian smirks, her eyes flirting towards the bartender and she leans over the counter, grabbing a cherry and biting it off the stem slowly, “Scotch please.”
“Uh..Same,” Aaron stutters, taking out his money and slapping it down on the counter.
Releasing eye contact with the bartender, he nods, “I’m going to need to see an ID.”
Adrian growled a little, “Does it matter? I got in here, I should be able to get a drink.”
The bartender puts his hands down on the counter and sighs, “Whatever…”
Taking her drink, she pulls her man candy over to a side booth and sits him down, sitting on his lap, a dark grin on her face.
“So…What do you say we blow this joint and head somewhere…comfier?”
“Well, hell, I don’t see why not.” Aaron’s hands reach down her lower back and she quickly scooches off his lap and sits next to him, taking two big gulps of her scotch.
“So, what’s your name?” He asks, clearly interested for one thing: getting laid. Drunk humans to Adrian were… so delightful.
She looks down at her glass for a moment and then back up at him, “Alex, my name is Alex.”
“Well, Alex, why don’t I..walk you home, make sure you get there safe…” He winks, and she agrees, gulping down the rest of her drink. Vampires didn’t get drunk…easily, so she used that to her advantage most of the time.
Wrapping his arms around her waist, they leave the bar and begin to walk down the street.
“Oh, we should take a short cut to my house, it’s… faster,” She says to him, nudging in closer to him, listening to his heart beat, his scent smelled so wonderful.
“Okay…” He says, and she quickly pulls them across the street and into the cemetery gates, “You sure this is the right way?” Aaron’s eyes dart from left, then right as he cautiously steps over a slate.
“You’re not afraid, are you?” Adrian asks, a playful ring to her voice and Aaron quickly straightens up.
“No way…Are YOU afraid?” He asks, and she shakes her head, making it a point to grip onto his arm a little stronger and pulls him forward closer to a large willow tree which resided in the middle of the graveyard, “Woah, slow down there, and careful with the squeezing! You are stronger than you look!” He spits out in a drunken clumsy stooper.
“No,” She shakes her head, “I’m not afraid…”
As they near the willow tree she yanks him behind it and pushes him up against the trunk and smirks, locking his wrists in her hands.

“But… you should be…” She smiled, her teeth forming more sharp and jagged, and her face forming into a deformed, demonic smile.

Before Aaron could let out a scream, she sunk her teeth in deep and began to drink.

The body dropped to the ground, her teeth began to fade into normal again, and her eyes filtered back to their hazel color.

Now came the guilt.

She dropped to her knees, looking at the lifeless body laying down on the ground; she wipes her mouth clean, blood smearing onto her hands .

“What have I become…” She mutters, running her hands angrily through her hair. Quickly standing, she begins to run, feeling every blade of grass brush against her feet as she moved faster and faster, as if running could solve everything. All the fights, all the terrible mistakes she had made…. Bloody tears began to run down her face and she began to slow down, lacking the energy to move on. Her hair falls over her face and she turns to her right, seeing a flower on a grave. Removing the flower, she reads the text:

Adrian Freeman

It was then and there, Adrian began to break down, and she cried for the first time in three months…

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