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Chess Kat

"Don't worry your pretty little head over the stuff you see in front of you or you'll surely go mad."

0 · 587 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “The Aces of Wonderland”, as played by ShykKedid



"Oh, you can't help that, we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad. We're all mad."

Full Name:
Chess Mire-Katingale.
"Oh, dear person, what is in a name if it means so much to an introduction? Please, call me Chess."
Nicknames and Aliases:
"I've been called many things before, but my favorites of them all seem to be Chess, Cheshire Cat, and, of course 'you bloody cat!' when getting scolded. Ahum."
"I believe the last time I checked I was female. Though, stories have been told otherwise I hear..."

Appears late twenties (around 27 or 28)
"I am a cat of many ages, my dear, as age doesn't matter to me. I am but a cat of many lives!"

Sexual Orientation:
"If I was to choose between picking a man over a woman, I would choose the beautiful woman over such a thing of man. So, since we had decided I was a lady myself just a little earlier, it's only right to say that would obviously make me homosexual, yes?"

Magic Type:
"Maa-gic? Oh, ma-gic! I love the feel of such things! The power I posses is quiet amazing, if I do say so myself. If you cannot tell, I am but a figment of your imagination, aha. I have the power to change my appearance in anyway I choose, to some extreme, I'm sure. But two...bodies I can change into is this lovely beauty you see in front of you, and to be quite frank, I do find her catching my eye as well. I can also become that of a large cat, of course! I may have purple and blue hair with pink strands here and there, but I'd be a cat either way. There's also this little...disappearing trick I do every now and then. It's awfully fun to just pop up next to someone, is it not?"


Hair Color:
"It depends how I feel like looking today, if I do say. Though, I do tend to enjoy the light pink locks or red every now and then."
Eye Color:
"Why don't you tell me, gorgeous? Wink-wink."
"I'm quite short, am I not?"
"I'm just a little bit closer to malnourished....I need more tea...."

"Well, I have a rat on my lower back and a crossed out heart on my ankle, if you must know."
"Of course I don't have any piercings! I'm far too beautiful to ruin this appearance with piercing holes!"
"Well...there was that one time I was climbing a tall tree and got a splinter. Also those times I was being chased by dogs. Not to mention the few times I got into fights here and there."
"I happen to love lavender powder and will dawn it whatever the occasion. When it comes to what I would dress in, no matter how much I'd like to say in nothing, I can't allow this body to go tainted do to over exposer. I do choose to wear very flashy, unique clothing, as it makes this appearance stand out from the rest. And, of course, to show my...current connection to the Red Queen, I wear a pretty little pink, though sometimes red, heart under my right eye. It's just so others know whom I'm...working with."


{Eccentric, Unique, Queer, Unpredictable}
"You wish for me to speak about myself? Well, why not!"
Chess is a bit of a wildcard. She's the personification of unpredictability. It's hard to know if she's going to do the "right" thing or the "wrong" thing. In this sense, I must mention she doesn't exactly have her priorities straight. As a matter of fact, she might not even think much of herself other than in a way to use her appearance and such as manipulation. She'll even go out of her way to trip everybody - even herself - up to just see a good "show" to her. It's as if she doesn't think much at all about anything other than pranks treating people like objects for her own game.

Of course, she does have a small, hardly seen face behind her whole facade that does care, but it takes a lot to actually make it into this part of her. Upon being overall weird and different, even in Wonderland, she doesn't really know who to follow. Of course, she chooses to follow the Red Queen because - to Chess - it's going to be a bloody good time! It's not that she's violent and likes destruction, she just likes being on the winning team and - as mentioned before - she has basically lost her priorities in her pranking and messing with peoples heads. She'll even do everything she can to basically confuse the fuck out of people. Whether you listen to her humorous, over sexualized, tricky riddles and warnings, she'll always act like everything is going in her favor.
Singing, Stalking, Dancing, Tree-climbing, Roaming, and various Adventuring into various forests and such.
Singing what she says when happy, stirring her tea with her index finger, laughing or smiling when it's unnecessary, and smiling when ever talking to a girl, no matter what it's about, who it is, or if it's best to smile or not. Not to mention her habit to add flirting and sexual innuendos to her speeches and such.
  • Hot Tea
  • Womans bodies
  • Pretty girls...hell, girls in general
  • The Night
  • Cats, Rats, Animals in general
  • Trees
  • The Wind
  • Being yelled at
  • Cold Tea
  • Too much sun
  • Hot days
  • Men in general
  • Being ignored
  • Getting no reaction to her odd statements or pestering


Born in the magical world of wonderland was a small kitten now known as miss Chess Kat. Chess was, oddly enough, the only child to the two magical creatures. But, even so, they were cruel beasts. They wouldn't let her live as they wished for her to become as cruel as them someday - which, in retrospect, sort of happened after all, with her aiding the red queen an all in present day - but, nonetheless, she didn't want to be like them. So, she ended running off, hoping they would come to their senses and come after her. Sadly, they did not and let her go. Either they had complete confidence in her or they didn't care.

Face Claim: Emilie Autumn

Speech Color: #e7006d

So begins...

Chess Kat's Story