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Quincy Thornheart

"Weakness is not a reason, its just an excuse."

0 · 212 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “The Aces of Wonderland”, originally authored by VivaVictoria, as played by RolePlayGateway


Quincy Thornheart

"I've studied you very closely, and all I found was weakness."

Image Full Name: Quincy Augustine Thornheart
Nicknames and Aliases: The Knave, for working with the red queen, Quincy has become a dishonest and unscrupulous man.

The Lovely Deciever, for becoming incredibly handsome and charming among he ladies, though turning out to be heart-breaker.
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, has a reputation to chase after women.

Magic Type: Manipulation Magic- They say the door to ones' soul is their eyes, thus with a deep stare into the pupils of his enemies, Quincy is able to carve into their minds. To the Knave, even the people considered friends are actually his puppets to hear his words scratching up their spines.

ImageHair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'2
Weight: 176 Pounds

Tattoos: It is rarely known that Quincy bears various tattoos because he keeps them hidden away, afraid that it may cheapen his classy-look. An image of dark black horses galloping madly is inked against his back, while castle towers trail down his arms. On his chest marks a picture of a card-style jack, and if you were to peak at the back of neck you may be able to spot a card-style heart.
Piercings: None
Scars: Quincy is ashamed of the three deep cuts dragged across his face by a gryphon he attempted to hunt down so that its head could be mounded on the walls of his chambers.
Oddities: Often wears his armor that bears the color black with a hint of crimson red. Though underneath any armor or suit he always wears a chain glass heart necklace.

{Callous, Cantankerous, Changeable, Cruel, Independent}
The Knave is a man of deception, at one moment he seems like the perfect prince charming, but when he knows your secrets or gets the pleasures he wants he leaves. Quincy is a hated but feared man, no one except the Red Queen would dare insult him in front of his face. The Knave also enjoys controlling people knowing for a fact that his magic skill is manipulation. This may be because he is a very merciless man because Quincy believes that the world did not give him a fair chance thus he is not going to give anyone just that. He tries to tame his cocky tongue though inside he honestly misjudges and underestimates everyone including the Red Queen.

But there may be some minor good things about such a sinister man, such as he gets the job done most of the time and hates failure. The Knave is never dependent on another person, because he has the feeling that he always has to prove himself to everyone. In a way he hates everyone but wishes to gain their favor. The reason for his hate against every soul is because he lives in an act of revenge, he has been wrong so he going to wrong others.

Yet, I can say that he can be changed in the roleplay if he were to be convinced that he acts sinfully, because he does not necessarily hate people who act heroically he finds it as a humorous and quite intriguing lifestyle.

- Sword-Play
- Darts
- Gambling
- Gathering people's secrets no matter how pointless they are
- Either uses hand gestures when he talks are moves his head back and forth
- He tends to smile, grin, or smirk a lot
- Quincy is usually known to keep his temper when others are among him but when fury can no long be caged he acts violently

  • Whiskey
  • Fine Cheeses
  • Riding on his horses
  • Using people
  • Secretly, both of the Cresting sisters for different reasons
  • Riches and wealth
  • Being pampered and spoiled

  • Those who tries to prove him wrong
  • Walking on foot through long distances
  • Accidents
  • Having his feet step on
  • Talking Flowers


||The Orphan||
Quincy grew up in a lonely and abusive atmosphere in a shady orphanage. He was a good kid, tried to play as the hero and took other kids unfair beatings. No matter the pan and torment he endured he believed it was worth it because he had friends looking out for him, and they were the only people that got him through that hell. But soon enough he escaped from the wicked place, regretting that one of his companions was caught and taken back. Yet, when Quincy though things would of gotten better, they were worse. For know he was living on the streets of a town full of the lowest of the low from Wonderland. So yes, he associated with the bad kids but was never really a bad kid, and instead stop some of the criminals that lurked the town. Though most of the time the villains were bigger and tougher than he and never really stop them but gain brawls that left him close to death.

||The Assassin||
Quincy was starving and after going into so many fights he not only knew how to defend himself but how to kill a man. He did not quite enjoy killing, but he needed to survive and with that he found an job that was assigned to him a target. Quincy quickly dispatched the man's life respectively closing his eyes and quietly thanking the man for his sacrifice. Even after a job where you literally have to spill blood, he was not controlled by it.

||The Knave||
Becoming an assassin for so long gave him the type of fame needed in order to serve under the Red Queen. He impressed her with his cunning and quick abilities making him a worthy associate. Soon after working with her he not only became known as one of her top warriors but also, The Knave. This is where in Quincy's life, he became cruel and bitter because he started to see how things were done under the Red Queen's order and in a way admired her for her success. Quincy was never spoiled as a child and enjoyed being treated so, and because he knew the more he pleased the queen the more he would be pampered.

||The Lover||
Even though the Knave is known to love every pretty girl he sees he has a thing for Allete Cresting and Scarlet Cresting. He adores Scarlet because she is a very powerful and menacing woman. Quincy believes if he were to rule with her they would be able to take over all of Wonderland. But of course he knows that she just wishes to destroy it, which he hates and hopes he can finally changer her too.

But there is slightly remains a light inside of his dark soul, and because of that he is attracted to Allete. But it is no her heroism that he is fond of but her outrageous bravery to go against an infamous one.

Face Claim:Daniel Gillies

So begins...

Quincy Thornheart's Story