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"As a brave man once said... Trust is the color of death."

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a character in “The Aces of Wonderland”, as played by CandyOrchird


"My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world."

Full Name: Safire Jana Santille
Nicknames and Aliases: Sapphire, Saf
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Magic Type: Earth


Hair Color: Burnt orange
Eye Color: Hazy, moss-green
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 122 lbs.

Tattoos: Has a Tree of Life tattoo on her left shoulder-blade, in the Celtic style.
Piercings: Both of her ears are pierced twice; once on the lobe, and one on the ridge, near the top of the ear. She likes to place mini-hoops up at the top, though most days, they are left open.
Scars: Running along her waist-line on the front side is a large mark of three claws left by a bear, when her father 'accidentally' left her in the woods for too long and she was found by a black bear. (More to be found in the history section).
Oddities: She enjoys dresses above all; at her house, she has a large collection of Victorian-era ball gowns, though she rarely brings these out in the public. However, Safire loves riding around the willow tree in her dresses, laughing at Midnight and her confused looks.

{Shy, Traditional, Introvert, Adventurous}
Despite what she usually claims, Safire enjoys the thrill of the hunt. Though she will never admit this, she will try to follow her path through the jungle when she can, though by nature she stands on the sideline and helps everyone that she can. Her manners are always traditional - she uses what she knows best, and tries to never stray farther than she has to from this. It was instilled upon her by her mother and how she handled her problems, and thus Safire continues to use this, as it worked very well for her mother.
Safire is always straying away from people, having a past that gave her the distrust she holds for people currently. It takes her a while, though it is still possible for her to trust people; though many do not stay to find out what she has to say at that point. Safire remembers this from people always leaving her, and she has learned to trust that nobody will stay for her.
She believes she is more or less the child in the shadows; she prefers to play by herself, as she never was good sharing with the other children.
~ Horseback riding
~ Reading
~ Listening to music (almost any genre; though she prefers classical, and the like)
~ Spending time alone
~ Adventuring in the forest near her house (moved away from her parents and lives alone, but still near her original house)


~ Twirling her hair around one finger when she doesn't want to be doing something, or be somewhere
~ Staring at people she finds curious (which can be just about anybody)
~ Ignoring people in awkward situations
~ Generally, just separating herself from other people

  • Her horse, Midnight (a black mare who she takes with her nearly everywhere)
  • Various animals of the world (especially those who she has met before, and made friends with)
  • Performing various classical pieces (she prefers the cello, though she does know other stringed instruments)
  • Adventuring in the forest, to see who she can meet
  • Making friends (which, truth be told, has never happened)
  • Watching the stars at night, sitting in the willow tree of her backyard
  • Swimming in the pond of the backyard
  • People in general
  • Losing friends (the one who hurt her most was Winnie, an old grey fox, who she saw get shot by her father)
  • Seeing people leave her early, before she knows she'll trust them
  • Watching music be lost
  • Having to wake up in the morning
  • Her father especially, a drunkard who never failed to hit her

Born to a small town, her mother always knew Safire would be on her own. Her father was a murderer - several years before, he had killed a man for travelling on his territory. They passed it off as defense, but her mother knew that it was far beyond the true stretches of their house boundaries. He was also a drunkard, waking up with a hangover nearly every morning, looking for Safire just so he knew that he still had the power in the house. She accepted her fate early on; bruises and cuts and all the sort were only temporary. She knew she had a different path to take, and her father would just have to be a small part of it.
When she was young, she would always run out to the backyard in order to hide from her father. There was where she found solace; at a young age, animals were a large part of her life. In the backyard especially, many wild creatures ventured into the reach of her arm, to where she could feel their fur, or fix their ruffled feathers. She never knew why they did - all she knew was that they never ceased to find her if they needed help. They became her first friends, the people she would always talk to when nobody else would listen to her. Winnie, especially - Winnie was an old grey fox whom she used to love. The girl would come trotting out of the forest, and Safire would run to greet her, throwing her arms around the gentle creature. She would lick her ear in return, and both would know that they were together again. Sometimes Safire wouldn't see her for weeks at a time; then, one day, Safire knew she would never meet her again. Her father rushed out of the house with a gun, and shot the fox right in her arms. She cried for the rest of the day, somehow ignoring the pain of her father's blows, settled beneath the pain of her own broken heart.
Safire consoled herself about Winnie, eventually. When she was 16, her mother bought her a horse (since she knew she wouldn't find use for a car) - a dark, tar-black mare whom she named Midnight. It was such an unoriginal name, but she knew that was what the horse wanted to be called. Midnight thus became her ride to town - it didn't stand out in the small farming area. Her father might have killed Midnight, had she not been a gift from her mother - who he would do nearly anything for.
When she was 18, Safire finally moved out of their house, finding another small shack closer to town. It was far enough away that she wasn't concerned about any well-wishers, and where she and Midnight could live alone with whatever friends she found. Safire had a willow tree planted besides the pond in the backyard, where she often watches the moon set and counts the stars.
She doesn't have many friends - those who she does know are often covered with fur. But she finds her way in the darkest of places, and through toil and turmoil, the graceful always rise.

Face Claim: Karen Gillan


So begins...

Safire's Story