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The Mock Turtle

"Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out."

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a character in “The Aces of Wonderland”, originally authored by VivaVictoria, as played by RolePlayGateway


The Mock Turtle

"Do not worry about walking a mile in my shoes, just try a day thinking in my head!"

Basic Information

Full Name: "Please, please, my dear lady or sir, call me the Mock Turtle. Sadly that is my grandest of names."
Nicknames and Aliases: "I have been called a great many things such as leatherback or slowpoke-- but once I was actually dubbed 'snapper'. Me snap? How imaginative!"
Gender: "Male of course, and if you guessed differently, then well that would make you a fool child. Now wouldn't it?"
Age: "I appears I look quite in my early sixties, though no one can know for sure because you see, turtles are a species of a gracious lifespan. And if you are looking for an exact answer, let us throw in sixty-three."
Sexual Orientation: "The exact term I would say would be 'asexual' because in all of my years I have felt no hungering sexual desires for any being. This may because I first, I am what others may call 'a sorrowful fellow', thus I look down upon myself believing that no one will come to me with a lovely embrace. And second, I am too self-absorbed to not look down upon those who do no think as I do. I must confess, you will be lucky enough to have me trust that you wouldn't turn me into soup. Well that is until I realize life just needs a bit of perspective..."

Magic Type: "First, I would like to claim that the power I bear is not the most dazzling, in fact it is rather ugly. I control transformation magic; with this I wield an ability to morph into my true form. So, yes, this flesh of a man you see here is quite frankly very temporary. No but a creature bearing the body of a turtle and the head, hooves and tail of a calf is not But a mock turtle does have its uses with a shell for cover or hooves to put to galloping. Though transforming, it is very painfully. You would believe so, yes? Think about it, spine deforming and transforming into a shell. Or a hooves becoming the bones and skin for hands. Now, do you understand, yes?"


Hair Color: 'I may not have much hair, though what remains of my flowing locks are white as snow."
Eye Color: "Nothing, but an boring color of brown."
Height:"Ordinary turtles were always meant to be short, I am lucky enough to reach barely five feet as a human."
Weight: "In this human body, perhaps 130-145 pounds."

Tattoos: "What type of question is that? Have you ever heard of a turtle fooling with ink?"
Piercings: "Of course not! Your queries are now my annoyances."

Scars: "Now I start to see your intelligence again with your questions. Though I must say not for I tend to summon my shell for shelter when I see foes lurking about. Yet sometimes I feel like sprinting instead, thus I use my calf legs. But above all, no, I have no battle scars."
Oddities:"I am a man, or you could say turtle, maybe calf, that delights in formal and proper clothing. Therefore in this human body I will dress in fashionable suits, vest, and ties. In fact, I have never in my life owned by very pair of pajamas, for I have heard they very comfortable and relaxing- a piece I may become too incline to if I were to be adorn with them."


"I try my best in any situation to rely on cleverness, using any intelligence to the best of my abilities even it does mean taking any to all seriousness. And ha is another thing for a person who breathes out puns here and there I am known to be a serious fellow, scolded or rebuking those who do not take matters in the same earnestness. Perhaps it is because I am a rather self-indulgent when it boils down to my pitiful sorrow I seem to find myself wallowing away in. And then I start to become emotional, like I always do; and with this I force those who surround me to listen to my sobbing. It is a very bad habit of my to break into tears, but recently I have tried to control that the way a rudder controls a ship.

But there is a good side of me because I would like to believe there is a good side of anyone, that maybe there exist not a person of udder most bitterness, that even though they might bitter all year long but perhaps there is at least one day that person lives to see the joy in others rather than themselves. Though, I may be fantasizing this, because take the Red Queen for an example; never seen her please the likes of others ever. But anyways, I am going off track, I want to say that what I try to do is give life or the my companions a little perspective of how they feel and react to my actions, and what I would do is give consideration and trustworthiness. Because under this hard shell is a soft turtle."

✰ Brooding
✰ Napping
✰ Reading books, especially those containing a bountiful amount of poetry
✰ Swimming
✰ Cleaning
✰ Soap-Carving

✰ Tends to stay away from touchy-feely type of people
✰ When traveling with a group he prefers to walk in he front or close o the front of the group
✰ Wakes up earlier probably because he takes daily naps
✰ Eats throughout the day but in small amounts
✰ Tends to hoard objects inside of his shell
  • Cozy fireplaces
  • Fine wines
  • Bright Stars in the Night
  • Watching Ants
  • Getting new ties
  • When children repeatedly ask annoying questions
  • When people touch his shell
  • Storms
  • Mock Turtle Soup
  • The Red Queen and her minions

||The Ugly Creature||
The Mock Turtle never had family and he was sure of this because he could never find another him, probably because the creatures of his species were known to be a greatly horrifying among the sea. The only thing mock turtles are good for is soup, another reason why the animals went into hiding. Though the more the Mock Turtle hid the sadder and more depress he would be, so he decided to venture all in life for some cure to his frightful appearance.

||The Beautiful Human||
One day off to find a good book the Mock Turtle bumped into a crowd of rude crabs, the group snickered and jeered at he look of the Mock Turtle. Hear-broken the turtle swam off and away from society were he could curl into his shell and sob. He weep and weep loudly and strenuously. He wished that he were beautiful, he wished that he were anything but a disgusting mock turtle. With the Mock Turtle's fins covering his bawling face, fins began to turn into hands. Yes, it was painful especially because it was the firs transformation, something he was not prepare for, but it felt much better than looking unsightly.

||The Adventure Begins||
The mock turtle is now called to participate in a grand adventure, he as a taste for a journey but also a taste to become easily afraid and turn back. Though on a quest like this there is not turning back.

Face Claim: Ben Kingsley

So begins...

The Mock Turtle's Story