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Wilder Leveret

"We're late. Again."

0 · 253 views · located in Wonderland

a character in “The Aces of Wonderland”, as played by PsychedOut


Full Name:
Wilder Albin Leveret

Nicknames and Aliases:
The White Rabbit, as his full name literally means "Wild White Rabbit".


Sexual Orientation:
Officially straight, but there have been some scandalous rumours about dalliances with other men.

Magic Type:
Travel Magic

Hair Color:
Light brown, very curly.

Eye Color:



He has one tattoo, a white rabbit on his lower back.
Wilder has numerous battle scars, most of them not worth mentioning. He does, however, have a
particularly brutal scar from his left shoulder, over his back, to his right rib cage.

Wilder is absolutely always running late, even with his speedy traveling.
{Irreverent, Sarcastic, Caring, Passionate}
Wilder has no time for the conventions of the day's society. Many would describe him as having "loose morals," when in actuality he simply does not believe in denying oneself harmless pleasure. His humor often breaches subjects that make others uncomfortable, and he doesn't particularly care to step delicately around the feelings of the easily offended. He is very open about certain things, such as deviance and debauchery, but is reserved with true emotions. He is not always the best judge of character, but he sometimes gets gut feelings about people that immediately send the hairs on his neck straight up. When Wilder believes in something, he tends to believe in it wholeheartedly, an example being Allete's cause over Scarlet's. His passionate nature extends to personal relationships as well, as he is a man of extremes. If he likes you, he loves you. If he doesn't, he hates you. Wilder's affections are always genuine, and he will do anything to protect who he cares about.

That being said, he has a sinking feeling that some of the other Mirabili don't trust him because of his background.
  • Exploring on foot, as he has to be able to see a place in his mind to be able to travel there.
  • Collecting strange little items
  • Running
  • His nose tends to twitch when he smells something distinctive, be it good, bad, or weird.
  • He constantly checks the time. This doesn't stop him from being late.
  • When in an uncomfortable conversation, he tugs at his ear.
  • New places
  • Rabbits
  • Races
  • Being part of a successful plan
  • Dreams
  • Flirting
Dislikes/Hates:(At least 5)(repeat format if more)
  • Being late
  • Rules
  • Snakes
  • Feeling trapped
  • Darkness


Wilder was born to noble parents. While he grew, he became favored in court for his sense of humor and his endearing appearance. Soon after he turned five years old, however, his mother fell gravely ill. His father could not bear to see the love of his life in such great pain every day, and he turned to drinking to get away from it. This led Wilder to spend most of his days away from the family home in the castle, where he was doted on with much affection. It was here he gained the now infamous name "White Rabbit," although most of the ladies used "little" in front of it. His mother died just a couple years later, and his father followed by drinking himself to death. Their son was moved into the castle. Wilder was thirteen when the king and queen were murdered. He did not fully realize the cruel ways of the new queen for two years, and acted as a loyal follower to her. By the time he knew what he'd gotten himself into, he was too close to he inside to have his escape go unnoticed. He planned his exit for three years before the fateful night when it occurred.

It had been going well until he was spotted by one of the guards. The chase that followed led to Wilder getting cornered, even though he was much faster than the guards. That night he got several scars, including his largest one that was made by a knife cutting across his back. He barely managed to escape and wound up lost in the forest for several days before he ran into the Mirabili's camp and passed out. He woke up in one of their tents days later. It took a while to get everyone to trust his good intentions, but he never even considering turning back to the cruel Red Queen. Ever since, he has worked hard to keep his loyalty out of question and has been very active for the cause, even earning a certain notoriety for the White Rabbit's name.

Face Claim:
Theo James

So begins...

Wilder Leveret's Story